Lizzy, a Morality Tale
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Group Sex, School,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lizzy and her BFF learn about proper conduct in the classroom. Naughty girls who flash their pussies at the teacher may get spanked.

Elizabeth Anne McGovern was so excited that she could hardly sit still. Her BFF, Anna Reynolds was also excited. The two teens had been teasing their Social Studies teacher for weeks and today was the first day they planned to flash him.

Until now, they had only given him an occasional peek down a blouse or rubbed a casual breast against his arm or back, while pretending to need help. Mt. Brown didn't object, because he was afraid to acknowledge the feelings these things caused in him.

Unknown to the girls, Mr. Brown would not be teaching their class today or for several more days in the future. Liz and Anna had pushed him over his limit, so he told the principal, Mr. Gerold, that he had a death in the family and would have to go out of town for a few days, to attend the funeral. Hopefully, he could think of a way out of his dilemma within a few days and things would get back to normal.

In all the years he had been teaching, there was the rare, inadvertent slip as his teenage students learned to cope with rapidly changing, hormone-filled bodies. He had learned to cope with it, up to a point, but two students in this class were going overboard.

He had no doubt that their activities were coldly calculated to drive him mad and they were doing a great job of it. How he had longed to reach under Lizzy's skirt yesterday and run his hands over those delectable round buns she was always displaying to him. Liz had no idea how cruel she was being. If she were not a student, he would have no problem knowing what to do, but under the circumstances, he was trapped by the regulations. If he so much as touched Liz, his career could be destroyed forever.

To Liz and Anna, it was only a game. They had never thought of the potential danger they were causing for the mild-mannered teacher.

Liz sensed the teacher coming into the room and turned her face toward Anna, while keeping her bare pussy turned to the front of the room, as did Anna. They had schemed a good way to show their treasures to Mr. Brown as a reward to him.

The room got very quiet and Liz turned to see why. Luckily for her, the act of turning hid her pussy from view because she saw that the entire class was turning to see what the teacher was staring at and the teacher was her father!

Liz was dumbfounded. Her father? How could it be her father teaching this class? Had he seen her pussy? Had he seen Anna's pussy? It was too much for her. She had to get out of there and she had to put her panties back on. She grabbed her purse and took off for the restroom.

She stayed in the restroom as long as she dared, trying to calm down and also trying to understand what had happened. How could it be her father who was teaching her class today? How would she be able to face him later?

Anna guessed why Liz had taken off so quickly. She recognized Mr. McGovern immediately, but continued to flash him because it excited her. She listened attentively as Mr. McGovern explained why he was teaching the class today. Mr. Brown had been called out of town unexpectedly and he was filling in until Mr. Brown returned.

Anna gave Liz a raised eyebrow when she slunk back in to class, but Liz ignored her. After class, she simply said that she thought she was getting her period, but it was a false alarm. Still, she thought she should put her panties back on.

Anna was still bare-assed and loving it, so she elected to stay that way and maybe keep doing it. The feeling of knowing that her pussy was just out of sight if she was careful kept her on the verge of something good.

In the cafeteria, she sat with Liz and their friends and idly ran a finger through the curls she was still deciding whether to trim. She hated to loose the hair that she had waited for so long to let grow, but the stories she read made her believe that men thought a bare pussy was more sexy. Maybe Liz would help her trim it. That might be fun.

Liz seemed more subdued than usual, but Anna simply assumed she wasn't feeling well. She wondered how Liz could be having her period now because they were usually pretty close together, but she didn't push it.

At home, after school, Liz was very agitated. What would her father do? What would he say? Would he ground her? Her life was ruined.

When Andrew McGovern got home, he had been able to come up with a plan. It had been a real shock, as well as a great pleasure, to see his baby girl''s pretty little pussy, but he knew that he had a responsibility to her to let her know what a dangerous game she was playing. If she flashed her pussy at the wrong person, it could have very serious repercussions for her. He had a plan.

As he expected, Liz was in her room.

He knocked. Lizzy, we need to talk. May I come in?

Oh, no. Daddy's home. S-s-sure, Daddy. Come in. Her toes were curling with fear, although her daddy had never been mean to her in her entire life, she didn't know how mad he might be.

