Double Date
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Safe Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brienna double dates, which means she has sex with both dates. And a few people at sex parties. Quite a busy girl, and then she realizes she's in love with several people; surprise, so was her mother.

Parents and school officials think a double-date is protection for the girls. One girl won't let boys do something to the other girl, and vice versa. They watch out for each other.

I've got news for them, it didn't work that way, at least in our school.

Jo Marie had straight black hair that came halfway down her back, and a figure that made most boys stop and take a second look, and a third, and a fourth, and ... I have heard that a lot of girls don't like guys to stare at them because it's clear the boys only have one thing on their minds. Well, so do the girls, at least in our school. I don't know why that is, but it's been that way for some time. Boys only want to do one thing to the girls they date, and in our school the girls want the boys to do that. Most of us go out of our way to encourage that sort of behavior.

Take this particular night. Mom was kind of relaxed about it because Jo Marie and I were double-dating. We were going to go see a movie, have an after-movie snack, and then come home. Within certain definitions of the terms, that's what happened. Sort of.

Rick picked me up at 5:30, and he already had Jo Marie and Frank in the car. I was wearing my pink dancing dress, sort of an A-line skirt with white accents and a modest, sleeved top. Jo Marie was wearing her light blue dress that hugged her curves, but without being too obvious about it, at least until she put on the belt. She didn't do that, of course, until she was in the car.

Jo Marie had a movie subscription service where she could get things over the internet. We went right over to her house, and she queued up the first run movie we were going to see in the theater. While she did that, her date spread a blanket on the floor; no sense in getting carpet burns. Then all of us undressed and we proceeded to get it on.

Jo Marie is kinky, but I don't mean that she likes strange stuff. She likes her sex, though, and she doesn't want to waste a lot of time getting down to it. The last bit of underwear hit the floor, and she practically wrestled Frank to the floor. It was obvious she had one thing on her mind, and she wanted that thing where she'd enjoy it the most.

Rick lay back on the couch and I pounced on his dick. A girl has about 48 million erogenous zones all over her body, a guy only one, and it's at the end of his dick. He wasn't hard, but I took care of that. There's something about rubbing my boobs against his dick, the male hardness and female softness thing. I sucked his balls for a bit. It's amazing how many girls neglect those. That stiffened him up even more.

Then we swapped places.

He started at my knees, slowly kissing his way up my legs. It's the anticipation. You know what it's going to feel like, and you can't wait, but it's better if you do.

He kept getting closer and closer, and I couldn't wait. It's one of the few times I'm that aware of my sex. I wanted him, I wanted it. I wanted that touch, and then he was sliding past, tickling my tummy with his tongue.

He rested his chin on my pubic mound, staring up the length of my body. "I've always wondered why a girl grabs her breasts as she gets aroused."

"Because it feels good," I said. I was holding both of them, and it did feel good to squeeze them. It would feel even better if he did it, but I could wait on that.

He ducked his chin and gave my cleft a deep and serious lick. A hot flash shot through me and I squeezed him with my legs in reaction. You don't want to let a gu7y go when he's doing that!

Then he was back, resting his chin on my mound. His scraggly chin hairs kind of scratched me in a fun way. I keep my bush trimmed way back, just covering the essentials, and my curls seemed to merge with his chin, making him look like he had a beard.

I had to clear my throat before I trusted myself to speak. "You know, if you were just a little farther down..."

"Like this?" He lowered his face and his tongue lapped at my pearl.

God! I squeezed even harder. I felt that wave of heat shoot through me, and I pushed downward, trying to capture all of him.

Rick and I had played this game before. He kept just the right distance to maintain a light touch against me. Occasionally his tongue slid down between the lips of my cleft, but it always returned to my pearl.

I love to do it as much as the next girl, but there's something about lying there my sex trapped against his mouth. It's so intimate. It's more than that. I don't know how much pleasure a guy gets, but it's all golden for the girl.

Suddenly he was kissing his way up my tummy and I could feel his hips spreading my legs. He was after his pleasure, now, and I wasn't going to stop him.

Rick did know enough to pay attention to my boobs. He sucked and licked them until my nipples stood up stiff and hard. They ached for the touch he was providing. That's when I feel so female. Oh, sure, I love a dick in my sex, but when someone is kissing and sucking your boobs, well, that's what they're there for, and every girl I know gets a lot of pleasure out of that act.

One of the peculiarities of sex is that guys will eat your sex, will suck your boobs, and lose their erection. I've talked about it with the other girls, and as far as we can figure it, unless a dick is being directly stimulated, it loses some of it's interest.

Fortunately this is an easily remedied problem. I wrapped my fingers around his length and began stroking him. It didn't take long before he was up and hard again.

Rick nestled the blunt head of his stiff dick between the lips of my sex. There is something so comforting about feeling a guy there. A girl's body is designed to do it (and have and nurture babies), and it felt really good to feel him sliding that thing of his into me.

I was wet enough Rick slid in with one smooth motion. I smiled as I felt his balls nudge my bottom. He lay his body on top of mine and we began to move.

Now that's an awfully awkward way to do it, and after the first few thrusts he sort of leaned back and did it that way. His hands went to my boobs, squeezing and holding them.

There are two kinds of guys in this world. The first are those who realize that the whole point of sex is to come as deep in the girl as you can. That takes up about 75% of the guys. The second type know that if they want to come again, the girl had better enjoy what they're doing. Those are the real keepers.

I was 15 when I realized that I didn't have to come, though that was preferable to not coming at all. The very act itself is tremendously stimulating, and while you might not come, you'll get a lot of pleasure out of it. I certainly did, but with the added pleasure of coming long and hard after a point.

