Jane's Victory
Chapter 1: A Divine Gift

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Extra Sensory Perception, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Analingus, Size, BBW, Foot Fetish, Teacher/Student, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Transformation, Nudism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Divine Gift - Jane Simmons, known to her peers as "Plain Jane", has only two things she really wants in life: A better body and a more active sex life. One night, she gets a divine gift that changes her life.

Jane gets a divine gift that radically changes her life.

With a close of her front door Jane Simmons placed her backpack on the hook and walked quietly to her room. Jane, how apt a name for her. “Plain Jane” as everyone at school called her. She had mousy brown hair and plain brown eyes. Her lips were pink but tiny. Her face was average, ovular with no real striking features. A few of her teeth were out of line and she had some bags under her eyes. Her breasts were just B-cups, and she had a small but nicely rounded butt. Her hips were also not very wide either, just a little wider than her shoulders.

She had cream colored skin and was also short, just over five feet. She at least had enough meat on her bones to avoid having a thigh gap, though this also gave a slight paunch to her belly. Simply put, Jane hated her body. There was probably nothing she wanted more in life than to have a nicer, more enticing body. She knew how she looked was not everything, but it did not stop her from feeling inadequate about how she looked. She was not a shallow person, but having a nicer body would make it easier to attract the guys, and girls, she wanted.

Jane was openly bisexual. Unlike most bisexuals she liked both sexes basically equally. She did not have a preference of one over the other. She’d had relationships before, with both guys and girls, but they often felt empty and unfulfilling. Sometimes it felt like all the guys she dated only dated her because they were desperate, or just wanted a quick fling. It felt like the girls she dated just dated her for a little experimentation, nothing more.

Maybe this was not the case, but she sometimes felt that way. She wanted more from the relationships she was in, and maybe the opportunity to indulge in more casual sex. She knew this would probably never happen though. She was stuck as “Plain Jane.” Many nights she would go to sleep wishing there was some way for her to have the body and sex life she always wanted.

She did not have anything planned today. Monday afternoons and nights were very boring for her. Being the shy person she was also made it harder to attract others or even start friendships. That was another thing she wished she had. She wished she had more confidence in herself. She went to her room, changing out of her school clothes. She then proceeded to start her homework, which with her brains she finished quite quickly. She went downstairs later when her mother called her down to dinner. With dinner finished, she went back to her room, deciding to turn in early.

She tossed and turned for a good portion of the night. A little after midnight she was awoken by a bright light in her room. She was puzzled by this. All her lights were off and her bedroom door was closed. She had to see what was making this light. She opened her eyes to see a woman standing in her room. A woman she had never seen before. In the darkness of the room, the only light came from the woman’s body, a strange glow that was surrounding and emanating brilliantly off her body.

The woman was naked and exceptionally, indescribably beautiful. The light surrounding her obscured the details of her body but her face was very clear. Her hair was long, black and sleek. She had lovely pale skin and sensuous red lips. All of her face looked very nurturing and calming. What stood out most though was her large, piercing blue eyes. Jane was in shock. Who was this strange woman, how did she get into Jane’s room, and why was she here? “Who are you?” She asked with puzzlement, and a small hint of fear.

The woman smiled as she looked Jane in the eye, a warm smile that somehow made Jane feel at ease, and answered. “A mortal like you could never pronounce my real name, but you may call me Eros. I am a Sex Goddess.” Jane was puzzled by the woman’s answer. This woman was a Sex Goddess? What the hell was that? Jane had never heard of such a thing. Not only that, Jane didn’t even believe in gods and goddesses. Someone had to be playing a joke on her, but that would not explain how “Eros” got into her room or where the light was coming from.

“I can understand your confusion. You’ve never heard of me, I’m sure.” She said calmly. Jane nodded. “I was told Eros was a male. You’re clearly a woman.” Eros chuckled. “Some gods and goddesses share names, especially when we are not part of the same pantheon.” Jane just shook her head. This had to be a joke. “I’m sorry, but I just cannot believe you are real. How did you get in here, and more importantly why are you here?” Jane asked.

“I am not confined to mortal restrictions. I do not even live in this realm. I can come into this world at any point I wish. That’s how I got in your room. As to why I am here, I came to you to help you and reward you, Jane.” Jane was more fearful when Eros said her name. How did she know it? Then, there was the fact that Eros said she had come to reward her. Reward her for what? She’d never done anything she could think of to merit a reward from a goddess.

