Twenty Five Days
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Spanking, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Public Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is an interracial hot wife style story that a friend gave me the idea for. If you do not like those types of stories then please move on. If you happen to enjoy them, then please enjoy.

John walked into the home he shared with his wife, calling out for her hoping that she was about ready. He knew that in situations like this that she took a bit longer to put on the finishing touches. They were going to dinner with his boss, a couple of other people from the company and their wives, as well as Shawn Miller. Shawn was a high level manager with a company that John's employer had contracts with, starting four months prior. He came to town for three days a month to keep in touch and keep things working as smoothly as possible. It was not really necessary yet Shawn's boss, being the anal retentive guy he was, wanted to keep close ties between the two companies since they relied on the products to keep his business running and the company they used before had let them down in a big way.

"I'll be out in a few minutes babe," Hayley called out in her usual girlish sounding voice from their bedroom.

She took longer to get ready in these situations to keep up appearances as a perfect couple in front of John's boss and co-workers. Not that she, John or anyone else thought that they were not the perfect couple. In her mind, she figured that if she did not look her best, then it would reflect badly on her husband, and she did not want anything to reflect badly on him or his career in any way. John would tell her repeatedly that it was not necessary, that she could easily show up with him in a pair of sweats and an old raggedy t-shirt, and no one would complain. It was always in a joking manner of course, and they both knew that he liked showing her off as much as she liked being shown off.

John walked into the bedroom they shared and saw her standing in front of her dresser, adding the final touches with a few spritz of his favorite perfume. As usual, Hayley wore a conservative, yet sexy dress with sexy three inch spike heeled shoes. The dress was a dark maroon strapless number that covered all but the very top of her small breasts, and fell to just below her shoulder blades in back. It was not skin tight, but just enough to show off her slim and toned five foot two inch figure. The lower hem fell to just above her knees, which were covered by a pair of silk stockings. The stockings were sheer enough to be able to see her perfectly manicured toe nails through the open toed strappy shoes.

Placing the bottle of perfume back on the dresser she did a quick twirl flaring up the hem of her dress, "So, do I look OK?"

John stepped up to his wife and put both hands around her waist, locking his fingers together in the small of her back and giving her a light peck on her lips, that could only be described as pouty.

Pulling back slightly he looked his young wife up and down, "You look perfect as usual, though you know you don't have to act like you are trying to look the perfect part you know? The other wives looking their absolute best cannot even compete."

"I know, but you know how I like to look perfect and make the other men jealous of you," Hayley said with another quick peck of the lips, not wanting to mess up her lipstick as usual. That would be fine later though.

They had arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early as usual. John arrived a few minutes early for everything. It was a trait that had been passed onto him by his parents. Almost everything he did in his life, he did to make his parents proud, from overachieving on his grades all the way through college, to his time in high school on the baseball team, to his current job. Those things were instilled into him from an early age, and continued to be a big part of how he carried himself through life, even though his parents were no longer around. They had died at a relatively young age, both being fifty one when they were killed in a car accident. They had been travelling when they drove into a sudden fog bank and got caught up in the carnage that took place there.

John had taken it very hard of course, seeing as his parents had been such a large part of his life, and he had no other family except distant relatives in other states. He was just glad that they had met Hayley before they passed, and with her immense love and understanding, he had managed to get over their deaths and move on with his life. It was also with the help of her family which had already grown to love him as one of their own.

Being early as usual they were the first ones to the reserved table at Ciro's. It was a favorite of his and his bosses as well. His boss, Steven 'don't ever call me Steve' Bradley was an older gentleman in his early sixties and had taken John under his wing once he realized how good of a worker he was. Ciro's served Italian straight out of Italy. Being an establishment with a cozy neighborhood appeal was the reason that Steven liked it so much. It was the perfect place to get clients to relax a little more than they would at one of the large fancy restaurants in town. One of the features that appealed to everyone the most was the restaurant had a u-shaped bar in the middle, with the dining area on one side and a dance floor on the other. It was not unusual for them to spend several hours there when they got together to eat, drink, and talk business. Clients were encouraged to bring their spouses to these relaxed business meetings.

