Stupid Boy
Chapter 1: Change Does a Body Good

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, School, Sports, Rags To Riches, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Squirting, Slow,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1: Change Does a Body Good - Teenage boy growing up in the Midwest learns about relationships, sex and sports. Join this 'stupid boy' as the girls in his life guide him through the highs and lows as he tries to navigate freshman year of high school. Winner of the 2014 Clitorides Awards as the Best Erotic Story by a New Author / 2nd place Epic Erotic Story of the Year / Best Author / Best New Author

Monday August 26, 2013 – Freshman Year

I woke to the sound of my bedroom window rattling. Was someone breaking in? A flash of lightning almost blinded me as it lit my room. I waited several seconds and then the rumble of thunder came rolling in. Rain began to pelt the window and the wind was starting to gust as a black wall of clouds rolled in blotting out the sun. The weather fit my mood, I felt depressed. It did not help that my head was pounding. I always seemed to get a headache when a cold front came through due to the change in barometric pressure.

I looked at the clock by my bed and the neon-blue numbers said it was 6:59. I knew I had something important to do today but for a moment, I couldn't get the sleepy fog out of my mind. I was not a morning person but something told me I needed to get up. I heard my Mom holler at me and my brother, "Get your butts out of bed, you have school today."

There was another flash of lightning and much quicker rumble. The storm was getting closer. My first day of high school and I was going to get drenched running to the bus.

I heard my older brother get to the bathroom before I did. Great, having him in the house was worse than having a sister. He would hog the bathroom until it was time to go. We shared a bathroom between our two rooms. To heck with it, I had to pee. When I heard the shower start, I walked into a wall of steam coming out above the shower curtain. My brother Greg jerked the shower curtain back. His dark brown hair was plastered to his head and I saw his blue-grey eyes were communicating my impending doom.

"You flush it and you die."

My evil grin made him nervous. The plumbing in our home was terrible. We live in an old Victorian-style house, circa 1925. Our neighborhood had been the upscale section of town back in the day. Over the years, many of these large homes have gone into disrepair.

In the mid 2000's a revival came when the housing boom occurred. These old Victorians have a lot of square footage and natural wood floors under layers of carpet and padding. It became very profitable to buy and flip these homes. My Mom, being in real estate, saw the potential and talked Dad into buying this one. For the past ten years, we had been working on this home to bring it back to its former glory. The plumbing was from a renovation in the 1960s. Obviously, they hadn't done a very good job. If you flush the toilet, the shower would go scalding hot.

"What are you going to do for me if I don't?" I challenged my big brother.

"I will make this easy for you. I won't beat your ass!"

Well now ... he thinks he is going to be a tough guy today. I loved pulling his chain but I needed a favor. I was in no mood for the bus. I got a serious look and said, "The last time we wrestled I won. I'm not really all that scared. You will have to make me a better offer."

Since mid-spring, I had hit my growth spurt. I grew a little over six inches and put on thirty pounds. I was now over 6' tall and 185 lbs. My brother was three years older, 5'10", and 175 lbs. On Saturday, I caught him unaware and tackled him from behind. It was a game that we had played since we were little boys. To our mothers bewilderment we had fallen right back into it when I came home. I had reached for his wrist to try to put him into a submission hold. Luckily, I had grabbed his thumb. As I bent his thumb back, he squealed like a little girl. I held on for dear life knowing if he broke free, I was dead. To my surprise, he surrendered. This was my first clear victory in almost a year. I felt it necessary to gloat.

Greg started to step out of the shower and I decided to try another strategy. "Hang on ... I don't want to have to wrestle you into submission, especially with you all wet and NAKED!" The naked comment slowed him down. He knew I was not beyond kicking him in the balls if I was going to get my ass kicked.

"Why don't you just agree to give me a ride to school today since it's raining?"

Greg knew that Mom would make him take me anyway, so he smirked said, "Okay."

I had just gotten home from my summer of internment the previous Friday. It felt good to be falling back into my relationship with Greg. I had missed him.

Two weeks before summer vacation started, I talked some friends into going drinking. I had started hanging out with a wilder crowd and drifting away from my friends. I found an empty house. Actually, I used my Mom's realtor website to find a foreclosure. If they ever found out, she could get into serious trouble. I jimmied the lock on the back door to break in. This house didn't have any neighbors, making it perfect for our needs. I turned on the water and power so we would be comfortable.

I'm not sure why, but I was out of control. Here I was in junior high and I broke into a home so that my crew could have a party. Just a few months ago, this would have been unthinkable. I had good friends and a stable family life. However, I found myself depressed. Getting stoned and drunk made me numb so I wouldn't have to face my inner demons.

There were rumors that mental illness ran on my Mom's side of the family. I sometimes wonder if I might have similar issues. Mom is a great example. She seems to have no filters. Whatever is on her mind, she says. I know it bothers her when she hurts someone's feelings, but she does make life interesting, so when I started drinking I was not sure if it was because something was wrong or just normal teenage angst.

On the night in question one of the girls, Lily Anderson, was drunk and passed out. She was a cute little pixie. Because of her size, she had a hard time keeping up when we all started drinking hard, so I wasn't too concerned when I saw her drooling in a corner. I did check every now and then to make sure no one molested her. There were a few people at the party I didn't trust. Then one of the girls screamed. I looked over and Lily's lips were a pale blue. All the color had drained from her face and she looked dead. There was bedlam as teens scattered.

My Dad is in charge of Parks and Recreations for our town and has taught my brother and I CPR. The training kicked in and I checked her and found she wasn't breathing. I detected a pulse so I worked to clear her airway. Vomit had blocked her airway. I turned her on her side and slid two fingers into her mouth to clean the worst of it out. I gagged and almost puked on her. I had a hair trigger gag reflex when I see puke. I breathed through my mouth so I didn't smell it and fought the urge to vomit. She still was not breathing after I cleared her throat. That meant that she had it in her lungs. I turned her on her side, with the flat of my hand. I beat on her back between her ribs.

Sharon Riley yelled at me, "You're hurting her!"

I felt her trying to pull me off Lily. After the fifth time I hit her on the back Lily coughed and I heard her suck in a huge breath. I made sure she was breathing before I rolled her back into my lap. The color returned to her face and her lips went back to being pink. I started to cry and rock her in my arms. Bill Rogers was dragging Sharon out of the door. He gave me a look and said, 'Keep your mouth shut!'

The police arrived a few minutes later and Lily seemed to come to for a moment. The cops decided I was up to no good so they cuffed me. They had me sit Indian style while the paramedics rushed in. I told them what I had done to clear her airway, and that she had stopped breathing. They put an oxygen mask on her, loaded her on a gurney and rushed her out.

I probably would have gotten out of any trouble, but I refused to tell the cops who all had been at the party and how we got in. Luckily, I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut. It was my idea and I had broken into the house. The detective was persuasive when he pointed out that they had all abandoned Lily and me.

All I thought about was the last image of Lily strapped to the gurney as the ambulance door closed. The 'what ifs' were killing me. What if I hadn't wanted to have a party? What if I had paid more attention? My mind was going in circles with one conclusion. My actions had injured a 15-year-old girl. Hell, Lily might be dead by now.

The good boy in me wanted to tell the police everything. The smart boy, the one in charge of self-preservation, kept me quiet. It wasn't because I was scared what the other kids would think. It wasn't even that I was scared of Bill. Truth is, he does scare me. I kept quiet because I knew if all the facts came out my Mom would catch some of the flack. If it were just me, I would be telling everything.

Since the police didn't know I was the instigator they only charged me with underage drinking. I'm positive they went light on me once they confirmed I assisted in helping Lily. The district attorney dropped the charges a week later. It turned out Lily was fine. She had a minor case of alcohol poisoning and they kept her in the hospital overnight, mostly for observation. When I learned that, I showed no emotions. Later that night I cried myself to sleep with relief.

Of course, my parents got involved and Mom flipped out. She said I was no longer the son she thought she knew. She wasn't sure she wanted me coming home. My heart broke. It was the darkest time in my short life. I was sure I was going to be living out on the streets.

It was obvious I ruined every significant relationship in my life. My best friend was not talking to me. My old friends were keeping their distance. My new crew was afraid I was going to rat them out. My family was ready to disown me. At that point, Dad stepped in and decided I would go to my Uncle's farm for the summer. My Uncle needed some help and Dad figured if I was stuck 10 miles from the nearest town I wouldn't have a chance to get into any further mischief.

What I didn't know was my Uncle John had a degree in child psychology. I just thought he was a farmer. With a combination of hard work and long talks, I began to pull my life back together. We put in new fences around 65 acres of pasture. I ran the posthole digger for the duration of the summer. At the end of each ten-hour day, I was exhausted. I was pretty sure there were child labor laws, but who was I going to tell? The first two weeks I decided he was trying to kill me. I had never been so sore in all my life. Each night I would force myself to eat dinner and shortly thereafter, I would collapse in my bed.

The funny thing was the last week before I came home I was looking for something in the barn. I found an attachment to the tractor, for drilling postholes. When I got my uncle and showed him, he just laughed at me. At the time, I didn't think it was funny.

Uncle John helped me get back on track. He made me realize I was turning into someone I didn't really like. He treated me like a new colt. His gentle assured approach seemed to calm me. I was full of hate and self-loathing. My first reaction was to blame everyone but myself. It took me nearly a week before Uncle John and I said ten words to each other. Suddenly the damn broke and I spent a day crying and telling him everything. Once I realized I didn't like myself it was easy to figure out, I wanted to change. Uncle John spent the rest of the summer helping me work towards those changes. I'm still trying to figure out who I'm going to be, but I'm now confident I can become a better person. I owe that man my life.

The other good thing was between my growth spurt and my sadist Uncle working me ten hours a day, I have turned all my baby fat into muscle. My body had undergone a transformation. Uncle John called it a metamorphosis. Just as a tadpole transforms into a frog, I was changing. I was no longer a short, slightly pudgy nerd. I was now very lean with a narrow waist, but my chest, shoulders, biceps and thighs had gotten noticeably bigger. Using a post-hole digger works your whole body. My frame had a nice V-shape.

The transformation was not only my outward physical appearance. I did a lot of growing up emotionally. Uncle John helped give me the tools to cope. I no longer felt the need for alcohol or drugs. He also taught me a lot about personal responsibility. Did I still have a touch of depression now and then? Yes, of course, but Uncle John gave me the tools to get myself out of my funk.

When I got home the thing that helped the most was Greg. He acted as if I never left. We spent Saturday and Sunday just hanging out. This is kind of a big deal. When Greg was dating someone, we rarely saw him. Dad let me know Greg was seeing Cindy Lewis. She is smoking hot. He was sacrificing time with his girlfriend to be with me. That meant a lot.

