Jasmine's Guilt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Squirting, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I keep my family going. My husband doesn't work; either at home or at a job. I do it all. I also have a lover, but I feel so guilty about it. But my God does that man make me feel good. Will I give him up? No way. Here is my tale.

Jasmine felt the bed shift slightly which resulted in pushing her more away from her slumber. At the first feelings of Harry shifting his weight she had awoke and she'd tried so hard to fall back to sleep but now she realized she was fighting a losing battle. The bed moved again as Harry sat up and she was now completely awake. Finally Jasmine felt the bed move one last time as Harry stood and padded off to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Jasmine lay quietly curled up letting her thoughts flow; mentally reflecting all of the things she needed to accomplish during the upcoming week. She ticked off the doctor appointments both she and the girls had and she made plans on how to get the girls to their appointments on time. In addition she had to make sure Harry was on time to his various meetings and appointments as well as her hectic work schedule.

Her thoughts centered on what needed to happen today and then tomorrow. There was the appointment on Wednesday, or was it Tuesday which Harry had to keep? She made a mental note to check on the correct date and time. As her mind moved through the week it finally settled to what she needed to accomplish on Thursday. When Thursday came to her mind, her body jumped ... Thursday, that was the day Tal wanted to see her.

Tal! Just the thought of him made her pussy tighten while her heart beat a little faster. And as always, with the sensual thoughts of Tal and her carnal desire for him came the deep feelings of guilt. Guilt! Why did she have to have those feelings of guilt she always wondered? Jasmine worked very hard at keeping her little family together and providing for all of their needs. With Harry out of work she had become the bread-winner for the family as well as the major stable force.

Jasmine found having to be both mother and father to the kids, as well as the caretaker for Harry; all of her duties had eaten away any physical desires she once had for Harry. She felt guilty she just didn't have the passion she once had for physical love making with Harry. She hated to admit to herself she was somewhat grateful because most of time he wasn't interested either, but it didn't help satisfy her needs in any fashion. When she thought of how much she wanted those physical hungers satisfied and how well Tal filled those needs and desires, she could feel her feelings of guilt slip away and she wanted to go ahead with her tryst with Tal on Thursday. But, then the guilt would creep out of its hiding place inside of her mind and for some reason it always destroyed part of the passion and desires she felt.

As Jasmine lay there thinking about Tal and how wonderful it felt to be with him and in his arms, her hand crept down between her legs and she softly started moving her fingers across her clit. When she realized what she was doing she quickly sat up thinking to herself, "Oh damn; why do I make things so difficult? I deserve to have my needs satisfied just as I satisfy the needs of my family!"

Jasmine heard Harry leave the bathroom and head for the kitchen to start the morning coffee. She got up and padded nude into the bathroom to prepare for her day. As she passed the mirror she stopped, turned and looked at herself. Looking back from the mirror she saw a tall woman with large breasts capped with hard nipples from the cool morning air. Even though she visited the gym at work a couple of days a week, she still had a slight tummy, but she felt her bottom was still sexy and all in all she felt a certain pride in her appearance. After twelve years of marriage and two daughters she knew she still turned a few heads and under her tousled blond curls was a handsome face with bright blue eyes. She kept her pubic hair short and she should see her large extended vaginal lips and clit protruding.

Finally, with the girls headed off to school and Harry set for his day at home, Jasmine went out, got in her car and headed for work. Her mind continued to wander now covering the things she needed to accomplish at work and some of the various personal things she needed to deal with.

Jasmine noticed the traffic light up ahead turn red and as she slowed down, she pulled up behind a white car which was also stopped at the light. The car in front of her reminded her of Tal's car and without any warning her thoughts suddenly centered on him. Waiting for the light to change she could feel his arms around her, his lips on hers; his scent invading her brain and she found herself mentally in the back seat of his car sitting on his lap.

The erotic memory of the incident now occupied all her thoughts as she remember how wonderful it had been being nestled down onto his lap with just her top on, naked from the waist down and how marvelous it had felt as she sat filled with his large erection. Her memory focused on how delightfully he filled her pussy. No man had ever filled her the way Tal did; Jasmine had never known a man as large as Tal. She remembered his hands cradling the cheeks of her bottom. She felt those big hands lifting her gently up and then how incredible she had felt as her pussy filled as he let her back down onto his massive hard, stiff cock ... over and over. That had been the first time he had touched her anus and she recalled how she had screamed with her climax and gushed for the first time onto his lap. Her carnal thoughts completely filled her mind and she became aware her pussy was becoming moist and wanting.