Shawn though was widowed, and still single from having not moved on yet, as well as from out of town. He showed up a couple of minutes after John and Hayley just as they were ordering their drinks.

"Shawn, good to see you could make it. Can we get you a drink? They have a near perfect house wine," John said as he stood to shake hands.

"Absolutely, the house wine would be just fine," he replied.

John introduced Hayley then finished with the waitress.

"I'm Shawn Miller. It's a pleasure; John has told me so much about you," he said extending his hand to her while having a difficult time keeping his eyes looking into hers instead of at the small amount of cleavage on display from her dress.

"Yes, it's nice to finally meet you as well. John has told me that you spend most of your time working together while you are in town," Hayley replied as she took his hand.

"That's correct, although it really isn't necessary. John has everything under control. I keep telling my boss that, but we had problems with the last company that we dealt with so I get to spend three days a month here," he said still holding her hand, looking into her sky blue eyes. 'This woman is incredible' he thought. 'John was being too modest when he described her. She is not the most beautiful, but there is just something about her. I can't quite put my finger on it, but she just lights a fire, ' he said to himself, not realizing that he had been holding her hand and staring into her eyes for almost thirty seconds now after he had replied to her before realizing that she was looking just a little nervous. Is she becoming flushed he wondered.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just that John had said you were beautiful, and I suppose you still caught me by surprise," he finally said slowly letting go of her hand.

"It's fine, and I'm very flattered. Thank you." She felt a slight flush come to her face and upper chest. Thinking that John had never mentioned Shawn was a black man, not that it mattered, and that he was so good looking, with the slightest amount of grey starting to show in his hair.

John, having finished with the waitress moments after Shawn had arrived, had witnessed the awkward, yet obviously hunger filled exchange between his Hayley and Shawn. He did not let it upset him. He enjoyed when his wife flirted with other men.

They had opened up their marriage twice before, both times with people that were in the process of moving away to other states. Their next door neighbors and close friends for a little over a year had decided to move to the west coast after the husband Mike had gotten a new job offer. The two men had been very open with one another about their sexual lives with their wives and had wanted to get them open to swapping, but had never been brave enough to act on it. That is until Mike took the new job offer. With that hanging over them the two decided to just go for it and see what happened. It turned out to be a wonderful experience.

He and Hayley had shared their sexual fantasies with one another. John had gotten her to talk about those in the hopes of getting her to go along with the idea of the swap. Although he had enjoyed the sex with Stacey, it was seeing Hayley take Mike between her legs that had made it the most memorable yet he could not explain why. He admitted to her that he had been a voyeur most of his life, having witnessed his mother and father together once when they were on vacation, and obviously could not stand to not have sex with one another even though their ten year old son was sleeping in the other bed in the same hotel room, or so they thought.

John also loved to see Hayley flirt with other men. He could not explain this behavior to her. Hayley, even though she told John over and over again that despite their shared fantasies, did not want to be with anyone but him. Nevertheless she gave him what he wanted and would openly flirt with men from time to time while they were out together. It did make the sex that much more exciting once they got home, and she secretly loved what they were doing.

Hayley had told him that although she had enjoyed the night they spent with Mike and Stacey, especially her time with Mike, only the fourth guy she had been with, she had felt very jealous seeing her husband with another woman and stated that she did not feel she could handle that again. John surprised her saying he was fine with that, and immediately suggested that with her approval of course, she should make an offer of a special goodbye to any single friends they had if they moved away. Hayley quickly agreed, not too enthusiastically she hoped. Since that would not happen often, it would end up being a special time for them to live out a little fantasy once in a while.

It was three months later that one of Johns close friends had announced he was moving away. John told Hayley right away and asked her if she were still open to the idea. Hayley agreed and once again took another man besides her husband between her legs. Both men had sex with her at the same time that night before calling a halt to their activities late in the evening. Hayley enjoyed the experience, but secretly wished that Adam had been better endowed and a better lover, though she was also happy that he was not as big as her husband when John entered her pussy and Adam took her ass.

