The Straw Woman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Clergy, Public Sex, Violent, Transformation, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A quiet little village that seemed so normal on the surface. A curse by a long-lived witch against her own sister caught stealing her lover away. An innocent young witch caught in a web of evil intent. Which way will she go. Will she follow the dictates of the Prince of Darkness or will she follow her own heart and develop her powers without the help of Satan?

Rumors are a funny business.

Nobody ever knew where they actually start and how many times the basic facts are changed by the ears and mouth of the hearer of the story.

Upper Granville was a place where rumors had been the principle method of spreading the news about important happenings for a very long time. The system was both familiar and well-respected to the old-timers living in Upper Granville. Some of the newly arrived in the area were not happy about the lack of a dependable newspaper to inform the citizenry of important events that had taken place or were about to take place in the normally quiet and serene rural setting.

Those recalcitrant newcomers were deemed troublemakers and ignored by the rank and file.

The major industries of the quiet little village on the edge of the more progressive urban center and suburban strip areas were agricultural, of course, and the making of fine furniture. Some of the oldest families in Upper Granville were involved in the furniture making trade and had been for several generations. The most famous furniture maker, "The Granville Furniture Company" was at the forefront of the pack for over a hundred years until the entire affair was burned down in the terrible blaze of "04" actually, 1904 to be more exact. The craftsmen resident in and around Upper Granville were fortunate to be on the river that carried the logs from the forest tracts right into their well-maintained lumber mill that produced the wood products needed to create furniture masterpieces. I should hasten to add that there is no Lower Granville or even a Granville itself because the entire collection of habitation melded together over time without rhyme or reason and took the name of Upper Granville because it just sounded more genteel.

The only Granville left in the village now was Granny Granville who was reputed to have practiced some sort of witchcraft in her early years after graduating from the distant University that awarded her a degree in English Literature. The glory days of furniture making had lost their glow now what with the import of cheap but functional products from Asia and Eastern Europe.

The long entranceway into Granny Granville's estate was lined with various farming implements and a particularly impressive straw figure sitting high on a cross tree hacked from virgin wood. It was difficult to tell if the figure was male or female but the feminine hat and the long fingernails made of an undetermined material indicated it was intended to be of the female persuasion. Some folks said,

"That's Granny Granville's sister up there. She annoyed old Granny when she stole her gentleman away just because she liked to be as bad as any female can ever manage."

It was true that the straw figure up on the cross resembled old Granny more than most folks would like to speculate. The children passing on their way to school sort of ran by the thing and never looked up because their parents told them if the horrible thing ever caught any unsuspecting soul's eye it would switch places with him or her and they would have to spend the remainder of their days looking down in agony.

Bonnie Knightley was considered to be a problem child. At least, that is what her teachers and the minister down at the Abbey wrote in their diaries monitoring such things in the eventuality of some future dire happening. If the truth be known, young eighteen year old Bonnie was a bit of a dreamer and not prone to listening to silly rumors or whispers behind her back. In fact, her family was resident in the valley long before the first Granville ever showed up with their notions of starting the first furniture factory. The Knightley's were farming folk and keep to the old ways as many in the district were wont to do.

The young girl was fair of face and figure but the young lads kept their distance because it was said,

"She's got the evil eye!"

In retrospect, it was probably just the jealous accusations of a less attractive schoolmate seeking to remove competition before she gained a foothold scouting about in the meager fold of handsome male bachelors. Whatever the initial reason, Bonnie was outside the circle of "normal" society in the scattered environs and cared not a whit about what others thought about her. She was caught up in the reading of dubious compositions of a licentious nature thought to be an instrument of the Devil. The silly females with their focus on matters well below their waistline would stare at her and chant with mean-spirited intent,

"Satan is a-waitin for you!"

The young girl just shrugged off their animosity and went about her business with little concern about their meddlesome ways.

Bonnie was disturbed from her reading activities to deliver a basket of fresh brown eggs to Granny Granville's mansion at the specific instruction from her impoverished mother who sold her wares to anyone with coins regardless of their lineage or reputation. She didn't overly mind the distraction because it would allow her to mingle with the young stable hands that were mostly from an outside manor. Her youth and good looks were more appreciated by males with little knowledge or concern about her reputation for connections to the prince of darkness.

The straw woman looked down and saw the light-footed approach of a young girl with the look of an unsuspecting disciple. She had been relegated to the watch for so long that it was difficult to recall the original purpose of her sentinel duty. Her disgustingly determined sister had cast her into the realm of disregard like a sack of kittens into a stream of running water. She tried to remember her incantations but they escaped her wandering thoughts. She had been far too long in this land of the living dead.

The girl was coming closer now.

"Oh, magnificent one, fill your unworthy servant with the spell of transmutation and allow my escape from this desolate existence. I will be your tool in recruiting new followers to do your bidding at every opportunity. Please give me one last chance!"

