Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Life can so suck when you are 16. And even more so when you are told the family is going to move and you will have to do your last two years at a new school. Even worse than that is when you meet the new girl in town, Mandy; and Mandy thinks you are the man of her dreams. My God, can it get any worse? Oh yeah .... being 16 is the pitts!

If my parents have told me once ... yeah, you know the rest; they have told me a million times, "Don't slam the door!" Usually its pop hollering at me as I race through the house, and then it's, "Don't slam the damn door!" Regardless of how they say it, I know slamming the front door in our domicile is heavily frowned upon.

However, this time as I slammed the door shut behind me, I felt I had every right in the world to not only slam the front door, but also every other door in the house and the car doors too, just for good measure. Dad had just informed the family that he was going to put the house on the market for sale, and we were all going to move to a new city. Without my knowing it, someone had now planned my whole summer. I was going to spend it packing and preparing to move. In addition, school had just ended for summer vacation and now it was all ruined. I wanted to go back into the house and slam all the doors again; but I also knew that if I give into whims like that I'd never see 17.

I was aware dad was looking for a new job, but it had never occurred to me that it meant we might have to move. Now some company had offered dad a new job, and we were going to move to Minneapolis.


Hells bells, I even had to look up how to spell the damn thing. I had two years of high school left, and now we were going to move. The best two years of my entire school experience were ahead of me, and I was going to miss out. Not to mention I was up for the varsity football and baseball teams. It was so unfair. You know, when you are 16 a lot about life seems unfair. Things really suck!

I headed out to the garage and pulled my bicycle off the rack. At that point, I was so pissed I didn't even tell my parents where I was going. What I knew was I had to ride away from there before I ended up saying something really stupid, and having both of them so angry with me there would be no way to recover. Since I was so hurt and angry I didn't take any time to make a plan, or have a specific destination in mind. I was just going to ride.

Even though I have my driver's license, I knew there was no point in asking if I could take the family car, because there was no way they were going to give me the car just so I could go riding around. And, the ramifications of taking the family car without asking was something I did not ever want to contemplate. Besides, I decided it was better being on my bicycle since I really wasn't paying much attention to things, and driving when you are not paying attention is not a good idea. To top all of this off, for some reason it seemed that my eyes were watering and it made it difficult to see. I knew it couldn't be tears 'cause men ain't supposed to cry.

I cruised past my best friend's house, but he was still up at the lake visiting his grandparents, so there was no need to stop there. With no destination in mind, I just wandered aimlessly around town. By the time I started to pay attention to my location, I found I was riding through the "ritzy" part of town. As I came around a corner, I noticed there was a moving van parked in front of what at one time, was old house of the past president of dad's bank. I had gone to school with their son, but he was two years ahead of me and we didn't say much to each other. The other issue was I was part of the jock crowd and he ran with the more wealthy kids, the elite crowd ... and never shall the twain meet. Shortly after he graduated, his father moved to a nice position down in LA. As I peddled up the street, I wondered to myself, "How come pop can't find a job in LA ... instead of igloo land?" The only thing I really knew about Minneapolis was it was cold in the winter, like really cold. And I ask you, how sexy can a chick be when she is 10 layers deep in long johns and parkas?

As I came around the side of the moving van, I observed a cute girl who appeared about my age starting to pick a box off the back of the moving van, and from the way she struggled, it appeared it was a heavy box. Since the box appeared extremely heavy for her, I stopped, jumped off my bike, and offered to carry the box. When she looked at me, it was a good thing I wasn't carrying the box, because I would have dropped it for sure. She was beautiful. No, I mean gorgeous. No, I mean ... well, at sixteen years of age I have not learned the words, which could do her justice at that moment.

At first when I popped out of nowhere I saw she was startled by my action, but then when our eyes met and she smiled at me. In that moment, I felt blown away. This young woman was a ten. That is to say, she was a genuine ten+. I have no idea how heavy the box was, and I didn't care, I just knew I would carry it to the ends of the earth if she asked.

As it turned out, the box really was heavy. It was a good idea I stopped and offered to carry it for her, because I doubt if she would have been able to carry it very far. She asked me carry it upstairs, and into a room I assumed was hers because of the color, and the furniture in the room. She showed me where to set the box down, and I felt very grateful that I could finally put it down. It was a guy thing, but it was important to me that she didn't know just how heavy the box was, and that it had been a bit difficult for me to carry. I mean there is such a thing as being cool!

