A Red Valentine - Valentine's Day 2014
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Valentine's Day changes as we age. This is about how some things come to you when you wait. Happy Valentine's Day

Age 9

This is nuts. I want to do this but I'm so afraid. What will Janet think? She knows I like her because I'm always tongue-tied around her. I get all nervous just thinking about her. She even makes sure she has an empty seat on the school bus so I have a place to sit without looking. It's funny how she always has that seat open.

Today is Valentine's Day and I want to give her this card and box of candy. I paid for it myself. It isn't very big and only has ten pieces of candy, but it's all from me. I hope she likes it. Should I give it to her on the bus this morning, or should I wait for when we go home? I have it in a regular brown bag so it won't look out of place, except that I have two bags this morning. I want her to know I do like her and to thank her for always having a seat for me on the bus.

Here comes the bus. Oh, man, am I nervous.

Age 14

I've done this every Valentine's Day and I shouldn't be nervous now. Just because Valentine's Day is a Saturday shouldn't make a difference. I have a box of candy and a card the same as always, but this is different because I'm not giving it to Janet on the school bus. I'm going to give it to her at her house. I hope her sister isn't there, and I wonder if her Mom and Dad will stand there and watch us.

It's a long bike ride to her house. My sister said she would drive me but that wouldn't be good because then she would be there watching me too. I'll just ride right over there and give Janet her Valentine's Day card and candy.

Age 17

Janet and I were in my old car when I gave her my Valentine's Day card this year. I was nervous before I gave it to her, same as always, but I was proud that I did afterward. She really liked the big heart shaped box of candy I gave her too.

I gave her something special this year. I saved enough to give her a real gold locket with a chain. The jewelry store in town engraved 'Janet', a 'plus' sign, and 'Chuck' inside. I know she's like my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend, but it's nice to be able to give her something that says it. I wanted this to be something that would keep us together when I joined the Marines as soon as I graduate this summer.

I hope I get that kiss that I always get on Valentine's Day.

Age 19

I sit here on a soggy bunk with a Valentine's Day card and a box of candy ready to mail, but holding a long letter in my hand that has taken all the joy out of Valentine's Day away.

How could this happen. I went into the Marines to have a career as a soldier, and to be able to support a wife and have kids. I wanted us to have a secure future and look forward to years and years together. But then this. I've only been gone just close to two years, and I'll be rotating in another month with a full thirty day leave. She's telling me she is marrying Joe Gringe this Saturday. Because of the slow mail that's last week. She says she was lonely and Joe was always asking her to go to the movies or up to the Dairy Queen. She says she doesn't know how it happened, but now, all of sudden she's marrying him. She tells me she's sorry, but that I shouldn't have left.

I would have been drafted anyway if I didn't join the Marine Corps. How did Joe Gringe not get drafted? Heck, all of the other guys in our graduating class were drafted except Randy, who is sort of sickly and small. He wouldn't have worked out in the military, but Joe was a farm kid the same as me. How did he skate?

Should I send this card and candy anyway? Will It hurt her marriage if I do? Should I care? I do care, and would never want to hurt Janet. I'd like to bend Joe up for jumping my claim, but Janet and I were not engaged or anything. I thought we were promised, but I suppose I've never been a big enough talker to tell her how much I wanted us to be together. She knew my plan of making Sergeant and then beginning our life. I've made Sergeant and I'm ready to make a life, but no Janet now. What should I do with the card and candy?

I looked at the two items and the box I was going to send it in. Making up my mind, I assembled them and took them to the post office window at the company office. I suppose my sister will enjoy this as much as anyone.

Age 42

It's strange to have a 25th high school reunion in February, but it was good because I was in the States and could get a short leave to attend. The event is supposed to be a special Valentine's Day dance for our anniversary, so it's like old times. I've bought a card and a small box of candy for all of the girls in our class. It took some time to go over the high school yearbook and familiarize myself with all of the girls again. The whole class had only 38 people, with about half girls and half guys. It'll be fun to see how all these folks have aged.

