The Two of Us
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When bill married he gave up his old perverted ways and put his wife on a pedestal. When she found out she was hurt and left him. To win her back, his only chance was to prove she was the wife for him by teaching her every perversion he had ever done, and her brother and their friend Maria would help him


Bill Husband

Sarah wife

Martin Sarah's brother

Maria – friend and fuck buddy

It was the day of our first wedding anniversary and I arrived home with flowers and a box of chocolates to find my wife tearful. If I can just describe her to you, she is 5'4 and twenty years old, auburn hair and a perfect figure. Her name is Sarah, and she is the love of my life. I sat down on the couch next to her and asked her "what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Bill" she replied. I was confused, there must be something, had I done something wrong I hadn't realised?

"Honey, there must be something?"

She looked down at the ground, "is everything all right with us?" I was confused and must have looked it; I was the happiest man in the world.

"Yes," I said confused, "why wouldn't it be?"

"I was speaking to Martin." Martin was her brother; they were close and talked about everything, he was also my best friend, that's how we met.

"What happened?" I said, still confused.

She sniffed, "we were talking and he was teasing me about our relationship, you know?" I nodded, even though I didn't. "We talked about my ex's and his girlfriends and then we talked about you." I nodded and held her hand still confused. I had no problem with her previous relationships. She had two boyfriends before me. Her first Andy she slept with only once, before he left for university, they both decided a long term relationship wasn't for them. Then next was Warren and he joined the army and again, they decided to go their separate ways. He was stationed in Germany and had a new girlfriend.

I was slightly different, I was twenty-four and had been around the block a few times, and sexually I had done most things, Martin knew as we had discussed them, hell, we had even shared girls. She knew I had been a little wild before and I trusted Martin with my life. So, what was wrong?

"Please baby, tell me what is wrong?"

She sniffed, "I know you have done a lot more then me sexually, I hadn't really enjoyed sex until I met you, but Martin said you had both done really crazy things and I was wondering if I was enough for you." She burst into tears again and I held her tight.

"Darling, I love you more then anything, please don't listen to Martin, I don't know what he said, but I swear, I never said you weren't enough for me."

She pulled away slightly and looked me in the eye. "He never said anything like that, but I know from things he said that you like more then I have given you." Look" she said pointing to the coffee table. I turned around and saw my old porn collection, I had given it to Martin, to tell the truth, half of it was his anyway I was unsure who owned what. I gave it to him as I didn't want to get any ideas from it; I loved her and didn't want to screw up our relationship.

"Honey," I said, "they are my past, you are my future."

Tears rolled down her face, "no they're not they are a part of who you are, not who you were, I want to be your now and your future, and I wont shut them out," said pointing towards the porn DVDs. I shook my head, I was so scared of losing her.

She took my hands, "look," she said, I didn't know much about sex until I met you." That much was true, her previous two lovers were inexperienced, she went to a private all girl school.

"I didn't know what an orgasm was until you gave me one, what I had done before with my fingers and my ex's was nice but god, that was unbelievable."

I remembered; our first time was totally unexpected; we were picnicking by a lake when we got caught in a rainstorm. Soaked to the skin, we decided not to drive home, but find a hotel for the night. There was only one room available. I hadn't made any moves on her as she was so special, I didn't want to ruin my chances. There was one room left, the rest you can guess. Her first orgasm, she didn't know what hit her. She screamed and bit my shoulder, hard.

"I want to be the best possible fuck for you I can possibly be." My jaw dropped, she was the perfect angel, she didn't smoke, drink or swear, ever. She giggled and pushed my mouth closed. "I thought that would get your attention. Now I have watched a few of these, and spoke to Martin." God I thought, how embarrassed was he? She continued, "when you went down on me I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I learned to suck you, you taught me that and I thought I was good."

"You are," I protested, "the best ever."

"No I'm not," she shouted, "how dare you." This time she hit me on the arm, it hurt. She hissed, "I spoke to Maria, she told me." Oh god, I thought, Maria and I had been friends and fuck buddies for years, neither of us wanted to be tied down. She came to the wedding, and Sarah knew all about her, they became friends, but I had stayed away from her as I didn't want to be tempted. She hit me again. "You have never cum in my mouth, or over me, but you did it to her, what is wrong with me? You took her anally, but never me, all those things you did together, I asked her and she told me. I said I wanted to be the perfect woman for you, I begged her until she told me. What is wrong with me?" she screamed.

