Lily's Blossom (Seductive Submission 1)
Chapter 1: A Turn of Events

Copyright© 2014 by Clare de Luna

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Turn of Events - Lily craves a dominant mistress to satisfy her desires, but after several attempts is about to give up hope. When she meets Becky she doesn't have high hopes, but figures to at least make a friend out of the deal. But is there more to Becky than meets the eye?

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Lesbian   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Slow  

Lily's heart fluttered in her chest as she knocked on Becky's door. They'd known each other for quite some time – if chatting on the internet and talking on the phone counted as knowing someone. They'd even met once before, in a coffee shop downtown where they came to realize that they enjoyed each other's company and felt comfortable with moving things forward.

But Lily had gotten this far before, only to lead to disappointment. The last two – heck, the only two – Doms Lily had met had both let her down tremendously, making a few months of careful vetting and slow relationship building a complete waste of time. The first had seemed like a good fit, but was so nervous the first time they tried to do a scene that Lily hadn't even felt the first twinge of arousal. The second had done a better job, but something just hadn't been right. She'd flogged Lily a bit and given her a rather intense spanking, but for all of the pain that she felt, Lily never felt what she was really looking for – she never felt truly dominated. She endured the pain, but that was all.

She was hoping that Becky would be different, but she had to admit that she had some doubts. She and Becky had had a great time at the coffee shop, chatting and coming to find a great many things in common beyond their interest in dominance and submission. And that was what worried Lily more than anything – their encounter had felt like a fun afternoon with a friend, and she was having a hard time picturing Becky taking real control of her.

Which was a shame because when Becky opened the door Lily was reminded just how beautiful her would-be dom was. Tall and strong looking, Becky had the angular features and chiseled beauty that would send erotic shivers down Lily's spine – if only Becky would stop smiling that open and friendly smile all the time. Her clothing, too – a long dress, deep black, sent the right signals, but Becky seemed so comfortable in it, as if something in her movements turned the dress into a casual garb instead of the imposing garment of a powerful woman. Still, Lily had come this far, so it was worth giving it a chance.

After all, finding a trustworthy dom was hard for anyone, Lily imagined, but she had a particularly hard time getting anyone to take her seriously. She had an innocent cuteness to her that seemed at odds with her fetishistic desires, and her genuine face and earnest voice convinced many of the doms she'd queried that she was only dabbling – that someone like her could never really commit to the dark fantasies that she described in her online profile.

Becky was willing to believe her, which was good. Now Lily just had to hope that Becky could keep up her end of the deal.

As the night progressed, things didn't look good. Once again, Lily found herself enjoying their time together – Becky had cooked an incredible meal, which they ate while lounging around her lavish high rise apartment. Candles spread around the room provided the only light, and the softness of their glow put Lily at ease, though she wasn't sure ease was what she was really seeking.

There were other signs that didn't bode well for the sexual adventure that Becky had promised would take place later that night. Becky was so open and friendly that Lily decided to test her a bit – to find out just how strong of a dom she might turn out to be. When Becky asked Lily to pass her the butter, Lily had grinned and replied, "We're not in a scene yet, you can't tell me what to do." But Becky's only reaction was to laugh. When Becky put on some soft music for dinner, Lily let her sarcasm fly: "Ooh, this makes me fear for my behind." And when, during desert, Becky tried to take back a little of an over generous helping of cake, Lily had admonished her, "Don't take away my sweets – never take away my sweets." But, again, Becky only reacted with a laugh and heaped a bit more of the cake on Lily's plate.

Throughout it all, despite how much she was enjoying her time with Becky, she felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as her anticipation of what was supposed to follow lessened with each passing minute until she started to feel trapped in an awkward position.

Becky had poured two glasses of wine, and they began to sip at them while sitting together on the couch. Becky was reclining casually on one side, while Lily sat on the other, her feet tucked beneath her.

"So, this has been nice," Becky said.

"Yeah, it really has," Lily responded. It was what was to follow that she was dreading.

"Well, I need to go put the left-overs away. We're in for a long night, you and I."