I'm in good physical shape, as the Marines have kept me that way for these 25 years. I still haven't found a replacement for Janet, but I really haven't looked. Could I really ever trust another woman to stay with me while I was on a long isolated tour of duty? It often happens, at least every four or five years, and almost every other year in my case. I don't care though, as I really haven't wanted to be in one place. The only place I didn't want to be is on board a ship. That is the worst duty a Marine can pull. Embassy duty is strange what with having to wear a dress uniform all the time, but you do see some interesting people.

I'll bet I now make as much money as most any of the guys I graduated with. I make some good bucks now as a Master Sergeant. There's a slot coming open for Master Gunnery Sergeant that I could be considered for, and that would be another two grand a month. I could handle that, but I don't spend any money anyway, and the last thing I splurged on is the now fifteen year old Corvette that still doesn't have fifty thousand miles. That's what I'm going to drive to the dance. I should probably get there early so I can park where everyone can see it. At least I'll have something to brag about.

The dinner was to begin at seven but people were encouraged to come early to visit with each other. There was to be a cash bar so everyone could loosen up a little. I know I was nervous and would enjoy a drink while renewing old friendships.

Son-of-a-gun, who is the first person I see when I walked into the large room where it looked like most of the class and their wives were milling around? Joe Gringe was right in the doorway having people sign in.

"Hey, Joe, let me sign in and come talk to me later so I can hear what you you've been doing these last 25 years."

The man had no couth. He looked up at me, almost smirked, and nodded. No howdy, how are you, kiss my ass, or anything. The girl helping him was another classmate. She gave me a hug before I left for the bar and said, "How did you stay so slim and boy are you solid, Chuck? Are you still in the Army?"

I smiled at her and said as nice as possible, "It is the Marines, Susan, and yes, I'm still on active duty in the Marines."

It took fifteen minutes to get to the bar, as person after person from the class stopped me to shake hands or give me a hug. I should have worn my uniform with a big sign that says 'I'm a Marine', as everyone kept asking if I was still in the Army.

This was a nervous time so I decided on a real drink and had a large glass of scotch. A beer would have been good, but I wanted something with a kick.

Then it happened. There she was. There was Janet, the first time I've seen her in 25 years. She had put on weight, but then that's normal as I had heard she had two kids, and those will do that to you. I had my big bag of boxes of candy and generic cards ready to pass out, but seeing Janet had my emotions cascading on me. Do I say hi? What?

Judy Pierce then, now another last name, was next to me so I gave her a box of candy and a card after we hugged. Another of the girls saw me giving Judy something and was instantly by my side, so I gave her a set. 18 girls soon had their card and candy, all except Janet. She was standing with another of the girls, blushing with her head down, when I approached her.

"Here, Janet, I think you're the last to get your card today."

The girl of my past dreams, and many since, smiled her neat smile. She still had a mass of freckles, but her fire red hair was now muted red with gray roots. We all do get older. Janet took the card and candy and put it on a table next to her. She looked at me as reached for her neck. She held out the locket that I had given her so many years ago, and said, "Thank you for the Valentine's gift."

This was difficult to handle, but I told her how happy I was to have heard how she had had a good life and was a mother of two. We chatted about what I don't remember for a minute, until I had to excuse myself. I took my now empty glass back to the bar and bought a refill.

That wasn't nice. A half-hour into this thing and I'm really having trouble. Should I just leave? I would really like to visit more with everyone. I decided I'm not going to let my emotions ruin my evening.

It wasn't difficult to avoid Janet after that, as Joe was now next to her all of the time and kept steering her away from wherever I was. I did have a good time renewing old acquaintances. I had corresponded with many, especially the girls, even as they married and raised families. It was funny though that none of the girls I wrote to all of the time ever mentioned Janet and Joe. My sister would hear something and tell me, but no news about them from the friends I had from back then.

Dinner was great and then we cleared the floor for dancing. There was actually a real band that played a lot of oldies from our era but mostly slow songs for us to dance and chat.

About two hours into the dance, I was standing with a married couple from our class, when Janet came up to me. "Please dance with me, Chuck."

