Peaches and Cream
Chapter 1: Peaches Finds Her True Love

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Peaches Finds Her True Love - A woman succumbs to her true lust with the help of her husband and other men.

She doesn't know how she got into this - well, yes she does - but she doesn't know what she was going to do about it. It's turned into an obsession with her and she was afraid it would ruin her marriage, job and reputation.

Her name is Linda, but she has been known as Peaches all her life, a nickname her father gave her when she was a baby. She is a twenty eight year old secondary school English teacher, married with no children. Her husband's name is Ron and he works for the government. He's thirty one. They have been married for six years. The problem started because she likes to suck him off in the morning.

Maybe we should go back a step.

Peaches was raised in the suburbs. Mother, father and three sisters, one two years older and twins four years younger. Other than a few chaperoned school dances, she had never been on a real date until she turned sixteen. The boys were nice and she enjoyed their company, and occasionally engaged in kissing sessions.

Towards the end of her senior year she went out with Eddie. He was in the same class as her and was cute. She had wanted to go out with him for some time and finally, with the help of a mutual friend, he asked her.

On their first date they went to the movies in his father's car. She had to be back home by eleven so they only had a little time to talk after the show. He kissed her goodnight when he let her off and she thought she was in heaven. Her whole body just seemed to explode with tingly feelings.

The second date was much like the first, only they made sure they had a bit more time for kissing. The third date they skipped the movie and went straight for the kissing. But, when they parked in a secluded place and got into the back seat for more room, things started to get out of hand. The kissing was great but Peaches noticed Eddie's hand slipping around from her back to press against the side of her left breast. The hand slipped more and more until it was almost covering her breast. She pushed the hand away, thinking that would be the last of it but the hand slowly sneaked back as they kissed. Whatever she did she couldn't seem to stop the assault on her heavily defended breasts.

Heavily defended because the bra she was wearing was quite padded. She didn't feel she was very well endowed on the chest and was very self-conscious about it. (She still doesn't think her breasts are very big - 36B, which looks even smaller on her 5 foot 5 inch frame - but Ron says it's not the size that matters but how nice they look. He thinks most large breasts are pretty grotesque and that hers are very pretty, firm, high on her chest and with half dollar sized coral colored areolas and long, fat nipples. She loves him for it but still wishes they were a bit bigger.)

Finally she pulled away from the kiss and pushed Eddie's hands from her blouse where he was trying to undo the buttons. They wrestled a bit and Peaches was just about to tell him he had better take her home when her hand accidently (or so she thought at the time) landed on his lap and touched the lump in his pants. It was like an electric shock or touching something hot. She pulled her hand away as quickly as possible but she could still feel the imprint of his cock on her palm. She looked at her hand in wonder.

Eddie couldn't figure out why she had stopped struggling but wasn't one to let an opportunity slip by. By the time Peaches came back to her senses he had unbuttoned her blouse, pushed her bra up, and was licking one of her nipples. Her nipples have always been very sensitive, which she discovered when she began masturbating at age thirteen, so this brought her around with a start. She looked wide-eyed at Eddie and he backed away a bit. He probably thought she was going to scream or hit him or something.

All she could do, though, was stare. Then her stare slipped down to the bulge in his pants. Slowly her hand made its way back down to Eddie's crotch to touch his cock. As she rubbed her hand reverently up and down it, she looked Eddie straight in the eyes as if she was in a trance. He leaned forward and kissed her, rubbing her breasts and taking the opportunity to reach behind her and undo her bra, taking it and her blouse off.

"Do you want to see it?" Eddie asked.

"Oh, yes! Can I?" she whispered, hoarsely.

"Of course."

Eddie unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Peaches couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was beautiful.

"It's beautiful."

"Haven't you ever seen one before?"

"No - never."

"You can touch it if you want."

"Can I?"

Peaches didn't need to be invited twice. She reached down to Eddie's prick and took it in her hand. She was amazed how hard yet how soft it was. It was like a steel rod wrapped in very soft kid leather with a marshmallow knob at the end. She rubbed it gently up and down. Eddie slid down in the seat and moaned. She asked if she had hurt him.

"No, of course not. It feels good. In fact, you don't have to be so gentle with it. Rub it a bit harder and faster."

She did as she was asked. Eddie turned his head and began sucking on her nipples which got her even hotter. Suddenly, Eddie stiffened up and moaned, and white gooey stuff pumped out the end of his cock. Peaches had just performed her first and, surprisingly, one of her few hand-jobs.

"Oh, no!" Eddie groaned.

"What's the matter?" Peaches asked, a little panicky.

"There's cum all over the car, my dad'll kill me. And it's all over my pants!"

It was all over Peaches' hand, too. Absently, she licked at it. The taste was remarkable, a bit salty, a bit bitter and a bit like oysters which she loved. She took another lick.