That was eight months prior to meeting Shawn. Now, here she was thinking of what it would be like to have her husband see her taken by this older black gentleman. Hayley did leave one fantasy out of her confession to John. She wanted to be with a black man. Not as a boyfriend or husband, but for some reason she just wanted the experience. It was the taboo of course, the contrast in skin colors as well. She also hoped that the truth would live up to the myth. She had seen her share of porn though, and knew that not all black men, even those in the pornography business had a huge cock.

John was not lacking in that department either she thought, still feeling flushed by momentarily thinking of what Shawn had hanging between his legs. John was not quite eight inches and thick enough that he stretched her more than any of the other lovers she had had. She quickly tried to put all of those thoughts out of her mind though. She did not want to sleep with a man that John would be seeing and working with several days a month. Some moisture developed on her lower lips with that thought. 'What if he was hung, really hung?' John would have to work alongside this virile looking black Adonis knowing that he stretched his wife and reached an area inside her that John could only dream of.

"Excuse me, here is your wine ma'am," the waitress stated, bringing Hayley out of her sexual trance.

Suddenly realizing she had already returned to her chair and had been running her eyes around this man's chiseled upper torso. My god he was gorgeous. Hayley loved her husband, but she could not help but think that if this man had the proper equipment then she would almost be willing to tell John that she was going to let this man have his way with her whether he approved or not, and deal with the fallout after the deed was done.

Thankfully for her, the others started arriving moments later. Two carafes of wine were brought out and dinner was ordered. Adhering to Stevens rules at these dinners, the conversation was only part business. By the time dinner was finished, so was the business talk. It was the Thursday prior to Memorial Day weekend, so Shawn was leaving earlier than usual the next day, and they all decided to hang around for a while.

Around ten o'clock that evening, Steven, his wife Evelyn and his second in charge, Bob, and his wife Michelle excused themselves and went home. The other two couples and Shawn remained, moving to the only open area of the bar, which was on the dining room side. Dancing on the medium size dance floor was the next order of business as the husbands left Shawn alone for a few minutes. John and Hayley danced to a couple of songs then decided to return to their spot at the bar, as to not leave Shawn feeling left out for too long.

On the way back to the table, Hayley, being a little tipsy from the wine leaned into John and spoke quietly too him. "Would it bother you if I offered Shawn a dance? I sort of feel bad that he might be feeling left out."

John, not surprised by her question, would have to have been dead to not notice the obvious. She was turned on by that man. He had a difficult time hiding his apprehension, though he had shared her with two other men, this was different. He had to work with this guy, albeit only a few days a month, but what if Hayley did indeed want to sleep with him? Her craving was obvious, and had given him much attention throughout the meal. The two of them also enjoyed her flirting with other men to spice up their lovemaking, but this was being done with his boss and co-workers right there, and was a little too close to home as they say. He also thought back to the first moment that he had thought of possibly entertaining the idea of talking to Shawn and Hayley about getting the two together. He and Shawn were getting to know one another a little better and talking about their personal lives when Shawn showed him a picture of his wife.

She had been a beautiful white woman who had passed away due to complications from a relatively minor illness. Once John had seen that she had been white, he immediately started to imagine his beautiful Hayley giving herself to a black man. It was always something that turned him on in porn films, but until that moment had never thought about seeing it happen with his wife.

"No baby, it won't bother me. You go ahead and ask him, I'm going to the restroom."

"OK sweetie."

"Keep it relatively innocent. I have to see that guy after this, and do not forget that Ryan and Jenny are still here."

"I know babe, I just feel sorry for him is all," she said, while at the same time thinking that she feels equally sorry for herself if she never gets the chance to try him on for size.

John gave her a quick kiss and they parted before they reached Shawn.

Gathering her nerves, she sauntered over to Shawn and leaned into the bar next to him. "So, do you dance?"

"I've been known to on occasion. Why, are you offering?" he replied with a slight smile as he let his eyes trail down her back to her legs. She had her right foot lifted off the ground and was rubbing the top of it lightly on the back of her left calf.

"Yes, would you care to join me?"