I darted back to my room and got dressed. I ran down the stairs two steps at a time and this got my mother to yell at me, "Slowdown in the house!" I slid on the kitchen floor and hopped up on the bar stool at the counter. The sameness of everything was reassuring. It was almost as if I had been home for the past three months. Mom made me a bowl of my favorite cereal and I dove in. She had sworn I was going to eat them out of house and home. But hey, I'm a growing boy and growing boys eat ... A LOT.

Mom and I had not talked much. She was, I don't know, cordial. It was weird. She was keeping an eye on me, waiting for me to do something stupid. I didn't expect her to fully trust me yet, but we needed to come to an understanding. The subtle message was if I mess up, it was back to my Uncle John's farm. In the last two days, I caught her watching me with a strange expression, but I was intending to get back into her good graces.

"Where is your brother?" She had a scowl on her face. Mom was not the easiest person to live with. She had a sharp tongue that could shred you.

"He was taking a shower. He should be down in a minute." I needed to clear the air.

"Mom... ?" She just looked at me. "We need to talk."

She got a sad look on her face and it looked like she made a decision. "David, we don't have time right now. Let's talk after dinner."

"Okay Mom, but I want you to know I love you."

She seemed to weigh my words and see if I meant them. "I love you too."

It sounded forced. Before I could overthink the situation, Greg came down the stairs. He grabbed some toast. "Come on, we don't want to be late."

I ran out first and came to a dead stop when I went through the back door. Greg about knocked me down and said, "What the fuck, dork?"

Standing by the car was Tami Glade. Tami and I have been best friends and neighbors since we were five. I wasn't the only one who had grown up over the summer. Tami had breasts. She looked good wearing her usual red Phillies baseball cap with her long silky brown hair sticking out of the back of the cap in a ponytail.

Tami is not a classic beauty because the end of her nose was a little too big, but she had a healthy girl-next-door look. I had never thought of her as sexy until just now. Seeing her start to develop with a hint of a flare in her hips is a real turn on for a teenage boy. It probably also had to do with being stuck on a farm for the last three months with little female contact.

I was jarred back to reality as I remembered the last time we had talked. About a month before the party Tami had screamed at me that she never wanted to see my 'loser ass' again. She was the last person I expected to see.

Tami was always a tomboy. She loved to play baseball and we had been on the same little league and pony league teams. Tami played second base and I played shortstop. For a girl, she had a cannon for an arm. She gunned down more than one boy trying to test that arm. She is now 5'8" and with her budding breasts no longer really fit her tomboy image.

When she saw me, her eyes got wide. I saw her face go through several emotions in rapid succession. I could tell she was still mad at me, but the final emotion was relief. I could see she was going to say something but I never gave her a chance. I rushed up, pulled her into a hug, and choked out, "I am so sorry. I missed you so much."

I felt her relax in my arms and I heard her sob. Tears were running down my face. I had missed my best friend. I looked over at Greg and he had a goofy grin on his face. I did the math and realized that he set this up. I mouthed, "Thank You!"

She leaned back. "When did you get back?"

"Friday..." I was falling into the pools of her brown eyes.

"How come you didn't come see me?"

I gave a little chuckle. "Did you want to see me?"

She at least blushed and shook her head no, as I released her from my embrace.

"I let a lot of people down. Over the summer, I changed; I'm not the same guy you remember. I'm no longer the 'stupid boy' you knew." 'Stupid Boy' was her nickname for me. "I am also not the dick I was in the spring. I'm clean and sober and I intend to stay that way. I'm hoping you will give me a chance and we can be friends again."

Tami looked like she was going to cry again. She finally said, "I missed you. Why didn't you call me over the summer?"

How do I explain how messed up I was? "I wasn't ready. I had to fix me before I could come back, but I am back now. Look, will you give me a chance to make it up to you?"

She took a deep breath and nodded her head yes. "Let me get a look at you."

She looked me up and down and did a little twirl with her finger indicating she wanted me to do a spin. If Tami wanted to check out my butt who was I to argue, so I did a little spin for her and I heard her make a little gasp.

"When did you get such a hot body? I mean you were always cute, but dang boy, you are going to have to beat the girls off with a stick." I was glad to hear her tease me. I don't know where the cute thing came from, I guess in my mind's eye I was still the slightly chubby nerd of four months ago. I never had the best body image of myself. It is hard to imagine being cute.

"Look who is talking, you actually look like a woman now. Someone grew up over the summer and I have to say you are filling out your jeans nicely."

"You pig!"

Greg laughed at the two of us and told us to get in the car. Tami beat me to the front seat so I jumped in the back. She could have shotgun the rest of her life as long as I was with her. High School was going to be okay.

On the ride to school, Greg laid down the rules. "This is the first year we will both be in the same school since grade school. You will not embarrass me and act like a dork in front of my friends."

"I am not a dork," I said letting him know he had hurt my feelings.

Tami did not help, she giggled. I gave her a mock scowl and got her laughing even more.

"Settle down David, I know you're not a dork, but just don't act like one."

Greg and I are actually very close for brothers with a three-year age difference. He is a senior and one of the big men on campus. I was starting my lowly freshman year. Greg never tore me down in public like a lot of brothers do to their little brothers. Mom and Dad taught us that you did not embarrass each other outside the home. Believe me, break that rule and Mom and Dad can be much more embarrassing.

"After school I'm meeting Cindy to, ah, study. Do you think you can find your way home?"

My older brother is a legend when it comes to girls. All my friends give him rock star status. The funny thing was my brother wasn't the best-looking dude in school. If the rumors were true, he had slept with half the cheerleading squad and most of the other hot girls. He had a long list of hot girls going out with him since he was a freshman.

His current girlfriend was Cindy Lewis.

Every guy rates a girl in the first three seconds of meeting her. Yes, we would never admit this to a girl, but we do. For Cindy the rating goes like this. First, she is definitely a 9 to 9.5 on looks alone. I think I subconsciously deducted a half point because she was dating someone. If I were judging her as a total stranger and not knowing about her going out with my brother she would be a solid 9.5.

Second, her breasts were somewhere between grapefruits and a melon. I would give them a solid 9. Now her ass is another story. I LOVE a fine ass. Cindy had one of the top 5 asses in our school. She rated a 10.

Finally, of course, is 'Would you bang her?' This goes from ' ... right here in front of everyone!' all the way down to 'not even with my worst enemy's dick!'

Overall would rate Cindy a solid nine out of ten. She had always been the type to go out with the current ken-doll-jock type. I would say she was odds on favorite for home coming queen this year. When she agreed to go out with my brother, everyone was shocked. The strange thing was if the rumors where true my brother had stopped dating other girls. It looked like this was his first serious girlfriend. His almost three-year streak of a new girl each month had ended.

If you had told me that my brother was off the market, I would have laughed. It wasn't that he went out with multiple girls. He actually had a couple of firm rules. The first was never go out with a girl who is in a relationship. The second was while you were with someone you did not cheat. By some unspoken agreement girls seemed to go out with Greg for 3 to 6 weeks and then they move on.

What always amazed me was you never heard a bad thing about Greg. It seemed everyone he dated truly liked him, even after they stopped dating him. Somehow, they set expectations where what they were doing was for fun. When you're not expecting a relationship to get serious then no one is disappointed.

The best thing about being Greg's brother is hot older girls flirt with me. They go out of their way to stop and talk to me. I know they are not interested in me. The conversation always turned to questions about my big brother. What it did was make me comfortable talking to them. Most guys my age become a quivering mess. I just take it in my stride.

My friends are a different matter. They see a hot varsity cheerleader saunter up to me and give me a hip check and they just about pee themselves. Junior and senior girls don't talk to guys our age.

When we pulled into the parking lot, the rain had stopped. The sky was still angry and you could see the spider web of lightning flashes in the distance. The humidity was going to be killer today with the temperature expected to be in the low 90's.

Greg spotted Cindy waiting by her car. She melted into his arms when they met. Cindy was wearing a white button up blouse and a plaid pleated skirt. She looked like the porn star version of a catholic schoolgirl. She had long dark brown straight hair that comes down to the middle of her back. I think her best feature, besides the obvious ones, are her pale blue eyes and her pouty lips. Whenever you see her, you can just imagine falling into those eyes and kissing her. She was looking exceptional today. I adjusted her rating to a solid 10. The deciding factor was I would do her in the parking lot in front of Greg...

She spun Greg so his back was to the car and pressed her body into his. He reached down, slid his hand up the back of her legs and pulled her skirt up as he gripped her perfect ass. Holy shit she was wearing a thong. I had an instant hard on and she jumps to an 11. Okay an 11's not allowed, but her ass is perfect. Her skin is flawless and the shape of her ass will fit into your palms perfectly. I wanted to drop to my knees and worship at the altar of her ass. I decided this would be my new religion. I zoned out as I admired Cindy. Her perfect teenage ass would be masturbatory material for the next few weeks. On further inspection, it was obvious her summer had included tanning nude. There was not a tan line visible anywhere.

Tami broke my concentration. "Pick your tongue up off the ground," she said as she smacked me in the back of the head.

I gave her a wink. "I think my brother is in love."

Tami nodded. "I think you have the hots for your brother's girl." I hated it when she could read me. I didn't even bother to respond because we both knew it was true.

They broke their kiss and Cindy looked over at me and smiled. "Looks like both the Dawson boys are happy to see me. David you got big over the summer!" She was staring at my obvious hard on. I about died as I headed to the front door. I could hear Cindy giggle as I hurried off. Tami just shook her head and followed my hasty retreat.

Constructed in the late 50's, Lincoln High was built to accommodate the baby boomers. Beyond the change of seasons there never seemed to be any difference to the campus. Whenever they added a new building to the campus, it always looked old before it was half completed. The sameness to the place was somehow soothing. I approached the school and took in its old facade full of hope for the coming year.

My friends Jeff Rigger and Alan Douglas met me at the front door. Jeff was a tall, dorky kid who currently had on a butterfly t-shirt on. Seriously, you wear a butterfly t-shirt for your first day of high school? I just shook my head, not that I was cool by any stretch of the imagination ... but just wow!

Alan still had not hit his growth yet. What is the best way to describe Alan? He had unfortunate hair. His hair was curly, and not in a nice way. It reminded you of a shaggy poodle. He was also slightly overweight, so his pudgy face combined with the hair made him the target of a lot of teasing. To top it off he was both hyperactive and bossy. The combination was just too funny. Jeff and I cracked up when he started telling everyone what to do.