Eddie looked surprised. "Do you like that stuff?"

"Yes, it's nice," Peaches said dreamily. "Can you do some more?"

"Not right away. But there's still some oozing out if you want to suck on my cock."

Her head went straight down to his lap and she sucked the soft penis into her mouth, tasting and swallowing what little remained of his orgasm. To her surprise Eddie's cock started growing big again until it filled her mouth with its hardness.

"Keep doing that and you can have another taste," Eddie advised.

Using his hands Eddie directed Peaches to move her head up and down as she sucked. He played with her nipples which got her even hotter. When he filled her mouth with his cum she had her own orgasm. And she hadn't even touched herself!

Peaches came up for air and leaned back in the seat. Eddie kissed her and they necked for a while. She held onto his flaccid cock the entire time.

"Make it go hard again," Peaches asked.

"You don't know much about cocks, do you?'' he replied. "I have very little control over the little beast. After a couple of cums it takes a while to recuperate. But there's other ways we can amuse ourselves."

They kissed some more and Eddie kissed and sucked on her breasts and nipples. He put his hand up her skirt so Peaches took off her panties to give him better access. He fingered her to another orgasm; he was the first person other than herself to have touched her pussy. Finally his "little beast" came back to life. She went down on it as fast as she could.

Eddie took his jeans down so he'd be more comfortable and Peaches came face to face with her first pair of testicles. She knew they were there and what they were for but she had no idea of what they looked like. She fell in love with them almost as much as she loved his penis and spent almost as much time kissing and licking them as she did his cock. Later in their relationship Peaches used to lie on her back as he dangled his balls in her mouth. She'd suck and lick them for hours.

After he came in her mouth again he took her home. Peaches couldn't find her panties and suspected Eddie had kept them as a souvenir, even though he said he didn't know where they were. She didn't care.

They dated over the summer until it was time for her to go to college. Peaches sucked Eddie's balls dry every time they went out, usually once in the car when they were driving to wherever they were going, again if they parked somewhere and lastly in front of her house when he dropped her home. She just couldn't get enough of Eddie's cock or his sweet cum. She was an addicted cocksucker but, amazingly, she was also still a virgin.

At college Peaches settled down to studying and getting good grades. She missed Eddie's cock but was too busy and, probably closer to the real reason, too shy to establish a relation with anybody. Masturbation was her only relief. Towards the end of the first year she met Martin, who was a couple of years older than her. On their second date she sucked him off twice and also had oral sex performed on her for the first time ever. It nearly blew her mind! The most Eddie ever did was finger her to orgasm. Having her pussy licked was much better than that - by about a thousand times!

On their third time together, which they spent totally in his apartment, they first ate each other to orgasm. When Martin's prick hardened again Peaches proceeded to suck him off but he pushed her away and onto her back on the bed. He licked her pussy a few times and then positioned himself between her legs.

Surprisingly, in four months together, Eddie and Peaches had never had actual sex. She'd suck him off and he'd finger her off. She would have been happy just to suck him off; she could do her own fingering.

Now it was going to happen - Peaches was going to be fucked for the very first time. Martin slipped a condom on (she'd never seen one before) and pushed his cock up to her pussy. Peaches considered telling him this was her first time but decided against it; she didn't want to appear to be a wimp. His prick slowly disappeared up her hole. She'd used various implements during masturbation but none of them felt as nice as this. He lay on top of her, kissing her and touching her nipples while he pounded his cock into her cunt. Peaches felt her orgasm coming so she wrapped her legs around his waist and started to meet his every thrust. She came first, followed shortly by Martin. He groaned, pushed his prick in as far as it would go, and shot off into the condom.

They rested for a few minutes; it was real sweaty work. Martin's cock shrivelled and the condom slipped off. What a waste, Peaches thought. She went down and sucked the residue cum from Martin's cock, grabbing the used condom at the same time, then excused herself and went into the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet peeing, she tipped the condom up and emptied the contents into her mouth. Not as good as straight from the original container but better than being lost in the sheets. Today, when her husband wants to fuck, they use a condom just for this purpose. The only exception is when Peaches is having her period. Then she is extra horny and prefers to be ridden bareback.

Her affair with Martin lasted until the end of the school year. Martin was going overseas and Peaches was going home. They promised to be faithful to each other over the summer and to resume their relationship after the break. When Peaches returned to college she discovered Martin was engaged to a girl with whom he had broken up just before he met her. She was not that heartbroken, but she was going to miss the sex.

Her next affair lasted for a year and a half. Six months after Martin and Peaches separated she became involved with Tom, an Associate Professor and her instructor in Comparative English Literature. He was 36, married with two children, and had a bad reputation. He hit on all the attractive women in his classes and Peaches, being shy and super-horny by this time, succumbed to his advances. Most of their sex took place in his office, car or in her bedroom in the apartment where she was staying. They even once did it in an empty lecture room.

