My Story: Story of Precious
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Revenge, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, BBW, Big Breasts, Public Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman's transformation into my slavery

Hello. I am Melanie Kelly-Pabon. I am also know as Mistress Nickie, Mel, Dark -N- Lov-ly, Big Mama Vicious and Dangerous (by a few) and this is my story. If you don't listen up you will end up like those in this story. The ones who became my victims and willing slaves. Do you understand!!!!

I live in a condo in Manhattan. There are three apartments per floor and thirty- five floors. I am on the second. I have a thing against heights so I would choose no other. I live with my husband Eric Pabon, son Vernon Kelly-Pabon and two year old son Ayyan Pabon. We have a beautiful life together and live peacefully. However, I do live a secret life. Secret to my children, at least. I am a dominatrix. Yes you heard correctly. But it's not like you think.

Let me explain. I have been into S&M for some time. Normally I was the slave. I became interested in S&M because of a friend of mines. I was her slave. After awhile I decided that I wanted to do the controlling. I wanted to be in control of what others can and can not do and a change in my power seemed to be the only solution. That's when I changed roles and I'm relishing in it.

I got married and added a partner into my world. For him I am still a slave, so to speak. I still do as I wish but with a small limit. He realized that I am going to be who I am and do as I wish anyway so to make us both happy we set some boundaries. He isn't really into S&M but loves to watch me as I punish others and he punishes me if I step out of line.

Sometimes he will help when I do my torturing but it's not that often. When I became a master it was because I loved to boss people around and have them do as I wish. Now I have my husband to boss me around while I boss others around and I'm loving every minute of it.

I went off to a club one Friday night. It is a habit of mine. My husband and I take turns going out to enjoy life, have some fun and get more, ummm... , "victims." We mostly do this only on the weekends unless we are seriously stressed out and in need of some relaxation. We also go on holidays or for non-family related vacations.

I went to a club where I could get in dressed the way I like to dress, in baggy jeans with a whip secured at my side, t-shirt and sneakers. On my head I wear a du-rag and a cap and I always carry with me a small duffel bag with some of my toys. I dressed no other way except when I am at work or at a special club that I also go to. I am a regular at the club for this reason. There is one other club that I go to that allows me to dress this way but I will explain that later.

Anyway, while dancing at the club, Club Wolf, I noticed a girl in back. She looked very fragile and very, very scared. She was dressed in a long red skirt and black blouse with black high heel shoes. Her skin was pale. Her lips had a light shade of red lipstick. Her long, silky smooth black hair was pinned behind her ears with black and white clips. In her ears where a pair of dangling diamond earrings. They where fakes but I wasn't going to say anything. She was being harassed by a guy. I walked over to her and put my bag down.

"Come on baby. Join me for some fun. You won't regret it," he said to her.

With her head down she said in a scared voice, "N-n-no th-th-than-n-nk you."

"Come on. You know you want to."

"Excuse me but this bitch belongs to me." I looked at her and said, "What the hell did I tell you about talking to these strange ass men." She jumped up from her seat and ran to my side.

Looking at the floor she said, "I'm sorry Queen Dangerous. I tried to tell him to go away but he wouldn't leave. Please don't punish me."

I looked at him and said, "Stay the fuck away from her or you will regret it."

"Bitch who the hell do you think you are talking to. I'm the man not you so get that shit straight," he said.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to my face.

"That's Queen Bitch to you asshole. Understand!!!! Now get the fuck away from her!" I said while holding tightly to his collar.

He was fighting to get away but I was holding on to tightly for him to free himself. The girl started crying and clung tighter to me.

I turned to her and said, "My Precious. What's wrong? This asshole will not hurt you. No one will ever hurt you again accept me. I promise."

She loosened her grip and smiled. The guy snatched his collar from me and just walked away.

When he left I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry for what I said. I..."

She cut me off and said "It's OK. I'm used to being spoken to like that. My name is Stacy."

"OK, my name is Melanie. But you can call me Nickie ... One thing though. Don't ever cut me off again when I am speaking, understood?"

"Yes I'm sorry."

"By the way. What made you call me Queen Dangerous?"

"No one has ever helped me before. And never against a man, especially not a woman. And you just have this ... dangerous look about you."

"OK well that explains the Dangerous but why Queen."

"Well you just look like you demand respect ... Just like a queen."

"Oh. Really. Hmm." I said with my hand on my chin. "Well OK. Anyways, you looked scared a minute ago. Was he the reason?"

"No. I'm not supposed to be here."

"Why not?'

"My boyfriend doesn't like me to leave the house. I snuck out so he doesn't know that I am here. Would it be to much for me to ask if you could take me home when you leave."

"OK. I'll take you home. Right now though I'm going into the bathroom. You can follow if you want."