After I put the box where she wanted it, she came up to me, looked up at me, put out her hand, and said, "Hi, my name is Mandy. We just moved from Boston. You're the first person I've met from here. What's your name?"

She'd said all the sentences run together and without taking a breath. I answered, "Bill." One word! That was all I could come up with given the circumstances. I mean I was dumbstruck with how beautiful this girl was. Her eyes were an amazing shade of blue, and she had her dark brown hair drawn back in a ponytail. For some reason, I've always liked ponytails on a girl. She was wearing short-shorts, which displayed her cute butt to perfection, and a short-sleeved blouse with the tails tied under small, but nice sized breasts. Her smile was warm, and when she would grin at me, it seemed that her face would just light up. She had a cute nose, and I thought her face was exquisite.

I just stood there like a dumb ass staring at her. I was speechless. Finally, Mandy frowned as she spoke, "Is there something wrong? Are you OK?"

I tried to pull it all together, and give her more than another one-word answer. "Yeah. Sure. I'm sorry. The point is that I just didn't' expect to meet somebody like you ... I mean, as cute as you." At that point, I though the best thing to say was, "I'm speechless."

She grinned at me as her hand reached out and touched my cheek. I was positive if I checked in the mirror I would find I had blisters on my cheek. "Thanks," Mandy looked down, and I thought I heard her murmur, "You're kinda cute too."

I was positive I did not hear her correctly. Had she really said she thought I was cute? I have a reasonably good body from playing sports, but I wish I were a little taller than my current six feet even. I got my curly hair from mom's side of the family, and it is a real pain to try to keep it combed. My eyes are a weird color somewhere between a green, brown, and blue. I've heard that I'm handsome, but that was by my parents, and everybody knows they don't know shit about what a guy should look like. Besides, they have to tell me I'm handsome 'cause that's part of their jobs.

I wanted to stick around, so I asked if there were any more boxes I could help with. She grinned at me as she reached out, took my hand, and dragged me back down the stairs. For the next couple of hours she turned me into a pack mule. I helped Mandy with her boxes going to her room while the moving people handled the rest of the stuff on the van. I met Mandy's mother in-between trips on the stairs, and she told me that her father was still back in Boston taking care of whatever he had to take care of.

Mandy's mother is what's called a MILF. If you don't know what that means the first three letters stand for "mothers I'd love." Actually to say it correctly, I think it should say MILTF ... the T stands for "to" by the way. Anyway, her hair was darker than Mandy's, but I could see where Mandy's eye color came from. Mrs. Burke had a great figure for an older woman even though she had it all covered up with a baggy sweatshirt and pants.

When she asked me my name, I told her, and as we shook hands, she told me her name was Francis Burke. I politely told Mrs. Burke it was nice to meet her, and she informed me she wanted to meet the mother of such a sweet boy who would spend his day helping strangers move. There was no point in trying to explain to her that I would do just about anything Mandy asked me to do.

I think it was like the second or third trip going up the stairs after I met Mrs. Burke when the coin finally dropped. Her last name was Burke! I asked Mandy "Is your father related to anybody out at the new Burke Manufacturing plant?"

"Yes, Walter Burke is my father." In that instant, I saw all my fantasies come crashing down around me. Burke Manufacturing was a big deal ... a very big deal. Our town had tried for a few years to convince Mr. Burke to move his factory to our town when we learned that he wanted to find a new location. The new plant meant lots and lots of new jobs to the community, and for the next few years, the city fathers saw nothing but wonderful prosperity for our town. If Walter Burke was her father, she was not going to settle for a peon like me. I was sure she had boyfriends who had their own cars and would take her to dinner at the country club, not a kid who had to borrow the family car just to take her to McDonalds. I felt bummed, but I tried not to let Mandy see it.

About mid-afternoon, I decided I should at least check in with home, so I went out to my bike, and retrieved my cell phone from a pouch I have on the handlebars. When I opened up my phone, I noticed I'd missed three calls from home. When I called home, mom answered. There were no pleasantries; she went right to the point. "Where are you?" She snapped.

"Hi mom."

"Don't you 'hi mom' me young man. I asked you a question."

There was no doubt I was in trouble. "I'm over at the old bank president's house."