Andy sat on his daughter's bed and watched her red eyes and pinched face for a minute. It was obvious that she knew she had done something wrong, but he still needed to teach her a lesson.

Do you realize what you did today, Darling?, he asked, softly.

I showed you my private parts and I am so sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to. We were just trying to tease Mr. Brown.

The fact that you showed me your private parts is not what you did wrong, Darling. I've seen them before. Remember when I used to bathe you every night?

Yes, Daddy, and I loved it. My heart was broken when Mommy made you stop. I couldn't understand why.

She was trying to protect you, Honey. She was afraid that I might mistreat you. She didn't realize that I would never do anything to hurt you.

What you did wrong wasn't what you did it was what you intended. Young girls have no idea what power they have over men. When you tease Mr. Brown, every ounce of his manhood is dying to bend you over his desk and fuck you silly. Don't you know that?

Liz was surprised to hear her daddy use the F word, but assumed it was because he was trying to deal with her on a more adult level, which was exactly his intention.

Now stand up and take your panties off.


Take them off and sit back down, then spread your legs. I want you to understand that showing your pussy to me is not a bad thing. Showing your pussy to a man who is trapped in bars he cannot break is a mean thing to do. That is why Mr. Brown had to go out of town.

Liz obediently stood and pulled her panties down. She liked having her daddy tell her what to do. She felt safe when she was doing what he wanted her to do. She also like showing him her pussy.

Andy went on, although he was having trouble preventing his beautiful daughter from seeing the effect her naked pussy was having on him. Many young girls do not realize that their powers of seduction are every bit as powerful as those of a mature woman, and perhaps even more powerful. When they get old enough to begin getting secretive looks from men and boys, they sometimes think they need to test their power and perhaps feel safer testing it on someone who can't do anything about it.

When girls are younger and men see their pussies, most men will think nothing of it because they assume that it is an innocent accident. When girls are old enough to have hair on their pussies, men have no way to know what is on the girl's mind if she shows her pussy to them. They may assume that this means they want to fuck. The man has no way to know that they simply want to tease.

That is what you and Anna have done and that is why what you did that was wrong. By the way, Darling, I see that your pussy grew up to be as beautiful as you are.

Liz blushed at the compliment, although it was hard to see how she could blush any more than she was. Sitting here in her room with her legs akimbo so her Daddy could get a good look at her pussy was embarrassing, and not a little arousing. She felt beads of moisture begin to gather. Now, that would really be embarrassing. If her pussy started leaking in front of Daddy, how could she stand it?

Daddy went on as if he couldn't see her pussy lips swelling or see the moisture beginning to gather or see the tip of the tiny pink thing starting to appear.

Mr. Brown wanted you and Anna so badly, but he knew that any move he made would put him in danger of jail or ending his career. He couldn't even talk with you about it. If he so much as speaks to you about sexual matters, he could be in big trouble. If he goes to the school nurse and reports you, then you and Anna could be in trouble and he knew that both of you meant no harm, you just didn't know that the guns you were waving in his face were loaded and didn't want you to get in trouble. That's why he came to me.

He came to you, Daddy?

Yes, Darling. He went to your records and looked up my contact information and asked to speak to me. I agreed to take a few days off work and help him because the best way to help him would be to help you and Anna understand what you were doing. If you kept doing it after we helped you understand, then you would deserve whatever trouble you got into if he reported you. Understand?

Yes, Daddy. I understand now. I'm so sorry. We were just teasing. We didn't mean to cause any problems.

I know that, Dear, but you need a lesson, but then so does Anna. Why not call her and ask her to come over? Tell her the door will be unlocked and she should come directly up to your room.

Ok, Daddy. What are you going to do?

Just call.

Andy handed the phone to his half-naked daughter and watched in secret delight as drops of juice began leaking onto the chair from her swollen pussy. Her tiny clit was peeking further out. Apparently, the idea of having Anna see her like this was exciting her.

They sat in silence while they waited the few minutes it took Anna to get there.

She breezed into the room, ill-prepared for the sight that greeted her. There sat Mr. McGovern, on Liz's bed, and there Liz sat in front of him with legs spread wide and her panties at her ankles.

