Board and Lodgings
Chapter 1: Memories

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Cheating, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1: Memories - He was 18 years old and in desperate need of somewhere to live. She was his 25 year old next door neighbour. They had been intimate when he was 15 and hurting from the death of his mother. They rekindled their love of sex together, and involved her girl lover too.

"Grant ... it's time to get up" yelled my step-dad from downstairs as he headed out for his weekend golf game. He wouldn't be home until late, and most definitely not sober until Monday morning. He had taken the death of my mother, his wife really hard ... and that had been over 3 years ago now.

He had just got a promotion and a transfer to the state capital. That was a major problem for me ... I was 18 years old and starting my last term of college ... and I hadn't been able to arrange anywhere to stay to remain here. It was looking like I would have to move with him and do my last term at another college.

I'd been asked to help my next door neighbour Katie with cleaning up her attic space. I was sorta regretting volunteering to help today - it was already very hot. But Katie was a beautiful friend to me - she was 25 years old and recently divorced from her husband Tim. She had helped me so much when my mum died suddenly when I was 15 years old.

"Good morning Grant" chirped Katie when she invited me into her home. She had her air-conditioning running already and inside it was a beautiful comfortable temperature. But I knew that the attic space would be a much different proposition - it would be hot up there ... very hot.

"Breakfast?" she asked as we headed inside and back towards her kitchen area. I followed her and gazed at her shapely ass in her tight white shorts. She had the most amazing ass ... I would love to run my hands over it ... again.

"Yes please" I responded.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes we chatted whilst she made me breakfast. I shared with her my living arrangements problem, and the fact that I had a week to find a solution.

Unfortunately we had to start on the attic ... I could have stayed all day chatting with her in the cool.

We had been working in the attic for about 30 minutes before I stripped off my shirt and continued to work in my shorts only. The sweat beaded on my chest as I moved boxes around with Katie. She was looking very hot and sweaty just before she disappeared. She returned in about 5 minutes having changed - she was still wearing her tight white shorts with the shirt gone and replaced by a bikini top that barely covered her large rounded mounds.

"Way to go Katie" I commented to her.

"Thanks" she replied in a hushed tone.

Katie was such a babe. She stood 5ft 5ins tall with a very shapely body ... nice ass and great tits with a flat tummy. She had short wavy blonde hair framing a beautiful face which smiled often these days post her divorce from Tim.

We had finished moving the boxes when Katie and I discovered a hidden hatch which appeared to open further into the roof space. It was stuck so I stood on a small step ladder (which Katie held for me) whilst I tried to pull it open.

I grabbed the hatch handle and pulled steadily on it to no avail. Then losing a little patience I gave it a hard yank. It exploded open ... dumping a deluge of dust and rubbish all over Katie and myself standing directly below it. The smell was repugnant. I think that there were bird droppings and feathers amongst the dirt dumped on us.

We looked at each other and remarked "Yuck" in unison. It was then that we both started to feel itchy ... realising that something in it was disagreeing with our skins.

"Quick ... to the shower" Katie yelled as she grabbed my hand and dragged me after her down the stairs and straight into her bathroom. She immediately turned on her multi-headed shower before turning to me saying "Strip ... quick before it starts burning us".

She peeled off her own clothes dropping them to the floor and stepping into the teaming shower.

"C'mon" she yelled as she held out her hand. I dropped my shorts and stepped naked into the shower to join her. We feverously washed and scrubbed our bodies trying to rid ourselves of the dirt and grime. It was only after it was all gone that we looked at each other - naked together in the shower ... and we started laughing ... and I started remembering.

It was 3 years ago just after my mother had died. I was over at Katie's place crying my eyes out.She had her arms wrapped around me, and I could feel her tears too dripping on my face. My step-father was wallowing at the bottom of his alcohol bottles so he was of little help to me.

I was 15 years old; Katie was 22 years old and not long married. Tim, her husband, was often away travelling, and when home he would spend a lot of time with his mates at the golf club.