When my friends saw me walking up they both stiffened. I must have been a bigger jerk last year than I realized. I definitely had some fences to mend. Luckily, they saw Tami with me and I caught her giving them a nod. I could see them visibly relax. My best friend was going to make starting freshman year go better than I deserved.

As I walked up Alan laughed. "Got some wood this morning David? What set you off?" I dropped my book bag in front of me so it hid my current state. Tami just smiled and let me twist in the wind. Some friend she was. One thing I had learned from Greg was you never kiss and tell. I figured it was not my place to be telling everyone Cindy and Greg's business so I just smirked and said, "If you haven't noticed there is a stiff wind out there today."

Jeff chuckled. "I know what you mean. I get one of those every time I turn around. This morning it was looking at the bus driver ... and she is like 50 or something. But man, she has big tits." Go figure a teenage boy and hormones.

It started to rain again. We all headed inside. As soon as I went through the front door, the skies opened up. I glanced out the door and I saw Peggy Pratt running up the sidewalk. She looked like a drowned rat. I had swimming for PE this semester and I had a towel in my backpack. I hate the feel of the ones they handed out at gym. I pulled it out and was holding the door with it draped over my arm as she ran in and I said, "For you, madam."

Peggy was a very cute junior and one of Greg's ex-girlfriends. I really like her. No, that is not right ... I REALLY like her. I struggle to understand why people don't love the things I love. I once went to a piano bar with my Dad and there was this woman singing. I loved her. I could not figure out why there were only 30 or so people at this bar. She should be a top 40 artist! Who wouldn't love this? Me, I love natural red heads. I was talking the alabaster skin, freckles and green eyes ... the whole red head fantasy girl. I couldn't figure out why my friends don't have the same taste in women.

Peggy was my dream girl. She was not stuck-up like some of the other girls Greg went out with. I can understand how some of his ex's would be aloof. They must get hit on all the time. Peggy is fun and outgoing. Everyone likes her. She is gorgeous and does not seem to notice how fine she is.

Her curly long red hair was a mess. She looked at me and winked as she took the towel. She gave me her best southern belle, "I do declare there is a gentleman that has come to my rescue." Miss Peggy took notice of me and gave me a once over and smiled even bigger. "I see you grew up over the summer and I think I like what I'm seeing."

I just smirked and she got a chuckle out of Alan and Jeff. Tami just rolled her eyes. They were reminded of my ease when talking to good-looking older girls. Where I had problems was with girls my own age. I guess I figure there was no chance, so I don't seem to get nervous. Tami hauled Jeff and Allan off to class, giving me some privacy with Peggy. Tami was getting some kind of reward later for being a good wingman.

It was apparent Peggy was not wearing a bra. She looked like a hot wet t-shirt babe. You could clearly see her nice breasts, in my inexperienced opinion a B-cup. Her alabaster breasts, highlighted by her pink nipples that were standing proud, they were the color of pink only true red heads have. I reached into my bag and handed her my gym t-shirt. "Madam may wish to change before class."

Peggy looked down, noticed her current state, then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks David, you're a good friend."

She headed to the ladies' room to change. She also had one of the best asses in school. Seeing her in her wet clinging jeans made me wish we were more than friends were. I was sure nothing was going to top that for the day. I had seen Cindy's, the likely home coming queen, ass and Peggy's, my long time crush, perfect tits. I might have to go to the restroom and take care of something before heading to class.

When Peggy came out, she looked much better. I walked her to her class and she gave me directions to mine. We quickly looked at our schedules and agreed to meet at the cafeteria for lunch at noon. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and she went in with a happy smile and a bounce to her step that had people watching her as she passed. I watched her until she sat down and looked at me and then I grinned and left.

I rushed to my first period class to find the door starting to close. I squeezed in. "Sorry."

I found myself staring at a pretty teacher who was in her mid-twenties. She arched her eyebrows and I scurried to an open seat. Unfortunately, the only seats available were in the front row. I looked around and many of the students had laptops open on their desks. I would have to remember to bring my iPad to take notes.

"Good morning, this is Algebra and I will be your instructor for the semester, Mrs. Sinclair. This being first period will also be your homeroom. So when I call your name please raise your hand. Mindy..."

When roll call was over, she continued with announcements. "Today at lunch there will be club signups. Please note that having some clubs on your transcript may be beneficial for college applications. I will make a personal pitch for Math Club."

She then handed out a class syllabus. I zoned out during the ensuing lecture. It was going over everything we covered last year. I pulled out my schedule. After Algebra, I had World History, Biology, Lunch, PE, Social Studies and then Study Hall rounded out the day. I was glad when the bell finally rang.

Before lunch, I met Tami at my locker. In junior high, we had always made a point of going to lunch together. It was nice to see things hadn't changed. I was closing my locker when I heard a girl scream, "David! David!"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tami take a step back. I began to turn when I was tackled and I bounced off my locker. I ended up on my ass with a wiggling bundle of blond energy straddling me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a fierce kiss. "Hrmmph" I moaned trying to catch my breath.

"Lily, you might want to let the 'stupid boy' breathe," Tami said.

"Mwuaaa," Lily broke the kiss and looked expectantly into my eyes.

I grinned from ear-to-ear. "You seem happy to see me."

"Yes, I am. I have been looking for you all day." I heard Tami snort and I could see her grinning, taking in my predicament. I stared into Lily's light brown eyes and I could feel the warmth of her feelings for me pouring out of them. I had never had a girl look at me like this. I felt little butterflies fluttering in my stomach as I started to become nervous. I suddenly realized Lily had straddled me in the hall. I was getting aroused.

Tami cleared her throat to get my attention. Lily and I are starting to attract a crowd. Lily's expression changed to a more intense look. "I need to talk to you."

"Okay, but you are going to have to let me up." With a happy giggle, she bounced up and latched herself to my arm. Tami's eyebrows arched and I can tell she is asking 'What is this all about'. I gave her a shrug. I was clueless when it came to women.

We made it safely to the cafeteria and we got in line with our orange cafeteria trays. Great, it was mystery meat day. We made it through the line without saying a word. I scanned the cafeteria, found an empty corner table and guided Lily to it. About that time, I saw Alan and Jeff. I nodded to Tami and she saw them. She grabbed the guys before they could join us and steered them to another table.

Once we were settled Lily began, "I just wanted to thank you. You saved my life."

"About that..."

She would not be deterred, "David, you're a hero. I have been trying to get in touch with you all summer so I could thank you. I am not really sure what I can do, but just name it." As she was saying this, she was moving closer and closer to me. I started to react to her invading my personal space.

"Ah, Lily..."

She got a sultry look in her eyes. "Seriously David, I mean if there is anything ... I owe you."

Oh, man, being a virgin really sucks. I had some very specific ideas of what I would like to do, but I was not quite sure how to go about it. I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I turned around and Tami was standing there. She gave me a headshake and walked away. She's right. I shake my head to clear it.

"I'm just glad I was there. You scared the crap out of me." I shuddered to think what would have happened.

"The doctor told me if you had been only a little bit slower I would have suffered brain damage." That was scary. I remembered being scared to death she was going to die in my arms. It brought back a flood of images. She must have seen the faraway look. I felt her reach over and squeeze my hand.

I gave her a half smile. "I am just glad you're okay."

She looked down and said, "I am so sorry you got in so much trouble. I heard they made you go away for the summer."

I needed to look at the positives. "You know what? It was the best thing to happen to me. I was a jerk who was out of control. It was a wakeup call. The summer at my Uncle's farm gave me the time to figure out what is important to me. The biggest being I need to be a better person. Seeing you ... uhh ... I thought you were dead."

"Everyone was surprised when you didn't tell the police who all was there."

"To be honest, I was surprised too. Somehow, I knew I needed to own that night and my role in it. I'm so sorry I allowed you to be hurt." She looked shocked.

"But you SAVED me! You didn't do anything to hurt me," Lily said.

I blinked in surprise. I wasn't sure what I should do about this. Lily and I were never close. Even though I had recently started hanging out with the stoner group, she was a cute girl. At the time, I was much more of a nerd and girls like her did not give me the time-of-day. It was obvious this hero worship had been building all summer. I was sure if she knew me she could quickly be cured, I am not the hero kind of guy.

"No Lily, a better friend would have realized you were too drunk and needed help. All I cared about that night was getting wasted." She was looking at me as if I were nuts.

"Nonsense ... I was the one who drank so much I essentially killed myself."


"The doctor told me I drank enough to put myself into a coma. No one forced me to drink."

I guess I never thought of it that way. I actually felt as if a weight was lifted. I had been carrying around the responsibility for what happened. She was right. I didn't make her drink. I needed to let it go. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I know if I continued to dwell on this, I will slip back into depression. Uncle John had pointed out numerous times I could not take on the responsibility for the actions of others. I think I can finally let this go.

Lily could see I was much happier knowing this. "Thank you for saying that. I was afraid you would hate me."

"No. I am just thankful you were there," Lily said.

"Stop," I said to get her to slow down. "I just happened to be trained in CPR. My training kicked in when I saw you were not breathing. I'm not anyone special. I saw you were in trouble and I reacted."

"But..." I interrupted her. "Okay! Can we agree you are thankful I helped you out? Please, I'm really uncomfortable with the whole hero thing, and NO, you do not owe me anything. I would NEVER expect anything for what I did."

She was grinning from ear-to-ear. "Alright you have a deal. I will back off with the hero talk and respect your wishes."

She screwed her face up and then turned to look out the window once before taking a deep breath. "One thing the police never made public is they found Rohypnol in my blood work. The combination was almost fatal."

What the hell? Rohypnol was known as a date rape drug. No one had ever mentioned Lily was a target. If I had known, I would have been more cooperative with the police. I'm sure they didn't tell me because I was a suspect. How could someone do that? The scary part was we were just kids. I mean, we were all in junior high at the time!

"Do you have any idea who might have slipped it into your drink?"

Her eyes looked dead. "I've gone over it in my head many times, but the drug must have done something because I honestly can't remember. I have talked to Sharon about the party a few times without telling about the drugs. I'm really embarrassed it happened. I could easily have been raped. That is not how I want to lose my virginity."

She suddenly went bright red when she realized what she had told me. I instinctively pulled her into my embrace. Her head was resting on my chest. She began to cry softly. She obviously had been holding this in for a long time. I became aware we were in the middle of the cafeteria. All conversation had gone quiet around us as everyone was trying to figure out what was going on. A crying girl will do that, but I was not going to let go. I felt her shudder and then stiffen. I think she also realized our surroundings.

"Oh God David, I'm so sorry I just dumped all that on you." I saw the fear in her eyes.