"Just don't expect me to help with the dishes," Lily said, hoping that a bit of rudeness might get more of a rise than her earlier sarcasm had. But Becky just smiled at her and cleared the plates.

"Wait here. When I'm done, we'll get started."

Lily rose from the couch, her wine in hand, as the sounds of Becky at work in the kitchen rang through the living room. There was no hope, Lily decided. Becky clearly didn't have it in her. And Lily liked Becky – genuinely liked her. Maybe they shouldn't go through with it – after all, a failed d/s scene was a hard thing to recover from, and Lily was really starting to see great potential in Becky as a friend. The trick would be finding a way to put an end to this evening without making Becky feel too embarrassed or hurt by the rejection.

This was when Lily was glad that she enjoyed the company of women. A man wouldn't let the night die, pushing her until she had no choice but to be blunt and hurtful. But women, in her experience, could take a hint. Lily opened the sliding glass door leading to the balcony, and stepped out, taking in the city before her. Other buildings rose up around her, making the balcony a semi-public place – not the kind of place a woman eager for an intense night of fetish play would generally stray moments after her would-be dom wanted to get things started.

Lily took another sip of her wine. It was a truly stunning view. Maybe Becky would just join her and they could talk a bit more. That would actually be nice.

The noise of the city rose from below, masking the sound of Becky approaching from behind. Lily nearly dropped her wine in surprise when an arm wrapped around her waist, and a hand clutched her right where her neck met her jaw, pulling her back and forcing her to look toward the stars. Lily felt herself pressed against Becky, whose lips were right next to her ear.

"I told you to wait in the living room," Becky whispered. Lily started to respond, but the hand at her throat tightened and pulled her tighter to Becky's body. "Don't say another word. You've already earned yourself four demerits for your bratty behavior tonight, don't make things worse for yourself." Lily could feel the sudden strength in Becky's voice, and the claim that Becky was making on Lily's body, holding her tightly, the back of Lily's head forced against Becky's shoulder, was causing Lily's pulse to quicken. That all of this was happening on the balcony, in clear view of any of the thousands of windows that looked upon Becky's apartment only increased the feelings that suddenly began coursing through her.

Soft kisses on her ear and throat pulled a slight gasp from Lily's lips. Then, another whisper: "You're so cute – I've been waiting for this part of the night; waiting to make you my slave." Lily's smile just widened as she felt her sex responding, growing wet at this unexpected turn in the evening.

"Becky, I..." Becky's fingers tightened around Lily's throat.

"Until our scene is complete, you are not to refer to me in such a casual way.

"I ... I understand, Mistress," Lily said, and she could hear the meekness in her own voice.

"I'm not your Mistress yet," Becky said. "You have to earn the right to be my slave, and after your sarcastic comments earlier you have a lot to prove."

"What must I do?" Even as she gave herself to this exchange with Becky, Lily couldn't help but be aware of the buildings around them – how long had she stood trapped in this woman's arms? How long had Becky held her throat, leaving no doubt as to the nature of their relationship?

"It is I who will be making this happen, slut. I'm going to wipe that smile off your face."

Lily couldn't help herself. "I welcome all the pain that you can deliver, Mistress."

Becky laughed. Not the carefree, friendly laugh from before – this one was dark, sinister. "This is how the night will proceed. You will obey me. Failure to do so will earn you demerits. You already have five."

"You said four, Mistress."

"Now you have seven, slut. You are not to call me Mistress. You may refer to me as Madam for the time being. In fact," Becky let her tongue trace up Lily's neck, causing her to shiver, "I have an idea. If I am going to dominate you, you must have a safeword. We'll make yours interesting. Mistress will be your safe word tonight. You can say it any time if things get to be too much and I'll stop everything immediately. But that will be the end of the scene for the night."

Lily was shocked to realize how desperately she didn't want this to stop, how hungry her sex had become for the night to continue, how hard her nipples were becoming beneath her sweater as she felt Madam's relentless grip on her body.