A honking horn brought her out of her revelry and she observed the light had changed green ... the white car now pulling away from her. Quickly her car sped up and as her car picked up speed; she slapped both hands against the wheel and cried aloud, "Fuck!" Again she struck the wheel and this time screamed at the top of her lungs, "FUCK ... FUCK ... FUCK!"

Her body was now completely turned on and she could feel the desire between her thighs ... feel the hunger ... feel the need she had for Tal and at that moment she knew she was going to keep her appointment with him. She felt she earned it ... guilt be damned, Jasmine wanted to feel him take her ... ravish her ... hold her in his arms and with just his cock inserted inside of her, demand her to climax and she knew that would be all it would take to summons her release and how wonderful it would feel.

However as Jasmine drove on to work, she also knew her demons were not finished with her. Jasmine knew the dragons would continue to roam through her head and she knew her battle was far from won. But, at that moment what she completely realized was she was very horny now and she still had a complete day to handle of work. She just hoped that Tal would call her once during the day and she could hear his voice. That would help - not much - but it would help her at least get through this day.

But, what about Thursday? What was she going to do about Thursday? Already she could feel her resolve slipping away and as Jasmines car sped on towards work, her mind was elsewhere.

The car was warm from sitting in the sun and Jasmine quickly rolled down the window to try and cool her vehicle off. As she leaned forward to start her car, she remembered the short phone call she had just finished; the sweet call from Tal. When Jasmine glanced in the mirror to check and see if it was clear to back up, she saw her face and noticed she had a grin stretching from ear to ear. Why was it so easy now to know she was going to keep her meeting with him and yet - she knew in just a few minutes that resolve would start to fade. She muttered aloud to herself, "I'm going to meet him ... I am going to meet him! I deserve it."

Her two afternoon appointments went well and Jasmine was home well before she had expected. She had hoped that dinner would be under way. She laid out all the necessary ingredients and gave Harry instructions what to do before she left for work. As she walked through the kitchen she found she was very disappointed to find nothing had been done. She considered saying something but held her tongue. What was the point? She was tired of the fight and he just didn't seem to care.

The sun shining through the bedroom window woke her the next morning and she could tell Harry was already up and in the bathroom. Jasmine lay on her back and thought of the things she needed to get done during the day. She remembered one thing she hadn't finished yesterday and as she remembered the past day, she recalled last night how horny she had been when she went to bed and how much she had wanted Harry to take her and make love. The previous day thinking about Tal had left her wanting and horny and all of the hints and sexy comments had done nothing to interest Harry. She asked him if he wanted to make love and she recalled how much it hurt when he told her he wasn't in the mood.

Jasmine allowed her mind to wander and quickly she found Tal slipping into her thoughts. She lay there with the sun on her face and kept her eyes closed. As she allowed more and more of Tal to enter her mind, she found she could smell him ... see him ... taste him ... feel him. She felt his large hands cup her breasts and fondle them. She remembered his words and how much he told her he adored her large breasts. She could feel his lips encircling her nipples and how it felt as he suckled on her. Her thoughts were so strong she could swear she felt him suckling on her. Jasmine reached up and touched her nipples, finding they were long and hard. The hunger and desire she felt now reached down between her thighs; reaching up into her vagina and her hand slipped down between her legs. She could feel how wet she was and her body ached with her yearning. As she touched herself she thought of his tongue licking her. She could feel his tongue flick at her anus and then moving slowly up her slit until finally how it felt when he sucked her hard clit. With a swiftness that surprised her, she climaxed.

Later as she stood in the morning shower she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she was going to make her appointment with Tal. The dragons be damned ... guilt be damned ... she wanted ... NO ... she had to have Tal inside of her again!

Hello. My name is Tal. I thought if I wrote down some of my feelings regarding my relationship with Jasmine I could try and see if I can make some sense about my involved with.