We talked and cried together. She had been a good friend of my mum over a very short time. I felt her lips on my forehead and on my cheeks as she tried her hardest to comfort me. Quite unintentionally I moved when she went to kiss my cheek. Instead her lips met mine in a kiss that lingered.

When we finally broke apart - but only just apart, we looked at each other differently. Like two magnets of opposite polarity, our lips came back together harder and with passion. Our arms went around each other, pulling us into a tight passionate hug, feeling her big mounds pressing into my chest.

"Oh god forgive me" Katie muttered as she stood, holding out her hand and leading me in the direction of the bedrooms. Once inside her bedroom, she slowly undressed me then herself. She was the first naked woman that I had seen in the flesh. She was beautiful ... big rounded tits with hard dusky pink nipples and areolas, and a blonde hairy mound.

She drew me down onto the bed, so that we laid face to face. Her soft hands came up to my face, touching me gently before our lips came back together again. Her hand came out and grabbed mine, drawing it to her breast, wanting me to touch her and play with her hard nipple.

"Yes ... yes ... you are such a handsome man ... I want to make you happy" she moaned with her hand snaking between us to grasp my rigid cockshaft.

"Oh my my..." she gasped "What have we here?"

She eased back and looked down at my cock.

"Fuck that's a fucking nice big cock" she whispered as she talked to it. Holding it by the root she directed it to between her lips to lick and suck on it.

"Oh ... oh ... shit" I gasped whilst her lips worked on the upper portion of my cock.

"Ahhhhhhh..." I yelled with my cock erupting in her sucking mouth, pouring my cum over her tongue and down her throat. She swallowed over and over, consuming all my cum.

"I'm sorry ... sorry ... I should have warned you" I gasped in apology.

"It's OK ... you tasted amazing..." she responded before going back down to finish licking up the cum that had escaped.

"That's it ... lick a little higher" Katie moaned whilst instructing me in the art of licking her pussy. She was directing me to lick her erect little clit which I was able to take between my lips.

"Oh god" she moaned.

I had listened when she said not to completely concentrate on her clit, so I slid my tongue back to between her pussy lips and to the entrance of her tight canal. I flicked the tip of my tongue across her inner lips for a few moments before returning briefly to her clit again.

"Fuck ... yes ... yes ... oh god yessssssssssssss!!!!" she shouted as she orgasmed, splashing my face with her pussy juices. I continued slowly licking her until she pushed my face backwards off her pussy.

"Enough ... enough ... time for you to fuck me" she moaned breathlessly.

I moved to kneel between her thighs with my rejuvenated cock about 6 inches from her very wet pussy and pointing upwards to the ceiling. Her hand snaked out and grasped my cockshaft drawing me forward until its tip brushed between her slightly parted lips.

"Push into me slowly ... you are much bigger than Tim" she whispered.

The wetness and heat of her pussy literally sucked my cock into her. She was tight, but not impossibly so. I slid slowly inside her, savouring the feeling of my first fuck ... and with the object of all my sexual fantasies. Katie was smiling at me too.

"I love your cock ... it's stretching me and filling me beautifully" she whispered when my cock was fully embedded in her hot sheath. I paused ... I didn't want to move just yet - I needed my cock to settle lest I explode too soon inside her.

Her hips were the first to move, churning slowly against me.

"Oh god ... oh god..." Katie groaned over and over again. I responded to her churning by slowly moving my cock in and out of her hot clenching pussy with my hands slipping up from her hips to grasp her full tit-flesh as it wobbled about with our exertions.

"Katie ... I can't hold any longer ... I'm gonna cum" I gasped with my cock about to explode.

"Yes ... cum babe ... cum in me" she shouted with her own pussy convulsing and spasming all around my exploding cock. My cum rocketed through my cock and into her hot depths ... filling her to overflowing and seeping slowly out from between our joined bodies.

Her hand came out and grasped my half-hard cock with the water misting all around us in the shower. She slowly milked my cock, watching and feeling it grow in her soft wet hand. I was soon fully erect. She looked me in the eye again saying "You've grown since last time ... I enjoyed it then". She paused and then added " ... and I want to enjoy it again".