I started crying now myself, "nothing my sweetness, I just," I shook my head, "I don't know, I put you on a pedestal, I didn't want to lose you, I pushed all my ... activities to the back of my mind, never to think of them again, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I didn't want you to think badly of me."

"I do now," she said coldly, folding her arms, "I am your wife; there should be no secrets between us. You wanting to do something and not doing it to me, cheapens me. I should be your sexual satisfaction, not your make do. I feel like a one night stand. I feel ashamed, ashamed as a woman and a wife. I feel like a 'make do' not your bed partner. You have hurt me like nobody ever has. I'm not sure if we can survive this."

I fell to my knees, "please honey pie; I'm sorry, so sorry, I didn't think, I just didn't think, I have done so many things I couldn't bare to hurt you with them."

She looked away form me, "I will pack my bags and be gone. Martin will put me up for a few days." With that, she got up and walked out of my life.

A week later, I got a call from Martin, her brother and my best friend.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," I replied, despondently.

"How's Sarah?"

"Not good," he replied, "you screwed up badly."

"I know," I replied, "I tried to call her, but she just hasn't replied."

"She went away for a week and left her mobile behind." He paused for a second, "look she really loves you but you hurt her. For what it's worth, I don't blame you; I might have done the same thing, with someone really special that I loved." He shook his head and gently placed his hand on my shoulder. "look, I'm sorry, it started off as big brother teasing, then she started asking questions, and I just didn't realise what I was saying to her until she started probing. Then she phoned Maria, all sweetness and light and she joked the rest out of her. She was furious when she found out all you had done together with Maria, but never tried any of it on her. She cried her eyes out and then, well you know the rest."

"Yes, I sighed, "yes, I do, and I would do anything to put things right between us, I want her back more then anything in the whole world."

"Bill, she was bad, you have no idea. She spent the whole week watching our porn collection and crying. She phoned me every day, crying, asking me why wasn't she a good wife and a proper woman. She even got drunk."

"What!" I exclaimed, "Sarah, never."

"I mean it she did, it was a double vodka and coke, she threw up then phoned our parents."

"Oh my god," I held my head in my hands; I could never face them now. "What did she say?"

He laughed, "remember she was drunk. She gave them graphic detail of your kinks. At first, our dad wanted to come round and beat you to death, until she told him you wouldn't do them to her and she asked them if she was a failure as a wife." He sniggered, "I don't think they have recovered. Mum did say though that you should work through your problems together. Dad said you two should talk, and as long as both parties were willing anything goes, and I think that got through." He paused, "look, the long and the short of it is, she is willing to meet you, and might, I say might, want to give you a shot."

"God," I said, "I'll go anything, I mean anything to get us back together."

"Ok, come round tonight, only, she wants me to be there, to throw you out if necessary, are you ok with that?"

"Yes, yes anything I will be there, what time, seven?"

"Yes," with that he hung up.

Seven o'clock found me sitting on Martins' couch both of us sipping a beer waiting for Sarah to come downstairs. Silently, she walked in, a glass of orange juice in her hand. Looking anywhere but at me, she sat in the armchair and looked in the corner of the room. My heart was breaking so much my chest hurt. I didn't know what to say so I kept silent. Finally she broke the ice, turning she looked at me, her tears starting to fall.

"Bill, I love you and I always will, I don't know how we can go from here, I only want to be with you as a wife and partner, not a thing, a make do." The last words she spat out with distaste.

"Honey you never were..."

"Let me finish," she sniffed, "when we married we said we would be honest with each other, and this was total dishonesty, I can't forgive that. For you not to share your need with me hurt me, hurt me more then you can imagine. I can't go through that again," she shook her head, "I just can't. I need to know I can trust you with myself and yourself."

I was crying again, my tears joined hers, "oh honey bear, you mean the world to me, I will do anything to make things right, anything, and I am sorry, so, so sorry, please you must give me another chance I can change I can I really can."

"No, that's not what I want, I want the real you, the one who made promises of total honesty to me. If you change, you will be living a lie, we will be living a lie, and I can't handle that, I won't handle that, I want total honesty or a divorce, it's up to you."

I nodded dumbly, "tell me what I have to do."

She reached down behind the armchair and pulled out a carrier bag. Reaching inside she pulled out some of my porn DVDs. "Martin says these are your favourites." She laid them out on the coffee table. I looked at the titles. Sorority Sisters, Gang Bang Holiday, Cumshots and Anal Incest. I nodded, "Yes, they are."