I know I'm married and I know how hurt I'd be if I found my wife was having an affair. Yes I know; that's double standards. I know a lot of people view what I do with Jasmine as wrong. And to top it all off; I have a sex life most men would kill for since my spouse, Kaye is very highly sexed and we have sexual sessions on the week-end which would make many people blush. Kaye and I have found our areas of play are not for everyone, but they suit us and we are very content and happy with every aspect of our sex lives. So I hear you asking, "Why are you cheating on your wife? If thing are so great in the bedroom, why do you have this thing with Jasmine?"

Well, first off -- I have to. By that I mean even though there is no gun to my head or anything, there is something Jasmine provides for me I have to have. She is like a drug I can't do without. Every time I see her naked my cock gets hard and I want her. I have even tried to think about Kaye when I'm with Jasmine to see if that will dull my lust: but it doesn't. I've never found a woman who feels like Jasmine when we make love. I know I'm a bit larger in the male department than average but it's like she was made for me. Do I feel guilty ... hell yes! The really scary part of our affair is how careful I have to be because of how much I want her and the more I see her how close we become. I have to keep her at arm's length because if I let her get to me I fear I could so easily want just her and that's impossible.

I've tried to examine what there is about her that makes her so special to me. And try as I might, I have nothing I can offer. I've wondered if it's her sensuous body. I find her breasts and nipples are the perfect size and her bottom is divine. Not to brag, but I've been with many women over my life and not one fits my body like Jasmine's. When she sucks on me I can climax in seconds while with most women I can't ever climax during oral sex. The same with anal sex; I just can't climax with any woman that way but with Jasmine after just a few strokes I start to shake, my knees are weak and I have to fight not to cum. When I finally do climax the feelings of my cum filling her bowels seems to release her climax as well. I do not do drugs, but Jasmine is the drug I can't do without.

So, that brings up the question, is it my ego she satisfies? Well, yes. But it's so much more than that. She tells me all the time how much she needs me in her life. I know her home situation is not the best and I know Harry does nothing to try and help out. He refuses to even look for work. He refuses to help out around the house. Most of all, he refuses to even make love to Jasmine. That's the part I have the most trouble with. If you ever saw her, you would find the idea any man wouldn't want to make love to her is beyond comprehension. I watch her walk by and see men look at her; or should I say, lust after her. I guess the proper terminology for Jasmine is MILF. But if you look at her really close, you can see there is so much more to her; there is the hunger; hunger to be used sexually. The hunger she has is so strong I can just touch her and demand that she climaxes, and she does.

I also know she feels so guilty about us ... but I don't know how to help her see our relationship takes nothing away from what she has at home, but instead makes it all better; more tolerable. How so? When things are difficult, she has told me she can pull out the memories of us and she's told me it makes things go easier for a time. I know I do it all of the time; memories of her have gotten me through so much.

We are suppose to see each other this coming Thursday and I wonder if she's going to be able to make it. Some times I wish there was a way she could see inside of my head and see how much she means to me; how special she is and how much I enjoy our time together.

I remember each and every time we've been together. Even if it is just sitting in the back seat of my car; our arms wrapped around one another, her sitting naked on my lap with my erection deep inside of her. I remember feeling her pussy throb as she climaxed and her little sounds of pleasure as I pumped into her over and over.

I remember the first time I slipped my finger into her anus when she was sitting on my lap and her scream of pleasure and how wet my lap became. She told me it was the first time she had ever had a climax that gushed liquid. I was so aroused and she was so embarrassed. I kept my finger inside of her and made her cum again. I didn't move, all I had was just my finger in her anus and my cock in her pussy and didn't move at all. For the second time in just a few moments she filled my lap again and held her face against my chest as she climaxed. That was all it took for me to release inside of her.

I recall one morning when she was able to come to my home and we made love. I can still close my eyes and see her naked body trembling as she lay there tied to the massage table, her bottom red from my hand and her pussy juice flowing down her legs. I remember how easily she climaxed and how she loved it as I helped her cum over and over. That was our first time for anal intercourse. The sight of my cock slipping in and out of her anus drove me wild. I watched as the skin of her anus would pull back as I pulled my cock out and then the sounds of her moaning as I pushed myself back in again. When I exploded inside of her it set off her climax and it had been so strong she had pushed my cock out of her bottom.

