The Cure
Chapter 2

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Randall is sent to stay with his aunt and uncle while his mom is attending a medical workshop in California. During his stay, he learns that Aunt Rita is suffering from a rare medical condition that threatens her marriage to Uncle Jack.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   First  

Rita took the easy way out with that evening's dinner. Remembering Randall's legendary appetite, she set out a large platter of spaghetti and meatballs with a tossed salad to add a little fiber. She could hardly believe how much food the kid could put away. Together, they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner then went downstairs to the rec room to select a movie on Netflix.

Randall preferred movies with a lot of murder and mayhem while Rita leaned toward something more cerebral so they compromised and watched the black comedy 'Bernie'. They both loved it. Rita kicked his butt in a game of scrabble after the movie but it was hardly fair because she had a master's degree in English Lit and Randall couldn't remember the last time he'd looked up the meaning of a word.

He'd worn Sparks and himself out with an afternoon of riding followed by giving the horse a good rubdown and brushing so he was ready for bed by nine. "I think I'll take a shower and crash early if you don't mind, Aunt Rita."

"Actually, I was thinking of doing the same thing. See you in the morning, sweetie."

The objection he voiced to his mom about staying with Jack and Rita had nothing to do with his opinion of them; they were just about his favorite people in the world. The issue was his independence. Truth be told, he would have been perfectly happy living on the little farm. Riding and taking care of Sparks, helping out with the garden, working with Jack on day-to-day chores, all of it suited his temperament and, like Jack, he was a very hands-on person.

He thought about those things as he lay in bed listening to the near perfect silence that simply didn't exist in the city. He was just drifting off to sleep when he heard the door creak open. He guessed it was Aunt Rita checking on him before she went to bed. Cracking open his eyelids a tiny bit and peering from under the blankets, he could make out she was just standing there in the doorway watching him. A couple of times, it looked like she took a step toward him and then stopped. Finally, she sighed, shook her head and left, closing the door softly behind her.

What was that about, he wondered as sleep overtook him.

Jack had a three-acre peach orchard on his land that he harvested to sell to local grocery stores although baskets of the fruit were also sold from a little roadside stand he set up at the end of the driveway. Aside from that, Rita had a garden of her own that provided them with nearly all the veggies they could use through the summer. Much of the harvest was canned and lasted them through the winter as well. There were fourteen yearling steers grazing the rest of the land.

After breakfast, Rita and Randall spent a couple of hours in her garden hoeing weeds and propping up tomato plants. His Aunt was a woman with a rapier wit and he totally enjoyed spending time with her. Their conversations would sometimes drift into a steady stream of japes, jokes and pokes and they'd get to laughing so hard they'd have to stop what they were doing to recover.

Rita was still a very pretty woman at age forty-two and there was no way Randall couldn't take notice, especially when she was dressed in rather short shorts and a halter-top. She was tall at five-eleven and one of those women who refused to ever let herself go. She still had a flat belly, an awesome derriere and 'decent jugs', as Randall liked to think of them but he wasn't obsessed and he didn't spend an inordinate amount of time fantasizing about her, mostly because he liked and respected her and Jack so much. He just couldn't think of her as a sex object. Well, not often, anyhow.

Over lunch, she asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the day. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe give Sparks another workout if it's OK with you."

"I don't mind if he doesn't. You know what? I think I'll run a few errands in town while you two are playing. Is there anything I can pick up for you?"

"Umm, no, I can't think of anything. How long will you to be gone?"

Rita glanced at the clock on the wall. "I should be back by four or five. Jack might make it home before me so tell him I'm bringing pizza back for dinner."

"Great! Would you get Gino's? They make the best pizza."

"Gino's it is! With everything but pineapple or anchovies, right?"

"Tell 'em to throw on some extra sausage."

She made a quick phone call before taking a shower. She dressed in tan shorts and a sleeveless top and drove off in the beige Tacoma Jack bought her to replace the clunker that had brought them together.

Jack did indeed make it home that afternoon. He drove his Peterbilt tractor around the barn and parked it beside the house. Randall had just put Sparks away and jogged across the yard to meet him as he climbed down from the cab.

"Hey, Uncle Jack! How's it goin'?"

"Randall! Good to see ya, buddy! How's your mom doin'?"

"She's good, strict as ever, of course."

Jack chuckled and said, "You'll thank her for that some day. I don't see the pickup. Is Rita over at the neighbors?"

"Nah, she said she had some errands to run in town. She's supposed to bring back pizza for dinner."

The smile faded from Jack's face and he looked at his boots. "I see. Uh, how long has she been gone?"

"Well, she left right after lunch." Randall wondered about his uncle's sudden change in mood. "Is there something wrong, Uncle Jack?"

Jack shook off the sense of trepidation over his wife's absence. "Wrong? Oh, no, no, nothin' wrong. So what've you been up to today? Ridin' Sparks, I'll bet."