How do you refuse in front of others? I quickly looked around to find Joe, but didn't see him. Janet pressed up against me when we began dancing to a slow song like we were 17 all over again. It didn't take her long to bring back the same physical responses from that time so long ago. She began, "I'm so sorry, Chuck, I know you had plans, but I was so lonely. We never did anything together even though I know we both wanted to, but I wanted to be intimate and learn about that stuff. Please forgive me, Chuck; I know I loved you then and still do, but I have Joe now."

I dropped my hands from Janet and began ushering her toward the tables. I told her with near tears in my eyes, "Don't talk about it. Don't apologize, I'm over it, and you should be too. You're still in my thoughts, but only that, in my thoughts. Now go to Joe and make him happy."

"What does she need to make me happy for? What have you been doing with Chuck, Janet?" Joe was red-faced, standing rigid with his fists clenched at his side.

"Simmer down, Joe; Janet was just reminding me why she married you while I was overseas. You see, you have her and I don't."

Joe sputtered, "You must still be waiting for her. You never married and didn't even bring a date to the dance."

"There is no way to explain it to you, Joe, but I've been busy for the last 25 years, and really haven't had the opportunity to meet many women. I somehow don't trust them, and can't seem to get close to them. It's my problem, not anything for you to worry about."

Janet was now standing, looking down with her hands hanging at her side, weeping. Joe looked at her, then grabbed her by the arm and pulled her from the hall.

Oh well, none of my business. A couple of the girls were still single, a couple were divorced, and a couple were widows, so I was well attended to by the women. There were two other guys who never married, so we had a lot of extra women to dance with.

I saw Janet with Joe as the party came to a close, but Joe was having to help her stand as she was now totally wasted. That was actually good for me to see, as I'm not a fan of drunks.

While walking out of the nice club, I saw a redhead standing at the entrance looking into the hall. I could see her face and neck were covered with freckles as I neared her. I stopped and smiled at her, before asking, "Are you Janet's and Joe's daughter?"

The girl smiled at me and answered, "Yes, I am. If you know my mom and dad, are they coming out? My mom called to tell me to come get them as they have had too much to drink again. Do you think I should just go in to get them?"

"I can't tell you what to do, but they should be out soon so don't be bashful and just go in."

The girl said, "I'll bet I know who you are. You're Chuck, aren't you? I've seen your pictures many times. You're the guy Mom was supposed to marry instead of my dad. She talks about you all of the time. Dad gets mad, but Mom tries not to mention you when he's around. Are you here to see Mom?"

"No, I came to see the entire class. It was good to see your mom and dad too, but they were only two of the people I wanted to see. It was nice to meet you. Tell your Mom that you look exactly like she used to; beautiful."

The girl smiled and walked into the hall.

I got into my Corvette and drove to my sister's place to spend the night. Enough of that emotional roller coaster.

Age 47

The class is going to have a reunion every five years now, but I have an excuse this time. I'm on the other side of the world, and I really don't want to take leave to go. The last one was fun, but it was also stressful because of seeing Janet for the first time in 25 years. It was neat to meet her daughter as she was the exact likeness of Janet those many years ago. I think I'll surprise all of the girls from the class. I'll send a big box to good old George, and have him pass out my boxes of candy and cards. I'll put my address on them and see if any write me. That would be a treat.

I did get a response from almost every girl in the class, and that enabled me to send them all small boxes of candy and a card every Valentine's Day after that.

It's getting close to the time for me to hang it up. Thirty years in the Corps can get tough as you age. I hate to admit it, but I'm not 17 any longer and can't run non-stop for 20 miles. I have to make a plan and figure out what to do.

Age 52

I've connected with a lot of my former classmates since I've retired. I guess all people go back to their beginnings, and I've gone back to mine. My sister found a great deal for me, as one of our former neighbors had sold off their property, but had divided ten acres for someone who wanted the house, barn, and a little land. I took leave and when I looked at it, I felt I could put the house and barn back into good condition and have a place just for me.

Everything worked out. I was able to buy the property, retire from active duty, and make some really major repairs and changes to the place. I now had a really nice home, a good barn, and a small pasture where I raised a couple of steers. My plan now in place was to raise two beef a year; sell one, and butcher the other. That would supply meat for me, my sis, her kids, and my brother and his kids. My brother wasn't my best friend, as he always thought I was nuts. He got married right after high school so he wouldn't have to go to Viet Nam. That was okay as Dad needed help on the farm, and my brother was the man. Mom and Dad had passed since then though, and Bro had sold the farm to live in a nearby city.