Is Jasmine important to me? Damn rights she is! Do I feel guilty? Again the answer is yes. Will I stop seeing her ... no way! It is like a scale in my head ... one side is the guilt and all of that baggage ... the other side is what I get out of seeing her and how she makes me feel and that out weighs the other side.

Thursday was dark and gloomy with grey clouds scudding across stone colored skies ... the threat of rain increasing with every gust. Jasmine lay in bed looking out the window at the ugly day unfolding before her. Then from out of nowhere came the realization that today was Thursday; her day to see Tal. Jasmine had decided on her way to work Wednesday morning she was going to keep her assignation with Tal; her hunger for him was increasing and she realized it was time to feed that hunger. If there was guilt afterwards, she would deal with it and she knew if she had to, she could talk to Tal and he would help her deal with it.

Jasmine took extra care that morning in the shower. She'd started shaving most of pussy hair off several months ago but Harry didn't even seem to realize the difference. Today she was careful to remove any stubble on the areas she kept clean for Tal which might have grown back. She carefully selected an outfit which made her feel sexy and desirable. As Jasmine entered the kitchen she noticed Harry made no comment about her looks which only helped her resolve to meet Tal. All the way on her way to work she was day-dreaming about their tryst and by the time she arrived at her desk, she found she was damp between her legs. When she turned her computer on she found a sweet note from Tal telling her how much he was looking forward to seeing her that day.

Finally it was time for her to slip away. She made her excuses and headed to the neighboring town where they always agreed to meet. Her cell phone rang on the way and it was Tal.

"I am in room 417. Where are you?"

"I am just about there." Jasmine considered saying more, but word failed her.

"Are your panties in your purse like I told you?"

Her voice was soft; she was surprised how much his question had turned her on, "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes master." She squirmed in her seat; her arousal now pushing all thoughts from her mind.

"You know; I can hardly wait to see you ... hold you ... taste you..." Tal told her; his passion deepening his voice.

His words turned her on even more and she murmured, "Thanks ... I feel the same way. I'll be there in a second."

When Jasmine arrived at the motel she drove around to the back where she saw Tal's car sitting by the back fence. She glanced up at the second floor and saw the room number where he had told her he was waiting. She quickly parked her car and headed up the stairs leading to the room.

A short knock on the door and it opened slightly. Jasmine stepped in and as Tal shut the door she turned and saw that he was naked ... his erection protruding from his body. As always, she was shocked by his size. The first time she had seen him naked she was afraid he would hurt her. Their foreplay had been extensive and when it came time for him to enter her Tal has slipped into her with ease. Jasmine remembered how each thrust had pushed his massive manhood deeper and deeper into her. She felt him in parts of her body where no man had ever been before and when she reached down she felt there was still more of him outside of her body. When he finally was completely inside of her she had climaxed with such force she had fainted.

The sight of Tal's body ready for her only inflamed her desire for him more and she stepped forward into his arms and felt his strong arms wrap around her. She felt his hard cock pushing against her leg and it reminded her how much she wanted to feel him inside of her. She leaned back, looked up into his eyes and whispered, "Please take me ... now ... I need you so bad."

He picked her up in his arms and turned her body against the door. Holding her up with his body he slid her skirt up to her waist. Jasmine felt his cock pushing against her opening and she thrust her body down onto him, impaling herself on it. Jasmine's pussy was so wet from her arousal he slipped partially into her without any discomfort. He held the cheeks of her bottom as he pulled himself almost out and then thrust in more of his large cock. Again she felt as his hands lifted her bottom and he pulled himself almost out of her. This time he shoved up into her with force and as his cock filled her completely he growled, "Cum. Cum now!" Liquid flowed from her pussy and her body convulsed with her release. She buried her face against his chest and screamed.

After her body had stopped shaking, slowly, gently, Tal carefully sat her down on the ground and removed her top and then slipped down her skirt. She stood before him now in just her bra. For a long time Tal just stood there and stared at her. Finally she asked him, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing darling ... nothing at all; I just wanted to drink you all in! It is so long between times when I get to be with you and I want to savor each moment; every second I'm with you and sear them into my memory so I can recall you in every lovely detail whenever I need."