There was a pause before she continued, "I thought it was empty. What were you doing over there anyway?" Even though I could tell she was really upset with me by the tone in her voice, she also sounded puzzled why I was at the old bank president's place.

I tried to explain, "It just sold, and some people from Boston are moving in. I was helping move boxes."

"What took you so long to check in? We became worried. Anyway, dad wants you to come home now." Mom's voice had mellowed a bit, but not much.

"Do I have to come home right now? I am sorta busy." I pleaded.

"Dad wants you home now." The snap was returning in her voice.

"Mom," I continued to plead.

"What part of 'now' didn't you understand?" Her voice was back to the tone of voice she had when I first called. "NOW! Do you understand me mister? Now!" The last word gave me notice she was in no mood to argue.

"Yes ma'am, I'm on my way." I replied sheepishly.

Mandy came up to my bike, and her face really looked sad. "Do you really have to go?"

"Yeah. I guess I'm in trouble for not checking in before now." I looked down at the ground, embarrassed Mandy found out I was still very much at my parent's beck-and-call.

She put her hand on my arm, and told me, "I sure wish you didn't have to leave." She smiled her cute grin at me.

"Really?" Her comment surprised me. Mandy nodded her head, and her ponytail looked darling as it bobbed up and down. I continued, "Not as sorry as I am. Perhaps I can see you again?" My voice trailed off. I had to admit, I really didn't expect she would want to see me again. This young lady was way out of my league.

"Do you really want to see me again?" The surprise obvious in her voice.

Her surprise really surprised me, and I blurted out, "Are you serious? Why are you so surprised? Why would you ask that?" I couldn't believe she would possibly think I would not want to see her again.

"Well, you are very handsome, and ... well, I um," I felt so shocked that this beautiful girl would be interested in somebody like me. Mandy glanced down, and when she spoke, she looked at me through hair hanging over her eyes. "I don't think I'm very good-looking and you can do..."

"What?" I abruptly interrupted her

She seemed a bit startled with the way I spouted off to her. She looked down, as she told me, "I think my eyes are a weird color, my hair is usually frizzy, and I'm flat chested." Her last comment made her cheeks turn red.

Without thinking, the words just burst out of my mouth, "Your body is great; really sexy, and I don't think you're flat chested. I think you're..." Then realizing what I'd just said, and where the conversation was going I stopped, and I also turned beet red.

Mandy looked up at me through her bangs, "So, you've been checking me out?" Thankfully, she winked at me letting me know she was teasing me.

I figured since her station in life was so far above mine, I had nothing to lose by being honest with her. "Oh yeah."


"Like I said, your body is great. It just so happens that I love ponytails, your eyes are really cool, and you are far from flat chested. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that you will be one of the sexiest girls at the high school this year. I just can't believe you said you were sorry I had to leave."

She looked at the ground for a moment, and then looked me in the eye, "I'd like to see you again, and I think you're nice." She paused for a moment as if she was trying to decide if she wanted to ask me something. Finally, she asked, "Do you ever sneak out at night?" Mandy reached out, and took my hand. "Sometimes I like to sneak out and walk around by myself. I feel if I don't walk around outside sometimes I'm going to go crazy. I love mom and dad, but they are so overprotective. Anyway, will you sneak out tonight, and we can walk around together?" I was sure my head was bobbing up and down so fast it was going to fall off. Mandy continued, "How about we meet at the park down at the end of the block?" She pointed towards Howard Denny Park down at the end of her street. "Can you be there by 10:30 tonight?"

This was a first. No girl had ever asked me out before. And for sure, no girl had ever asked me to sneak out and meet her somewhere. I wanted Mandy to know I'd be there unless I had problems at home. "If I'm not there, it's 'cause I wasn't able to sneak out of the house. Otherwise, I'll be there. Promise!"

Mandy leaned forward, and kissed my cheek. Her kiss actually started to give me a "chub." That was a first. Not my first chub, but it was the first time just a peck on the cheek started to wake things up. "I can hardly wait," she whispered. She glanced down, and noticed my cell phone still in my hand. She reached out, and took it from me. Quickly she punched in some numbers, and as she handed the phone back to me, she grinned at me and asked, "That's my cell number. Do you text?" I nodded my head yes. "What's yours?" After giving her my number, I climbed on my bike. Since I knew I was already late, I didn't want to push my parents any further than I already had and I headed for home.