I was actually excited when I received the invitation for the 35th reunion in the mail this time. I kept wondering if one of the single ladies might be a good match for me. They were pretty aggressive at the 25th, but would they still be single, or would there now be more that were single ten years later. I'd really like to have a mate or a person to share my life at my age now.

I was amazed at how exciting it was to buy boxes of candy and cards for the big dance and reunion. I had talked to one of my girl classmates who advised me of who had passed and who had left the area. We were now down to 29 classmates with 14 men and 15 women. I had already been told that a couple of the girls had me marked as eligible now that I lived in the area. Most of the women didn't want to leave home or the area to move around the world with a military guy. I could understand that, and looked forward to making some more personal friendships during the reunion.

When I entered the same hall in the same club this time, I wasn't nervous and didn't have any misgivings of who I wanted to see, and what I wanted to happen. I was set with the fact that Janet and I were no longer anything to ever consider. I was looking for fresh meat. He, he, he, in this case it would be fresh older meat but still attractive, at least in my more mature eyes.

Amazingly, Joe Gringe was still signing people in at the door. I didn't remember him as being a class officer way back when, but then, Joe was considered a city or town kid even though he lived on a farm. I really didn't care who was class president, etc., etc., etc. Those folks were the town clique kids and the rest of us country or farm kids couldn't care less. It was sort of two different worlds.

I noticed that a lot of the folks seemed to be drinking more now than ten years ago. I wasn't on edge this time, and didn't get a tall glass of scotch right away, but was able to garner a bottle of beer while still hanging on to my satchel.

A lot of the girls from my class gathered around, knowing what was coming, when I sat my beer and satchel on a table.

I began giving out cards and boxes of candy to each of my girl classmates. It was neat to do and I was getting hugs and kisses from each one. All of them said I was the only one who remembered them all every year, and it was nice that I was with them to celebrate this time.

The early part of the evening was still for visiting, and I was able to make contact with the single ladies to ask each one if they might be agreeable to a dinner date in the near future. Each one gave me permission to call, and made sure I had their telephone number.

While the dancing was fun, Janet and Joe were having some kind of problem, and were becoming a spectacle. Janet was already drunk, and Joe was close to being there too. I wonder if anyone had called their daughter to come for them. I also wondered if the daughter was still anywhere around.

I wasn't paying attention to that problem and the two were gone when I looked around later. Well, good riddance. Sweet Shirley Shewe, now with a different last name, was another farm kid who was dancing with me. She told me that Janet had made a big deal out of being here and showing Joe that she still wanted to be with me. I told Shirley that I was glad she didn't approach me, as I really didn't want to get involved with Janet and Joe. They had their life and I was back home with my own life. Shirley was always so sweet and still was. She invited me to have supper with her and her husband the following Wednesday. This was neat, as now I had several dinner invitations with old classmates, plus a very subtle invitation with little blonde Jeanette. Jeanette used to be the cutest little blonde, almost albino, who was always sweet and well-spoken. She also used to ride the same school bus, but lived fairly far away, so I never was a dating candidate for her. She was now a widow of nearly ten years, and lived in her old house. It's interesting how so many had migrated back home.

The next year was amazingly fun. I visited with old friends, and old friends came out to see me. My property bordered a big regional lake that is well known for good bass fishing, so several guys came out for a morning or evening of fishing.

I had visited with all of the single women throughout this period, but the one who held my interest was tiny Jeanette. She confided with me that she was in remission for cancer of the female area when I asked her if we might become more involved. She said she didn't think she would make a good wife now. I disagreed, and told her that I wasn't interested in a playmate, but a companion, someone to share our later years.

We did a lot of dating that often ended with a lot of kissing and holding. Jeanette finally asked me to stay over one night, but it was to be platonic and not sexual. I think it was a test, but I understood how terrifying her illness could be.

