Sophia's Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, Revenge, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Harem, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a different genre for Harry Lime. It is an attempt at Erotic Historical Romance. Wrote it a few months ago but wanted to put it on this site to get some perspective on reader reaction. Please vote if you have time so I can judge if I should continue writing in this genre.

This chapter introduces the characters and it begins in England at the home of the Harrow family. Sophia is returning from a party at the Carstairs Estate and has fallen in love with young Jeffrey Carstairs, the heir apparent of the Carstairs fortune. She has no idea that the young man is already betrothed to marry Priscilla Honeywell in Trent on Avon, a town much distant from the home of young Jeffrey. She conveys her feelings to Polly the maid because she has nobody else to talk to about these sudden feelings of love and deeply felt emotion. She tells the young Polly about the taste and feel of young Mister Carstair's tongue on her lips and inside her mouth. She even confides that she managed to explore the full length of his impressive tool with her finger to see how long it really was. They have fun laughing and making up naughty jokes about men taking advantage of defenseless women.

Polly Cox looked out the upstairs window peering down the gravel path in the direction of the main entrance to the Harrows Estate. Neglected trimming of the trees along the path obstructed her view to a great extent but she was intent in her curiosity. The pretty young maid was eager to learn of her mistress, young Miss Sophia Harrow's experiences at the Carstairs Spring dance held annually at their country estate. The Carstairs had the largest estate in the district and Sir Lionel Carstairs was reputed to be the richest man in the entire district.

Polly could make out the cloud of dust kicked up by the horses and carriage returning with Miss Sophia from the party. She wheeled on her heel, lifted her skirts in a manner not prescribed by household etiquette and flew down the spiral staircase to the hallway near the front door. Mrs. Pennypacker, the household manageress frowned at her but did not say anything. Polly was relieved because Mrs. Pennypacker could be right nasty with only half an effort. When Sophia flitted through the front door with a twirling step, the inquisitive young maid noticed the high color in her cheeks and the bounce in her knees that bespoke a recent bout of exciting activities. She could tell right away the young Miss had a fearsomely good time at the dance and she couldn't wait to pump her mistress for all of the juicy details to bring some degree of excitement into her own dreary life.

"Polly, Polly, come upstairs, I have ever so much to tell you and I most certainly am unable to keep it inside me much longer."

Polly followed her young mistress up the spiral staircase to the pink coordinated bedroom designed just for young Sophia. It was much too young for her now since she had already passed her 18th birthday. Still, she felt so comfortable in the familiar surroundings. The beautiful young girl with the auburn curls hopped up on her soft mattress and patted a place for Polly to follow. The shy servant girl was hesitant to be so familiar with her mistress but she knew the bubbly beauty wanted her close company in order to relate her evening's activities in great detail.

In order to get comfortable, Sophia shed her gown and most of her petticoats revealing the sensuous curve of her youthful buttocks. The besmitten Polly let her gaze linger on her mistresses sweet bum cheeks but was far too fearful of the wide gulf separating them in status to reach out and touch them with her loving palms. It was enough just to feel the weight of Sophia's legs resting across her thighs as she undid the hair pins keeping the only daughter of the household in fashionable upswept mode. Polly's pulse was beating like a drum to be so close to the young classic beauty but she was trained well and knew her place.

"Oh, dearest Polly, you have no idea of the splendor of the Carstairs manor. The grounds were most impressive and they even had peacocks in the bushes."

They giggled together at the mention of peacocks because of a silly joke they had shared about the way boys peed right out the end of their long thick cocks. The mention of a roaming peacock brought the picture of a rampant cock directly into their young impressionable female minds. Polly took advantage of the laughter to allow her agitated pubic area come into covert contact with Miss Sophia's knee resting innocently in close proximity. The young servant girl hid her trembling passion as best she could and listened intently to Sophia's narration.

"Everyone of any import was in attendance. I saw Members of Parliament and their ladies. There was even a bishop from Westminster itself. Sir Lionel was resplendent with all of his shining medals from his years serving the King. I believe I was considered one of the most eligible young ladies from the district in a prime status for marital contract. Some of the young men were clearly responsive to my dancing skills and I was able to come into close physical contact with a least a half-dozen randy fellows with impressive packages between their legs. My dear Polly, I met the most delicious young man. His name is Jeffrey and he is the heir of the Carstairs estates. He was wearing his Army uniform and looked ever so gorgeous just standing and talking like a normal person."

Polly interrupted her mistress at this point to ask, "Did you get to touch his "you know what" Mistress Sophia?"

Sophia giggled and pulled Polly's curl-framed face close to hers.

"I did, dear Polly, and it was ever so nice and thick. It was long but not too long so it would cause a girl some distress when fully inserted."

Polly was rubbing her little button as Sophia related her story of the dance and her meeting with Jeffrey Carstairs. She was in such an agitated state that her flushed face and excitement infected Sophia as well and she didn't object at all when her maid cupped her breast in her soft gentle hand. In fact, it spurred Sophia to continue her story with more concentrated emotion and her words were laden with passion.