I reached for my bag but she grabbed it first and followed me. I sat her on the couch and went to fix my clothes and hair. While fixing my hair two women walked in. They where dressed in the same style outfit just in different colors. It was a short, thigh high skirt with matching top. One was wearing blue and white while the other was in purple and white.

You could easily look at them and tell that neither one was wearing a bra. Both of them were wearing black shoes with lace to match the outfit. In their hair was a comb with a flower on the end and they had on diamond studded earrings. Their skin was smooth. Each had a shade of red lipstick on with glitter in it. Their skin tone was a light shade of bronze. One was slightly darker than the other though. They looked at me and mumbled to each other while laughing.

I over heard one of them say, "Nothing she does can fix that look."

"Is there a problem. Do I need to whip your asses " I said to them.

The look I was giving scared the shit out of them.

"No. We're sorry," they said as they ran out the bathroom.

They came back a few minutes later with a bigger chic. I was fixing Stacy's clothing. We had our sides turned to the door. I had my left and she had her right. When she noticed that the girls where back she ran to my right side and held me. I knew that they would be back. They always come back. I could never figure out why though.

They walked up to me and looked at the big chic and said, "That's her."

This chick was wearing a long green dress. She had sneakers on her feet and her short blond hair was hanging loose and wild. She had rough looking skin that was pretty dark, much darker than mines and was pretty scarred up. The make-up she had on was horrid, a little to much for one so dark. She reminded me of this dude I used to hang out with. He was a drag queen. I just look at them. There was no sense of fear on my face. This truly scared the two little chicks.

The big chic walked up to me and said, "What did you say to my friends."

I ignored her, turned to the littler girls and said, "So you brought this big bitch in here to protect you."

"I'm talking to you, not them. Speak to me if you wish to speak to them."

I took a pair of scissors out of my bag, looked at Stacy and pointed to the seat. She took the bag from me, ran and sat down.

"Oh. Look at this. You got her well trained don't you," the big chic said.

Her friends laughed.

"Actually no. This was already instilled in her but I can make you submit just as easily as her though. Want to see."

Before she could answer I stuck my left hand under her dress and moved her underwear out of the way. I then grabbed her by her clit with two fingers, and fingered her with another. She let out a sigh, caught herself and started to fight me so I smacked her, hard, on her face. She grabbed my hand and tried to remove it from her dress.

I looked at her and said, "If you don't want to know the taste of my whip you will stop."

She still insisted on fighting me so while still holding the scissors, I took the whip off my side and prepared to swing. She looked at me and frowned when she realized that I was serious. She didn't want the other girls to know she was scared so she continued to fight. While still holding her clit I swung my whip and caught her on her ass. Her dress was so thin that she had nothing to cushion the blow. That hit felt 20 times worse than it really was. She let out a loud scream which frightened all three girls. She stopped fighting out of fear of getting hit again.

"My Precious, lock the door and do not let these girls out understand."

Stacy jumped up and went to lock the door. The other to girls ran to the door to try to stop her and get out but Stacy wouldn't let them. She pushed them out of her way. She was getting more courage from this little amount of time spent with me. I wasn't sure yet if it was fear or what.

I looked at them and laughed, then said, "You see how easily I make big bitches fall. Now you take off her shirt."

The smaller of the two girls shook her head no. I swung the whip in her direction and caught her right on her left thigh.

Then I said again, "Take off her fucking shirt now!"

Slowly, and hesitantly she took off her friends' top.

Her breast were beautiful. They weren't very big but they were perfectly round. Her halo was a light brown and as soon as the air hit them she shivered. I just looked at them while licking my lips. I couldn't wait till I was able to suck and bite her nipples. Her beautifully small nipples.

"Now yours."

She cried out, "No."

I hit her again and again until she took off her top. Her breasts were larger and just as beautiful. Her skin was darker and so was the halo. Her nipples were already hard. All I could do was smile.

"Now suck on her nipples."

The girl started to cry as she leaned in. Her friend stopped her.

"No. I will not let her do that," she said. "I am not a lesbian."

I swung my whip and cracked each of her thighs twice. She let out a load scream. Her friend, still crying, did as I said. The big chic started moaning uncontrollably loud and slipped down to the floor. I followed and fingered her faster and harder while rubbing her clit until she came all over my hand.

"Now go sit with My Precious" I told her.

She ran and sat down. I turned back to the other girls and watched my work unfold. The little chic nibbled lightly then licked where she nibbled. She kissed her halo and around her breasts. Her friend threw her head back and just sighed. The look she gave was that of someone who had never felt so much pleasure. I just smiled as they slipped onto the floor.

Her friend kissed up and down her chest, kissed her lips then back down to her nipples. She sucked on her left breast while running her fingers around the halo on the right, then she switched. She pinched her nipples hard and her friend let out a loud yell. I walked over to them still holding the pair of scissors. They stopped and watch me cut off their underwear.