"Lily, I am flattered you felt comfortable enough to tell me that. You have no worries about me talking about this."

I could see her visibly relax. Teenagers could be very cruel. I had seen it before and it made me a little sick to think people could be so uncaring of other s' feelings. I was a nerd and so were most of my friends, we experienced it on numerous occasions.

I needed time to process what she had just told me. I decided to change the course of this conversation. "Do you see the old gang?"

"Not really. I run into Sharon occasionally. She lives down the street and has invited me to some parties, but after that night I decided to make some changes." She was looking out the window again. Then she smiled. "Plus I got grounded for the summer. Mom and Dad were not happy. I think you know what that is like."

I knew what she meant. I just nodded. She continued, "David, I really no longer have any friends."

"Of course you do." She looked into my eyes and I just nodded. Lily got up and gave me a hug. I suddenly noticed she felt good in my arms. She had her next class across campus and had to get going. I went over to where my crew was eating and sat down. Tami raised her eyebrows, giving me a pointed look and then indicating with her eyes Lily walking away.

I shrugged. "Lily just wanted to thank me for helping her out."

Alan couldn't keep quiet. "What did you do to make her cry? Did you say something stupid to her? I know Tami is always calling you 'stupid boy'. Is she a good kisser?"

Jeff came to my defense. "Hang on Sherlock. Even though those are all very good questions, I am not sure they are really appropriate."

"Why not, we all want to know what is going on. So David, are you and Lily going out?"

Tami leaned over and whacked Alan in the forehead. "Ouch, what was that for?"

Tami just smirked. "Settle down. Let me handle this." That got Alan to shut up. Everyone knows Tami is the master of getting people to talk. I waited for the interrogation to begin. She looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?"

I felt my eyes begin to water and I just got up and walked out. She caught me off guard. I had been trying to tamp down my emotions for Lily's sake. Then I tried to play it cool with the gang all there. I think I could have handled any other question but that one.

I heard Alan say, "What the fuck?" Followed by the satisfying sound of Alan's forehead being smacked. "Ouch, what was that for?"

Right after lunch, I had PE. By the time I got there, my emotions were back under control.

For first semester, I signed up for swimming with Coach Engels. He is also the freshman football coach. We were lucky to have a swimming pool. A few years back one of the wealthy boosters organized a fundraiser for a swimming complex. We were one of the few schools in our area that had one. I really liked to swim. Dad has gotten me involved in swimming through the park district. Next year I would be old enough to be a lifeguard. I think that would be a great summer job.

"Dawson, get over here." Crud, what had I done. It was only the first day after all.

"Coach... ?" I could see several other freshmen watching us. I was shortly going to be the talk of the school with a crying girl at lunch and now Coach getting on my case. Little did I know, helping Peggy this morning, was going to be an even bigger topic of conversation.

"You guys get in the water and start swimming laps." He waited until we were alone.

"John called me. He said you are going out for football." I looked confused. I realized Coach was talking about my Uncle. They had been college roommates. I also knew better than to contradict my Uncle John. For the past few months, he had been my anchor. If he said I was going out for football, I was going out for football.

"What do I need to do?" Coach Engels arched his eyebrows in surprise. He knew I was not a jock and had asked out of courtesy to my Uncle. When I didn't hesitate, it took him by surprise. He quickly gathered his wits.

"You have missed the first two weeks of practice so you will have to start at the bottom and earn a spot on the team."

"Yes sir."

"I need you to get your parents to sign a permission slip. I expect to see you at practice after school on Tuesday."

"Yes sir."

I guess I'm going out for football.

I trudged into the kitchen after a long bus ride. I think it would be faster to walk. For some reason I was the last stop. The good news was if I were going in the morning, I would have a short trip. I headed up to my room to unload my backpack. No homework yet but I wanted to get a handle on things. I have never been strong in the sciences so I got my Biology book out and did the suggested reading on the syllabus.

Normally I'm a solid 'B' student without ever cracking a book, but this year I'm determined to do better. My parents are not well off, so if I plan to get into a good school I'm going to need some financial support. A scholarship would go a long way to making that dream happen.

Over the summer, Uncle John worked with me to figure out how I wanted my life to go. One of my goals was financial stability. I didn't necessarily need to be rich, but I want to be able to have a comfortable life. I know you are thinking what 15-year-old thinks long-term. If things continued as they were, I would never have thought in those terms. Once we created a map for the future, things became clear. A good education suddenly became a priority.

Some other things became clear, like being physically fit. To make the point that this would be part of my plan Uncle John had pulled out his High School yearbook. The previous fall they had their 20-year reunion. He pulled out photos and we compared them to the yearbook photos. He let me draw my own conclusions. It was apparent physical fitness was now part of the plan. I'm sure this was why he had talked to Coach Engels about me playing.

The next thing we talked about was a solid moral foundation. One to use as a sounding board for decisions I would make. This goes beyond a religious aspect, though that was an important part of my life. This had to do more with becoming a man of integrity.

I remembered the example he gave me. "Do you think you're a man of your word?"

"Of course I am."

He arched his eyebrows. "So if you say you'll do something you will do it?"

I stopped to think for a moment. There had to be a catch in there for him to be looking like that. Then I thought I caught it. "Yes with the exception of it causing harm to me or to someone else."

"Interesting, you're using your brain today. So if we take the exception of harm out of the equation you would say you are a man of your word?"


"Would you agree being a man of your word is important in how others will perceive and interact with you?"

I looked at him in confusion. There had to be another trap in there. I couldn't find it this time. Someone telling me they would do something and then doing it would be better than not. "Yes I would agree."

"Good. Let me give you two examples of your recent behavior and you tell me if you still think you are a man of your word." Oh, crap. Here we go. "Yesterday you told me that you would dig post holes to finish the dirt road section. But when offered to go out for lunch you accepted instead."

"Hang on, something better came up. No one would expect me to dig holes over getting off the farm for even an hour."

He waited me out. He was good at that and sometimes it drove me to distraction. Then it hit me. The guys who placed the posts and strung the fencing ended up digging most of those holes and my uncle paid for the extra labor, so the lunch he bought me cost him an extra $200. I hung my head and he saw I realized what I did. I said I would do the work. I didn't tell him I was not done which caused a problem later.

"David, two things I want to point out. First is there are times that being a man of your word sucks. Remember three weeks ago when I told you we would go shopping for work clothes?"

"That was the night we went to dinner with that girl you are sweet on."

"Well a better opportunity came up. I could have dumped you and gone out with Ann, but I made you a promise. I came to you and asked you if in addition to getting you some clothes if you wanted to join us. How many guys do you know would have just gone on the date?"

"Almost everyone ... I see your point. You kept you word, but when something better came up you worked it out so everyone was happy. So let me ask you, if I said no would you have gone on the date?"



"Let me give you some other examples. You like to gossip." I gave him a look. "Don't bullshit me, you tell me stuff all the time. If someone tells you something in confidence is it yours to retell?"

"No, I guess not."

"But you still do it all the time. Do you really want to be the guy no one can share with because sharing with you means they will be sharing with everyone else?"

"No of course not..."

"This becomes even more important when you start to date. The time you spend with a woman, is NOT meant to be shared with anyone but that woman. Your partner may choose to share, but I would suggest you not be the one doing the sharing."

"Two things I want you to take away from this. First is before you say you will do something, think it through. The second is to learn how to say no."

The final thing I put on my list was a healthy sex life. Since I currently didn't have one this was the area I was going to have to work on the hardest. Uncle John agreed this was important but was unwilling to help me out with it. Go figure.

By the time I had finished reading Biology and doing the practice problems, I heard someone downstairs. I bounced down the stairs to find Dad in the kitchen. "Need any help?"

I startled him. "Oh, I didn't know anyone was home. What do you want for dinner?"

"Anything, you have no idea how bad a cook Uncle John is. I swear his country fried steak was made with newspaper," I said.

"Why don't you pull out the frozen bread sticks and we just do pasta?"

"Sounds great, have you talked to Uncle John?"

"We talked for a little bit on Sunday. Why what's up?" Dad asked.

"He called Coach Engels and told him I was going out for football," I said wondering if Dad knew about this development.

"First I've heard of it. What do you think your Mom will think?" Dad asked, as we both knew this could be a sticky topic.

"If it gets me out of the house and out of trouble I'm sure she will be okay."

"What time did Greg say he would be home?"

"He didn't. Want me to text him?" I grabbed my phone and found him in my contacts.

"Tell him dinner will be ready in 30 minutes," Dad told me.

I sent Greg a text 'Get off the Hot GRL – food in 30'.

I got a text back 'FU – see u then'.

I went to set the table as Dad signed the football permission slip. Mom was out showing houses and would be late. Twenty minutes later Greg came in. We each shared our day over dinner. I talked about my football news. Greg talked about his pre-college courses he was taking and Dad about work. It was nice to be home and spending family time together. I missed everyone and I think they were both shocked when I hugged them before heading up stairs. After I caught up with my studies, I played some video games and then hit the sack.

Tuesday August 26, 2013 – Freshman Year

The next morning, I headed to school early to see Tami. I wanted to talk to her and see what was going on. I was sitting on the front steps when I saw her walking in with Bert Nelson. They were deep in conversation. When they got to the steps, Tami and I just nodded to each other and she and Bert just went into the school. This was killing me.

I knew Bert from junior high. He was a nice guy, but we never ran in the same circle of friends. I tended to hang out with the nerds and he was a jock and a rich kid. I had to admit they made a nice looking couple. No one ever accused Tami of not being good looking. She was just always a tomboy. Seeing her dress like a girl, I can see where Bert would be attracted to her. Her long dark brown hair was no longer in a ponytail ... it had been styled to have a little body and framed her cute face. Her skin is flawless and her best feature is a tossup between her liquid brown eyes and her cute ass.

Before I could start sulking too much, first bell rang and I headed to homeroom. I wouldn't see Tami until lunch.

Lunch finally came and Tami was waiting for me at my locker. I launched right in. "So what is the deal with you and Bert?"

Tami gave me a dirty look and surprised me. "Drop it. I'm warning you if you don't we are talking about you and Lily all through lunch."

I blinked twice, well okay. That brought me up short. Something was really wrong, and I didn't know where to begin. I shrugged, doing my best to remain calm. "Okay, we have a deal."

We made it to the cafeteria without saying a word to each other. I could feel the tension building between us. Tami and I do not keep secrets. That was what was making me nervous. She and I have only actually talked a few sentences since we reconnected yesterday. Aside from her reading my mind, we had not talked about anything significant. I was starting to believe something really was wrong. The only secrets she ever kept from me were things like birthday presents, never anything important.