I don't remember the ride back home at all. All I remember was Mandy giving me one more quick kiss on my cheek, a gentle squeeze of my hand, and telling me she'd see me later in the park. Suddenly I realized I was pulling into our garage without any clue how I got there.

I put my bike away, but made sure it would be easy to reach tonight if I could sneak out. When I walked into the kitchen I hear mom yell from upstairs, "Bill, is that you?"

"Yeah mom. I'm home."

As she started to talk, I could hear her coming down the stairs. She started in by letting me know just how much trouble I was in for slamming the door. "Listen young man, don't you ever walk out of this house again and slam the door without telling us where you are going." My mind thought about a response, and I wanted so much to ask if that meant if I told them where I was going I could slam the door, but I knew I was already treading on thin ice, and it was best if I kept my mouth shut.

I thought about the situation and I decided my best move was to try to placate mom. "I'm sorry I took off like I did. I was really pissed at both of you, and I was wrong to just split, and not tell you where I was going." So much for not understanding what growing up is all about.

Mom walked into the kitchen with dad right behind her. Mom snapped at me, "Don't use that word! Say you were 'upset', or something. Anyway, I know it was a shock for you to learn we are moving. But dad has a wonderful opportunity and we need to move."

I was not going to say something that would end up in an argument, but I wanted to make my point too. "You both realize that I would have played varsity ball this year? I'm leaving all my friends behind I've known all my life. I will miss the last two years of my high school."

Dad finally spoke up, "Son, I'm sorry to turn your life upside down. But, this opportunity will considerably increase my salary. It also provides me with a chance to move up in a medium-sized company, and all of this will help the family greatly. Besides, I need to start making plans for you to go to college."

I was going to make some flip comment about if we had stuck around and let me play sports, I might have had a chance to receive a full ride scholarship at the local university. Again, I kept my mouth shut. As I once heard one of my teachers say, "Is that a hill you wish to die on?" I knew that this was not a hill worth putting up the fight for. "Why?" Do you ask? I knew positively I would die defending that hill.

So instead, I went upstairs to my bedroom and as I entered the room, my phone started to let me know I had a text message. When I opened my phone, I saw it was from Mandy. "Can hardly wait 2 C U 2 night. C U later" I hit respond, "not as much as I want 2 C U U R so cute n sexy." Since she wasn't standing there with me, I was feeling a lot more bold than I would have been had I been with her. A few seconds later, my phone went off again. "2 night I M going 2 give U big kiss for nice remark. R U ready. lol" My pants were getting very uncomfortable. Her message was giving me a woody.

Dinner seemed to drag on forever, and I forced myself not to keep looking at the clock. Mom was like normal, full of questions, as she asked me about the family moving into the old banker's house, and I told her who it was. Dad spoke up and asked me if I had met Mr. Burke. I explained how Mr. was still back in Boston doing business things, and Mrs. and Mandy were in charge of moving things. Mom was typically mom, and asked me if I had been polite and helpful. I assured her I had been polite, and as helpful as I could. Although I considered making a comment that if she hadn't summoned me home, I could have helped more, but thought better of it. See ... I am learning!

Finally, it was ten, and everybody started to head off for bed. I could hear the TV in my parent's room, and shortly after that, I heard my mom and dad having sex. This often happens so I know what various sounds mean. I heard mom's little cry, and then dad's sounds as he climaxed. I knew pop would be asleep in about five minutes, and mom wouldn't be too much later.

About 10:20, I slipped downstairs, and out the back door. I was glad I'd left my bike in an easy position to move it out of the side door. After I mounted it, I was off like the wind. To speed things up, I took every short cut to the park I knew of, and as I pulled into the back of the park, I looked down at my wristwatch. It was 10:32. Since we hadn't really discussed where we would meet in the park, I decided I would go over to the monkey bars and climb on top so I could see as much of the park as possible. Just as I reached the top, Mandy stepped from behind a tree.

I swung down, and when I reached the ground, Mandy was standing at the bottom. I felt so shocked when she stepped up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. My cock jumped to attention, and I put my arms around her. When she pulled back, I drew her to me, and kissed her again. When our lips parted, I asked her, "Wow, what was that for?"

"For your text. What a sweet thing to send me. Do you really think I am cute?"

