Wet Paint
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Cheating, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can Mo Harrington's relationship with Jed Harrington survive the death of his one true love?

Jed sat at his desk staring at the plain manila envelope Miss Everett, his secretary, had just this minute placed there. It had been delivered by currier she said. When he lifted the flap and tilted the envelope a single clipping from the Paris edition of the International Herald Tribune and a small piece of mauve stationary folded in half fell to his desk top. As Jed picked up the newspaper clipping he could see it was from the society page of this week's edition of the paper.

"Samantha Ellis Hastings, formerly of Richmond, Virginia, United States, passed away after a short illness, at the age of sixty-three, in her apartment on Rue de Lafayette on November 12, 2013. Ms. Hastings, heir to the Hastings Chemical Empire, had no children and is survived by a distant cousin, Lawrence C. Hastings, III, of Richmond, Virginia, United States and other more distant relatives. Ms. Hastings attended St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Virginia and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ms. Hastings whose name was romantically connected with many international jet setters never married. Rumors, though never proven, nevertheless persisted until her death that a failed relationship while in her twenties had soured Ms. Hastings on marriage. In my last interview with Ms. Hastings this past month when I asked her about the rumor she told me she had only sleep two men in her life and one of those was such a horrible mistake that it changed her life forever. It's hard to believe I know but that was her story and no one has come forward to dispute it. Until recently she was seen regularly at social gatherings of the rich and famous always on the arm a handsome younger man. Sam as she was known to one and all will be sorely missed by the courtiers of Paris and her many friends around the world.

Ms. Hastings body is being flown to the United States where she will be buried in the Hastings family plot in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia."

Placing the clipping back in the envelope Jed unfolded the piece of stationary and read the four words. "Oh Sam," he said. After a moment to stanch the tears Jed put the piece of stationary back in the envelope with the clipping and then placed it into his briefcase and snapped it shut.

"Miss Everett I will not be back today," Jed said as he walked toward the bank of elevators.

Mo (Maureen) Harrington looked up in surprise when Jed entered her study where she was reading over the last chapter of her new novel before sending it to her editor. "What are you doing home at this time of day?"

"I'm going to the cottage. Call the office tomorrow and tell them I won't be in for a while. I don't know when I will be back. Is there plenty of scotch there?"

"There's always plenty of scotch at the cottage Jed. You want to tell me what this is all about?"


"Jed it's November, hardly the ideal time for going to the beach."

"It's the perfect time," said Jed. "I'm going up to pack. We still have clothes there don't we?"

"Yes but only a few winter things. There's a foul weather coat and sweaters of yours but I'm not sure what else for this time of year."

"That'll be enough."

Mo Harrington knew enough after more than thirty years together with Jed Harrington not to interfere. When Jed was in one of his wet paint moods you didn't touch. There hadn't been many thank God, but when they came it was best to allow him his space because he was going to take it in any event.

When he reappeared at her doorway carrying a suit case and his shaving kit Mo said, "The freezer and refrigerator are empty of course so you will need to stop at Johnson's to get bread, coffee cream, eggs and everyday stuff. What are you going to do about the power?"

"I called from our bedroom and told Miss Everett call them. If it's not on when I get there I'll start the generator."

"Will you be back for Thanksgiving? The children are coming you know." Will you be back at all Mo always wondered when Jed was in one of his wet paint moods. She still remembered the stories that others told of the time before they met.

"I'll call you," Jed said and then walked to his car and was gone.

Jed dumped the bags on the counter. Miss Everett must have been persuasive with the power company because it was on when he arrived. He checked and the refrigerator was already cool and the freezer was beginning to make ice. He put the bag of ice from Johnson's in the sink, cut it open and dropped a handful in a glass and poured it full of Cutty Sark. After a long pull from the glass he put it down and put away the groceries. He'd better get some heat going and turn on the water, he thought. Everything had been drained in preparation for winter. After adjusting the thermostat and getting water flowing he brought in wood from the side of the house to start a fire.

The cottage had been built in the 1920's and at the time the only source of heat were the fireplaces throughout the house. There had been a woodstove in the kitchen to cook on which put out enough heat to keep the kitchen and adjoining great room toasty. Jed's daddy had upgraded in the late fifties when Jed was a young child. Jed's daddy had liked the old woodstove and the sense of roughing it but his mother had refused to come to the cottage again unless something was done. Jed and his mother would come to the beach for a month in the summers with his daddy coming down on the weekends. Jed had modernized ten years ago because of the badgering of ths and Mo's children.

Staring into the fire Jed saw her face, exactly the way she had looked that first time he saw her and it seemed like only yesterday.

St. Christopher's and St. Catherine's were two nonsectarian private single sex prep schools in the Westhampton area of Richmond. They each had a large number of boarding students but the majority of each student body were day students. They each had classes for grades four through twelve. St. Catherine's held a series of fall dance socials each year to which were invited a fixed number of age appropriate St. Christopher's students. These were done by grade levels.