"Does John mind?"

"Not at all."

"Then I would like that very much."

Shawn stood up and took her hand in his, leading the beautiful woman to the dance floor. Once there he took her right hand in his left and placed his right on the small of her back. 'God he's big, ' Hayley thought as he kept a respectable distance between them. She had had too much to drink and knew she should keep this as platonic as possible, but that man just excited her beyond description. She realized they had been looking into one another's eyes for most of the first song.

Sensing Hayley's obvious desire, Shawn moved his hand a little lower, letting it rest on the upper half of her left butt cheek and gave a slight squeeze. He knew she wanted him when she moved hers to his front and placed her hand on his broad chest, slowly moving her thumb across his pectoral feeling the definition there. 'He feels rock solid, ' she thought. By this time, she had already forgotten where she was and who she came with. The only thing that mattered at that moment was her and the tall, muscular man she was dancing with.

'Move your hand lower, ' she said to herself, in an attempt to try and will him to move his hand to the crease between her cheek and thigh. Almost as if he had heard her, Shawn moved his hand lower, placing it in almost the exact spot she was thinking of. His hand was large, and it covered most of the cheek while the tips of his fingers were just in the lower part of her crack less than an inch from her little rose bud. While moving slowly, he guided her a little at a time to the far back corner of the dance floor.

"So, you guys are taking off then" John said as Ryan stood there with his keys in his hand, waiting for his wife in the restroom.

"Yeah, we're leaving early tomorrow morning to go see Jenny's folks this weekend."

"Alright, I'll see you on Tuesday then."

Jenny walked up a moment later. Saying their goodbyes they both left immediately after.

John looked across the dimly lit room to the dance floor, but could not see his wife.

Shawn had let go of Hayley's right hand and moved his other hand to the opposite side of her near perfect ass. He then pulled her close to him, letting her feel his manhood against her belly. It had grown to a semi-hard state.

When she felt it press into her abdomen, her head and eyes immediately dropped to look at the connection. 'Oh my God, ' she thought t as she blinked, not believing what she was feeling. Hayley then felt both of his hands squeeze the cheeks of her ass causing a slight moan to escape and her head to lift back up, and the lips of her mouth to part.

Shawn took this opportunity to press his lips to hers and with her mouth slightly parted pushed his tongue between her lips and zeroed in on her own, as he continued to forcefully squeeze her firm toned ass.

John finally saw them in the back corner of the dance floor. Well, he saw Shawn and Hayley's legs. There was almost no light back there, and you could just about hide from everyone else, besides those that were paying close enough attention. Everyone referred to it as the makeout spot. He could not believe what he was seeing. Shawn had his hands low, and his head bent down and tilted to the right slightly. Moments later he could see her right hand as it slid to the back of Shawn's neck and what could only be interpreted as pulling him forcefully into a kiss. Where was her other hand? She could not possibly be doing that with her other hand. He felt jealous for the first time.

Hayley had never let the two other men, nor, the men she flirted with kiss her. She told John that her lips were for him only. Yet there she was, kissing that man after only meeting him a few hours earlier, and not even talking it over with her husband first.

'Yes, ' she screamed in her head. 'Oh my, this man can kiss.' He began massaging her ass and pulling her against his semi-erect cock. Hayley then moved her right hand to the back of his neck and could not help but move her left to his center. She just had to feel it. Shawn felt her hand try to move between them and moved back just enough for her to do what she wanted. Instead of just feeling him outside of his slacks, she surprised him and herself by moving her hand to his zipper and pulled it down, immediately reaching inside.

'I have to see it, ' she told herself. Hayley reached in and grasped the large appendage and pulled it through the fly and out into the open. Her hand squeezed it and then started to stroke him. Hayley had to see how big it got. Shawn let her break the kiss so she could look down. He had to move back even further to give the monster room to grow being careful to keep themselves in a position that hid what they were doing to the others around them.

"Does it excite you?" he whispered breathlessly into her ear.