"NO." I watched the shock look on her face. I continued, "You are far more than cute. In fact, I think you are beautiful. I think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." Mandy pulled my face to hers, and once more, she treated me to the most sensual kiss I'd ever received up to that point in my life. Her lips were sweet and warm, and I was in heaven. I continued, "I cannot believe you asked me to meet you here. I mean, I feel like McDonalds' burger and you look like you should be having Ruth Chris steaks." She giggled and I continued, "Do you sneak out often, and meet guys?"

"Yes, I like to sneak out, and walk around like I told you before. But, this is the very first time I've met a guy when I'm out. Actually, you are the first guy I've ever been out with at all. Like I said, mom and dad really don't let me do much." The hairs on the back of my neck stood up but I didn't realize what it was about her remark that set off a warning.

We walked around the park just holding hands. She told me about Boston, and how upset she was, because her parents had pulled her out of school. Before I could answer, we saw headlights pulling into the parking lot, so we hid in some bushes. We watched as a patrol car drove slowly through the lot shining their spotlight into various areas. At one point, the car drove so close we could hear the police radio squawking. Finally, the cruiser drove away, and we were alone again.

Mandy took my hand, and as she pulled on it, she said, "I can see this is not a good idea for us to stay here. 'Sides I've got something to show you. Come." We headed down the street towards her house, and when we reached it, she led me along one side, and into her back yard. I'd never see the back yard and I was surprised to see a large swimming pool. "Wanna go swimming? It's heated." She asked.

"I ain't got a suit."

"Neither do I. Wanna go skinny dippin?"

Was this girl crazy or something? Of course I wanted to go swimming nude with her. "Sure." I told her. In a flash, she undressed and I watched her darling little white bottom head for the pool. I undressed quickly and tried to hold a hand in front of my erection. I could hear Mandy giggle as she looked at me. Once I was in the pool, I felt very pleased at the warmth of the water.

We went to the deep end and Mandy came up to me, wrapped her legs around my body, and her arms around my neck. She whispered into my ear, "We need to stay really quiet. Mom's room is on the front of the house, but we still need to stay quiet."

I have no idea how long I just stood with her arms and legs wrapped about me with our head sticking out of the water while we made out. Her kisses were amazing. I'd kissed a couple of the girls I'd dated, but they didn't compare to Mandy's kisses. The thought kept going through my head, "I'm standing in a swimming pool naked, making out with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life". This morning my life totally sucked and now I'm in a pool with a naked chick. Can life get any stranger?

At one point Mandy whispered in my ear, "I can feel your hard thingy against my bottom. Just don't try to put it in me. I trust you. Okay?" I nodded my head. Finally, I shifted positions, so my hand was free, and I could play with one of her breasts. As I fondled her breast, she whispered into my ear, "I'm sorry I'm so small. I really wish they were larger."

I'm the first one to admit that I don't know a great deal about breast sizes, but I thought hers were perfect. One time I'd played with Sharon Saxby's tits when we were making out at one of Ralph's parties, but that was just on top of her bra under her sweater; and she only let me do it for a couple of minutes. This was bare hand on bare breast, and it fit my hand just right. Her nipple stuck out and it was hard as a rock. Her nipple fascinated me and I played with it for a long time. Suddenly she shuddered, and gave me a great kiss. "That feels nice." She whispered.

"You are not flat," I whispered back, "they are just perfect. It's like someone made them to fit my hand." I whispered in her ear. That remark got me another great kiss. I moved us towards the shallow end, and once her breast was out of water, I leaned over, and started to suck on her nipple. Damn I felt so turned on that I thought my chub was going to burst. Here I was sucking on the most beautiful breast I'd ever seen, (it didn't matter that it was the only bare breast I'd seen), and gently chewing on her nipples had me feeling as if I was the most lucky kid in the world. Her arms snaked around my head and I could hear soft moans coming from inside her chest. Suddenly she shook, squeezed my head so hard it actually hurt.

Mandy took two fistfuls of my hair and moved my face so she looked me in the eyes. "Thanks. That was amazing. You are the first boy ever to do that. You just made me tingle."

