A Husband's Mistake
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Revenge, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When the husband makes a mistake, how will the wife respond?

"Hon, why do you have to wear that?" asked my husband as I was walking down the stairs.

"Because your family dresses up for these kinds of parties except for you" I replied.

I am wearing a summer dress that stops at my knees. It is loose and flows. The dress covers my chest and shows a little bit of cleavage. My brown hair is lying natural and comes down to my shoulders.

"And because I know you like it" I say seductively to my husband, as I flash him my panties. He didn't even look up from the television. Great I thought to myself, it's going to be one of those days.

I love my husband and married him when we were young out of high school. Henry was the star QB and got a scholarship to college for football. But during his junior year in college he had gotten injured and couldn't play anymore. He had lost his scholarship and became in denial about his injury. Luckily his family is well off and continues to pay for him to go to school. I say continue because he still hasn't finished his degree.

I have finished my degree in business and he is still trying to figure out what he wants to do. What he has been doing the last three years is been catching up on partying since he didn't do that when he was playing football. He is staying out late, while I'm working. His family is supporting us also while I am trying to save money to get us in a better situation.

The partying has also made him out of shape. He is 6'2 and now has a beer belly compared to his washboard abs and strong chest when we married. He has gotten chunky in the face and has a scratchy beard. I can stand him out of shape, but I don't know how much more I can take without him showing my some attention. Could he be cheating on me? I have thought to myself before.

I walk to the front door and slip on my pair of white flats.

"Are you ready?" he yells up the stairs.

"Yes, I'm right here by the door" I say.

"Why didn't you say anything?" as he gets up and walks towards me in his jeans, sneakers and t-shirt.

"Well I tried to show you something" I said with a smile, my hand was down by my hem of my skirt.

"What is it babe? I can't wait to get there and eat and see everyone" he said as he walked by me out the door. I turned and let out a sigh of disappointment. This wasn't the first time he seemed to be ignoring me, and it seems to have been happening more often. I locked the door and walked towards the car and go in.

We are going to his brother's going away party for college at his parent's house. His younger brother Mark had a scholarship for engineering.

"Who's going to be there?" I ask while riding, trying to talk to Henry.

"The usual, Mom and Dad, Mark, and Erika" Erika is his sister who just finished her freshman year of college. She is a pretty girl but she has had the silver spoon in her mouth ever since birth, being the only girl. Mark was kind of a nerd, he didn't really go out to any parties that I knew of or played sports, but he is a smart kid. He works hard for his grades.

"Here we are" Henry said as he pulled into his parent's place. It was a big place, 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, with a nice backyard. We get out of the car and walk to the door. His brother opens the door; Mark is wearing khakis and a button down shirt. Henry ruffles his hair and I give him a hug, "Hey Mark, congratulations".

"Thanks" he says with an awkward smile.

We walk into the kitchen and see everyone else around the drink table. His Dad Mike, Mom JoAnn and sister with a friend of hers, were all talking. Mike was wearing a tie and khakis, JoAnn had on a light blue dress with heels, and Erika and her friend had on similar outfits, black miniskirts and white blouses, with black high heels.

Henry walked up behind Erika and gave her a hug, lifting her up. When he spun her around my mouth dropped, it wasn't Erika, it was her friend. "Put Aly down" chirped Erika as she hit him on the arm. Both Henry and Aly were red in the face.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were my sister, you look a lot alike from behind" he said as he extended his hand to shake it, "I'm Henry, I don't think we have meet officially yet"

"I'm Aly" she said with a smile on her face.

Their hands lingered in one another for a bit longer than I had wanted them to.

"Can I get you a drink?" I hear from behind me. It was Mark, the face of shock still on my face.

"A glass of wine please will be fine" I replied. Mark went towards the table and I didn't know what to do. JoAnn walked up to me and broke me out of my state of mind, "Hi there, Bri how are you doing?"

I clear my throat and begin to make small talk with her. The doorbell rings and it is more relatives of Henry, Aunts and Uncles and cousins. Once everyone arrives we eat food and celebrate with a cake. The afternoon continues into the evening as the party begins to wear down. The little kids are running around in the backyard trying to avoid their parents from having to leave. I am sitting and talking with Erika.

"You have a hot date tonight?" I ask her.

"No Aly and I are dressed like this because we are going out dancing, why don't you come with us?" she asks me.

"Oh no, I need to relax tomorrow before work starts again, it's been real stressful lately" I tell her.

"We are going downtown to meet some other girlfriends and then hopefully meet some guys" she tells me. As Aly walks by me indoors, shortly after Henry walks by.

"Hey babe, can you get me another glass of wine?" I ask him, "yea yea" he replies.

"I got to go" Erika says as she is texting on her phone, "Looks like Aly has a guy lined up already".

"Okay, have fun" I tell her as she hurries off. The party has died and now it was just me and Henry's parents cleaning up and Mark. I was waiting thinking to myself where is Henry? It has been at least ten minutes now. I had to pee.

I walk inside to go to the bathroom and I see Aly walk out of the bathroom, she is adjusting her skirt and standing in front of the door.

"You might want to give this one a minute or two" she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Alright, thanks" I said as I walk to the bathroom downstairs. Mark's room was in the basement.

"Mark, I'm coming down to use the bathroom" I announce myself as I walk into the basement.

"Okay" I hear from his room.

I finish up in the bathroom and check in on Mark.

"Hey what are you doing?" he was playing video games on his television.

"I'm playing Mario Kart, do you want to play? He asks.