Jasmine reached behind her and unhooked her bra. With no modesty she removed it and tossed it on a chair. She took each of her breasts in a hand and held them out to Tal as an offering. "Here," she said. "Please suck on me ... hold me and make me cum like you do."

As Jasmine submitted her breasts to him, Tal leaned down and started to kiss one of them. The feeling of his warm hand holding her breasts as he kissed across the top of her full breast was exquisite. He seemed to take forever savoring her breast until he finally reaching her nipple. Her hands were trembling and her legs were weak ... she wanted to feel his warm lips wrapped around her now extended nipple. Once his lips were at the end of her nipple, he sucked it into his mouth and that feeling alone was sufficient enough to release her climax.

Her body continued to tremble as Tal relentlessly sucked her nipple, finally releasing it and moved over to her other breast. Again she felt the fire build between her legs and this time as he sucked her hard nipple, he moved his hand down between her legs. His hand cupped her nude pussy and he sucked long and hard on the extended nipple. Again her body trembled and again her release swept through her body.

When Tal released her breasts Jasmine wrapped her arms around Tal's neck and pulled his head against her chest. As she held his face against her breasts, it was all she could do to keep from weeping from joy over her sexual release.

Tal turned her around and had her face the dresser against one wall. He placed each of her hands on the dresser and instructed her not to take her hands off the dresser for any reason. Stepping behind Jasmine, Tal pulled on her hips causing her to step backwards. Finally she was bent at the waist with her bottom sticking out and resting her weight on her hands on the dresser. She felt his hands moving over her bottom and she closed her eyes. Without warning Tal brought his hand swiftly down on one of her cheeks. Fire shot through her body and Jasmine moaned from her building passion. Again Tal brought his hand down and the fire inside of Jasmine continued to increase. After each time Tal smacked her bottom was followed with a tender caress and soon she had lost count. Once she lifted her head and looked into the mirror above the dresser and saw her crotch was covered with liquid and arousal. Dimly she head Tal telling her that she was to count out loud and on the 10th spank, she would be allowed to climax.

"One!" Her voice trembled and she wondered if she was going to be able to last until the 10th.

"Two!" The warmth of her bottom was growing but not as much as her desire to cum.



"Five!" Her legs trembled and tears flowed down her face, not from pain but from her growing need to climax.

"Six!" His hand moved gently over her sore bottom and caressed it softly. Jasmine didn't know if the tenderness was more difficult to deal with or his spanking her.

"Seven!" Jasmine heard his voice telling her not to cum ... to wait and she cried, "I can't ... I can't ... I need to cum!"

"NO!" His voice cut into her thoughts and she tried desperately to hold herself together.

"Eight!" Her need was beyond his understanding, but she knew that she did not want to disappoint him.

"Nine!" Jasmine screamed.

Jasmine could hear him speaking as if in the distance, "When you feel my hand next time on your body, it will release your desire. You will cum ... you will cum like you have never climaxed before. Are you ready?"

Her voice was just a whisper, "Yes."

"I can't hear you. Do you want to cum?"

"Oh God yes ... please ... please..." and before she had finished the last word, she felt the 10th blow strike her and her body erupted. Her body shook ... it was on fire ... the heat from her bottom ran through her cunt and up into her womb. She was aware she was crying and then she was on the bed with Tal's hard manhood deep inside of her and he held her as she wept. As if from a great distance she heard his voice, "Cum again ... now!" And another climax rushed through her even though he had not moved inside of her.

Tal kissed her lips and held her head in his hands. She felt him withdraw and then as he pushed deeply into her passage. The next time he withdrew he kept himself at her opening and she moved her hips to help him enter her. When he didn't enter her again she started to moan. Her pleading was a whimper, "Please ... please..."

His voice in her ear told her that his entrance would release her again and she was to cum. Swiftly he pushed himself into her and her body shook from its release.

Tal held her in his arms, his hard cock still deep inside of her pussy. From time to time he would move and her sighs filled the room. She heard his voice in her ear, "I am so pleased that you came. I know it is difficult for you; how do you feel?"

Jasmine thought for a moment, his movements inside of her making it difficult to think and speak. Finally she told him, "Right now, with you in me, I feel fine. I know that later I will be consumed with guilt. I mean, I know in some way I've earned this ... and God knows how much I enjoy having you in me. I wish I didn't have to feel this way. I want to be able to come and see you and not have the ugly feelings of guilt."