When we finally made it to our table, I found Alan, Jeff and Lily waiting for us. Alan had been grilling Lily and I could tell by Jeff's shrug that Alan was starting to get irritating. Tami walked up to Alan and smacked him the forehead. "Ouch, what was that for?"

She looked him in the eye leaving no doubt she was serious. "Do you want David to bring his friends to the table and eat with us?"

He looked a little sheepish. "Yes..."

"Then don't pry into their personal business." She said it loud enough we started to get noticed. Being freshmen, being noticed in a high school cafeteria is not always the best thing.

I sat down next to Lily and winked at her. She seemed relieved. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of red hair to my side headed my way. I smiled and jumped up to greet Peggy. "Hey gorgeous..."

Peggy beamed and leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I noticed that half the lunchroom was watching us. The funny thing was a vast majority of those watching were girls. Greg had a huge grin on his face and gave me a wink from across the room. She flirted back, "Hey good-looking, the stuff you loaned me yesterday, your shirt and things. I have it at my locker. I want to thank you for being such a gentleman. Most guys would have either leered at me or let me go to class like that."

The whole time she had been rubbing her hand on my chest. That was fine except for one little thing. Did I just say little? Well the little guy was taking notice that the woman of my dreams was running her hand all over me. I arched my eyebrows and she suddenly noticed what she was doing and jerked her hand away. I leaned in and in a staged whisper said, "You don't have to stop, I was enjoying that."

She gave my arm a playful swat. "I bet you were."

I just leered back and used my best sexy voice. "I think you enjoyed it too."

She blushed. I changed the subject. "Why don't you join us for lunch?"

Peggy thought about it for a moment and just nodded. She went to her table and you could hear the volume of girl chatter go up when she gathered her lunch and joined us. Before Peggy made it back to our table I heard 'smack'. "Ouch, what was that for?"

Alan and Jeff were in shock all through lunch with Tami and Lily taking up residence on either side of me, and Peggy across from me. They just stared all lunch period, funny how a pretty girl will do that to a guy. I had two of the hotter freshmen and a smoking hot junior all talking to me at lunch.

Every time I would try to get Tami's attention, she seemed to ignore me. I was not going to get anywhere with her at lunch. Towards the end, the subject of football came up. I think Tami was trying to head me off on talking to her.

Tami asked, "David, what's this I hear you are going out for football?"

The lunch crew all turned and looked at me. I was about to put a bite in my mouth but stopped to answer. "Yes, I got the permission slip signed and tonight I have a physical. If everything is Okay my first practice is Wednesday."

Lily was enthusiastic. "You have the body for it."

I groaned, everyone else chuckled. Peggy was not to be out done. "Lily you're right ... he does look like such a jock now that he spent the summer on the farm. How did you get so many muscles?"

Tami frowned and added her two cents. "I don't know ... is his new body all show or does he have the muscles to back it up?"

I made the mistake of flexing my arms and chest. Lily and Tami took it as an invitation to grope me. I looked at them in mock horror. "Ladies, careful with the merchandise, you break it you buy it."

Peggy grinned. "Keep flexing like that and I might have to check your bod out a little closer."

I looked her in the eye and said, "You can have the shirt off my back any time, any place."

"Oh, I do declare I feel faint." Peggy fanned her face doing her best Southern Belle. Lily slugged me in the arm and Tami gave a disappointed look. I suddenly felt like I may have crossed a line. Everyone burst out laughing from the look on my face.

The bell rang and we headed to our classes. Alan pressed me for details about Peggy in PE next period.

"Well, let me put it to you like this..." Alan leaned forward, looked around to see if anyone was listening, and spoke in a lowered voice, "Peggy, that absolutely gorgeous thing you were talking to, is a complete and total slut."

My head snapped around. I guess it was time for another Alan beat down. Ever since Jeff and I had known him, one or both of us usually ended up smacking him about once every other week. I figured I would give him a little more rope and then let the beating begin.

"Do tell..." He was in his own world or he would have seen the danger signs I was giving off.

"Well first of all, your brother went out with her, and we know he bags every fox in this school."

"Really, Greg never told me any such thing."

"No he never does talk, but it is common knowledge."

"Where are you getting this 'common knowledge' from?"

I think he caught the edge in my voice and decided to take another track. "Never mind, let's take your big brother out of the equation."

"Let's, and before we go much further, Peggy is one of the most popular girls at school and a personal friend."

He looked at me in confusion. "What does that have to do with anything?"

I took a deep breath. "Don't you think if she were a slut the other girls would be trashing her?"

He was not to be deterred. "Well she must not have slept with any guy that has a girlfriend."

This was getting interesting. Alan's convoluted logic had me intrigued. "So she is a slut with a code of ethics then – like the Bro Code?"

The Bro Code basically said if another guy was into her, you backed off until it was obvious, he had no shot. Sometimes the 'no shot' portion of the code is blurred, but in general the system seems to work. You also didn't go after taken girls.

"Yes that must be it. Anyways, I heard that Jimmy Alton bagged her over the summer." This was news. I had been out of the loop, but Jimmy Alton was a known liar. Moreover, he was an even bigger nerd than even Alan was.

"Are we talking about the same Jimmy Alton who is a bigger dork than we are?"

"Well yes..."

"The same Jimmy Alton who said you stole his lunch box last year?"

Alan got mad. "The F-ing liar!"

"Exactly my point..."

Alan suddenly got it. "Well she is still a slut."

"Alan, I'm about a minute away from smacking you. Peggy is a good friend of mine and unless you have some proof I'm going to take offense."


The rest of the day Alan was subdued. Jeff asked what his deal was and I told him what was up. Jeff just gave me a knowing look and we dropped it. Later that day in the hall, I heard a 'smack'. "Ouch, what was that for?" I just grinned. My avenging angel had just taken care of it.

Wednesday August 27, 2013 – Freshman Year

Last night I had my physical and they cleared me for football. I was now officially 6'1/2" tall and weighed 187 lbs. The doctor confirmed my growth spurt was slowing down and he felt I would end up at 6'1" or 6'2", probably by Christmas.

I was finding my commitment to reading ahead was helping my understanding during my class lectures. After my first two classes, I stopped raising my hand with answers when everyone started to look at me strangely. I didn't want the nerd label to carry over from Junior High, but I wasn't going to 'dumb it down' if called upon.

In third period, I received a note saying I needed to report to the training room at lunchtime to get my equipment checked out. I grabbed a sandwich and skipped lunch with the gang. Being a freshman and the last one to get equipment, I got the worst of the lot.

PE was a surprise. Coach Engels explained that football players were required to do strength and conditioning. So today was the last day for swimming.

After school, I suited up for football. Coach Engels was waiting for me on the field. "Dawson, get over here."

I trotted up. Bert Nelson had just fumbled the ball. I have to admit it brought a small grin to my face. The defense was high fiving each other and dancing over Bert.

"Go in for Bert."

"Sir... ?"

He jerked my facemask so we were just inches apart. "Do I have to repeat myself?"

I just jogged out to the huddle. Mike Herndon was our quarterback. I looked at Mike and he gave me a disgusted look. I didn't blame him. I had never played organized football and all these guys knew it. I was always the slightly overweight nerd as far as these guys were concerned. I hated to ask, but I had no idea what position Bert played.

"What is my position and what do you want me to do?"

Mike popped his head out of the huddle and looked at coach as if to say, 'Are you kidding me?'

Coach yelled, "Run veer right!"

At least I knew what the veer option was. I loved watching it. It's a simple concept. The quarterback reads the defense and decides where the ball will go. When done right it is impossible to stop. It was designed for teams who are intelligent and quick. Most times the quarterback would line up under center to take the snap. The fullback and tailback line up in an I-formation. He would put the ball into the fullback's stomach and ride him down the line to see if the fullback had an opening. If he did, he would release the ball and the fullback would take it from there. If the linebacker was filling the gap then the quarterback would pull the ball and head down the line.

The critical block is the tackle. He must seal his player for the veer to work. This leaves the defensive end to cover two players at the line of scrimmage. The quarterback reads the end and if he closes on him, he will pitch the ball to the tailback. If the end cheats out to cover the tailback, the quarterback will tuck the ball and head up field. Done right and it is like a magic show of where-is-the-football.

Mike took pity on me, "David you are playing fullback. You will line up in the I-formation with Kelly. We are running the veer option. I will ride you into the hole and I am going to give you the ball. Your job is to score. On two, BREAK."

I looked across the line and saw the middle linebacker Tim Foresee cheating to the right. Hell the defense had a huge advantage knowing where the ball was supposed to go. I was going to be creamed. I suddenly felt sorry for Bert.

"Down ... Set ... Hut, Hut..."

I exploded out of my stance and Mike slapped the ball into my stomach. Mike saw the wall of defenders coming and just let go to save himself, bastard. I figured what the heck and exploded into Tim. I didn't just hit him I ran through him. Later I heard that you could hear the crack of pads clear over at the varsity practice. It was beyond the normal popping sound you hear in a play, it is the kind of crack that makes everyone turn to see what just happened.

Tim bounced off me stunned and I just kept churning my legs. I plowed through the grasping arms of the wall of defenders and broke free. The free safety had me dead to rights and I decided to run him over too. I got low and I think he had the same idea. There was another tremendous crack and I just spun off him and trotted into the end zone.

There was stunned silence. I looked back, the safety and Tim were laid out, and the training staff was sprinting out.

Next thing I knew there was pandemonium. Mike and the rest of the offence were sprinting to me, jumping up and down, and slapping my helmet. Mike was grinning like an idiot. "Holy crap man, that was awesome!"

"I just did what you told me."

Coach Engels decided we were not going to scrimmage the rest of the day. He didn't want to lose any other defenders. He had Mike, Kelly and I work on running the veer option. By the end of practice, I was starting to understand what I was supposed to do.

Then I think Coach thought it was a good idea to kill me. He took me aside and had me run conditioning drills for the rest of practice. It was obvious to everyone that missing two weeks of practice did not mean you were in football shape. When I finally collapsed everyone else had left and it was just Coach and the trainer.

The trainer was a cute girl just out of college, Ms. Becky Grimes. I'm still getting used to my new body and there are times I'm not very coordinated. Becky stopped me and wanted to check me out. I noticed my shoulder was sore from hitting Tim. It should be; Tim outweighed me by thirty-five pounds. "When you get home put ice on the shoulder, and I want you to drink plenty of fluids to re-hydrate and to flush your system. If you don't, you won't be able to walk in the morning."

After that, the trainer headed to the locker room. Coach Engels stopped me to talk.

"I just want you know that you surprised me today."

"You and me both, Coach."