Madam continued. "Before this night is over, you will call me Mistress, as I am going to push you to limits you were unaware of. But rest assured, my little slut, though you will certainly feel my lash, it is with pleasure that I will break you; it is with pleasure that I will ring the word Mistress from that sassy little mouth of yours, and when I do, that wanton little smile will be long gone."

The intensity of Madam's voice vibrated in Lily's ear, through her body, tickling at her sex, which was soaking the panties she wore beneath her jeans. Madam took the wine glass from Lily's hand and placed it on the ledge of the balcony. Then, releasing her grip on Lily's throat, she pulled her slut's hands behind her and cuffed them tightly together. Lily let her head drop to her chest, too ashamed to look upon the city; to look at the windows where someone might be watching her give in to the desires that she'd longed to express for so long. Madam took Lily's wine glass in her hand and walked back inside. "Follow me," she commanded. Lily obeyed immediately.

Madam sat in the middle of the couch and sipped from Lily's wine glass. "Kneel," she said, pointing to the floor in front of her. Lily obeyed. Madam drew Lily's head down to her knee, then began stroking her face and hair, petting her, letting her feel Madam's command over her. Lily closed her eyes and let the feelings bubbling within her rise to the surface of her mind and body, the desire swirling through her as she briefly tested the bonds on her wrist, gasping lightly every time Madam's hand made a pass over her head, brushing her cheek.

Lily had no idea how long she remained like that, but eventually Mistress grabbed Lily's hair and pulled her head back.

"How selfish of me," Madam said. "Here I've finished your wine and you've hardly had any."

With her free hand, Madam reached for the wine glass on the end table – the one Madam had originally poured for herself. She held the glass to Lily's lips and began to pour, slowly at first, but eventually tipping it so far that the wine spilled down Lily's chin and dripped onto her shirt. Still, Madam poured, filling Lily's mouth with the fiery liquid until Lily felt herself on the verge of choking. Then, without warning, Madam leaned forward and took Lily's mouth with her own, plunging her tongue between Lily's open lips, sucking most of the wine down her own throat while still more of it slid down Lily's face and onto her clothes. Even after the wine was gone, Madam continued to take Lily's mouth, kissing her with a force that left no room for refusals. Lily surrendered, letting Madam explore her mouth, letting her own tongue dance submissively around her Madam's probing insistence.

Eventually, Madam pulled away, leaving Lily breathless as the taste of wine still clung to her lips even as her awareness went to other parts of her body.

"Now look what we've done to your clothes," Madam said. "We'll need to get those off of you."

With that, Madam reached for the end table where she found a pair of scissors. "I think you like those cuffs too much to take them off so soon," she said. She slipped the blades between Lily's breasts and cut through the fabric of her sweater and the front strap of her bra with one sharp snip.

"What will I wear home, Madam?" Lily blurted out in horror.

"That is an eighth demerit," Madam responded, then proceeded to cut away the remainder of Lily's sweater and bra, leaving her topless. "You seem to be enjoying yourself," Madam said while staring at Lily's breasts. Lily couldn't deny it – her nipples jutted wantonly out from her chest and she was sure that a wet spot had probably formed on the front of her jeans.

"Yes, Madam, thank you for dominating me," Lily said, the passion registering clearly in her voice as she knelt before her dom, shreds of her sweater and bra laying on the floor around her.

"I'd like a bit more wine, I think," Madam said, reaching for the bottle. She held it to Lily's lips and once again began to pour. This turned into another passionate kiss, but Madam quickly broke away and pressed her hand to Lily's jaw, once again forcing her head back and making her arch her back, her breasts jutting forward. Wine poured over Lily's neck and chest, dripping down her stomach and over her navel, followed by Madam's tongue, which began to trace sensuously over Lily's wet skin, trailing down her throat before teasing at her breasts. Lily was panting with desire at this new sensation, and let out a powerful gasp when Madam sucked one of Lily's taught nipples deep into her mouth, tonguing at it; stimulating it; claiming it. Madam moved to the other breast, and gave the other nipple the same treatment, the sensation this time pulling a moan out of Lily's chest as she found herself surrendering to the feeling on her skin; to the arousal coursing through her; to the will of her dom.

