Those Weekend Getaways
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Grand Parent, Gang Bang, Interracial, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's journey into the secret lives of his family

For the last several years, my wife and her mother do a weekend getaway and drive to St Louis. Usually it's a once a month thing but it can vary. In the last year, my son started going with them. They had to almost force him to go that first time, but now he seems more excited to go than his mom. I am sure winning a moped the first time up there in some raffle helped change his outlook. Quite the coincidence winning the exact moped he had been saving up for.

Since my wife is a stay-at-home mom with no income of her own, I often wondered how my mother-in-law can afford these getaways, as she works as a secretary for the public school administer. My father-in-law has a decent job working as a supervisor at the local factory but has the reputation of being very tight with money.

As for me, I am a manufacture's rep, which puts me on the road about ten days each month. Since this puts me out of town over the weekend, I usually pick the weekend they will be gone. I cover a five state area so I log quite a few miles on my car in that ten days. I am my own boss and since I now have a well-established list of clients, it's pretty routine. I have made some good contacts of all kinds and as a salesman, I have learned what it takes to keep each customer happy. Some like concert tickets, some sports events, some just a business dinner out at a nice restaurant (my treat of course).

One of my regulars though likes porn. Not just looking at it, but actually recording his own experiences, all with hidden cameras. Over the years he has given me quite a few pictures and movies. Having never been married or even dated anyone seriously, Joe's theory was it was cheaper and easier to just go with professionals. When he first told me this, he apparently saw the look of "no way would I ever pay for it" on my face because he was quick to point out that with the ring on my finger, I was already paying dearly for it. Unless I strayed and risked losing everything in a divorce, I was also stuck with the same-ole same-hole (his words โ€“ not mine). I tried not to judge and I always accepted his "gifts", which sometimes I would actually check out before getting rid of the evidence. I sure didn't want my Same-ole Same-hole to find it.

Lately Joe had fallen in with a group of guys who shared his tastes and apparently the kinkier the better. He was pretty excited when he presented me with the movie his group of five made with a very pregnant housewife. Apparently $5k in cash bought three hours of fun.

I have to admit I was intrigued on my last trip as Joe couldn't even wait to get our real business out of the way before telling of his group's latest party. It seems they found a family of three; a grandmother, a mother, and a son and it was the best tie he had ever had. When I mentioned how that must have cost them he just laughed and said that was just icing on the cake; they only charged $1k for all night. As if to make sure I had no doubts, he told me how they brought family pictures of when they were younger to show they were indeed family. He went on to say how they looked enough alike that no one doubted them anyway, but apparently past clients had questioned them and this was their way of showing that they were indeed who they said they were. It was when he started to describe them that I started to feel an odd sensation over-come me. He proceeded to tell me how grandma was a red-head with soccer-ball size jugs, mom was a blonde, while smaller in stature, still stacked, while the son was 13 or 14 with blonde hair and dark blue eyes like his mom and grandma.

I had to tell myself it couldn't be. What are the odds. Sure, my wife, her mom, and my son had weekend getaways each month, but ... no way. They went to St. Louis โ€“ not Kansas City. When I asked him when all this happened and he said one month ago, in fact it was the Saturday after I was last there, I actually felt light-headed. No way. Just a coincidence. But wait, I always assumed they went to St. Louis because that is where they went that first time way back when. I realize that it had been years since they actually said where they are going. I always assumed it was St. Louis, because they never said otherwise.

We didn't even get through our meeting before I begged off. I truly was feeling ill. He was nice enough to reschedule for the following morning when I assured him I just needed some sleep. So with movie in hand, I made my way to a hotel room.

I sat in the hotel room just staring at the CD case for over two hours. I jumped when my cell rang. It was my wife. As usual, she was calling to see if I would be home that night. On rare occasions, I came home if my schedule changed. Hearing her voice seemed so normal yet so surreal. It was at that moment that it all clicked. I no longer had any doubt that it would be her on that movie. Her and her mom and ... our son. Things were coming into focus. Why had I not questioned how close my son and his mom had become since that first trip together. Why did I not notice that she no longer had to nag him to do his homework or clean his room? Why did I not notice how my wife now calls me each night to see if I will make it home? A moment of clarity if you will. I hung up my cell only after a minute or so. She seemed to buy my not feeling well.

OMG, was this the answer to all that phone sex? Even though she had rejected it after a couple tries a few years earlier (it left her too horny and unsatisfied), she recently had a renewed interest in phone sex. It was not uncommon for me to get a late night call, and I was impressed by her enthusiasm and how much she was into it. I should have realized from all those muffled sounds and her often times incoherent speech. I was listening to my son fuck his mom while she talked to me โ€“ all masked as phone sex.

Looking back, my wife was against me going into business on my own. Too much travel involved, she said. I assumed it was giving up my safe and secure job. In the end it was what I wanted so she gave in. Now that I look back, it was around that time that her and her mom started their weekend getaways. Was this her way of me being gone so much? Did she need sex that much? She was smart enough not to fool around in our small town. Everyone would know in short order. The more I thought about it, the more it all fell into place.

When the movie finally popped up on my computer screen, I was void of all emotion as I saw my mother-in-law step into this strange hotel room, followed by my wife and my son. The low-cut, tight fitting dresses the two women wore made it clear why they were there.

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