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

Mandy looked down at the pool, and it was obvious she felt embarrassed about something. "Actually, you're the first boy for a lot of things. You're the first boy I've ever really made out with." Mandy looked up at me without really lifting her head. "Mom and dad won't let me date; they say I'm not old enough." She paused, and then rushed on, "I can't believe I'm here with you, and I also don't know why either," she paused again for a moment, "you are so different from the boys at my old school. You were so sweet when you stopped, and helped me today, and my mom really likes you." Mandy paused again collecting her thoughts, "Do you believe me when I tell you I've never done anything like this," she waved her hand over the pool, and I understood what she meant. I nodded my head. Mandy added, "I feel safe with you. I don't know why, but I just know you won't do anything I don't want you to do." She gave me a big grin.

I was starting to get a sinking feeling and now I knew why I had felt a warning when the hair on my neck stood up. I wondered if I really wanted an answer to my next question, but I asked her anyway. "May I ask you how old are you?"

"I'd rather not tell you." She whispered.

"Why?" Now I was really getting scared. I was waiting for her to tell me she was like twelve or eleven, or even worse.

"I'm afraid if I tell you, you'll think I'm a little girl, and jump out of the pool, and leave."

Now I really wanted to know. My next words were difficult, but I had to find out, "I promise you I'll not jump out of the pool. I will not leave. No matter how old you are, I will stay here with you. I promise! Now, how old are you?"

"Promise?" I nodded my head, "My birthday is August 3rd, and I'll be fifteen."

Whew! I beamed, as I replied, "I'm only sixteen. This coming October 28th I'll be seventeen. That's just over a year apart, and that ain't so bad is it?" I asked her.

Mandy grinned back at me, "Really? I thought you were like eighteen or nineteen, and I was scared you'd be pissed when you found out I was only fourteen. I thought if I snuck out and met you and we went in the pool naked you would think I was a lot older. I didn't want you to think I was just a kid."

Boy, how that made me feel! She thought I was eighteen or nineteen. Damn! I told her, "Look, fourteen or fifteen don't matter. You seem a lot older and we seem to have a great time together. I like that you wanted to sneak out, and see me. I thought being with you in the pool was way cool, and it made you seem a lot older to me; actually, it made me feel you were older than me. But you know something; I really like you just the way you are."



We started to kiss some more, but this time I let my hand drift down over her tummy. When my hand touched the top of her pubic hair, she reached down, and grabbed my hand. "No, please don't do that."


"I'm afraid if I let you do too much, we will go too far, and then you won't come and see me anymore." Her comment made me laugh so loud she hit me. "Shut up! Mom will hear us."


"Just keep your voice down. Anyway, you're the first boy who hasn't treated me like a child and I want to see you again. Mom told me that once boys have their way with a girl they dump them."

"Mandy, I don't know if your mom is right or not, but it doesn't matter if you let me touch you or not, I'll be back. The point is I want to see you again. I think you are so good-looking, and so sexy. This is absolutely incredible! I cannot believe I am standing here in the pool with you without any clothes on. You are crazy if you think I won't be back. I've never done anything like this in my life. I do not think of you as a kid, and until you tell me to go away, I'll keep coming around."

"Is this like boyfriend kind of thing?" Mandy asked.

"Yes ... but..." my voice trailed off.

"What? You have another girl friend?"

"Oh God no. I've never been so ... well, like this," I motioned the two of us with our arms around each other. "It's just my dad told us this morning we are moving. They offered pop a new job, and it means a good promotion for him. I was out riding around all pissed when I saw you trying to carry that box. You were so beautiful, and the box looked so heavy I had to stop and help."

"When are you leaving?"

"I don't know if that has been decided. After pop told us we were moving, I stormed out. But I think we have a few weeks." Mandy put her head against my shoulder, and I could tell she was crying. "What's wrong?"

When she looked up at me, I could see she really was crying. "You are so cool! You are everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend. We just had a little time together today, but I know that I really like you. I'm not sure if it's true, but from all the tales I've heard from my girlfriends, most boys would have tried to stick their thingy in me by now, but you just hold me. When I had my arms and legs around you, I felt your thingy touching my bottom, but I just knew I could trust you, and when I asked you not to touch my pussy, you stopped. It's like I just found you, and now I'm going to lose you. It's not fair!"

I gathered Mandy in my arms, and the only thing I could do was just hold her tight against me. At that point I knew exactly how she felt. I thought I'd finally found the girl of my dreams only to know that in a few weeks a change in my life would tear us apart. You know, life really sucks sometimes when you are a kid.

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