What's going on?, she asked hesitantly. Why are you sitting like that?

I am teaching Elizabeth a lesson. You need to learn the same lesson, so take off your panties and put a chair beside her.

I-I left my panties off all day, admitted a blushing Anna.

Just as well, then. Sit and spread your legs. I was explaining to Elizabeth that she is too old to play dangerous games such as this. You need to be made to understand that you are playing with fire. If that is what you want to do, then you deserve the harsh treatment that society will hand you. If you simply didn't understand, then I an here to help you understand. Helping Elizabeth is my responsibility and perhaps it will be best if you share her lesson. Is that ok with you?

Andy couldn't ignore Anna's arousal, either. He did not know that she had remained bottomless all day because she was still riding the wave of arousal she had been on since she had flashed him in class this morning.

Yeah, I suppose so. What are you going to do with us? Are you going to fuck us?

Liz was mortified. Us? Fuck us? She had not thought about that possibility. Why would Anna include her? Maybe he should fuck Anna, but both of them? Her head reeled with the questions.

Perhaps. The lesson I want you to learn is that you can't go around flashing your pussies without the possibility of getting fucked. If that's what you want, then that is your decision, but you need to understand that you might not get to choose who you fuck. Understand? I would be very sad if either of you were forced to do anything you did not choose to do, but I can't protect you from the world other than to point out to you what the potential dangers are.

The girls absorbed this information silently.

Anna spoke up. Then what are you going to do to us?

Liz noticed that she was still saying us.

My choices with Elizabeth are different than those with you, Anna. I can withhold Elizabeth's allowance or ground her, but her mother would want to know why and she probably doesn't want that.

Liz shook her head vigorously. She definitely did not want her mother to know about this.

Anna, I could tell your father or mother what you have done, but you might not like that, either.

Anna's head shake matched Liz's. She definitely did not want her parents knowing what she had done.

Then what should I do?

The girls pondered his question for a moment, then spoke at the same time.

Liz said, You could spank us.

It sounded like Anna mumbled, You could fuck us, but she reddened and changed it to spank.

All right, then. Anna, you lie across my leg and I will give the first lesson to you.

Anna quickly laid across his leg and flipped her skirt over her delectable ass. She could hardly wait to feel his big, rough hands on her tender ass.

Andy took his time, running his big, rough hands all over her tender ass before giving her a good loud smack across one sweet cheek.

OW! That hurt!

It is supposed to hurt. That is the lesson. It makes your mind associate dangerous games with hurt. See if this one hurts, and he smacked her again.

It did hurt, but that elusive feeling she had felt building in her pussy all day long was getting much bigger now and if he kept hitting her like that, the feeling was going to overwhelm her.

Is that as hard as you can hit?, she challenged, hoping that harder would get her where she wanted to be, faster.

Liz watched her father's big rough hand come down on her BFF's delightful ass and wasn't consciously aware of her fingers toying in the curls of her own pussy, which had started tingling when she first exposed her pussy to her daddy.

SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! The slaps rained down on Anna's bare butt, lifting her higher and higher toward where she wanted to be. Harder, please. Harder!, she urged.

Andy's prick was about as hard as possible. If it got any harder, it might burst and he was certain that Anna could feel it in her stomach. He could also tell that Anna was grooving on the pain and was headed for an explosive orgasm, so he stopped.

Anna couldn't believe that he had left her hanging so close to the wonderful finish line. She was also well aware that Mr. McGovern was close to his own finish line, but he certainly wasn't hanging. If he were naked, he would be pointing straight up, not hanging.

Why did you stop? I was almost there, she demanded tearfully.

That is exactly why I stopped. I wanted you to understand why I said you were torturing Mr. Brown when you left him in the same state you are in now. Do you understand?

Yes, I understand now. I also understand that you are in the same state. Now let's take off your pants and you can finish me.

Are you sure? I can't guarantee what I might do if I take my pants off. Maybe Elizabeth doesn't want to see her daddy's hard cock.

I-it's ok, Daddy. I think I would like to see it. You've seen me, so why can't I see you?

