A Halloween Redemption

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Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - This isn't your typical Halloween horror story. *** Ten years ago, Robby was betrayed on Halloween. Will he get a second chance? And what's her story? *** Book One of "A Halloween Redemption." *** Nominated for "Best Erotic Fantasy Story" and "Epic Erotic Story of the Year" in the 2014 Golden Clitorides.

He hated Halloween.

Not because he thought it was a Pagan celebration, or because it pandered to commercialism, or even because it encouraged the destruction of young kids' teeth.

No, he hated Halloween because it had been the night of his greatest humiliation.

Robby was going to a costume party with his long-time girlfriend, Patty. They had been friends since about the fourth grade, and going steady since his sophomore year in high school. She was one year behind him and a senior in high school now, and he was a freshman at the community college. He was putting in a year there so that they could go to the same college when she graduated. His eventual plans were to earn his MBA degree and get a job with an accounting firm in the city.

His best friend, Gerry, was also going to the community college, although his plans were less structured. He was thinking of just getting his degree locally and joining his father at his business. Gerry and Robby had met in the sixth grade when Gerry's family had moved into the neighborhood. When his father's business started flourishing, they were able to buy a house and move out of his mother's parents' house.

The three of them became fast friends after that. They did everything together. For the eighth grade dance, the boys both took Patty as their date and had a blast together. It was after that, though, that Robby started looking at Patty with different eyes. It wasn't until she joined them at the high school that things had really changed. Patty had blossomed, and Robby couldn't keep his eyes off her. It seemed only logical for him to ask her out, officially, and they became a couple. Gerry didn't seem to mind, but Robby noticed that Gerry stopped hanging out as much. When Gerry started dating some of their classmates, things evened out; the three of them, four counting Gerry's current girlfriend, got together more often.

Like tonight, for example. Robby was driving, so he was going over to Patty's house to pick her up, along with Gerry and his date. They'd planned on leaving Gerry's car at the house and traveling all together to the party. On his way to collect everyone, Robby noticed a young woman dressed as a scalawag stomping angrily along the sidewalk as he neared Patty's home.

He turned into the driveway and shut off his car. Getting out of his car, he decided to leave the plastic foil that was part of his costume in the car. He was dressed as a Musketeer, preferring to think of himself as the dashing D'Artagnan rather than one of the original three. Patty was dressing as one of the ladies-in-waiting from the same era. Robby didn't know what Gerry was going as โ€“ probably a pirate again, like the last few years. Robby admitted to himself that the costumes were getting better each year as Gerry got more sophisticated.

He was on the walk leading to Patty's front door when it opened, and Patty herself came out. He stopped on the walk and looked at her. The lamp beside the walk showed her forlorn look and the tears streaking her cheeks, dripping to the front of her bodice. He noticed rather distractedly that the outfit seem to fit her a little more snugly than when they'd had it fitted. His eyes returned to her face just as she began to speak.

"I'm so sorry, Robby. I didn't know how to tell you ... about what happened." She came to a stammering halt when she saw the confusion on Robby's face. She sobbed hard, once, and then continued.

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it," she sobbed. "I ... I'm pregnant, and, and Gerry's the father."

Robby looked at her, his heart aching in his chest as he looked at the woman he'd planned on marrying, when the time was right. He thought to himself that now the time would never be right. He felt a tear glide down his own cheek, not realizing until then that he, too, was crying.

Movement by the door drew his attention, and he glanced up to see Gerry behind Patty. He stood there, his hip cocked, his arms crossed on his chest, with a smirk on his face. Robby felt his brow furrow as he frowned and looked back at Patty. She simply stood there with her arms hanging by her side, clenching and unclenching her hands. She looked into his eyes and flinched at what she saw there.

"Say something, Robby. Please," she pled, hoping for something, some reaction to her betrayal. Gerry snorted in the background. Robby lifted his eyes to Gerry.

"I trusted you," he stated in a flat, gray tone. "I thought you were my friend." The smirk left Gerry's face and he shuffled his feet, dropping his arms.

Robby brought his eyes back to Patty. "And I trusted you, too." She blanched at the dispassionate tone of his voice. Unsaid โ€“ but not unheard โ€“ and I thought you loved me hung in the air. The pain in his chest forced more tears from his eyes.

As he began to turn away, he saw Patty's mom standing in the doorway, her arms very firmly crossed beneath her breasts with a look of profound disappointment on her face. "Gerald," she said, "I think you better go home tonight. We'll talk about this in the morning. Your parents are waiting to talk to you." She turned away, closing the door behind her.

Despite hearing muffled sobs coming from behind him as he got into his car, he steadfastly refused to look over to his former friends. He knew what he'd see: Patty in Gerry's arms, seeking comfort against the coming storm. One thing he knew for certain: he wouldn't be a part of that storm. His role was finished. He and Patty had been waiting for the right time to be each others first. He refused to think about what it had taken for Gerry to be there instead. Or why.

He started the car and pulled out into the street. As he drove away, he caught the front door opening out of the corner of his eye. He looked away so that he wouldn't have to see more. He didn't want to see if they embraced one more time.

He passed the same lady pirate he had seen on the way in and wondered briefly what her story was. He decided that he didn't care enough to speculate and continued on his way home. He pulled into his driveway no more than a half hour after he'd first left. He put the car in park and sat for a moment, trying to calm his whirling thoughts and get a grip on the sea change that had entered his life.

The porch light on the front of the house came on, and his mother stepped out into the light to see who was there. She was wearing her usual floral print house dress, with an apron that she was using to wipe flour off her hands. She must have been baking something, he thought. He turned off the ignition and stepped out of his car.

"Robby?" his mother called out. "You're home early. Is everything all right?"

He hung his head as he trudged up the slate-paved walkway. He had no idea how he was going to explain this to his mother. She had already picked out the pattern for the wedding china. He decided to just blurt it out, like tearing a band-aid off a cut.

"Patty broke up with me tonight, Mom," Robby said, holding back the sob that suddenly threatened to break loose. His throat burned from holding back his tears.

"What? Why would she do that?" his mother cried out. "What did you do?" Her sudden attack tripped the anger that had been building in his chest since he'd left Patty's. Instead of crying, now he wanted to rage.

"I didn't do anything, Mother," he ground out through gritted teeth. "She went and got herself pregnant by another man. I think that qualifies as a breakup, don't you?" He pushed past her in his deliberate rush to get to his room, so he could shut his door and mourn in peace. He should have known better.

"Young man! You stop right there!" Robby heard the creak of his father getting up from his lounger in the living room. The sound of the TV snapping off echoed from the room, and his father appeared in the entryway.

"What do you mean, she's pregnant? How could that happen?" she asked, her voice tinged with distress.

"The usual way, I suspect, Mother," he snapped back. "It just wasn't with me."

"You weren't looking after her needs, Robert?" she queried. Robby's mouth hung open when he realized what she meant. His humiliation was reaching new levels. His own mother had expected him to be having sex with Patty. "Does she at least know who the father is?" she finished up with.

"Martha!" Robby's dad rapped out. "That's enough!"

"But, George..." she whined.

"Enough, Mother!" Robby yelled back. "It was Gerry, okay? Remember him?" His humiliation was now complete.

Her confused visage was more than he could take, and with a sob of grief, he turned and fled to his room. Before he got the door to his room shut, he heard his father defending him.

"Martha, she cheated on him! How do you think he feels? How do you think I would feel if I came home..." He closed the door before his father could finish what he was saying.

Robby would never look at Halloween the same way again.

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