Bonnie paused briefly under the shadow of the hanging straw woman. For some unavoidable reason, she looked up into the straw woman's featureless face with the strong winter sun acting as a halo about the obscene eclipse.

She placed the basket of eggs safely on the ground and felt herself floating on air being sucked into a black hole of no return. After that, she had no cognitive thoughts at all except a sincere dislike for the birds that insisted on dirtying her faded clothing.

The vilest of the Granville sisters was once again in the human form of a young woman. She considered the basket of brown eggs at her feet. She remembered that she really hated eggs and most especially, brown ones. She knew her name. She knew she was headed to the Granville mansion and she knew that she was still a virgin for some strange and unbelievable reason. The re-born "Bonnie" looked up at the straw woman and smiled with terrible haunting malevolence.

It was time for this body to be initiated into the reason for existence. She needed to find the first virile male available so she could rid it of its pathetic wrappings of virginal innocence.

The drab grey bulk of stone and glass was surrounded by "gardens" that were more like forgotten weed patches rather than scenic displays of floral arrangements. The large inner cobblestone courtyard was bordered on one side by a stable of some considerable dimension and bustling activity. Bonnie could see the animals shuffling in their stalls. Some were the riding stock and other were the work animals that kept the farm in positive cash flow rather than marching into financial ruin like so many other family-owned enterprises.

The courtyard was speckled here and there with the horse's offerings of valuable fertilizer periodically scooped up by an old woman with no smile and a wheelbarrow that had seen a better day. The old lady looked at Bonnie with an inquisitive glance but seeing the eggs in her basket lost interest in her for the more important task at hand. They all thought she was crazy to volunteer for the duty but the crafty old woman knew each heavy load represented "gold" to her customers who needed nutrients to spruce up their flowers and vegetables.

Two of the young lads lounging against the stable wall on a bench of questionable stability ventured to approach her and ask,

"What might a pretty young thing like you be doing here at this out of the way corner of hell?"

Bonnie smiled as brightly as she could because the images of what these boys were nesting under their rough clothing grated on her passion like fodder to a restless beast.

"My name is Bonnie and I am bringing these quality eggs for the cook's consideration. My mother has done business with the kitchen staff before and we save all the brown eggs for your table. Everyone knows they have certain medicinal benefits. You boys look like they feed you well here at the Granville estate. My own neighborhood is fearsome short of handsome strapping chaps of your physique."

The two young men preened visibly at the compliment and one of them even ventured a motion toward his crotch as if to advertise its prowess. Bonnie could not help but follow his hand to the destination and contemplate on the meaning of the visible bulge growing with each passing moment. The other young lad who made haste to introduce himself as "Ralph" was a bit on the shy side which immediately endeared him to the straw woman for her own nefarious reasons and also to the remnants of Bonnie's persona that saw him as a desirable applicant for spousal contentment.

The young girl allowed the two men to lead her to the back of the stable where they commenced to investigate the goodies under her simple garments knowing she was inclined to allow all manner of liberties seldom seen in a predominantly male environment.

The boisterous lad called "Tommy" was a bit rough and rude in his handling of the egg vendor's feminine delights, but the shy young man called Ralph was noticeably more circumspect in his handling of Bonnie's generously proportioned breasts and her sturdy flanks.

The farm girl was conflicted because her naturally delicate behavior as the innocent little Bonnie was uncomfortable with the straw woman's decadent desire to experience rough use of her attributes. She was able to reconcile the contrast in attitude by taking the middle ground in the tableau and voicing displeasure beyond a certain point of indelicate exploration. The two sex-starved males were so happy to have any bones tossed their way that they seemed satisfied with her limited favors hoping to convince her to greater participation at a later date.

The straw woman was incensed at Bonnie's reluctance to spread her legs at her commands and wondered how the girl was able to resist her takeover of her bodily functions and granting of sexual favors. Slowly she accepted the fact that the girl had powers of her own that in many ways were superior to her own gifts and she relaxed enough to see where they would go as an equal partnership.

Bonnie delivered the eggs to the cook and received three coins of appropriate value. She knew the coins would delight her mother and hopefully preclude a spanking for being tardy.

She could see old Granny Granville shouting some sort of vicious nonsense in the main hall of the massive structure but made no effort to get any closer. Bonnie was curious, but the straw woman knew her sister was far too perceptive to risk such proximity. Even at that distance, she saw the old woman lift her head up in the air and sniff in every direction like she was some sort of hunting hound hot on the track of elusive prey.

Bonnie took her leave of the Granville mansion but not before she made arrangements with the handsome Ralph to meet the following Sunday near the local chapel. He was hot to meet her but reluctant to commit to actually going inside a place of worship.

The straw woman thought it to be an excellent plan but Bonnie had some fantasies of being joined in matrimony at the chapel's tiny alter. It was enough to almost make the straw woman gag in disgust but she was wise enough to bide her time.

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