I know I would like to see it and feel it poking into my belly while you spank me. Anna once more laid across his leg, which was now bare, and trapped his cock under her breasts.

SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! Andy laid it on. SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! He felt his juices rising. SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! He felt Anna's juices rising. SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! He saw Liz's pussy begin to flower around her stabbing finger.

One last chorus of the song, SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! and they all came, gloriously together.

In the golden glow of the aftermath, they glanced around somewhat foolishly as if trying to understand why they did not do that all the time. Why doesn't everybody do that all the time?

Are you still going to spank me, Daddy?

Yes, Honey. It is my responsibility to spank you.

Ar-are you going to fuck us, too? Her lips quavered.

Not as punishment, he answered.

But will you?

Only if you ask me sweetly and only if you think we can keep it from your mother and brother. Do you think we can?

I'll try, Daddy. I can't wait to feel what it is like and there's no one I would rather have do me than you. Will you fuck Anna, too?

Only if she asks me sweetly., he grinned.

Pretty, pretty, pretty please with maple syrup on it, Mr. McGovern. Will you please put your big, hard gnarly cock up inside my tender little virgin pussy and fuck the shit out of me?

I must admit that is pretty sweet, Andy answered. But you must remember that I am no longer eighteen. I can't do it five times in a row. We will have to wait a day or so before I can build enough steam to do both of you. Right now, all I can manage is to give my darling daughter her spanking. It would help me get ready again if you would get completely naked and kiss.

The girls quickly got rid of their tops and mashed their naked bodies together in a hot kiss, spreading his cum around their bellies as they ground their hips together.

Is this helping, Daddy, asked a panting Liz.

Yes, honey. It is helping a lot, but do you know what would help more?

No, Daddy. Tell me. We will do anything you want us to do. Won't we, Anna?

You bet! Anna licked her lips in anticipation of what he might want them to do. Would he want them to suck his slimy, nasty cock that was still dripping from the load he had blasted under her belly? She couldn't wait to feel that load blasting inside her pussy and he had already promised that he would do it.

Do you want us to give you a blow job, Mr. McGovern?

Not this time. What I want you to do now is to do a 69.

What is that? Anna was not very sophisticated in sexual matters. She remembered someone using that number for something but had been too shy to ask what it meant.

Both of you lie on the bed. You put your head between Elizabeth's thighs and lick her pussy while she licks your.

Lick her pussy? We've never done that.

Well, if you want to help me get ready to go again, then at least fake it. Act like you are doing it and act like you are enjoying it.

The girls looked at each other, questioningly, then one shrugged and the other gave in. They were really excited about trying it, but had been afraid it might make them lezzies. Liz, the Lezzie was not a label that Elizabeth wanted applied to her.

They slowly arranged themselves and approached the required position apprehensively. The closer their faces came to their friend's pussy, the less they thought about labels and the more they thought about what it might be like.

Liz tentatively touched Anna's clit with the tip of her tongue, while Anna reciprocated. Andy stood beside them, stroking his growing prick with one hand and their succulent bodies with the other.

They were just getting into it when he got to full strength, so he made them stop and pulled his darling daughter over his leg. The remnants of his earlier cum greased her belly and helped it slide across his cock as he rubbed and pinched her cute ass to get her ready. He could tell that it wouldn't take either one of them very long to get off this time. The sexual tension in the room was so thick it could be sawed, like a forest.

Liz anticipated the first stroke with dread. How bad would it hurt? It had sounded like Anna was in pain, but then she started asking him to hit her harder. That didn't make sense. Then SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! and she almost screamed from the pain, but then immediately began to feel a warm glow spreading from her ass to her pussy.

Her daddy's big, gnarly cock was trapped under her stomach and it felt like it was trying to get inside her through her belly button. Her clit throbbed.


Hit me harder, Daddy. Harder, harder, harder, please. Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me. My pussy is on fire. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

His daughter slumped over his leg as Andy shot another big load under her belly.

Anna was standing close to him with need etched on her face, frantically pumping her fingers in her drenched pussy.

Andy took pity on her and pulled her close enough to reach her pussy with his tongue.

It didn't take long.

None of them saw the bedroom door silently pulled closed.

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