Eros could see Jane’s confusion and answered before she could ask. “I am rewarding you for your true appreciation for what sex is. Unlike so many others, you don’t see sex as a status symbol, or a means to an end. You don’t use it to manipulate. You see sex for what it really is, a beautiful connection between two people to express their desire, and even love, for each other.”

Eros closed her eyes briefly and sighed. “I cannot stand the way people view sex these days, there are so few like you who see its true self. For that, I have decided to make you a Sex Goddess like myself. On this day every year I choose one girl to bestow my gift upon. This year, that girl is you Jane. If you accept my gift, you will be able to choose a new body for yourself. You will also have new powers that will help you indulge with anyone you wish. I’ve come to help you get the sex life you want. Someone who views sex the way I do definitely deserves to be gifted with powers like mine.”

Jane was shocked upon hearing this. She was being rewarded because of her love of sex. She would become a Sex Goddess and would have a new body, along with a better sex life. It seemed too good to be true, but if it was, she would take it. She hoped very deeply now that this was not a dream. All her wishes were coming true. She’d have a new body and get all the sex she wanted. She would no longer have to be “Plain Jane.” She started to wonder if Eros had heard her wish.

“Now tell me Jane, will you accept my gift? Will you allow me to make you a Sex Goddess? I want nothing more than to bestow my gift upon you, to make you a Sex Goddess, but I will only do so if it is what you want.” Eros said lovingly. “There was a time when I was more known to the world, when women everywhere clamored for my gift. Centuries ago there was even a nation that lived in reverence of me, hoping each year I would bestow this gift on one of them. I hope you can see how blessed you are to be one of my Chosen. I hope that you will accept my gift.”

Jane smiled in excitement at Eros. Of course she would let Eros turn her into a Sex Goddess. This was a gift she could definitely not refuse. It was everything she had ever wanted, everything she hoped for. She’d had to have been mad to refuse this chance. She did not even care now how Eros knew what she desired most. The chance was before her to have what she wished for but felt would never have. There was no way she’d refuse what was being offered to her. She looked straight into Eros’s eyes, making sure Eros saw her sincerity. “Yes, please. Make me a Sex Goddess.” Jane responded enthusiastically.

Eros smiled widely from Jane’s excitement. With a move of her hand, Jane’s clothes fell off her body. Jane quickly stood up, her body now on display to Eros. She felt insignificant comparing her body to Eros’s divine figure. Even though she could not see what Eros’s body looked like, she had a feeling it was the kind of body any woman would be envious of, that no mortal could imagine how beautiful it was. “Do not be ashamed of your body Jane.” Eros said kindly, sensing Jane’s insecurity. “Even if you choose to keep the body you have, you shall still be a Sex Goddess. Beauty is in how you perceive it, not how others look at you. You don’t have to give yourself a new body. That is entirely up to you if you wish to.”

Jane felt at ease with Eros’s words, but she knew she would not keep this body. There was a body she’d always wanted and now she had the chance to have it. She was not going to pass this up. She could finally look the way she had always wanted to look. Already her thoughts were buzzing about all the ways she wished her body looked and all the parts of her body she hated or wished to change.

Eros walked up to Jane and put a hand on her shoulder. She was smiling widely at Jane, who smiled back. “If you’re ready, we shall begin.” She said calmly. Jane nodded, ready to receive Eros’ divine gift. “Now Jane, close your eyes and envision the body you have always wanted. Think hard over every detail. There is no limits to how you can change how you look.”

Jane did as she was told. She quickly closed her eyes and began to think of the body she always wanted. Within seconds her hair began to lengthen past her neck and shoulders until it was down to the middle of her back. The tangles in her hair came undone and her split ends vanished as it lengthened. Some strands grew more than others. Once they were done growing the end of her hair was perfectly even. As it grew it changed color from the mousy brown she hated to a lovely, fiery red. As the color changed a bright sheen came over her hair.

Lower down on her face her lips puffed and filled out while changing to a brighter shade of pink. Inside her mouth her teeth straightened out and became brighter. The bags under her eyes vanished and her eyes grew slightly, going from small to medium. Her eyebrows thinned out and lost the stray hairs, now appearing professionally done. Her nose also shrank slightly. Her face was now perfect, just the way she had always wanted it.