"No thanks, I am trying to find your brother have you seen him?"

"Yea he went out with Erika and Aly dancing." He said.

"He did what?" as my phone vibrates and it shows a text from Henry.

Went out with my sis, she needed a driver don't wait up.

"Okay I'm got next game" I say as I sit down next to him on the edge of his bed.

We play a game and he wins. "C'mon you don't go easy when you playing with girls?" I ask him,

"Nope" he replied with a smile.

"Alright now it's on" I say as I remove my flats.

"Mark your Mom and I will be back we'll call you later" I hear his dad yell from upstairs and the door slamming. We continue to play the game.

"So are you worried about Henry?" he asks.

"Should I be?"

"You know, flirting with other girls?"

"What? He knows what he is doing" I reply, I can feel Mark's leg shaking the bed as we are talking.

"HE knows what he is doing, do you?"

"Like what?" I ask.

"Like going out with Erika and her friends, they are in the same class together so they talk to each other every day." He tells me.

I don't respond and think why he is telling me this. Is this the reason why Mark has been out late? I knew he partied but was it with Erika and her friends? Could he been lying to me all this time? I feel Mark's foot touch onto my bare foot, I ignore it at first, then he starts to rub against my foot. "Are you playing footsie with me?"

"No" he moves his foot back and coughs. I smile.

"I Win!" I said I had won the race. I got to my feet and started to jump up and down. I turn towards Mark's and taunt him.

"Lucky" he said as he rolls over onto his bed.

"Don't be such a bad sport" I tell him. I sit down next to him trying to cheer him up. He doesn't respond.

"Oh I almost forgot we got you a gift for you in the car, I'll be right back" I said as I got up. I walk upstairs and out to the car to get the gift. I retrieve it and start walking back downstairs. The door to Mark's room was shut but not all the way. I push the door open to see what he was doing. He had one of my flats to his nose and the other on his dick that was pulled out. I back away and begin to think in shock. What to do. I silently walk upstairs to the drinks. I think to myself what a kink Mark is. I pour a shot.

"Fuck it" I said as I slammed the shot. If Henry gets to have fun so do I.

I walk back downstairs towards Mark's room. "I'm back Mark, I know this will cheer you up." I say before getting to the door. I open the door and see him jump into his bed cover up and roll over again.

"Here you go" as I gave him his gift. It was a book signed by his favorite author. He opened it and replied with thanks, without even turning over.

"Fine then I need another drink, do you want one?"

"I'm not old enough"

"No one else is here I won't tell" I assure him as I place my hand on his leg.

"Fine" I hear from him.

"Great let me get my shoes on" as I reach down for them and place them on. My left toes feel a wet liquid spot in the sole. It must have been his pre cum. "I'll see you up there" I said as I got up and walked upstairs.

I got upstairs and poured two more shots. Mark finally came up and stood next to me. I began to move my foot in and out of my flat, rubbing it on my ankle. I could see Mark's eyes jet down to the floor then back to my face. We take the shots "To you" I toast he coughs after his shot. I begin to pour another.

"One more to stop the burning" I say. We click the glasses. And take it down. I move from around the counter and sit on the couch and cross my leg. I begin to dangle my flat.

"Can you bring me some wine?" I ask him. I begin to swing my entire leg more now as he approaches with the wine. His eyes can't stop focusing on my shoe.

"Thanks" I say as I look at his bulge in his pants. Mark turns back to the counter to hide. I continue to make small talk and dangle my shoe. Mark keeps me company behind the counter. I think to myself Mark doesn't look bad at all, he is only a little bit skinny. He is 6'0 with dark hair. I finish my glass of wine and tell myself now is the time to make my move. I get up from the couch and walk towards the counter.

"So Mark, do you have a girlfriend?" I ask him leaving so he can peek down my dress.


"Why not, Erika has a lot of friends doesn't she?"

"Yea but they are all too pretty like you"

I blush and flick my hair behind my ear.

"You think I'm pretty?" I ask as I walk towards his side of the counter.

"Uh well I mean..." I am looking up at him he is nervous. I brush my hand against his bulge in his pants. Damn that is big I think to myself as I feel it growing. I stand on my tip toes, my heels popping out of my flats. I kiss Mark's lips and he pulls away quickly.

"Bri I don't know if we should do this."

"Do what?" I ask. "I am just thanking you for the compliment, and for telling me about Henry". I walk back to the couch and sit down. This time with my legs open a little. Mark is still in shock, I gesture with my finger to come sit by me. He walks over, he doesn't bother to hid his bulge. I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. "Holy shit, that is huge". Mark's cock was huge, I couldn't fit my hand around it. My fingernails traced over his cock. It jumped with the sensation of my touch. I began to lean forward to put it in my mouth but then we heard the garage door opening.

"Shit" Mark said as he stuffed his cock in his pants and ran downstairs, as I sat up and straightened out my clothes. Then JoAnn walked in looking sad.

"Henry's been in an accident" she said.

I stand up and help her to the sofa. She tells me what happens. Henry was drunk and hit another car she told me. I began to tear up and excused myself to the bathroom. I close the door and sit on the toilet and start to cry. I wipe my tears away and through my sobbing eyes I see a pair of panties underneath a towel and a pair of socks. "That mother fucker" I say to myself. Aly was trying to keep me out of this bathroom for a reason I thought to myself. The socks were Henry's, I knew this because I did his laundry and these socks had some hole in them. I stormed out of the bathroom and drove home.

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