"Look, I put my neck out to let you play." I looked shocked. Coach put his hands up to stop me from saying anything. "I know you had some trouble last spring. That is exactly the kind of trouble I don't need when I'm putting together a football team, but on John's recommendation I am letting you play. Please don't disappoint either John or myself."

"No sir. I will not let you down."

"Good, tomorrow I want you to make time to meet with Ms. Kim. She is going to put together a strength and conditioning plan to help you with your coordination."

I just nodded.

"Now go hit the showers."

After practice, I was supposed to meet Greg for a ride home. He was picking up Cindy from cheerleading practice, which ended about the same time. I was walking out to meet Greg when I felt a hip bump me and I almost stumbled. "Wake up Dawson."

I looked over and saw a sexy senior smiling at me. Beth Anderson is the down-to-earth girl-next-door type who happened to be the head cheerleader this year. She was in tight jeans and a baggy t-shit. Beth had a great body, but she didn't flaunt it. Her long brown hair was in a ponytail. I put my arm out and she slid up next to me to get a hug. I leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"Hey cutie, how have you been?" She asked.

"I've been doing well."

"Where have you been?"

"I was at my Uncle's all summer helping him on his farm."

"It looks like the fresh air did you some good." She was running her hands over my chest and smiling at me. I knew she was teasing me, but we are good friends. Our Moms have been best friends since high school and Beth has a pool. You would find Greg and me as almost permanent fixtures in their back yard most summers. She couldn't help but know where I was all summer, but Beth was polite enough to allow me to tell her.

What amazed me was Greg never went out with her. They had been friends all their lives. They were the same age and when they were little they were as close as Tami and I were. I think our families had always assumed they would get together, but the two of them had some kind of disagreement when they were freshmen and they seemed to drift a part. This was when Greg began his conquest of the hot women at our high school. They remained friends but gradually Beth and I became better friends. If it weren't for Tami, I think we may have become best friends.

"So did you like having Greg all to yourself this summer?"

A flash of disappointment crossed her eyes, but then it was gone. "No I never saw him."

"That's too bad. You two would make a cute couple." That got me a strange look. She just giggled as we walked out to a sunny afternoon. When Beth laughed it lit up my world. She knows I had a crush on her, but she never teased me about it. It was nice to see her again. The difference between her and Tami was I had no problem thinking of her as a sexual person. Not that Beth dated much or had a reputation.

"How are you and Tami doing?" Fair question ... last time we talked, I had told her Tami did not want to see me. She knew this hurt me, but she was honest with me. She pointed out Tami had valid reasons for not wanting to be around me. What I liked most about Beth is she was always straight with me. I knew when she said something she had my best interest at heart. I found she never offended me with what she said because of that level of trust.

"We really have not had a chance to talk. I just got back last week." She looked concerned. "Beth, she is ... was ... I don't know, my best friend. I am going to do everything I can to not lose that."

"She's been mad at you for a long time. Don't push it, or you might lose her. She needs to see you are no longer the ass you were."

I had a mock look of shock. "Thanks Beth."

She giggled again and said, "Well you were an ass."

"I know I was, thanks for caring," and I meant it. She was one of the rare people I felt safe telling anything, and it was a two way street. Her sophomore year she had her heart broken by a senior. She had poured her deepest feelings and insecurities out to me.

"Let me give you one piece of advice." I was paying rapt attention. "You need to really listen to her. Your melt down affected her more than you know. It was one thing for you to be around and her mad at you. It was another for you to leave. With you here, she at least was able to see you, even though she didn't want to talk to you. If I remember right, she would text you every now and then. It really hit her hard, you leaving for the summer. When you left, there was zero contact. She was completely cut off from you for the first time in over 10 years. She needed you."

"What do you mean?"

She seemed to think about my question. "That is not my story to tell. I'm just telling you that you need to have an open mind when you talk to her. There are major changes about to happen for her and I'm sure she will need your support."

What was going on? "Okay, I promise to listen."

She took a deep breath and I could see her pulling herself together. "Okay it's time I cheered you up. Why don't you come over a week from Sunday and go swimming? Bring Tami if you can." This weekend was a holiday weekend I had to work for my Dad.

I really missed Beth. Even though she was three years older than I was, she always treated me like a friend. "What time?"

"We get back from church around 11:30. Why don't you come over around noon and I will have my Mom cook you a nice lunch."

I smiled. It felt like old times. I needed that. "It's a date."

"Good. I'll see you then."

I saw Greg and Cindy walking towards us. Greg said something to Cindy and she headed to her car. "Hey Beth, how are things?"

"Things are good. How come you never came over to see me this summer?"

It was Greg's turn to squirm, but before he could answer, Beth checked her watch and bolted for the parking lot. She waved at us and said, "I forgot, I'm late."

As we watched her run away, my brother turned to me and said, "Hey, do you have any plans this afternoon?"

I looked over at my friends and said, "Several of us were going to jump online and play Black Ops. I'm supposed to be on line in about 45 minutes."

He looked disappointed and said, "Don't suppose you would do your big brother a favor would you?" I could tell this might pay off if I played my card right.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Cindy has to baby sit the neighbor kids till their Mom gets home. I'm hoping you would stand in for her so we could spend some, ah, quality time together." He had the decency to blush when he said that. "I would owe you big, just name your price."

I already owed him big time and almost just agreed, but something in the back of my mind told me that we needed to get on with our lives so I played it straight. I knew if I caved right away, I was not going to get a favor back.

"I just can't think of anything I want right now. Maybe next time I can help you out."

"Really ... Seriously, I will do anything ... within reason," Greg said. Nice save.

I could see my big brother was desperate. He must have told his girlfriend he could deliver. Maybe I could use this to my advantage and get something I really want. I thought back to yesterday morning and seeing Peggy's hot body. I knew what I wanted and my brother had a unique skill I wanted to learn, and having a healthy sex life was one of my life goals. This I wanted to get started on ASAP.

I got a serious look on my face and said, "No bullshit, you will do me a serious favor?"

It was Greg's turn to get nervous. He has never seen me get this intense. He knew I could come up with wild requests. He got a faraway look and I knew I had him. He was thinking about some personal time with Cindy. Hell, I bet he would give his left nut about right now. He looked me in the eye and said, "As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, cost me more than $50 bucks, or means more than a month's worth of free rides, then the answer is yes."

"Well, I'm not sure how long it will take, but I want you to teach me something you're very qualified in." Now I was nervous. If Greg was going to be a dick I would never trust him, but he never was cruel so I decided to ask. "I have a crush on a junior..." I started out slowly and then finished with a rush, " ... and want your help in learning to be successful with girls so I can ask her out and not blow it."

Greg looked stunned. He thought about it for a while and smiled. "Ah grasshopper wishes to learn from the master." His fake Chinese accent was not very good. I nodded to him and he said, "If you are serious I would love to train you to be a little stud. But you're going to have to do as I say and some of the things you are going to fight me on."

I looked confused. "What will I fight you on?"

He smiled. "That is the point, nothing. If you agree to follow my rules I will teach you."

I let out a long breath of relief, "Agreed!"

"So, who is this junior you have the hots for?"

I started to evade the answer when he said, "Look dumb ass, you want help or not?"

I sure did. "Peggy Pratt."

"I guess you either go big or stay home. Peggy would be an excellent choice. I think she even likes you."

"Do you really think so?"

"I know so. She always comments on what a nice guy you are. That is half the battle. I even heard you did her a solid on Monday by giving her your gym shirt."

I remembered her wet t-shirt look and smiled. "She needed a change after being caught in the rain."

"Well I can tell you the rest of the male population at the school would rather she NOT get the t-shirt, but it was a nice gesture and her friends were talking about you for the last few days because of it."

That caught my interest. "What were they saying?"

Greg got an evil grin. "After all the talk about you saving Peggy they mostly talked about how much you have grown. I think the phrase cute butt and hot bod were used once or twice."

Greg saw me go completely red and he broke out laughing. "Greg, are you shitting me?"

"Sorry dude, no I'm not."

I was too stunned to continue the conversation.

I pulled out my cell and called Jeff. "Sorry man. Greg needs me to do him a favor so I won't be able to play tonight."

"No problem, I'll let Alan know."

"Thanks. I will see you at school."

I hung up and decided to give Tami a quick call and invite her to Beth's a week from Sunday.

Tami answered and I just started talking, "Hey, I have to help Greg till dinner. How about I call you after?"

"I can't tonight, Bert Nelson is coming over."

What the heck, did someone just punch me in the stomach? My chest felt like someone was sitting on it. I didn't have any right to tell Tami who she can go out with, but this was MY Tami. I leave for the summer and she goes from being a tomboy and my best friend to having boobs and seeing a football player?

I felt miserable. I squeaked out, "Will I see you in the morning?"

"No. I'll see you in school."

Sunday was forgotten at that moment. I just told her goodbye and I let Greg drag me to the car. There was just silence as he waited me out. One of the things I love about him is he never pushes me. I asked him about it one time and he said it was his philosophy on life. If you don't know what to do, just shut up and see what happens. The weird thing was our silence was always comfortable. My mind was spinning trying to figure out what it would mean if Tami were dating. Why did it hurt so much? Did I have feelings beyond friendship for Tami? The image of her with another guy almost made me physically ill.

Before I could solve my problems we got to Cindy's house, she met us at the door. "David! Thank you for helping us out like this. The kids are in the back yard running off some energy. Why don't you go back and meet them."

I knew when I was dismissed and I headed out back. There were six screaming kids from the ages of 3 to 11. Needless to say, I earned my stud education that day. I also realized I didn't want to have unprotected sex if this was what it created. I was the happiest guy in the world when their Mom showed up about two hours later.

Afterwards I collapsed on the back porch. The little rug rats had worn me out. I wished I had that much energy. It wasn't that they were bad kids they were just wound up. Finally, Greg came out about thirty minutes later. "Come on in."

I followed him into the kitchen. Cindy's family had money and their house showed it. Cindy came into the kitchen in a short silk robe. Her hair was a mess and her nipples were very obviously pressing through the flimsy material. I think my dick is part bloodhound because it caught the scent of pussy and wanted off the leash. She thanked me for watching the little monsters and I handed her the thirty bucks their mother had given me. She tried to give it back but I said, "No, Greg and I have a deal and it doesn't involve me taking money from you."

"I told Cindy what we are going to do and she wants to help," Greg said.

I was a little pissed he had told her, but I could use a woman's perspective. I can see some real upside to this, looking at her in her robe and imagining her naked underneath. Cindy saw me checking her out and she said, "David, are you a virgin?"

I turned bright red and made some ums and awes. Could I blush any more today? Greg said, "Look at me." This got my attention.