Further down below her neck her breasts began to grow. They grew out from her current B cup, to C’s, D’s, DD, E, and F and finally stopping at G-cups. She could feel as they rose on her chest as they grew bigger. They had been hanging slightly as they got larger, but then rose up until they showed a perkiness usually not seen in breasts that big. As her breasts grew and perked up, they also became quite firm. She smiled widely as she felt her breasts change, becoming the tits she’d always wished she’d had.

Another feeling came over her as her breasts grew. It almost felt like her breasts were filling up. As her breasts grew and became fuller, her nipples also grew longer. Both grew longer until they stood three-quarters of an inch long. As her nipples got bigger they turned a lovely pink shade while positioning themselves perfectly on the centers of her new breasts. Her areolas grew bigger as well, going from quarter to silver dollar sized.

While these changes occurred in her breasts her waist began to cinch. It started shrinking down while her hips and ass grew. In moments her skinny waist was complemented by wide hips and a new bulbous and firm ass. Her butt was huge now. It was very round and hugely full. She could feel the muscles in her ass toning, making her butt firmer. At the same time her butt expanded her legs and arms began to tone along with the rest of her body. The muscles all over her body toned up and what little excess fat she had seemed to vanish. The paunch in her belly also vanished, leaving her stomach perfectly flat. Once her body was fully toned her legs then grew until she stood at a new height of six feet.

At the cleft of her thighs her mons began to enlarge. Her lips became fuller while her channel grew tighter. Her hymen also restored and beneath its hood, her clit grew. All over her body her hair began to disappear. First the stubble under her arms vanished, then on her legs. The hair over her arms, on her mons and between her cheeks vanished as well, leaving her body sleek and smooth.

To finish off her new look, the nails on her hands and feet took on a newly manicured look. All over her body her skin took on a lovely peach tone, taking on a uniform look and removing all the lines and mismatches. All blemishes, scars, and all other marks on her skin vanished. Her skin was now completely clear. As the changes occurred around her body, a glow similar to the one Eros possessed began to form around her. It was not as big or as bright as the aura surrounding Eros, but it still highlighted her new body. It went about six inches off her body before it began to fade.

With her change seemingly completed Jane opened her eyes. They were no longer brown, they now shined a bright emerald green. A wide smile crossed her new lips as she looked over her new, gorgeous body. “I’m beautiful. This body is amazing.” Jane said in ecstasy. She ran her hands sensuously all over her new body. Each touch exploring every new texture and curve of her new body. To her delight she could feel every touch deeply. She loved how sensitive her new body was.

She almost felt a tear well up in her eye. This was exactly how she had always wanted her body to be. She finally had the large breasts she always wished she had, and the big butt she envied in so many other girls was finally hers. She finally had that full and inviting pussy that men would salivate over. She even got to be the height she wished she was, and best of all this was all natural. This was her actual body, not a body achieved through surgery. Everything on her body was just as she wanted it to be.

She shuddered as her hands cupped her new ass, squeezing hard and scooping it up. Her hands then traced over her sleek hips and her sides, before she cupped and hefted her new breasts. She smiled wider as she felt how heavy they were. Having had small tits all her adolescent life, it was almost a shock that her tits were so huge now. One hand traced over her new tits and began to rub her nipples. She felt her knees weaken as she rubbed and then pinched one. As she pinched one of her nipples a stream of milk shot out.

“I have milk?” She asked. This explained the filling feeling she felt earlier during her transformation. It was an unexpected change, but she was not upset about it. “Of course, all Sex Goddesses do.” Eros responded. “Your milk does more than nourish though. It is also a potent aphrodisiac, and it can be the Fountain of Youth for whoever you choose. With just a thought, whoever drinks your milk could become younger.” Eros told her. “Now, I sense even though you love your new body, something is missing. Something you really want. Something you wanted more than anything else on your new body. Go ahead and try to add it. I told you before there are no limits. I know you think it’s impossible, but you will see it is not. There is no change you cannot make to your body.” Jane nodded, and closed her eyes again.

Just above her mons a small bump formed and then proceeded to extend from her body. As the growth lengthened it also thickened until it stood out from her body ten inches long and two inches thick. Veins began to appear on the growth as a thick head formed at its tip, a light purple in color. As the growth lengthened two small bumps appeared beneath it and bulged out, forming into two large balls. As her new cock finished taking shape the skin on her scrotum wrinkled. As the external features finished up inside her body all the internal features took shape within her, rearranging her insides to make room for her new parts.