Their sex was torrid and kinky. He taught her how to "deep throat" and introduced her to the pleasures of anal sex. Peaches would show up in his class with a short skirt and no panties, sit in a front seat and flash her cunt at him, although she had a feeling she wasn't the only girl in his class doing this. They even spent a weekend at his home when his wife and kids were away at her mother's. Peaches never loved him and knew he was involved with other girls. But his cock was good, his cum was sweet and the sex was terrific.

After Peaches graduated her parents paid for a trip to Greece as a graduation present. It was during her two weeks in the sun that she met Ron who was also on vacation. They hit it off right away as he was almost as orally fixated as she was. She had already planned to do some teacher training and take up a position as a high school English teacher. Ron lived in the same city as her training was to take place.

They married as soon as she graduated from teacher training.


With plenty of time to be together, which meant plenty of time to indulge in her true passion, Peaches developed a method of sucking Ron's cock that didn't let him cum for what seemed hours. Her preference was to always be on her knees with the man standing or sitting in front of her. Peaches would suck Ron's cock to the point where he was about to cum, and then back off, kissing it and licking it until she knew enough heat was taken out that she could start sucking again. Over and over she'd do this until Ron complained that his balls hurt and begged her to let him cum. After forty five minutes to an hour of this sweet torture, by which time her saliva would be dripping from both his balls and her chin, he would finally cum and she would get a huge mouthful of his tasty sperm. The longest session they ever recorded was for one hour and thirty seven minutes. Ron could hardly walk after that. Needless to say Peaches had very well developed jaw muscles and a strong tongue which was long enough to touch her nose.

Ron, of course, would return the favor and, using his tongue, would have her on the brink of orgasm for the longest time before letting her cum. It was agony while it happened but the orgasm was much more intense.

But this activity was not to be confused with their morning ritual.

Their little ritual started soon after Peaches began work teaching English at a nearby private boys' school. When they were first married they only had one car so Ron would drop her off at the school, even though it was over half an hour before she needed to be there. One day they were just about to leave when they got into a passionate embrace. Not being one to let a chance go by, she sank to her knees, unzipped his suit pants and blew him right there in the hall by the front door. She remembered thinking what some of her boys would think if they saw their English teacher on her knees with a spurting dick in her mouth, but that's a different fantasy.

Practically every morning Peaches would suck Ron off before they left for work. They bought a little pillow on which she could kneel that they left in the hallway. Visitors often asked why there was a pillow sitting in the corner by the front door and they'd just grin. Even after they got the second car Peaches would blow him and they'd leave together. Then one morning everything changed.

It happened shortly after their third anniversary. They were just about to leave for work. She was kneeling on the pillow in front of Ron, sucking him off. She was using all her best techniques, rolling her tongue around the head of his cock, rapidly flicking the underside of his knob with her tongue, deep throating him and sucking his balls. Peaches was intentionally taking longer than usual because she knew she'd get a bigger load of cum. But, when he did cum, Ron did something he'd never done before. Just before he shot his wad, he pulled his prick from her eagerly waiting mouth and let it fly into her face.

The first spurt dribbled down on her chin. The second hit her on the bridge of the nose and splattered on her cheeks, forehead and in her hair. The third hit her on her upper lip and even went up her nose. Stream after stream of gooey cum sprayed all over her face. Peaches couldn't believe it. What a waste! She could only look up at Ron in horror.

"Look what you've done! My make-up - my hair - my blouse!" Cum was dripping off her nose and chin onto her clothes. Peaches started to cry.

Abashed, Ron tucked his cock away, apologised, promising never to do it again, and fled. Peaches got up off her knees and went into the bedroom to see what the damage was. When she looked in the mirror Peaches nearly had an orgasm right on the spot. She fingered herself as she watched the cum slowly drip off her face onto the red blouse. She came almost immediately. Then she called in sick and spent the rest of the day masturbating while watching the cum on her face dry into a white powder. She didn't wash it off until just before Ron came home.

Peaches got roses that night and more mumbled apologies. They didn't speak much; she pretended she was still angry, but the next morning as he was leaving she met him at the door wearing a lot of make-up (Ron loves to be sucked off while she was made up like a whore) and the cum-splattered red blouse. A grin crept across his face and he had his cock out before she had the pillow positioned by his feet. A few minutes later she was again wearing a cum facial.

This was how the ritual changed. When they were running late she would just blow him but, when time allowed, she'd show up by the front door all made up and wearing only the sheer red blouse which had never been washed since that first day and was absolutely covered in dry cum. Peaches would suck Ron's prick and finger herself while Ron played with her nipples through the blouse. As soon as she felt the first spurt hit her face she'd have a tremendous orgasm. She loved it.

Then things started getting out of hand.

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