"Lesson one. We are going to have to work on your self-confidence. I want you to realize most girls your age are as nervous as you are. Why do you think most freshman girls are looking to go out with juniors and seniors?"

To be honest I have never thought about it. I assumed they liked the looks of older guys.

Cindy jumped in. "When I was a freshman I was dating a junior. It had to do with his confidence. He didn't stammer or beat around the bush. He just asked me out and I said yes. I was happy to have someone take me by the hand and teach me about dating. What do you think Peggy will think if you are stammering?"

I just nodded. Wait! How the ... did she know about my crush on Peggy?

She looked me up and down. "You filled out nicely over the summer and most girls like taller guys."

She had me off balance. She lays the Peggy bomb on me and then she was checking me out. I decided to follow Greg's philosophy, just wait, and see what was next.

I think Greg saw my wheels grinding to a stop so he bailed me out. "First we need to find out your experience level. Are you a virgin?"

I knew that Greg was aware I was. I answered him. "Yes, I am a virgin. I went out with a couple of girls in junior high, but the furthest it ever went was some kissing." I had two brief girlfriends, Jan Duke and Lori Painter. Jan was cute and had just broken up with Justin Tune. A week after our first date I saw them kissing in the hall at school and never talked to her again.

Lori and I went out on three dates, but she was way out of my league. I think we both knew it was not going to happen. Shortly after, she broke my heart and I had gone off the deep end. Three months later was when Lily happened.

Greg said, "Good job, you didn't hesitate, you just answered, so I can see there are two things that are working against you. One is experience asking a girl out and the second is experience being with a girl."

I laughed. "Yes that about sums it up." Didn't that sum up most 15-year-old boys?

"Okay, lucky for you we have a girl you can practice on."

I looked at both Greg and Cindy trying to figure out whom they were going to get to practice with me when Cindy burst out laughing.

"David, ask me out."

I went bright red again and looked at my shoes. I guess I was not done blushing. I figured that if I didn't die from this, it was going to help get a date. If I ever wanted to go out with Peggy, I better man up and ask my brother's girlfriend out.

"Cindy, if you are not doing anything Friday night, we could ummm..."

Greg bailed me out. "Stop ... First, have a plan. What would you like to do with Cindy on Friday?"

I got an evil grin and Cindy said, "I think I can guess."

Greg gave me a dirty look that said I had better straighten up or Cindy was not going to be my test partner. "What would be a good first date?"

I got serious and thought about it for a minute. "How about meet her at the football game?"

Both Cindy and Greg shook their heads no. Greg said, "First of all, do you want Jeff and Alan hanging around you, or better yet, how about her friends?"

Cindy added, "You want the first date to be something where you can get to know each other better. The first date needs to be something that can either be short, if it is not working out, or can be longer if it is."

I looked confused. Thankfully, my brother had a solution. "This was Cindy and my first date. I asked her to Jerry's Ice Cream after school. It is right next to the park. So if things are going well you can spend time walking through the park."

Jerry's was an institution. They have the best ice cream in town. Cindy said, "I remember that, you kissed me on the bridge and then ... It was the best first date I have ever had."

"I think I've got it. Cindy, would you like to go to Jerry's and get an ice cream after school on Friday?"

"Why David, yes I would."

"Good job, let's talk about appearance. You need to look like a guy a girl would want to be seen with, no girl wants to be seen kissing some dork. You have to look the part," Greg said.

That one hurt. What was wrong with what my clothes looked like? Greg could see that he hadn't worded that quite right. "I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to help."

I just nodded at Greg. Wait a minute, did someone say kissing? If I had not caught it, Mister Happy was starting to take notice.

Cindy was pragmatic. "You need a haircut and your clothes need a makeover. I have only seen you in old jeans and bad t-shirts. No girls wants to be seen with a guy that has an 'I am with stupid' t-shirt on."

Sure enough, I was wearing it, but I didn't want to be some Ken-doll knock off either.

"Cindy has volunteered to help you in the next few days to get you looking like someone girls would date."

I was relieved. I wanted to make a good impression. It looked like plan Peggy was shaping up.

Cindy clapped her hands and said, "Goody, I always wanted to make a guy over. Now for your reward, come here and kiss me."

I was not going to pass this up and I think they were both surprised when I walked up to her and kissed her. The first kiss was gentle and tentative. Ok, give me a break, my brother's girlfriend was hot, and he was standing within punching distance, but hell yes, she was in a silk robe. I reached out, put my hands on her hips, and gave her a second kiss. This one had more passion in it and lasted much longer. I slightly parted my lips and I found a tongue in my mouth. I was a little taken aback, but I found I enjoyed it. I decided to give as well as receive. When my tongue snaked into her mouth, Cindy moaned. Her hands went from my chest to the back of my neck.

Her fingers were running through my hair. I felt her melt into my arms and her body molded to mine. She just kind of eased into me. I knew she could feel my cock pressing into her, but my mind had short-circuited because her silk robe was almost as good as having her nude in my arms. I felt her firm breasts and hard nipples drilling into my chest. My hands found their way to her ass as I pulled her tightly into my crotch. I was lost in the moment with my hands gripping her tight little ass.

I heard Greg clear his throat and say, "Okay horn dog, I think the lesson is over for today."

The best make-out session I have ever had was with my brother's girlfriend while he watched. I prayed he was not planning to kill me later. I had really gotten lost in the moment and forgotten where and with whom I was. As I disengaged from his hot girlfriend, I noticed that her robe had fallen open to her navel. It barely covered her nipples. Okay, she was definitely a 10.

As we parted, we were both aroused. Cindy's chest was flushed and she had a predatory look in her eyes. I felt like a little rabbit that was being stalked by a jungle cat. My heart was beating like there was a humming bird trapped in my chest. I broke eye contact with Cindy and looked Greg in the eye. He looked like he was trying not to laugh. All I could say was, "Sorry."

Cindy smiled at me and I swear she purred, "No need to be sorry, you come by your kissing talents naturally. If I decide to dump this lug I will look you up." Damn, Greg was a lucky guy.

Cindy made no move to cover up as she walked over to Greg. "I think you need some practice too. Your little brother may be a better kisser than you are."

Greg growled at her and put a serious lip lock on her. He teased her. "You little slut, you're teasing my poor brother with all your goodies hanging halfway out."

She squealed as he swatted her ass. "David, do you feel abused?"

I laughed as she flashed me her tit. Greg grinned from ear to ear. "I'm not sure I can trust you with my little brother."

She looked at the bulge in my jeans and said, "He doesn't look so little to me!"

Greg just rolled his eyes. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of, I wasn't the biggest guy around, but as far as other freshmen were concerned, I had one of the larger sizes based on what I saw in gym class.

It was time to head home and I was grinning from ear-to-ear. When we got into the car I said, "Thank you for today's lesson."

"Okay, here's this week's homework. First, you are going to let Cindy make you over. You do whatever she tells you. And second, you will ask someone out for Friday night."

"Should I ask Peggy?" "Before you go to the big leagues and ask her out let's get you a few training dates."

"You're the boss."

When we got home, Dad was making dinner. Mom was out selling a home. Dad, Greg and I had learned to fend for ourselves so it was no surprise to see Dad cooking, and it smelled wonderful. The thing Greg and I never told Mom was Dad was a better cook.

"Greg, come make a salad. David you set the table and get us drinks."

We quietly fell into our tasks. After I was done, I walked up behind Dad, peeked over his shoulder to see what he was making, Salisbury steak with brown gravy, and mashed potatoes. It looked like he had made the mashed potatoes from scratch. He noticed me, turned, and gave me a hug and a kiss.

Dad has always kissed us. When Greg turned eleven, it was decided we would no longer be kissed on the lips. Some of Greg's friends commented on it. After he hugged me he went over, hugged, and kissed Greg. Dad always made me feel loved. It was just his open friendly personality. He had a charisma that just seemed to draw people to him, and to like him. Greg has inherited the same thing. I just wished I had half of their charisma.

"David, how was your day at school?"

Dad and I shared everything so Greg was not surprised with what followed.

"Today was great. I like all my classes, except English, that looks like it might be hard. I got reacquainted with all my friends. Jeff and Alan seem great. The other morning Peggy Pratt got caught in the rain, so I gave her a towel and t-shirt out of my gym bag so she wouldn't have to be wet all day."

"I tell you Dad, David made a lot of enemies yesterday. No one was happy he gave her a dry t-shirt," Greg said with a chuckle.

We all went to the table and started eating. It felt good to be having our family dinner together where we shared our day. Dad had a big smile on his face too so I continued. "That may be, but I'm not too worried about the guys at school. I will be worried if the girls are all mad at me."

"He has nothing to worry about. You should hear what all the girls were saying about him at lunch. Little Dawson grew up over the summer. He was so cute and did you see his nice butt?"

I threatened to flick mashed potatoes at Greg when Dad said, "Settle down guys."

"After school Greg asked me to help him and Cindy out by sitting for some neighbor kids. In return they are helping me with my dating skills."

Dad's jaw dropped open and Greg gave me a look but that did not stop me. "I'm thinking Cindy may be the best dating coach ever, she taught me to kiss."

Greg shot water out of his nose and Dad burst out laughing. Dad was enjoying this. "Please tell me about the kiss."

I sat up a little straighter and said, "You know I can't talk to you about that. A gentleman never gives details."

Dad got a serious look on his face and said, "That is sound advice. May I ask two questions?"

"If I can answer them I will." "Okay, fair enough. First was Cindy a willing participant?"

I nodded my head yes.

"Second, is your brother a dumbass?"

"Yes sir, he is. I would never let my girlfriend kiss another guy like that, even if he is my brother."

That got them both laughing.

"The little shit put a lip lock on her that I swear weakened her knees. We found out pretty quick he knows how to kiss. He will have them lining up once word gets out."

"Oh lord, I thought one Casanova was enough for one family."

Greg stuck his tongue out at Dad. Dinner was done so I helped clean up. Dad told Greg to go do his homework. I wanted to talk to Dad about some more serious matters, specifically Lily, Tami and Mom. I did not really know what to think of Tami and Bert. I could also not figure out why Mom has been so mad at me, and still seemed to be leery.

"You remember the girl I helped in the spring, the one I gave CPR to?" I could see my Dad stiffen, but he just nodded.

"She told me someone spiked her drink with a date rape drug. How dangerous is that?"

Dad thought for a minute before answering. I could tell he was not expecting this line of questioning. "I would suspect if she had a high enough alcohol level the drug could cause serious problems. Especially if it depresses her system it could potentially cause problems with her breathing."

Dad was really serious at this point and he asked, "Are you telling me kids your age have access to date rape drugs?"