As soon as all the features were in place Jane opened her eyes again. She gasped as she looked down at her newest addition. It was standing hard and ready, throbbing and ready to be used. It was almost hard to believe it was real. Her right hand reached down and gripped it. Jane shuddered as her hand encircled her cock, as a new sensation filled her mind. It was so hot and hard in her hand, it felt magnificent. “My god, I have a cock. I have ... A COCK.” Jane exclaimed. “I actually have a cock, a cock of my own. I never thought this would happen.”

Eros smiled again at Jane’s excitement. She always loved seeing how happy her Chosen were with their new bodies. It was probably her favorite part of bestowing her divine gift. “Yes, a wise choice I must say. Not every Sex Goddess chooses to have one.” Eros said happily. This shocked Jane. She was sure every girl in her position would want one. “Really? I thought they would all have them, once they knew they could have one.”

Eros shook her head. “No, most choose not to, the ones that do are rare. Most of the girls I choose do not give themselves penises. Most wish to stay purely female.” Jane could not believe this. “I didn’t think it was possible at first, when you told me I could have a new body. As soon as you told me I could I had to try. I have always wondered what it would be like to have one. Plus, I figured if I am to be an embodiment of sex, why not be able to have sex in any form? I should be able to have sex like a man, along with like a woman.”

Jane’s statement made Eros smile. “I knew I made a wise choice with you Jane. Now, do you accept this as your default state? You can change your body to suit whoever you are with, but when you are done with them this will be the body you return to. This will be your normal body.” Jane nodded vigorously. “Yes, this is the body I’ve always wanted. I have always wanted to have everything, to be able to have sex any way I wish.” Jane happily responded. She was in ecstasy over having the body she had always wanted. That included having a penis.

“Then this shall be your body now.” Eros smiled. “Now, there are some things I must tell you about your new life before I go. As a Sex Goddess you are always aroused. Your nipples will always be hard, your mons will always be wet and your penis will always be erect. For anyone else this would be dangerous or unhealthy. It will not be for you. Also, there are five other important things you should know about your new life.” Jane looked at Eros with undivided attention, eager to learn what her new life would entail.

“First of all, there are Barriers around you in your new form. You may choose when and which ones are active. One hides your body, another hides your addition. One prevents you from attracting others and suppresses their desire for you, the last prevents you from just taking them. If you take down the first, everyone shall see your new body. If you take down the second, everyone will see your penis. For other Sex Goddesses, it would hide their mons, but for you, it will make your penis invisible. If you take down the third, other people’s desire for you will amplify and some may even become attracted to you if they were not before. If you take down the fourth, all who are attracted to you will consent to you. Just so you know, taking down the fourth Barrier will only work on those who already desire you. If they do not wish to be intimate with you, they will still resist. Is this all clear?” Jane nodded happily. So far nothing seemed complicated about her new life.

‘Second, while I have made you a Sex Goddess like myself, there are ways you are unlike me. You cannot make other women into Sex Goddesses, nor are you immortal. That is the only limit to your powers. You can do anything as long as it relates to sex, including temporarily changing others bodies or parts. Any changes you make to another person will last for a few hours, then they will go back to their normal self.”

“Third, as you are now a Sex Goddess you no longer need to eat or sleep as long as you continue to have sex. You can now attain sustenance and rest purely from sex. The more sex you have, the better. You can still eat and sleep if you wish to, but having sex will remove your need for either. Unlike others, sex will energize you instead of tiring you.” Jane smiled hearing this, her eyes opening wide with excitement. As long as she was having sex she’d never need to eat or sleep. She could spend all day having sex if she wanted, at least that’s what Eros was telling her seemed to imply.

“Fourth, as a Sex Goddess you will not age, nor will you menstruate. Your body also will not produce any waste, unless you choose to let it. You will also not get sick anymore, and almost any damage your body takes will heal instantly, unless you will otherwise. Be warned though, you are still vulnerable to fatal injuries.” Jane nodded again as Eros said this. She was smiling more as Eros told her what her new life would entail. This all sounded so good.

“Lastly, there are some things concerning your fluids. Your milk will nourish better than an ordinary woman’s milk would. You can choose who it will make younger, and you can control when you release it. With your sperm, you can choose when you want it to be potent. You will have no need for condoms or birth control but if you make your sperm potent it is guaranteed to impregnate any fertile woman, even if she is not at the right part of her cycle. If you choose to make yourself fertile, no matter how low the man’s sperm count you will get pregnant. Be advised that any child you sire or give birth to will be much stronger and healthier than any child a normal person could sire or give birth to. Have I made myself clear?” Jane nodded again. “Yes, I understand.” Eros smiled again.