"Ok, here is the deal, anything you have ever done with somebody else, anything you have ever done with Maria, and remember, she will tell me, she knows I want honesty, and that it's our only chance." She looked me in the eye firmly, "Anything you can think of you have ever done or want to do, you do to me or with me. If I ever find out you buried a fantasy and don't tell me we are finished, I can't handle any more dishonesty, it would finish me, finish us forever." She shook her head, tears still falling, "if you want us to get back together, I want honesty, that's it."

I held her hands, "I promise, total honesty, I promise I will hold nothing back, I mean it."

"How can I know, how can I know to trust you?"

"I swear you can I will share, I will I swear it."

"Prove it to me," she said, "now."

I thought desperately, what could I say that wasn't too bad, then I saw the look of hurt in her eyes, she was about to stand and walk out. I reached for her and grabbed her hand, "Please," I said, "you must give me a chance, I have to learn to share, I have buried my old ways for too long, let me think of something."

"No," she said, "it's now or never. I'm sorry Bill, but you can't do this to me." She made to stand up, "no," I said, sit down, now." She looked at me. I was desperate and said the first thing that came into my mind. "Suck me off while Martin watches."

She smiled and her tears stopped. Kneeling down, she crept up to me and undid my fly. Martin's jaw dropped as she fished out my dick and started to lick the tip. It grew in her hand and she engulfed it sucking it into the back of her throat. Her tongue darted all over the ridge and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. I grabbed her hair and started to pull her forward. I thought desperately, I had to convince her, "tell Martin to wank off and come over you." She lifted her head of my cock and looked at her brother. "Martin, please cum over me." With that, she turned back and swallowed my cock. Martin stood by her side and slowly looking at me to check it was ok. I gave him the nod and he undid his fly. Slowly, he pulled out his cock and started to masturbate. Watching us he moved the chair to get a see better. Susan saw him move and she scooted round slightly to give him a better view.

Her tongue darted all around my cockhead and her head bobbed up and down. "Finger yourself," I whispered, "bring yourself off." She moaned and slowly slid her hand down her stomach and between her legs. We watched her, my heart thudding as she started to masturbate for us. I looked at Martin and beckoned him to come closer; he stood and walked to stand by our sides, his hand pumping away.

I stroked her head, "that's it, my little cock sucker. You love the taste of cock don't you?" Without stopping she nodded her head. "Martin is going to spunk all over you," I said, reaching for his arm and moving him closer. His cock was now over her head as she knelt in front of me. I thought again, I had to convince her, but it was hard to unleash the years of perversion I had buried and hidden from her, but I had no choice. Start small I thought and build up. "Strip," I said, when we come I want it all over you. Without removing her mouth from my dick, and her hand from her pussy, she started to undo her dressing gown, beneath it she was naked. Martin groaned and started to pump faster. My dick was getting so hard it hurt, and I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

"Pull off and open your mouth," I said. She moved back and sat there her mouth open I stood up and started to masturbate, suddenly I exploded, my orgasm hit my brain flashing lights exploded behind my eyes and my cum shot out. The first rope hit her in the mouth, to trail out up to her nose and then down to her jaw. The second hit her in the mouth and trained down to her breasts. I stepped forward as the intensity dropped to coat her face. Them Martin groaned hissed and shot his load. It landed in her hair and trailed down her forehead. He sidestepped to hit her in the face. Our combined cum slowly dripped down her face, to drip from her chin onto her breasts. I noticed her breathing was heavy and realised that during this she must have orgasmed.

"Lick us clean," I said, "then clean yourself up, use your tongue and fingers, but keep it in your mouth I will tell you when to swallow it all."

She opened her eyes, and once again, I could see the love. She reached for Martin's dick he looked away unsure what to do, she leaned forward and licked the last drops from his dick, then turned to lick me clean. Then she started scooping up the cum from her thighs and licking her fingers clean. Then her breasts, and finally her face. She didn't stop until every last drop of cum was in her mouth. I held her chin gently, and looked into her eyes, "show me the cum" I said gently. She opened her mouth; it coated her tongue and bubbled in the back of her throat. I kissed her nose, "swallow it" I said. She gulped and swallowed.

"Is that what you wanted?"

She pointed at the DVDs, "it's a start."

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