We enjoyed holding each other all night. Neither one of us wanted to give up the warm cuddle we had with each other in the morning. I bought Jeanette the best heart box full of candy Godiva had when Valentine's Day came, plus I mailed her several cards, and brought another with the candy. We were on our way to being life companions.

The following June my dream ended with Jeanette in the hospital, hooked up to several monitors. To help with her pain, she was almost always sleeping or under the influence of drugs. I sat with her and held her hand for a couple of weeks until, her monitor made a steady beep after I kissed her on the forehead while I sat with her. The nursing staff came running in and Jeanette was gone.

I made sure all her arrangements were made because I cared for her so much. Her two kids lived in far off cities and came home for the funeral, although they weren't there for the visitation.

I spent a lot of time sitting on my porch trying to understand life after that. I knew a lot of my life was my choice, but I still wanted some long term companionship. I was only 54 and in good health. The women from my class were not really meant for me now, as those who were left were all town people and none would enjoy living out in the country. I was going to have to broaden my environment in order to meet other women.

I actually began going to church. The church surprisingly didn't come tumbling down when I entered, since I hadn't been in this, or any, church since I left home so many years ago. It took a few Sundays to get back in the habit of being comfortable during a service. I think a lot of my classmates, and older and younger friends from my youth, were happy I was becoming more a part of the community.

Later after church one Sunday, I was in the grocery store, rounding up some items needed for the coming week, when a voice from behind me said, "You aren't very friendly, are you, or is it because of my mom?"

I quickly turned and saw a redhead with a face full of freckles smiling at me. Now I was embarrassed, as I didn't remember Janet's daughter's name.

"Hi there; I didn't see you, but can't imagine me missing a thing of beauty right next to me."

The redhead grinned real wide. I had to admit, "I'm sorry but I don't remember your name."

She kept right on smiling and said, "I may not have told you that one time we met." She stuck her hand out to shake, and said, "I'm Sandra, or Sandy, depending how you want to call me."

"Glad to see you again, Sandy. Doing some Sunday shopping too?" I asked this while moving my grocery basket to keep from blocking the aisle.

Sandy said, "Sort of. I really don't know what I want to eat, but I'll think of something. Mom wanted me to come home for supper, but I eat over there too often and really don't like to hear her and Dad arguing all the time."

"That's not good for digestion. I'm sure a TV dinner would be preferable to that."

Sandy grinned at me and said, "How about I fix you supper, and you can entertain me with stories of when you were in high school with Mom and Dad? I've heard all kinds of stories from them, but who knows what's real."

"Are you sure you want to invite me to your home? You know, an older single guy like me could start tongues wagging."

Sandy bumped up against me and said, "Your rep could be in more trouble than mine. The town gossips have me as being a loose woman because I'm 36 and still single. They think I must be either gay or have a bunch of sugar daddies. Not hardly; I live off my teacher's salary, and I can tell you it isn't much."

With a smile she added, "Anyway, come eat with me, Chuck. I'll fix some delicious hamburger helper with some corn. We'll have a feast."

I laughed at the darling redhead, forgetting she was Janet's daughter, but still intrigued by the representation of the lost woman in my life. "I'd love it. How about I pick up some Romaine, salad dressing, and some cheap wine, to make it a real feast?"

My grocery shopping was now abandoned for another time and we each bought the necessities for the proposed feast.

I followed Sandy to her apartment, upstairs over a store, at the end of the downtown business district. As she let me in, she said, "It isn't much, but it's what's available around town. Come help me make dinner so we can talk."

We did talk, sip some wine, made a salad, and prepared some great hamburger helper. The simple fare made it more intimate for the two of us. We ate, washed dishes, and were sitting on the couch with more wine when Sandy told me, "You really are more than some dummy who spent more than 30 years as a Marine. Dad always said the military was for those who could never make it in real life. What are you going to do now that you're retired and have your home here?"

I confided in Sandy, "There's no rush to do anything more than take care of my home and the few animals I have right now. My retirement pay is good enough for me to live on and still save some, and I've written some stories that I've been selling over the internet. That brings in a little, and I like to draw and paint. Not very manly, but a lot of fun to me."