Madam released her hair and reached for a bottle of water and a napkin left over from the earlier meal. Wetting the napkin, she brought it to Lily's face. With one hand, she dabbed at Lily's skin, cleaning away the traces of wine, while the other hand kept a firm hold on that same spot where her throat met her jaw, turning her face at will, controlling her movements. Lily once again closed her eyes and a large smile spread across her face, even as gasps slipped from between her lips. The competing sensations – of remarkable tenderness and firm control – spread over her and she let herself surrender to both, reveling in the continuing buildup of sexual need and desire. She pulled at the bonds on her wrists again, just to remind herself how utterly helpless she was.

When Madam finished cleaning Lily's skin she ordered her to stand. "Keep your eyes down, slut," she commanded. "Let me get a good look at you." Madam guided Lily to the center of the room, then began circling her helpless charge, examining her body closely and touching and stroking her from time to time, coaxing more gasps from Lily's charged body. Very nice," Madam said. "I'm going to have fun with you." Lily's breath was quickening as the arousal started to lay still greater claims on her.

"Undress," Madam commanded.

"But, how can I..."

"That's nine demerits. I'll get you started." Madam unbuttoned Lily's jeans and pulled down the zipper, then stood back and watched.

Lily set to work, kicking off her shoes before slowly shimmying her jeans and panties down her legs. It was a struggle, but eventually she stood naked before Madam.

"Someday you might lose this," Madam said while stroking through Lily's neatly trimmed bush. Being touched so close to her sex caused Lily to moan, and her hips bucked forward for just a moment. "My, my," Madam said. "You're a wanton little slut, aren't you?"

Lilly felt a blush creep over her face, increasing the flush that her arousal had already brought to her cheeks.

"That's ten demerits," Madam said. "You must answer me when I ask a question, slut."

"Yes, Madam," Lily hastily replied. "I am a wanton slut." Saying these words out loud filled Lily with shame, but also set her heart pounding even faster as her sex began to leak down her leg. She couldn't deny what she was – she needed release, and was willing to abase herself in whatever way Madam required if it meant that she could reach her climax.

Madam returned to the couch, leaving Lily standing in the middle of the room, naked. The couch was out of Lily's view, so she could do nothing but await her next command while she shook with arousal.

"Your ass is quite lovely," Madam said. "Has anyone ever used that asshole of yours?"

"No, Mis ... Madam." Lily felt tears nearly well up into her eyes when she realized how close she had come to uttering her safe word and bringing all of this to an end.

"Perhaps I will make use of it tonight. Would you like that?"

Still shaken from her nearly slipping up and calling Madam by the wrong title, Lily was desperate to prove her obedience and desire to please. "Oh, yes, Madam. Please use my asshole," she blurted, but as silence settled over the room once more her mind began racing. Was that really something she wanted? She'd never really thought about what it might be like to have something in her anus and the thought scared her ... and turned her on.

"I want to look at those lovely breasts again," Madam said. "Turn around."

Lily turned to face Madam, who sat with her legs crossed casually beneath her dress. A small assortment of items rested next to her, but Lily didn't see what they were as she was being careful to keep her eyes down.

"They really are quite lovely," Madam said. "And your nipples are so hard. You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yes, Madam."

"Come to me." Lily stood before Madam again.

"Turn around and get on your knees." Lily obeyed.

"Bend over and present your ass to me."

Lily bent forward, arching her back so that her bottom was thrust upward for Madam's inspection and doing her best to spread the cheeks with her cuffed hands. Two hands descended upon her ass cheeks, rubbing them and spreading them further apart.

"You are such a lovely little thing. And so wet!" Madam slipped two fingers inside Lily's sex, causing her to moan desperately, knowing that it wouldn't take much stimulation for her to reach climax. She closed her eyes, ready for Madam to bring her to her peak, but the fingers withdrew, taking a great deal of her wetness with them. The fingers then began tracing around her asshole, spreading Lily's juices over the little puckered anus.