I nodded my head in agreement before commenting "I was just thinking about last time too".

"The time is right now" Katie commented whilst shutting off the shower and leading me into the bedroom. She directed me to lay back in the middle of the bed. We were both very wet from the shower but that wasn't a concern for either of us. Her beautiful body glistened. I noted that her pussy mound was hairless this time.

She climbed on top of me, straddling my hips and bringing her pussy to hover over my erect cock. I held it steady at the base as she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock, slowly impaling herself on me. I could feel her wetness and heat once again. She was still as tight as I remembered from last time.

When her ass cheeks finally rested on my hips she let out a sigh.

"God ... I love your cock ... and it's even bigger" she gasped, churning her hips against mine. My hands moved up under her tits, supporting their weight as I felt their size and softness. My fingers snaked across their surface to tweak her nipples.

"Fuck ... oh fuck" she moaned with the arrival of a sneaky orgasm, arriving out of nowhere. Her juices trickled down my cock - I could feel them pooling around my bloated balls. Pulling her down to me, with her tits pressing into my chest, I slowly rolled us over until I was kneeling between her thighs. She looped her legs behind me to draw me closer to her.

"Fuck me ... fuck me stud" she moaned whilst I plunged my long fat cock into her still spasming depths.

Our juices splattered everywhere whenever our bodies collided. Droplets of our combined cums showered our chests and our faces. I could feel her pussy tightening again on my shaft - I knew her cum was close.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!!!!" she shouted with the arrival of a bigger and longer cum. Her pussy muscles grabbed my cock. I had to push deep inside her because her tightening were threatening to push my cock out of her sheath.

It took a few minutes for her to calm down and for her cum aftershocks to cease. I kissed her gently, enjoying the feel of her still heaving tits pressed against my chest with my rigid cock still embedded in her.

I gently ground into her pussy as we chatted.

"I always wondered if I would get a second chance to make love with you" I admitted to her.

"Yeh me too ... the first time was great ... but that was amazing just then" she replied still a little breathless.

"Oh god ... you're still hard ... have you cum yet?" she asked.

"No..." I smiled back to her before kissing her gently again. "All in good time" I added when we broke our kiss.

We just looked into each others eyes as we ground our hips together slowly.

"You look like you want to ask me something" Katie remarked. She had read me well ... I was wanting to ask her something but I wasn't sure if I had the courage to.

"C'mon ask away" she said when I hesitated again.

"Ummm OK ... here goes ... was I the cause of your breakup with your husband?" I asked a little sheepishly.

"Oh god no" Katie replied immediately. Then she paused and I waited.

After a minute or so with no one talking Katie spoke. "You will have to promise to keep this a secret...". She waited until I nodded.

"The truth is that I am bisexual. I have a couple of female lovers ... Tim couldn't accept that. He thought that he was inadequate ... and that drove us apart." she explained.

"Oh..." was all I could say but my cock jumped inside her.

"I even offered him a threesome with my lovers ... but he declined ... so we parted and we are now divorced ... That's the truth" she concluded.

Then she added "I felt that ... your cock seems to be speaking for you ... it seems to be excited by the thought of me and another woman".

"I'm sorry" I murmured.

"Don't be ... I like the fact that you are excited by that ... maybe..." she replied leaving the sentence unfinished because I had started thrusting harder into her very wet pussy.

"Oh yes ... fuck me lover boy ... fuck me my young stud..." she encouraged me with her words.

"Uhhhh ... oh ... ooooooohhh" she moaned before gasping "It's all your pussy ... if you want it ... all yours from now on"

"Yes ... yes I want it ... I want you" I groaned.

I could feel my cum was imminent ... my balls were aching ... on the verge of erupting and pumping their precious load deep inside her super-hot pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhh ... fuck I'm cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg!!!!" I shouted over the top of Katie's own screams of joy as her own massive cum erupted. I could feel her juices flooding down my shaft as we slammed our bodies together.

I whispered breathlessly in her ear "I love you Katie". All she could so was nod enthusiastically in her own breathless state.

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