Sandy looked at me funny and asked, "Have your books sold very well? I know several people who have published on the internet, and they have hardly received anything."

It was my turn to brag, "Three of my books are selling very well so far, and it seems the new book I just published is going to be popular too. I put some stories on a couple of internet sites, but those are good teasers so people will look for my books on pay sites."

Sandy said, "You'll have to let me read some of your work. I'd love to read what a retired Marine writes about. Are these sex books, or regular fiction drama stuff?"

"There are some sexy stories on the internet sites, but my published books are all mystery and adventure stories. I try to make them fun and exciting. I have a good imagination."

Sandy leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips, surprising me beyond belief. I must have looked like a goon when she pulled back, as I was sitting facing her, with my mouth open and chin dropped to my chest.

With a grin, Sandy said, "I had to see if you were real. There is no way you are the blob I've been told you were by some. It's amazing that these people say they knew you, but they really didn't. Now kiss me and let me know how exciting your stories really are."

This was pretty forward for a schoolmarm at any age or time. At least it was to me. Sandy lay against me letting me feel all of her femininity when our lips touched this time. This kiss was breathtaking to me. My head was swimming with crazy thoughts, and then I realized this was Janet's daughter.

I pulled back and said, "This probably isn't right, Sandy. You're just a young girl and I'm old enough to be your dad."

Sandy gathered me in her arms and softly said, "Yes, you are old enough to be my dad, but I'm not a teen any more. I'm 36 and I'm feeling like there isn't any age difference between us right now. What I feel is some kind of kinship, and I really desire more of that feeling with you. You can go if you want to run, but I'll be following you. I know where you live and I want to see more of you.

We continued to hold each other and let the magnetic feelings encompass us. When I thought I was under control, I said, "The feelings I'm experiencing are new to me, Sandy. I want more of you, all of you, but I'm afraid of you at the same time. I think we should slow down to see if this is real or just some kind of flash lust we are feeling."

"I like that, Chuck. Flash lust, have you used that in one of your stories?"

"Ha, ha, ha, no, it was something that came to mind to describe how I'm feeling right now. You already know I'm very attracted to you and this kissing stuff has me boiling."

"That's so sweet, Chuck. Most guys are turned off by all of my freckles. A lot of them ask if I'm covered all over with them and don't even want to investigate to see if I am. Do you want to find out if I'm covered with them?"

"Now you're teasing, Sandy. Let's take it slow for right now and see what happens. I promise to call you and maybe I can return the dinner invitation on Tuesday or Wednesday."

Sandy softly kissed me before pulling back, and asked, "What's the matter with Monday, tomorrow. Do you have another date?'

I laughed before admitting, "Not hardly. I seldom go out, but I have visited with a lot of people in the last couple of years."

"You haven't been visiting with me Chuck and that has to begin as soon as possible. How about I come out tomorrow after school and you can show me your writing and etchings. I want to see your playboy pad, or is it a man cave now?"

"Okay, come out tomorrow for supper and I'll fix you something special, Sandy. I don't cook much, but I try to make something nice like the fancy restaurants have when I do. I'd like that. Now let me get out of here before I beg to stay."

Sandy put her hand on her chest and said, "Be still my heart, I should be so lucky."

The redhead molded her body to mine at the door, and we kissed with so much promise that my knees were weak, and my body was responding to the excitement. I walked down the stairs and had to turn back twice to look at the redhead standing in the doorway smiling.

I had a terrible time that night. I kept thinking that time had turned back and I was going to see Janet tomorrow night. I woke up in the morning excited about my coming dinner date, but it came crashing down when I remembered it was with a girl that could have been my daughter. Was I being a pedophile? How can you be a perv if the object of desire is 36? She's past the time to have married and have kids. Her mom was married, and what? Wow, she had to have been pregnant when she got married, so she must have gotten pregnant almost immediately after I left for the Marines. Something is wrong with these numbers. I know Sandy couldn't be my offspring since Janet and I never did anything together other than some groping and touching. We thought we were being good kids by not going all the way, or even part of the way. If this kid is 36, then Janet almost had to be conceived almost before I left for the service. I'd really like to find out the answer to that.

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