How to behave at social events in polite company was part of the education St. Catherine's prided itself on. These were after all the daughters of members of the upper levels of society and in all likelihood would be the society leaders in their own right. The dances provided a controlled social setting for the attendees to engage in light repartee and to practice the rudiments of good manners and dancing etiquette.

This particular social was for tenth and eleventh graders. Both Jedson Harrington and Samantha Hastings were in the eleventh grade and had been through this before but were at that age where awkwardness when dealing with the opposite sex was still king.

"May I have this dance?" a shiny faced Jed asked the pretty young girl seated with her companions against the wall. He had spotted her immediately when the boys arrived. Her hair was light brown, almost blond, and fell past her shoulders, her skin still lightly tanned from the summer, her eyes the color of warm caramel with golden flecks that Jed would learn changed with her moods, the delicate nose and high cheeks seemed at odds until she turned directly facing him and the disparate features came together in a single beautiful relief and then she smiled and in that instant Jed Harrington fell in love and would remain so for the rest of his life.

"I'd love to, thank you," said Sam."

She fit perfectly into his arms and as they danced to a fox trot they tried to avoid stepping on each other's feet. "I'm Jedson Harrington but everyone calls me Jed," the young boy said by way of introduction.

"Nice to meet you Jed I'm Samantha Hastings but you can call me Sam."

"Is this your first year at St. Catherine's?"

"Lord no, I've been here since fourth grade."

"Gee, I've been coming to these socials for years and I don't remember seeing you."

"Well, I've been here but I just got my braces off this summer and I didn't have real tits until this year. Nice huh," Sam said nodding at her very nice breasts?

This threw Jed for a loop and he could only blurt out, "Yes, they're very nice."

Their dance ended and as was custom Jed danced with the other girls as did Sam with the other boys. The social ended and for some reason that Jed could never comprehend they didn't see one another again until senior year.

Jed got up to get more ice. Before he returned to his seat he threw another log on and remembered seeing Sam the fall of the next year at a St Christopher's football game. She was with Frank Howard a classmate of his.

"Well if it isn't Jed Harrington," Jed heard as he was returning to his seat with cokes for him and his date.

Turning he recognized her as the St Catherine's girl from the dance. "Hi Sam, how have you been?"

"I'm fine Jed do you know my date, Frank Howard?"

"Sure Frank and I are classmates, hi Frank. Where are you guys going later? We're going by Jimmie Watson's he's going to have a keg."

"I don't know it's up to Sam," Frank said.

"Let's go to Jimmie Watson's then," Sam said.

"That settles it we'll see you there," Said Jed as he walked down to his date.

"What was that girl's name," Jed asked himself trying to remember who his date had been and feeling the mixed warmth of the scotch and the fire?

What he did remember was he and Sam talking about everything under the sun at Jimmy Wilson's house. About how her daddy had volunteered and had been killed in the Korean War. How it had almost killed her granddaddy who had no other children. How she was going to William and Mary where she would play field hockey and major in English Literature and Creative Writing. William and Mary was where her mother had gone. Jed had hardly gotten a word in edgewise but it didn't matter as he was smitten and fascinated with Sam and anything she had to say. She talked that night as if she were on a mission.

After Jimmy Wilson's party he didn't see her again until one day the following summer at Virginia Beach. He hadn't tried to contact Sam because he thought it wouldn't be right to snake Frank Howard so he hadn't called. He was alone at his family's cottage at the North end of the beach but was meeting a friend at the poolside bar at the Cavalier Hotel for a drink. Jed walked through the lobby toward the pool when this girl came through the door from the pool without looking where she was going and almost knocked him over.

"What the hell? Why if it isn't the missing Jed Harrington."

"Who the ... Sam? Is that you? What do you mean missing?"

"Of course it's me and I haven't seen you since Jimmie Wilson's keg party."

"I'm meeting a friend for a drink at the poolside bar want to join us? Are you with anyone?"

"Of course I'm with someone, Alice Ragsdale and Suzi Hall. Wish I could go with you but I have to meet them at the Lighthouse for lunch. Suzi's parents are going to be there are they are taking us to dinner tonight. Maybe tomorrow we could get together?"

"Yeah, I'm at our cottage and will be here for a few more days. I'll call you. Are you staying here?"


"Whose name is the room under?"

"Mine but I have to run. Don't forget to call me, you promise."

"Yeah, I promise."

Jed got more ice and poured more scotch. He had not called Sam the next day. When he got back to the cottage from the Cavalier he received a call that his grandfather had had a stroke and was in the intensive care unit at Johnson-Willis Hospital. In the flickering flames he could see the gold flecks in her caramel colored eyes shining and her lips mouthing, "I love you." As Jed watched tears streamed down his cheeks and he shook uncontrollably.

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