“There is much more to being a Sex Goddess, but you will come to figure everything out as time goes on. There will be things you just know are part of being a Sex Goddess, things that you will feel are part of being one, and things you will find out as time passes. You have all sorts of new powers that come from being a Sex Goddess, but they are all limited to how closely they are related to sex. If it has nothing to do with sex, your powers will be useless. You will discover though that you have a few powers unrelated to sex. I could tell you about all of it right now, but I feel it is better for you to find these things out for yourself. I want you to have fun and explore your new life and powers.”

Jane nodded. She was so excited for her new life. It was almost unbelievable that this was real. She had a new body, new powers and, she could tell, a new life. “I hope you understand all of what I have told you, as after this you will never see me again, except for two reasons. If I come to you in anger, it means I feel you have abused your gift, and I will take it away. Your body will revert back and you will lose all your powers. I can be forgiving, but if I feel you are using your powers maliciously or you use them to hurt others, I will take them away. I am more forgiving at first, but the longer you are a Sex Goddess, the less forgiving I will be.” She said sternly.

“Don’t take that though as an excuse to be mean and evil at the start. If you do something truly heinous, no matter how long you have been a Sex Goddess, I will take them back immediately. If I take my gift back, no one will ever be attracted to you again. You will live the remainder of your life without any sex or sexual pleasure at all, even from yourself.” Jane felt a wave of fear wash over her as Eros said this. She hoped she’d never have that happen. Eros saw Jane’s worry, but she had a feeling she’d never have to do this with Jane. She’d only had twenty Chosen so far that she had revoked their powers in the millennia she’d been doing this.

“If I come in joy, it means you have reached the end of your life, and I will come to take you to my realm. There you will meet the many other girls I have Chosen throughout the centuries, along with all the many other descendants of Demeter, my first Chosen and one of your ancient ancestors. There your powers will be truly limitless. I’m sure you’ll love it in my realm, but I ask of you to please enjoy the life you have now first.” Eros stopped speaking and gave Jane a look that asked if she understood. Jane nodded “I understand. I cannot wait to start my life as a Sex Goddess.”

Eros smiled wider and embraced Jane, their breasts pressed together, their bodies meshed against each other. Jane gasped as their bodies came together. The feel of Eros’s skin upon her own sent a pleasurable jolt through her body. The electric sensation increased as Eros’s hands traveled over the curves of her new body. She shuddered as Eros caressed her, feeling like tiny sparks were spreading over her skin as Eros’s fingers passed over her. She gasped loudly when Eros put one hand on Jane’s breast and the other on her butt. As soon as her hands groped Jane, Eros fondled and squeezed both.

Jane started to moan. Eros’s touch was electrifying. Eros put her lips to Jane, giving her a searing, passionate kiss. Jane returned it, her body trembling from Eros’s touch. She could feel Eros’s tongue pushing against her lips and she graciously allowed her entry. Jane felt another jolt as her tongue met with Eros. She tried to put her own hands to Eros’s body, to feel the body of her unexpected benefactor, but she could not move. Eros’s divine touch was making her weak, her body was limp in Eros’s arms.

As they kissed and Eros fondled Jane, Jane could feel her orgasm coming. With a hard squeeze to both her breast and butt, Jane came hard, but only from her womanhood, and she blacked out. Eros smiled as Jane collapsed back onto her bed, her new breasts and cock bouncing as she did. Her body was still trembling as she lay upon the bed, the aftershocks of Eros’s divinely induced orgasm making her body shiver and shake. Eros was still smiling as she licked her lips, tasting the remnants of Jane’s kiss.

“Goodbye Jane. I hope you enjoy your new life. Make good use of my gift, as I know you will. Make me proud that I chose you to be a disciple of me. Enjoy being a Sex Goddess and all that comes with it. Take joy in finally having the body you always wished for. Take my gift and enjoy the sex life you always wished you had.” She said lovingly to Jane. She stepped to the bed, leaned down and placed one last quick kiss on Jane’s lips. The kiss, though short, made Jane mewl in her sleep. Breaking the kiss, Eros stood upright again. She took a final look at the new Jane, then she vanished.

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