Book 2 Esther the Amish Adventuress

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cast - Book 2 of the Simon L. Josher Chronicles. A young Amish girl explores her sexuality during her Rumspringa. How far will she go? How hard will Simon push her? This takes up at the end of book 1. I am posting this before all chapters of book 1 are posted since it can be a stand alone story and I need to offload some stories to get my computer system freed up. I just finished 5 other books published in my real life work in the last two months.

Esther - the Amish Adventuress Cast of characters

Simon Josher - your narrator and adventure coordinator. Detailed bio of myself a few years later in A Schoolhouse Lifestyle. My email is You must remove the "at" and replace it with @. This is done to minimize spam. Thanks Simon Josher.

Esther Yoder - 18 year old Old Order Amish girl. At the start of the story she is beginning her time of rumspringa.

Amos Miller - 18 year old Old Order Amish boy recovering from a serious illness that has left him only partially able to do farm work due to some lingering weakness. He is currently working at odd jobs tying to get into finish carpentry work. Does some set building for the photo studio.

Eli & Miriam Yoder - Esther's parents. Delightful people with an unusual past. Current hobbies intriguing to the few that know.

Stacy - My sometimes date and general overseer of office affairs. Part time fill-in for doing hair, makeup and nails for model shoots. She dates both Sandy and me.

Sandy - Self-proclaimed lipstick lesbian, she oversees all makeup, hair, nails, and outfits for the models. Coordinates shoots and helps with prop design and placement. Works in the office full time and is also roommate and lover of Stacy.

The business - A commercial photo studio. We focused our business on advertising, catalogs, web site, and model portfolios using film, digital and video processes. We also do stock photography. The business is such that we only shoot in the studio 5-10 times a month, but the related work is enough that we keep 6 full time and up to 4 part time employees busy.

Rumspringa is an Amish tradition that allows the young people to try the "English" world as they call the non-Amish way of life. It typically starts somewhere between the age of 16 to 18, depending on the exact one of the divisions of the Amish church they belong to and goes until the youth make a decision to leave the church and be shunned or to join the church and leave the English ways behind. The indiscretions of the youth during this time are for the most part overlooked although in many Amish communities, drinking and drug use is becoming more widespread and has in recent years gotten a number of the youth in prison.

I have always held to the belief that what goes on behind the doors in a persons house is their business provided that it is consensual, if it involves pain the bruises need to go away in a week or so, and does not involve young children in a harmful manner. I would exclude children totally except for some naturalist families that I know who have some of the most well adjusted children I have ever met.

This general story actually happed at my business. This is about 80% fact but names and places including states have been changed to protect the participants. I was as careful in reality as in the fiction to ensure that they were aware of what they were getting into in this new arena of their lives. In many respects they were as naive as children. From their lifestyle, they knew well about animal reproduction but were innocent of any knowledge of recreational sex.

Esther and Amos still model for me 6-8 times a year and as they live on the premises and he is unable to have children, they have a much more open lifestyle than is ever guessed by the local community.

This is a long story - it was written with details and to be honest, I am not sure if it is a story about business with erotic details or an erotic story with business details. If you are looking for something in under 2 min., I suggest you go to If you wish to email me, please do so. My email is You must remove the "at" and replace it with @. This is done to minimize spam. Thanks Simon Josher.

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