"Yeah, it kind of freaks me out to thinking something like that was going on. My concern was it will happen to someone else." Dad just nodded. I could tell we would talk about this some more, but not now.

"I have a problem with Tami."

That got Dad's attention. "I thought you were working things out." "She doesn't want me to call her tonight because she is meeting another guy. She also doesn't want a ride tomorrow."

"I think if this other guy was anything serious you would have heard about it from Jeff or Alan." My Dad had a point. If there were any gossip to be had, Alan would have told me. I just nodded. "Honestly David, I would wait and see. This could be a lot of nothing. Something else was on your mind, what is it?"

Dad could read me like a book. There was no hiding anything from him.

"Mom and I are going to talk when she gets home."

My Dad got a serious look. "I think you need to know something before you have your talk. She has her reasons for being as mad as she is about what happened, but not all the reasons have to do with you. You need to talk to her about this and listen. Don't get mad. I want you to listen and try to understand."

I think I got the same advice from Beth just a few hours earlier concerning Tami...

"Can't you tell me what is going on?"

"Son, it is not my place to tell your mother's business. I love you both and I know you can work this out, but you are going to have to come more than half way with her or we are going to have some serious problems as a family."

I was now a little scared. Was Dad telling me if I didn't shape up, I was out of here? I had just gotten home. What was I going to have to do to make amends? "Okay Dad."

"Why don't you go to your room and when your Mom is ready I will come and get you."

I went up to my room to wait. We live in an old Victorian three story home. Greg and I have our rooms on the third floor. The heating system has old ducts that make it possible to hear conversations from the first floor. I could hear Mom and Dad, it sounded like a mumble. I was tempted to eavesdrop but thought better of it. A few minutes later, I heard the stairs creaking as Dad came up. There was a light knock on the door.

I opened it and Dad said, "Your Mom is ready for you."

I followed Dad down the stairs. When we got to the second floor, he went into the master bedroom. I found Mom in the kitchen eating a salad at the breakfast bar. I got onto the stool next to her. She gave me a look I could not read. I just assumed the worst and started babbling.

"Mom I'm sorry if this is not working out. I'll call Uncle John and see if I can go live with him. I know I have disappointed you and you're not ready for me to be back."

Mom is one of those people who just say whatever is on her mind. There is no filter. I sometimes wonder if what they say about opposites attracting each other. Mom's sharp tongue tended to push people away. Dad jokes if she wasn't so good looking he would never put up with her. The truth of the matter is Mom is stop-traffic good looking. I also know they love each other very much. I had to remember she loves me also.

"You are maybe the stupidest kid I have ever known. Why would you ever think I wanted you to move out?" It sounds like she has been talking to Tami with the 'stupid' comment.

"Before I went to Uncle John's you said you did not want me in your home. When I got back you just seemed like you don't want me here."

"Like I said you're stupid."

Okay, I was not listening to Dad. He said listen. I was doing way too much talking and I now knew my Mom thought I was stupid. That is what I get for not listening. To my credit, that was not the worst thing she had ever called me, so I figured it was time to shut up.

"David, last spring you broke my heart. You had become someone I no longer recognized. Even your best friend didn't want anything to do with you. The final straw was when you almost killed that girl."

I could feel all the old emotions coming back. I felt my chest getting tight and I knew I was about to start crying. I think Mom saw it in my eyes.

"I have never told you about my Dad."

The story we were told was Grandpa had died when Mom was in her early teens. No one ever talked about it much so I was never very curious.

"He was an alcoholic. By the time I was thirteen Mom kicked him out. When he was sober, I loved him to death, but he was a mean drunk. I won't go into details, but it was the best thing for all of us. When I saw you at the police station all those memories came flooding back. I knew I had to do something."

"Going to Uncle John's was the best thing to ever happen to me. Will I ever drink again? I have no idea, but I don't intend to go back to that lifestyle. I will only promise to try and make better decisions."

"I know. I have had several talks with John. He says you did a lot of growing up this summer. David, I love you to death and you will always be my baby. I know I'm not the easiest person to live with, but you and I are going to be okay. Just give me some time."

"Okay Mom, I love you too."

After that, we had a long conversation and caught up on everything that went on since I had been gone. It was nice just to talk to my Mom. I really missed her. We both realized it was getting late and we headed up to bed. I felt so much better.

Saturday August 31, 2013 – Freshman Year

Cindy showed up around 10 am. Greg had something going on so it was just the two of us. The plan was to check out my clothing supply and figure out what would work. We would then head to the mall and pick out some clothes and I would get a haircut.

I had cleaned my room like a mad man the night before. Mom was suspicious because I had not cleaned my room in over six months. The last time she threatened not to let me go to spring break at our youth camp. Greg told her what Cindy was doing and Mom just smiled and said it was nice to see me grow up.

Cindy was impressed. She had seen my room a few times and she commented on the changes. She said, "You go sit on the bed until I need you."

She was going through my t-shirts and putting most of my best ones into a pile. She found a basic black one and said, "Put this on."

I hesitated, but I remembered what Greg had said, so I just did it. She watched with a clinical eye so I was not too embarrassed. "Turn around. Now lift your arms. Not too bad, but a little snug in the shoulders."

I have been growing so most of my clothes no longer fit. She told me to take it off. She put it into a new pile. She continued to hand me shirts until we had gone through all of them. There were only three she liked. My favorites she put into a garbage bag along with all the ones that did not fit.

She then went to work on my jeans. When she handed me a pair of jeans to try on I suddenly realized I was without a shirt and was about to strip down to my underwear. I figured to go for it. Before I could put on my jeans Cindy said, "Stop. Seriously, you're wearing tighty-whities?"

She went over to my top drawer and started to put all my underwear into the garbage bag. I had nothing to wear. She went into Greg's room and came back with a pair of boxers. "Put these on." I was not going to get naked in front of Cindy. I stepped into the bathroom and changed.

Thank God, Cindy did not make any comments. She just nodded and handed me a pair of jeans to put on. It turned out she only liked one pair of jeans and two pairs of my shoes. I was kind of bumming when she made me haul all my clothes out to her car. She took me to the local church and had me put the clothes into the donation bin. She then took me shopping.

I normally hate shopping, but with Cindy, it was fun. She was enjoying herself so much that it was contagious. I have to admit I looked good in the clothes she picked out. I have never been into tight pants, but Cindy insisted on skinny jeans.

She seemed at a loss for shirts. My shoulders were much wider than my waist so she said we had to get more fitted shirts. I was not thrilled, but I was not going to hurt her feelings.

"Cindy this is fun and all, but I don't have the money to buy all this."

"David, it is my treat."

I grinned at her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Cindy was beaming. She then took me to a hair salon. I have always had my Dad cut my hair and when the gal saw it, she almost fainted. I got the whole treatment of wash, cut and styling. When we left, I had a bag full of shampoos, conditioners and gels.

I looked into the mirror and was amazed. I looked like a much better version of myself. I looked older, I could probably get into a bar looking like this. They cut my hair short on the sides and styled the top; the top curled loosely and looked like I did nothing to it. The trick of getting it to look like that had taken them thirty minutes to teach me. It was a really distinctive, cool look. When I finally came out of the back, I noticed the cute receptionist was looking at me.

When we got out of the store I said, "Was she checking me out?"

"Of course she was. I will let you in on a little secret. If a girl sees a guy with another girl she wants him more."

"No way is that true."

"Want to bet?"

"Sure, what is the bet and what do I win?"

"Go into the sandwich shop and flirt with any of the girls in there and see how far you get with your new look. If you get digits, that actually work, you win and I will be your girl toy this afternoon. I will come in ten minutes later and flirt with you. I will then leave and give you another five minutes to try to get a phone number. If I win you are mine for the afternoon."

Of course, I would agree to this bet. It sounded like a sure thing either way. "Deal!"

There were three girls my age or a little older working. I could see all of them talking and glancing over at me. I had this in the bag. The cute girl with long chestnut hair came over. She looked like she was a little older than I was. She was very athletic looking. When she came to the table, she gave me a smile. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Sure, how about a Coke?"

"Sorry we only have Pepsi."

"I will have Mt. Dew."

I hate the taste of Pepsi. I'm a diehard Coke man, but I did like Mt. Dew. There is something about drinking what looks like radioactive slurry and has enough caffeine to kick-start any day that I just love. When she came back with my drink she said, "What can I get you?"

I figured to use the direct approach. "How about your phone number?"

She smiled at me and wrote down her name and number on a napkin. I was amused, she didn't miss a beat. She must get hit on all the time. She asked, "What would you like to eat?"

No need to push it, but I am a guy. Deciding I had already won the bet I left the 'eat' comment alone. I ordered a sub. Cindy came slinking in. She had been watching and figured it was time for her to pay up.

"How did you do?"

I pulled out the napkin and handed it to her. She pulled out her cell phone, dialed the number, and put it on speaker. "Health and Human Services..."

She hung up and busted out laughing. What the... ? The waitress had given me the number for the local VD clinic. I had to laugh; it was pretty funny. The waitress came back with my sandwich.

I could see her taking the measure of Cindy. "What can I get you?"

Cindy was still laughing. "You gave him the VD clinic number?"

The waitress smiled. "Sure. If he is that brazen I figured he needed the number."

They both lost it and I was starting to get a little uncomfortable. Cindy smiled at her. "My boyfriend will split his sandwich with me, but could you get me an iced tea?"

As she was walking away, Cindy gave me a kiss. Well I liked that. I also noticed the girls had taken note. When the waitress came back with Cindy's tea Cindy said, "Can you put that into a to-go cup, I have to take off."

When she came back, Cindy leaned into me and ran her hand on the inside of my thigh. I jumped knowing her hand was mere inches from my package. She gave me a nice kiss. The waitress just gawked as Cindy got up and walked out. I did not say a word but smiled at the waitress. I pulled out my phone and handed it to her. She put her name and number into my phone and told me to call her. I looked down and saw the name Robbie King.

I finished my sandwich and went to find Cindy. She just smirked and I knew she knew. I just followed her to the car like a good boy toy.

When we got home, Mom and Dad were there. Cindy decided she would collect her bet by having me model my clothes for my parents. Everyone seemed to have a good time at my expense but then Mom said, "If I didn't know you I would jump you!"

Talk about too much information. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

Cindy gave me a knowing look and smirked. "I do know him and I think might jump him. Greg will just have to find a new girlfriend."

I thought we were going to have to give Dad CPR when he choked on his drink. I think Cindy is evil ... but in a very good way. Greg is a lucky guy. The more I get to know her the more I like her. I think I might like her jumping me.

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