Hayley did not answer. Instead, she just wrapped her hand around it. Tilting it up to almost vertical, she stroked that perfect cock with hand. A substantial amount of pre-cum had gathered at the tip. Pulling her right hand from his neck she collected the viscous fluid with her thumb and then brought it to her lips, sucking it off and savoring the mild flavor while continuing to stroke the monster with her left.

"That's it baby. Did you like that? Do you want to taste what I have building up for you? Do you want to taste this black man's baby batter?" she heard in her ear.

Hayley had an overwhelming hunger to do just that. "Yes." She said almost out of breath from doing next to nothing. She was doing something though. She was in a restaurant, in a barely lit corner with a man that was not her husband, a black man that she had only met a few hours earlier, with this incredible cock hanging out of his pants, and her tiny little white hand stroking the shaft. She had never done anything like this, had never cheated on her husband either. Hayley felt so ashamed yet more excited than she had in her entire life.

'What the fuck are they doing?' he thought. He could barely make them out. That corner had always been a nice spot for John and Hayley whenever he felt a little frisky, and wanted a little public foreplay. Is all he could see of his wife was a glimpse of her legs now and then through Shawn's own. Other than that, she was completely blocked out by Shawn's large form. They had been standing there, just barely moving for over five minutes now. Her right hand disappeared from his neck. John noticed the almost imperceptible movement of the man as his mid-section moved forward and back. She couldn't possibly be stroking his cock. Not here, right out in the open. Sure they could barely be seen where they were, but would she really do something like that to him? She had always promised that she would never do anything without their talking it through first.

"That's it. Keep stroking. Use both hands girl. I want to see both of those little white hands on my black cock."

She obeyed immediately by placing her right hand on his shaft and stroking faster. 'My God, ' she thought, 'I would need three and a half of my hands to go from base to tip. My fingers don't even touch.' Hayley was in a trance like state. She knew that if she continued, she would have to bend over and take him in her mouth or he would spray the front of her dress. Only moments later she felt that same dress being lifted up to her waste, exposing her panties to any one that might see her.

Shawn grabbed the waist band of her panties with his large thumbs and pulled them slowly down her legs dropping them to the floor. He then reached back under her dress and worked a finger into her tight hole while working her little pleasure button with the pad of his thumb.

"Uummm." Hayley moaned as he pressed his lips to hers again. She attacked his mouth with her tongue.

John could not believe his eyes. Squinting, trying to make sure he was seeing what had just happened. There, pooled around her ankles was a pair of silky red panties. He was surprised that although he was jealous and just a little angry, he had the biggest hard-on of his life, even though he knew he had to stop this. He stood up on weak legs and slowly made his way around the bar.

Hayley was wetter than she had ever been. Small streaks of her fluids were running down her legs. The pressure from his thumb and the large finger invading her hole brought her to an almost immediate orgasm. It took almost no effort on his part, seeing as how she was turned on like nothing before this. Nothing else mattered in that moment. Not that they were in a public place, not that her husband was probably wondering what has happened to her, nothing.

"Almost there baby. When I tell you, you drop to your knees and take my cock in your mouth and swallow my cum."

"Yes." she said again. It seemed the only thing she could say to this man was yes. She was stroking now for all she was worth. Hayley wanted to taste him, no, she needed to taste him. She was hoping that it would be too much for her and it would seep out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Yes, she would proudly walk back to her husband with her lovers cum dripping off of her chin for him and everyone else to see.

"Now bitch. Take my black seed into your married mouth." he hissed in her ear.

Without caring who saw her, Hayley dropped to her knees and sucked the large head into her mouth just as half a dozen large jets of cum began to shoot to the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, barely managing to keep it from spilling out down the front of her, slightly disappointed, yet slightly relieved as well. The last little bit she kept in her mouth as she sucked four or five inches of that beautiful appendage into her mouth and then with a suction that she knew men loved she backed her mouth off while running her left hand along the shaft as she did so. Her thumb was providing the pressure on the bottom of his cock and milking the last of his seed into her retreating mouth.