"He covered me with his golden low voice and his smile made me quiver like a silly schoolgirl down there. Then, he insisted we tour the grounds and he took me to the hanging garden with all those secret little nooks and hiding places. I am ashamed to admit I let him pop out my little boobs to inspect with his gentlemanly fingers. When he saw I was fair panting for him to continue, he lifted my skirts and roamed all over my undies with his hands. I was a "good girl" and didn't let him get inside my bloomers, mind you. I felt badly that I was unable to give him more satisfying succor, so I did take his shaft in hand and gave him a nice tug to make his stuff shoot out half-way across the flower bed. We both laughed at that and I didn't think it was a bad thing at all. In fact, it seemed very much like the right thing to do."

The rapidly breathing Polly was softly caressing Sophia's nipples which were sticking out like hard little buttons. She flicked them and was much tempted to lean down and suck them into her greedy mouth. The temptation was almost overwhelming but she knew it was not her place to take such an aggressive an action.

"Miss Sophia, did he kiss you?"

Sophia looked at her passion-enflamed maid and smiled with a knowing look that was far older than her years.

"Kiss? Did he kiss me? Don't be a foolish girl, Polly! Of course, he kissed me. He kissed my hand, my boob and even my bloomers on the outside. He kissed my neck, my shoulder and every single part of each of my ears. Then, he took possession of my lips and right down into my mouth. He made my mouth his own. The taste of his saliva and his tongue are still with me. He showed me with his tongue exactly what he would do to me with his cock if we were husband and wife. It was so very enjoyable that I managed to have two nice flutters before he released my face."

Polly was in the beginning phase of a nice flutter just listening to her mistresses words. She had one hand between her legs rubbing as hard as possible and the other hand was still busy with Sophia's sweet breast. Sophia covered the hand on her nipple with her own hand just to let Polly know her ministrations were not unwelcome.

"I must ask you, mistress, did he make any proposition or give voice to a desire for closer union?"

Sophia placed her hand on the back of Polly's head and pushed her lips down to her stiff nipple waiting for attention. They both shuddered at the same time when Polly's lips came into contact with Sophia's sensitive breast. Polly could feel her knickers get moist between her legs and she wanted desperately to have a nice hard cock like Jeffrey's available to her touch. At the moment, she was more than satisfied with the feel of Sophia's nubile nipple between her lips.

"We discussed the possibility of continued concert of our physical flesh to expand the merging of our mortal souls together into one single entity."

Polly was a bit confused with the response but assumed it meant that Sophia and Jeffrey were planning to copulate long and hard in the very near future. It was enough to send the poor girl into an almost immediate orgasm with Sophia's pretty nipple still tucked inside her mouth.

"You must never speak of this to anyone, Polly, but I did allow him to mount me on top of my bloomers like I was one of his horses and his weight on my back was so terribly divine. He spilled his seed on my knickers and wiped it off like a perfect gentleman."

Sophia was whimpering a bit now with the continuous friction of Polly's sweet lips on her boob. She patted the obedient girl's head to let her know her efforts were most appreciated.

"We are to meet next weekend at his father's estate and he will show me all around the stable and we will ride across the fields on two of his personal riding horses. You know how much I like to have a mount between my legs."

Polly wiped her saliva off her mistresses boob and asked,

"Will you be needing me for anything further this evening, Miss?"

Sophia fell back onto the soft pillows and slowly removed her remaining undies. Now she was totally naked from the waist down. She lay back on the soft mattress and spread her pale white legs wide open. The invitation was obvious. There was no need for any further conversation. Polly took the hint immediately. She hastened to the thick wooden door and locked it with the sturdy bolt. Then, she scurried over to the desk and extinguished the three candles flickering in the cool night air. The bedroom was darkened but the outline of Sophia's beautiful legs reflected the magical light from the moon hanging low over the gently rising hills in the distance. Quickly, Polly shed her clothes and her darker sun-tanned skin glistened sensuously in the moonlight as she slid effortlessly between her mistress's legs. She slid forward until her pretty face was pressing with erotic tenderness right into Miss Sophia's nicely trimmed virgin slit.

Sophia sighed with a passion that was bottled up inside her like lava racing to explode from the top of a volcano. She placed her hand on the back of Polly's curls and imagined them to belong to her beloved Jeffrey. Her eyes were squeezed tight now and visions of Jeffrey's face planted hard between her legs made her shudder with delicious anticipation. All she knew was that she had to give her juices to her Jeffrey. She pushed her bottom up high and held Polly's head in tight right against her womanhood until she felt the inescapable flood rise deep inside her vagina. She convulsed for what seemed like forever but was actually measured in a matter of heartbeats.

Polly purred like a kitten with the liquid gift from her mistress. She knew it was time for her to leave and allow the young Miss sufficient night-time hours to dream sweet dreams of her Jeffrey and the promise of his virile young cock in her secret female channels.

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