David and His Slaves
Chapter 1: Introduction

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, First, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introduction - A boy blackmail's his sister, her friends and other women into becoming his slaves.

Things are set in motion

When David first planed to spy on his sister Cheryl he figured he would, at most, get a peek at her tits and ass and maybe her pussy. What he got was a treasure trove that included not only his sister, but her best friend, Theresa, and their best friend, Chris. Cheryl was about 2 years older than David, of average height, thin and with absolutely no figure. David knew this because some time earlier he and his best friend, Randy, Theresa's brother, had convinced the girls to show them their pussys if the boys would show them their dicks. How they convinced them is anybody's guess, though, years later, as David thought about it, it occurred to him that it may have been the girl's idea.

The day it happened Theresa was over for a sleep over. Theresa was bigger than Cheryl, in several ways. She was a bit taller, heavier, though not fat, and definitely rounder with a set of tits that, while not huge, were definitely bigger than Cheryl's. In any case, it was agreed that the girls would show the boys their pussys and the boys would show the girls their dicks, and a plan was agreed upon. Cheryl had a small walk in closet in her room. It was decided upon that, one at a time, the girls would go into the closet and each boy would join the girl in the closet individually where he would pull the girl's pants and panties down and get to look at her pussy. Later the boys would go into the bathroom and pull out their dicks for the girls to see.

Theresa went into the closet first, to be joined by her brother, Randy. When Randy came out, David went in. Faced with the prospect of actually pulling down Theresa's pants and panties, David chickened out. Instead, he merely put his hand down her panties and felt her pussy. He found out a bit later that Randy had chickened out as well. Then it was Cheryl's turn in the closet. Cheryl had always been a bit shy, and very modest, and tried to back out. However, when Theresa told her that the boys had only felt her up, she relented and went into the closet. David and Randy, meanwhile, had gotten their heads together and decided to "pull a fast one" on Cheryl. Since she had originally agreed to let the boys pull down her pants and panties and look at her bare pussy, the boys decided that they would do exactly that. Again, Randy went in first. David felt his heart beat faster in a mix of nervousness and anticipation as he waited for Randy to come out.

In a few minutes, though it felt longer, Randy came out with a smile on his face and signaled David that he could go in. David felt his palms sweating as he entered the small closet and came face to face with his sister. David could hardly believe that in a few moments, if he didn't chicken out, he would be face to face, as it were, with his first naked pussy, and it would be that of his sister. Absently, he wondered if Randy actually did it or if he chickened out again. His hands trembled as he knelt in front of his sister and reached out and, taking both her pants and panties together, pulled them down to the floor. Cheryl stood there, her hands grabbing her elbows behind her as if fighting with herself to keep from covering up, which she probably was, her naked pussy exposed to David's prying eyes. The thin, dark blond hair that covered her pussy did nothing to hide her pussy lips from David's gaze.

Later, after both David and Cheryl had come out of the closet, it was revealed that the boys had, indeed, pulled Cheryl's pants and panties down and seen her pussy. Theresa, either because she was a good sport, or because she felt guilty because she hadn't had to expose herself when Cheryl had, or for some other reason, decided to let the boys see her pussy as well. She pulled down her pants and panties, even going so far as to remove them completely and climbed up on Cheryl's window seat and spread her legs, allowing both the boys, and Cheryl as well if she cared to look, a clear view of her exposed pussy. Both of the boys came in close for a good look as she held her legs open for them. With permission from her, they even grew bold enough to touch it, spreading the lips open to get a glimpse of her clit.

That was the one, and only time that David saw his sister's pussy. He did get a glimpse or two of her tits when they were camping with the family. On those occasions Cheryl usually went in first to get ready for bed. When she was finished, she climbed up into her bed and pulled the curtains and then David came in to get ready. However, once in a while, David was able to convince her to let him go first. On those occasions, David would climb up on Cheryl's bed and close the curtains. David had discovered, however, that if he got right up next to the curtain, being careful not to touch it and give himself away, he could see through it and watch his sister get ready. He often wondered later if Cheryl had also discovered this and been spying on him as he got ready.

Cheryl's other best friend, Chris, was beautiful. Tall and blond with a good figure and great singing voice, she was a member of the "Pantherettes," the local high schools pom pom/dance squad, a member of the choir and had competed in the local beauty pageant. David had once been able to get a clear view of her tits. David, his sister and some of their friends, including Chris, had gone swimming at a local lake on that fateful day. Chris was wearing a bathing suit that she had forgotten that gaped at the top when it got wet, though David wondered later if she hadn't forgotten on purpose. David happened to be lucky enough to be standing right over Chris shortly after she had gotten out of the water when she happened to reach over to get something. As she reached over the top of her suit hung down. David was perfectly positioned to see all of Chris's bare tits. Fortunately for him, Chris didn't seem to realize that she had exposed herself to his prying eyes. It was a sight that David would never forget.

David and Cheryl's bedrooms were upstairs, while their father and mothers room was on the main floor. Several years before, their dad, realizing that they needed more room, had converted the attic into two bedrooms, a half bath and lots of closet space. David knew it well, as he had been made to help. His dad did most of the work, but David had done a lot of sanding. Their beds, to conserve space, and because they had seen it done somewhere else and liked the look, were under the eves. David's door was right at the top of the stairs while Cheryl's was down a small hall past all the closets that had been built. Rather than build a wall from the ceiling to the floor behind the beds, and waste potential storage space, their father had built sliding panels. What Cheryl didn't know was that the wall that separated her room from the closet next to it didn't go all the way into the corner. Instead, it ended at the same place where the sliding panels were, leaving a triangular gap where you could crawl from the closet into the storage place behind Cheryl's bed.

David's plan was simple, make a path back to that area, crawl in, and spy on his sister. It sounded easy but David knew that it wouldn't be. The first problem would be to create a path back to the opening. David took advantage of one of the times he had to come upstairs when the rest of the family was downstairs to poke his head in and take a good look around so that he could plan. The problem was that anyone could come up here looking for something that was stored there, and if there were a visible path it would be suspicious and people would start asking questions. He got his first chance one day when he was upstairs and his mother called Cheryl to come down and help get dinner ready. It wasn't hard. All he had to do was move one box here, another there. Move one from this stack to that stack, and soon he had a series of places where he could step over things to small areas that had been cleared. That got him to the back where it was a simple process of pushing things forward a bit so that he could crawl back to the opening. The first stage was accomplished.

The second part was trickier. He had to make sure that he could get through the storage area under the eves without disturbing the things to much and he had to make sure that he could see in when, and where, he wanted to. The first he could handle any time that Cheryl would not be upstairs for a while. If she heard David working in there she would become suspicious and that would be the end of his plan, and probably a lot of trouble from his parents as well. It took him a bit but the first part was accomplished with a minimum of difficulty. Part of spying into Cheryl's room involved opening the sliding panels just a bit in certain places, but that would only get him so far.

David got lucky. Next Saturday there occurred one of those rare occasions when David had the house completely to him self for some time. His dad had gone to the hardware store for something, which in David's experience meant that he would be gone for at least an hour or more. His mom had gone to the grocery store, at least another hour, and Cheryl was off somewhere and wouldn't be back for the rest of the afternoon. As soon as they were all gone David rushed down to his dad's workshop and got his drill. Carefully he drilled some holes in strategic places where his sister wouldn't notice them. Just as carefully he cleaned up after himself and put the drill back in place. Everything was ready. Now all he had to do was wait for his chance.

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