She saw her wedding band and engagement ring on her finger as she removed that cock from her lips. 'John may be upset about this, but he is the one that started them on this path, ' she said to herself. 'He would have to just accept what happened. I will apologize profusely to him for what I have just done, but will also put a lot of the blame on him, ' she thought. Considering what they had done the past couple of years, how could he expect something like this would not eventually happen?

John could not believe his eyes. He had just made it to the edge of the dance floor when he saw Hayley's shadowy figure drop to her knees. He could see Shawn make a few quick jerking motions with his hips and knew at that moment that his beautiful wife Hayley, the love of his life had indeed been giving that man a hand job and had just taken his load down her throat. She was on her knees for less than a minute before standing once again, the panties still around her ankles. He turned quickly, not wanting to be seen witnessing his wife's infidelity, and headed back to the spot he had vacated and downed his last glass of wine in one large gulp.

Hayley stood back up with the remainder of Shawn's load still in her mouth. It tasted wonderful. 'He must really eat the right foods, ' she thought as she swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing it down her throat and into her waiting stomach with the rest of his millions of swimmers.

"Give me your panties. I want to keep them. I'll bring them to you the next time I'm in town. I might even give them back to you in front of your hubby."

Hayley didn't say a word. She just nodded her head and bent down to retrieve the skimpy garment. Only hours before she would have thought that it would have been her husband taking those panties off of her petite body. That was when the thought occurred to her as to whether or not Shawn's massive cock would even fit into her tiny pussy. 'If I fuck this man, no, when I fuck this man, ' she thought, 'my little pussy will never be the same again.' Handing him the panties she put his heavy cock back in his pants as he kissed her one last time before they left their dark hiding place and went in search of her husband. She had no idea how long they had been gone or if John had been looking for her and seen what had happened. Now that the deed was done, she was hit with a sudden attack of panic.

"Hey there you two are. I thought I was going to have to come find you." John said, deciding not to say anything just yet, not wanting to make a scene. There were murmurs from a few people at the other side of the bar when he had witnessed his wife's blatant public sex act. They had indeed been seen by others.

"Yeah, sorry man, just getting to know your wife here a little better is all. You've told me so much about her, I feel like we've been friends for a long time. She's a wonderful little woman you have there John. Thank you for letting her dance with me."

"She is wonderful isn't she?" John replied as he looked over at his wife, who definitely had a guilty look on her face. She averted her eyes a moment, looking towards the restrooms.

"I'm going to go pee before we leave. I'm ready to go John, I'll meet you at the car OK?" She said just barely looking at John.

"Sure baby, you go ahead. I'll see you out there." With that she quickly walked towards the ladies room. "Walk you out Shawn?"

"Yeah sure, I'm ready to get out of here," Shawn said, answering him. He was not a bad guy. She was just so fucking sexy, and she was definitely receptive, having received a very big load. He still couldn't believe that she didn't spill a drop. He usually shot a huge load, and he had not cum in good long while yet he was sure that she had just swallowed one of his largest loads ever. Though he did not have any remorse for having enjoyed such a sexually appealing creature as Hayley Brennen, he did have much remorse for having betrayed John as they were becoming friends. Part of him hoped that John did not witness what just happened, and then part of him did. He did not appear to be upset, so maybe he was in the clear. One thing he knew for sure was that somehow he had to get that little woman in bed.

John and Shawn said their goodbyes. Saying they would see each other in a month. Hayley came out a few minutes later. John was waiting at the passenger side of his new Audi S5 to let her in.

"Thank you honey, you're always the gentleman." Hayley said as she stroked his bicep with her hand before she sat down in the car.

Once she was settled, John closed the door in his normal way, and moved to his side of the vehicle. He stood there for a moment taking a quick breath, realizing that he was definitely mad at what his wife had just done. They had promised that nothing would ever happen without the two of them talking it out first and then agreeing on the same outcome. With that he got into the car. Putting his seat belt on, he started the engine, grabbing the gear shift he hesitated a moment and just before he put it in gear to drive away her turned to his wife with a frown on his face.

Seeing the obvious frown, realizing he was indeed pissed, Hayley's mouth dropped open and tears instantly formed in her eyes when she heard, "I think we have some things to discuss when we get home."

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