"Yeah, I just finished brushing him down and gave him some oats. He sure is a great horse."

"Best I've ever owned. You didn't overdose him on the oats did you?"

"Nope. Just half a bucket."

"Good job!" Jack clapped his nephew on the shoulder and said, "I'm parched! How about we go inside and have a beer? And if you tell your aunt, I'll never offer again."

"Thanks but you know Mom would shit a brick if she ever found out."

"We men-folk deserve to have a few secrets, don't we?"

As they sat at the kitchen table sipping their beers, they talked about school and Randall's prospects for making first-string wide receiver on the football team next fall. The kid's height and sure hands made him almost a shoo-in even though he wasn't really much of a jock at heart. He was a lot more interested in the sciences than sports. His 3.8 GPA just about guaranteed him a decent scholarship.

Every once in a while, Jack would drop in a question about how Rita was dressed when she left or if she said exactly where she was going, questions that seemed normal on the surface but didn't feel normal somehow. Jack seemed worried and Randall couldn't understand why.

About half past five, they heard the pickup pull up in front of the house and went out to help carry in whatever packages Rita might have brought back. There weren't any, not even pizza.

She kiss her husband and apologized to Randall, "I'm sorry about the pizza, sweetie. I got to running late and then forgot all about it until I was almost home. We'll do pizza some other time, OK?"

"That's no problem, Aunt Rita. You know me, I'd eat an old shoe if you put enough cheese and spaghetti sauce on it."

Rita laughed, "I think I can do a little better than that." She put her arm around her husband's waist and asked, "How was the trip, babe?"

Jack smiled but he still had that worried look on his face. "No problems. I picked up another load in Columbia and dropped it in K. C. on the way back so we made a few bucks we weren't expecting. Have you been behavin' yourself?" To Randall, the look on Jack's face and the tone of his voice led him to believe it wasn't just a casual question.

Rita apparently knew what he meant because she shot him a stern look and answered, "You know I always try to be a good girl."

"Well, I guess all you can do is try."

Randall remembered his mom sensing there was some tension between Jack and Rita when they stayed with them over a year ago. But whatever was going on, eventually it lightened up and the rest of the evening was pleasant. They all went to bed after the ten o'clock news.

Randall lay in his bed wishing he'd gone to bed earlier and fallen asleep before his aunt and uncle started going at it. Their bedroom was at the other end of the hall but Aunt Rita was a moaner and a groaner and really put her all in to her lovemaking. He lay there in bed stroking furiously while he tried to imagine them doing it. Eventually they'd had enough and he was able to drift off. But then he was awakened in the middle of the night with the same sounds and again early in the morning at sunup.

At breakfast, Jack looked like he was worn to a frazzle and Rita had a rosy flush to her cheeks. From his adolescent perspective, Randall wondered that people their age had so much energy. Then, as if the night's marathon couplings weren't enough, at least twice during the day, they disappeared upstairs for half an hour. Randall seriously wondered if even he could keep up a pace like that.

Shit, he thought, Uncle Jack must be some kind of superman! Plus being the luckiest guy in the world to have a wife that's willing to take care of him like that. I don't remember Mom and Dad ever being that horny.

His uncle was home for two more days before he had another run, this time to Denver and then Amarillo, Texas with a turn-around load for Topeka. He'd be gone for at least four days.

On the morning he left, Randall overheard them talking quietly when he walked down the carpeted hallway toward the bathroom. The door to their bedroom was open a crack and he stopped next to it to listen in spite of feeling guilty. He just knew there was something not quite right between his aunt and uncle and hoped he might find out what it was.

Jack was talking in a low voice, "Honey, I know it's not easy for you but I really hoped you could keep a lid on it, especially with Randall bein' here n' all. He's a pretty smart kid and he'll figure out somethin' ain't quite kosher if you start runnin' off in the afternoons. Look, when the urge comes on you, call me on my cell and we can talk about it."

"You know that won't help, Jack. You'll just get upset and start fretting over it. It's best if you don't even know. I'll try real hard, honey, I promise! Sometimes I can go for several days but then it hits me and I can't seem to stop myself. You've been so understanding and I love you so much for that. Try to be patient with me."

"Look, babe, why don't you try another doctor? Jerry Berg's a nice guy and probably a darned good doc but he doesn't seem to be helpin' you much. Maybe you should be seein' a lady doctor."

Rita heaved a big sigh and said, "I don't see how that can help but maybe it's worth a try. I'll go online and see what I can find." Her voice dropped to a whisper, "Got time for one more before you go?"

"Baby, I'm plum wore out. I really don't think I can even get it up again."

"I'm sorry, Jack. I abuse you pretty badly don't I?"

"I better get on the road."

Randall tiptoed into the bathroom and eased the door shut. What the hell is going on?

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