"For what it's worth," he told her, "I too have guilty feelings. Both because of you and the difficulties that I know us being together creates; and because I'm cheating on Kaye. I have everything a man is supposed to want. I have all of the lovemaking any man could want. You and I have discussed what Kaye and I do when we play. We do the most erotic ... the most mind blowing things you can imagine; yet I have this huger for you. There are times when I'm having sex at home and I find I am making love to you ... you are on my mind and in my thoughts. I am happy you are here with me. I just wish you didn't feel so bad doing this."

With the last sentence, Tal had started to move inside of her and her passion swept away any thought. Right now ... at this moment ... all Jasmine could think of was her growing desire. It didn't matter how many times she had already climaxed; she was ready to embrace her release again.

Suddenly without warning she felt him withdraw. Her cry was automatic, "NO! Please put it back in." Jasmine heard him chuckle and then felt his kisses on her tummy. The kisses moved lower and lower. Finally his lips were kissing her pubic mound and then around her vagina. He placed each of her feet on his shoulders and then started to kiss each side of her opening. From time to time he would kiss her pussy lips and then quickly move away. Jasmine kept trying to push her wanting vagina harder against his face and he would move away from her. Swiftly, without warning, his mouth sucked her pussy into it and she felt his tongue smashing against her clit. White spots danced before her eyes and her body trembled as wave after wave of satisfaction swept through her. Each time his tongue moved across her hard nub another climax was released.

Jasmine felt Tal move from between her legs. His voice was low and sensual, his arousal showing with the way he addressed her. "I want you to kneel with your face on a pillow." One of her favorite things was when Tal played with her anus. Harry would never consider touching her anywhere on her behind; he'd only had oral sex with her a couple of time during their marriage and both times resulted in a fight between the two of them.

Quickly she knelt before Tal exposing her tight rosebud. Jasmine heard Tal pulling a glove over his hand and then felt one of Tal's fingers moving down the crack between her cheeks. His finger moved gently over her anus and she tried to push back to impale his finger. She felt his hand strike one of her cheeks and his voice commanded her to remain still. She moaned with frustration. She felt his finger again return to her anus and this time the end slipped into her. Her moans of passion filed the room and she whined, "More, push it in more."

Tal laughed and as he pushed his finger the rest of the way in he asked her, "Like this?" Jasmine screamed into the pillow as a climax ripped through her body. As she started to float back to her senses she felt his finger pull back and then two fingers inserted. As he rubbed her clit between her legs she heard him commanding her not to climax yet. The two fingers were pulled out and then replaced with three and then four. As Tal pushed against her anus she heard him give permission to climax. Jasmine shoved back hard against his hand as another climax surged through her body.

Tal removed his fingers but continued to rub her clit. He asked her if she felt okay and she mumbled she was okay and begged him to continue. Again she felt his fingers invading her bottom. She felt as his fingers slowly inserted into her anus as her anal ring relaxed. Faster and faster Tal's fingers played over her clit and she pushed back against his hand harder. Suddenly Jasmine felt a slight pain tugging at her anus and then she could tell his hand was inside of her bowels. The knowledge his hand was inside of her body pushed her over the edge and her body shook as she screamed repeatedly into the pillow. Her body slumped forward and Tal's hand slipped out of her anus. Quickly Tal pulled the glove off his hand and gathered Jasmine into his arms.

As her eyes slowly fluttered open, she knew she had to have him in her ... she wanted to feel his hard cock deep inside of her.

He positioned her legs on top of his shoulders and she felt his manhood resting just inside of her opening. Slowly ... ever so slowly she felt him pushing down into her. Filling her and opening her as she tilted her hips so she would take him into her womb as deeply as she could. When he was in as far as possible, she heard his voice, "Look at me." Her eyes opened and she starred up at him. "Look into my eyes and do not close them. I want you to cum now..." Even though he remained still inside of her, her climax exploded and he watched as her passions played over her face. She heard him tell her, "OK ... I am going to cum now." She begged him to keep his eyes open and as he pushed himself repeatedly into her, she watched as his climax revealed it's self on his face. And with his climax, she joined him one last time.

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