"This is how you are to stay. Don't ever let me catch you or find out that you had underwear on again." I turned to the big chic and said, "That goes for you too. Take them off."

She refused. I swung my whip just missing Stacy and caught her on her stomach. She screamed as Stacy cried, then she took off her underwear.

"Now continue." I said when I turned back to the other girls.

The littler girl fondle her friends' breast. Every now and then she would bite her lightly. She licked the halo around the nipple. She took both breasts into her mouth and sucked on them. Her friend started moaning and, again, tried to pull away. She look at me and saw that I was still holding the whip and stopped.

"Now take off your skirts."

They sat up, undressed and waited with fear in their eyes.

"My Precious, bring me my bag."

Stacy brought the bag over to me and waited as I took out a dildo and put the scissors back. I whipped the tears from her eyes and kissed her on her lips. She smiled, took the bag and went and sat back down and watched. I secured the whip back on my side, walked over to the girls and laid the bigger one back down and put the other ones face on her clit.


While she ate her out I fucked her with the dildo. I was also rubbing on her clit with my left hand until they both came.

"Now get up all three of you and clean yourselves up and put your clothes back on. You belong to me now. When I leave this club you better be behind me or you will be in deep shit. Don't make me have to look for you. Understand!!!!!"

They all shook their heads yes. They all cleaned themselves up and the two little ones got dressed. Picked up their underwear off the floor and threw them out. I cleaned my hands and the dildo, put it back in my bag and walked out the door. All four girls followed me.

"By the way, you can call me Mistress Nickie," I said and just kept walking.

I took them to where Stacy was sitting and asked, "Whose hungry." They all raised their hands.

"Okay. Where do you want to go. I'm buying."

They just started calling out places. They were expensive places but I didn't care. I noticed that Stacy wasn't saying anything so I asked her where did she want to eat.

"Wendy's," she said.

"Are you sure. You don't want lobster, chicken or something like that," I asked her.

She said, "No. I'll eat at Wendy's."

"OK. Wendy's it is then. After we leave here we'll go eat," I said and went back to the dance floor to dance some more.

The girls were upset but they knew not to say anything. Stacy sat back down in the chair that I found her in and watched me while holding onto my bag. She seemed much happier and much, much more relaxed than when I first approached her. The other three girls went to dance also.

While dancing I turned around and saw the guy that was bothering Stacy earlier was back again.

I left the dance floor and went over to him and said, "You just don't listen. Do you understand English at all asshole. I told you that you were going to be in deep shit if you bothered her again."

I grabbed him by his belt loop and headed for the door.

"Where the fuck are you taking me," he demanded.

I just ignored him and kept moving. Stacy got up with my bag and followed me. The other three girls looked at where Stacy was sitting (they had been doing that since I went to dance) and didn't see her. They looked around the club and couldn't find me. They got scared and frantically looked around until they saw that we were at the coat check. They ran over and joined us. We all got our coats and headed for the door.

"Umm. I'm not ready to leave yet," he said.

"Oh. Are you sure." I thought for a second. Looking around I said, "With four beautiful ladies here are you really willing to give this all up."

He looked back and forth at me then the girls, "Coat please."

He grabbed his coat and left with us. I went to my Toyota High-top van.

I asked, "Who lives alone." The big chic raised her hand. "Okay, you drive."

I handed her the keys. I went into my bag and took out a blindfold and a gag.

I turned to him and said, "I don't want you to know where my girls live so I plan on blindfolding you."

He said, "OK."

I put the blindfold on and gagged him and said, "I wasn't asking."

He fought a little but not much. The big chic got in the drivers seat, Stacy sat next to her, I sat in the seat behind the big chic and the girls sat behind me with the guy between them. One started fondling on his dick while the other rubbed his chest. I just watched, to make sure they didn't go to far.

As the big chic drove off. I called Eric on my cell phone.

"Hey baby. I'll be home late tonight. I met some women at the club. They want to do my hair and try to girlify me. So I'm going to one of their houses."

Eric said, "Now you know that's impossible. You are going to thug them up aren't you."

"No this works out to my advantage. I have new ... victims."

"Hmm. So when do I get to watch."

"Soon love. Soon."

"OK. Vernon is waiting for you to get home to say goodnight."

"OK Put him on the phone ... Hey Vernon."

"Hi mommy. When are you coming home?"

"I'll be home a little later. A friend wants to do my hair before I leave."

"OK mommy. I'll see you in the morning then."

"OK. Take care of Ayyan for me like a good boy. OK?"

"OK I will. Goodnight."

"Goodnight. Everyone say goodnight to my baby."

"Goodnight Vernon."

"Goodnight. Here's daddy ... Hey babe. I'll see you when you get in."

"OK love. Later. Say goodnight to my husband."

"Goodnight." (click)

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