Lily was panting into the carpet now, her face turned sideways and the fabric pressed against her cheek. Once again, she questioned whether or not she wanted something up her anus, but the feelings coursing through her made her decision for her. She would let Madam do with her body what she willed, Lily was hers to play with and torment in whatever why pleased her. Just thinking those thoughts sent new waves of arousal washing up and down her entire body, and moans began mixing with her panting as Madam took her higher and higher into realms of arousal that she had rarely felt before.

Then, without warning, a finger pushed into her ass. Lily's eyes bolted open and her panting stopped as she held her breath.

"Keep breathing," Madam said, and her free hand began to caress Lily's bottom gently, the tenderness that Lily had experienced when Madam stroked her hair suddenly returning. Lily took a few shaky breaths, growing accustomed to the sensation in her bottom – not a painful one, just unusual – as if she were full in a way that she hadn't experienced before.

The sensation in her sex, however, was as familiar as it was intense. The feeling of presenting her ass to Madam, her hands cuffed, her face pressed to the floor, her anus being invaded, all of it pushed her still further into the clutches of a fevered arousal. She moaned without inhibition when Madam started working her finger in and out of her bottom, pistoning the finger inside of her slowly. Lily could feel the movement in her sex, and though it was subtle, in her current state she knew it would be enough to push her over the edge. Her moans escaped her lips in time with the thrusting of Madam's finger, and grew steadily louder and more intense. Then, the finger was gone.

"You were about to cum, weren't you, my little slut?"

"Yes, Madam," Lily whined out. "Please, will you make your slut cum?"

"Silly slut, I just saved you from another demerit. You are not to cum without my permission, no matter how badly you might want to. Your pleasure is mine to give or refuse as I see fit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Madam. I understand." Even as she said the words, Lily's head spun with their implication. How long would Madam keep her in this state? The sexual frustration was building deep within her, tormenting her even as she craved the sense of submission that accompanied this state of erotic denial.

"Spread your ass again." At the command, Lily realized that her cuffed hands were balled into fists, no longer holding her ass cheeks apart for Madam. Once again, she spread her cheeks, giving Madam access to her recently violated anus and her desperately aroused sex.

Then, she felt something else pressing against the puckered opening – something hard and less gentle than Madam's finger. It was plastic, and as Madam pressed it against her, Lily felt her anus slowly give way. But as the intruder worked slowly, ever so slowly, further inside her, it widened, forcing a new set of gasps out of Lily's quivering lips. Wider, and wider the plug stretched her virgin asshole until Lily was sure that soon it would tear her right in two. She obeyed Madam's command to breath, but the sensation was overwhelming regardless of how fast she panted or how powerfully she moaned.

Then, without warning, her anus contracted around the plug and it slipped further into her, the tapered end having slid past her anal ring. A disk of plastic prevented the plug from going all the way up her ass, and she could feel that disk wedged between her cheeks. Lily's ass had now fully received its first butt-plug. Following a few deep and shaken breaths, a new wave of sensations flowed over her as the feeling of fullness and stretching dissolved into a constant pressure of pleasure in her behind that radiated throughout her body, especially over her sex, which now seemed to quiver in its need. Madam had claimed her asshole, and Lily was ready to give it to her forever.

"What do you think of having your ass plugged?" Madam asked.

Lily took a deep breath, and felt a smile spreading over her face as she let the sensations continue overwhelming her. She answered in a quivering voice, "It feels wonderful, Madam. Though I feel practically split in half."

"My dear, that is the smallest plug I have. But you'll get used to all of them eventually."

"Yes, Madam. Thank you for filling my ass with your plug."

"Well, I think it's time you showed me how much you appreciate what I'm doing for you. Sit up and turn around."

With that, Madam uncrossed her legs and tipped her feet forward, letting the candlelight reflect off of the leather of her heels. Lily knew what was being demanded of her and was happy to comply. Balancing awkwardly with her hands still cuffed behind her, she leaned forward towards Madam's shoes.

"Thank you, Madam," she gasped in between the kisses that she lavished on Madam's feet. "Thank you for dominating me." She continued to kiss and lick Madam's shoe, worshipping the leather.

"Are you a submissive little slut?"

"Yes, Madam. I am a submissive little slut." Still, she worshipped Madam's feet, letting the humiliation and submission wash over her, spurring on her sexual frustration. Her ass clenched on the plug and this only deepened the feelings.

"Enough," Madam said while sliding her dress up her legs. "I can't let you cum until you've pleasured me. Now, show me just how much you appreciate your submission."

Lily practically launched herself at Madam's sex, plunging her tongue between the wet folds. A sharp tug at her hair, though, pulled her away.

"Not like that, slut. Get back to my feet. Whether or not I give you your release depends on how hard I cum, not how fast."

Lily felt tears well up in her eyes at the mere mention of Madam not giving her any release. If Madam forbade it, Lily would comply, but the frustrated erotic agony would be one of the most devastating things she would ever endure. She had to please Madam, her own sanity might very well depend on it.

She returned to Madam's feet, worshipping them with the same verve she'd shown earlier. Then, slowly, she worked her way up Madam's calves, then kissed at her thighs. Lily had only been with a few women, but she was confident in her abilities. Still, as she drew closer to Madam's sex she started to worry. She'd always teased in the past – touched the outer lips of her lovers' sex gently then pulled away. But that didn't feel right here – Madam was in control of her and she'd told Lily to please her. Lily would have to do that without her usual tactics. She kissed closer and closer to Madam's sex, then let her tongue go straight to work in the wetness before her.

Madam responded immediately. Her grunts weren't the wanton, helpless noises that had been escaping Lily's lips all night – they were the powerful, confident sounds of a woman getting what she wanted. Encouraged, Lily licked and sucked frantically at Madam's sex, doing her best to switch between the two with a rhythm that Madam responded to. When Madam's hand pressed on the back of Lily's head, forcing her to plunge her tongue still further, she saw that as a further sign that she was pleasing Madam, and that spurred her on still more.

Suddenly, she had to struggle to keep her mouth on Madam's sex, as the strong woman lifted her hips from the couch, screaming aggressively as her climax swept upon her. She pressed Lily's head still harder, and the submissive woman simply closed her eyes and continued to do her work, ignoring the fatigue in her jaw and tongue.

Finally, Madam relaxed on the couch, grabbing Lily's hair and pulling her away. Lily could feel the wetness of Madam's sex around her mouth and chin, and heard her own pants.

"You did well, slut," Madam said.

"Thank you, Madam. Thank you for letting me serve you."

"Now tell me, do you think you earned your own release?"

Lily was on the verge of blurting out "yes," when the steely look in Madam's eyes bore down on her. She was stunned at how quickly Madam had recovered from what seemed such a powerful orgasm – a release that powerful would have reduced Lily to a quivering wreck. But more than anything, she realized just how in control of the situation Madam was, and that made Lily's answer clear.

"I accept whatever decision you make, Madam."

"Good girl. You're a quick learner."

That brought a smile to Lily's face. "Thank you, Madam."

"I think you've earned your release. Lay across my lap."

Lily raced to get into position, laying her naked body across the couch. Madam's legs supported her abdomen, and her taught nipples rubbed erotically along the leather beneath her. Lily turned her head to the side and let her cheek also feel that leather, her eyes closed, her mouth in an eager smile, her wrists still cuffed behind her.

"How is this feeling?" Madam asked as she jostled the plug in Lily's ass.

"Wonderful, Madam." The movement of the plug spurred Lily on, and she felt the climax welling within her, seeking any outlet for release. She didn't know how much longer Madam meant to torment her, but she hoped that she could reach her orgasm soon for her whole body was quivering with the frustration that had been coursing through her.

Smack! For the briefest of moments Lily forgot about climaxing as pain shot through one of her butt cheeks. But then the arousal returned, only more intense than before.

Smack! The other cheek felt Madam's hand, and Lily cried out, both in surprise and frustration, as her need for release was growing at the hands of Madam.

Smack! The spanking caused the plug to shift in Lily's ass, reminding her of the fullness there; and of Madam's power over her.

Smack! Madam's blows forced Lily's whole body to move, causing her nipples to rub against the leather, only exciting her more.

Smack! She could feel the skin on her bottom starting to warm, and was certain that a deep shade of crimson was spreading.

Smack! She moaned, whether from the pain or the arousal she didn't know, nor did she care. Her entire world at that point was locked onto a blending of sensations that she couldn't comprehend – she wanted more, yet she wanted release.

Smack! Suddenly, in addition to the relentless spanking, Lily felt Madam's other hand adding to her torment – she was fingering Lily's desperate, hungry sex, driving her wild with desire.

"Remember," Madam said, "do not climax until I give you permission."

"Yes, Madam," Lily barely managed to croak out in between cries of arousal, need, and despair.

Still, Madam tormented her. Neither hand let up, the spanking touching some part of Lily that she had never before known while she did all in her power to fight off the climax that became more and more insistent in its need to crash over her entire body. Meanwhile, Madam's fingers teased that need, coaxing it closer and closer to the surface, where Lily would no longer be able to control it.

Madam brought Lily right to the edge – to a state of such complete and uncontrollable arousal that all of her willpower was insufficient in preventing the orgasm from claiming her. Still, Lily fought, even as her body came near to betraying her.

"You may cum," Madam said without warning.

Still moaning with each spank on her burning bottom, Lily nevertheless managed to smile for just a moment before the climax broke upon her. Her legs straightened, her feet pressing against the armrest of the couch as the sensation of release began to course through her, then, her muscles gave out, breaking into an overwhelming series of spasms as the explosive waves of pleasure coursed through her, penetrating every part of her body, yet somehow still concentrated in fiery intensity in the folds of her sex.

Still, Madam did not stop delivering her spanks, and as Lily's bottom continued to burn, that burning sensation penetrated down into her groin, spurring on the intensity of her climax, blending with the tremors of pleasure that radiated outward, claiming her mind until she could conceive of nothing but pleasure – of orgasm.

Before the orgasm was even complete, another suddenly exploded out of her sex, and she began to writhe in Madam's lap, her moans seeming to simply hover around her they were so constant. Yet not even those moans were as constant as the sensation of pleasure that continued to break upon her, as a third climax joined the erotic energy still swirling within her from the previous two.

Finally, slowly, the sensations started to absorb into her muscles, to leak out through her dripping sex. Madam's spanking ceased, and the fingers that had never stopped stimulating Lily's sex slowed, circling the most sensitive parts of her in perfect time with the quivers that still emanated out of her pleasure center.

"It's a good thing this couch is leather," Madam said, but Lily was still too far gone; still struggling to recover. She tried to respond, but nothing but a quiet moan could form on her lips. Madam lowered her to the floor and left her in the living room, still spasming regularly as aftershocks of climax continued to flutter through her.

How long she lay there, Lily didn't know, but eventually she started to regain control of herself. She was still limp on the floor, a puddle of submission, when Madam returned to the room. Lily remained like that when she felt Madam's hands on her backside, rubbing some kind of ointment into the hot skin. Nothing would stop that burning, yet the tenderness that Madam displayed as she applied the salve proved soothing in its own way.

"How was that?" Madam asked, drawing her hands away from Lily's now well lotioned backside.

"That was the most intense climax I've ever had." Lily rolled over, wincing as the carpet rubbed against her burning ass cheeks. She sat up and looked at Madam who squatted over her. Lily's lips were stuck in a smile that was almost painful in its breadth, she was so overcome by what she had just experienced. "I've got to give it to you, Becky, that was pretty incredible."

"That's eleven demerits, slut. Do not use my first name."

"But, I thought I was only supposed to refer to you by your title when we were in a scene."

"Did you think we were finished? I promised you I'd wipe that smile off your face and break you with pleasure. Oh no, my little slut, this night has only just begun..."

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