Rick wasn't far behind me, rearing back and groaning as he unloaded deep in me. His face was flushed, his neck rigid, and his grip strong. My internal muscles responded by trying to milk his dick. It's a female thing.

We lay there for a bit, breathing hard, and then he bent over and kissed me, kissed my boobs, and kissed me again. We were both relaxed, and you feel like you're sharing the most intimate moment of all at a time like that.

Jo Marie and Frank were still going hard at it, and as Rick and I snuggled we watched them. Jo Marie was on her back and I could look down the length of her body, seeing Frank's hard dick appear and disappear between her legs as he pumped it to hero Marie was moaning and calling, her boobs were wobbling and bouncing, and I could see Frank's shoulders tensing as he drove it into her.

Guys have said Jo Marie's insides grip them (a lot like mine do) and they can actually feel her coming. She arched up sharply, her mouth open and eyes close. Her breathing and vocals stopped, and I could almost feel the spasms of pleasure radiating from her.

Frank responded as guys always do. He plunged deep and groaned. I could just picture the end of his dick spurting it's load of white cream into her.

There's something beautiful about watching someone come. It's doubly so when both people come. They're so free, so unbridled. For just a short time that's them, without pretense or anything else.

Whether you want it or not, a guy needs a chance to recover. We settled on the blanket and played the move as the guys got their strength back. I cuddled up next to Frank, while Jo Marie wrapped her hand around Rick's manhood as if afraid that it would get away. Frank was big and solid, heavily muscled, but not like a football player. He was a wrestler, and that meant more compact muscles, the kind a girl can really dig.

The movie was okay, but it was important that we watch it because I knew Mom would want a report. Now I didn't see all of it because about halfway through I got bored and began sucking Frank's dick instead. That was a lot more fun. He let his fingers do their wandering, and spent some time playing between the lips of my sex. Felt good, too.

It was inevitable that his dick and my sex got together. He leaned back against a chair and I sat in his lap. His hands started out around my waist, but soon slid up to a much more female part of me. There he kissed my neck, squeezed my boobs, and I teased my pearl while his dick rested solidly in my channel.

My freshman year in high school I read a book that told of the pleasures of just putting it in and leaving it there. I'd disbelieved the author, but over the past couple of years had learned that it was kind of fun. You're connecting, literally, on an intimate level. You feel each other breathe, feel each other's hearts beat, and you get that filled feeling that only comes from a dick in your channel.

Now Frank and Rick both had the supreme virtue of taking their time the second time around. We girls are under no such restrictions. I teased my pearl into a climax, and then Frank had me leaning across the couch while he mounted me from behind. It was a little awkward because my boobs were squished against the rough fabric, but I slid down a little so they hung free. I think that's one of the times I'm most aware of them.

Normally your boobs are just there. You don't pay that much attention to them. They're part of you, and they get out of the way when you nudge them. The only time you really pay attention to them is when some guy has his mouth around them. Or they're hanging straight down.

Holding onto the couch like that is really good because it's a form of the doggy-position, and a guy feels like he's getting really deep in that position. Frank took his time putting it in. Then, once I felt his tummy against my thighs, he began thrusting, gently at first. God, it felt fantastic! He was so deep I thought he was going to come in my throat from the wrong end!

We did it that way until I came, which certainly didn't take long. Any girl will tell you it feels so much better when it's deep.

We kept shifting around, and eventually I was on my side on the blanket with Frank putting it to me from behind. Jo Marie was facing me, though the ends were swapped. My eyes were right about the level of her sex—now stuffed with Rick's hard manhood—and it was fascinating watching that slick piece of flesh sliding in and out of her. Her sex lips were puffy and stretched around him.

I think the guys were getting excited by the visual spectacle, too. Frank began to move harder, making my body quake from the jots of pleasure. I thought he'd come, but at the last moment he pulled out, breathing hard.

"This is too good to end," he got out.

I rolled into him and pulled him on top of me. "It might be," I said, "but right now I don't care. Give it to me!"

He put it back in, and I drew my legs up and squeezed his butt with my heels. I don't try to pull him deeper, it just works out that way.

I love being taken this way. People deride the missionary position, but you're face-to-face with the guy, his dick fits in you very well, and moving is natural for both of you. I held him as we got closer and closer. It was that same rising feeling that I love so much, totally wrapped up in him as you get closer and higher. I felt complete. His dick filled me, joining us as two people become one.

I could feel him tensing as we got close. I was super-aware of his dick; it felt as if there was nothing else. Then he bent over and sucked my boobs.

I came.

There's some connection between your boobs and your womb. If you suck a girl's boobs her womb contracts, and that feels really good. Add a lot of stimulation and you get a really deep, really intense climax that almost makes you pass out.

My muscles clamped down around him (not that I felt it, he told me later), and he couldn't hold back. He groaned, bucking hard into me. His balls had been making a big load of come, and he shot it all into me in wave after wave.

We relaxed together, drifting together in a sea of pleasure. I had no desire to move. All of my energy had been flushed out of me by my coming. He was pinning me to the floor, and I wanted to keep him there like a warm male blanket.

Guys shrink after they come, and he did so. I don't like feeling a guy come out of me, but it's inevitable. We cuddled together, along with Jo Marie and Rick. We had four warm, contented, and very satisfied bodies.

We rewatched the end of the movie, kidded each other about how the problems the characters had had wouldn't have gotten to be so large if they'd just spent time having sex. There are very few things wrong with a girl that a good hard dick in her sex won't cure.

Other girls have told me that they feel a burst of modesty after the sex is over. They can't wait to get into their clothes again. It's a natural reaction. You're conditioned, from your earliest memories, to cover up. People aren't supposed to see between your legs. Your boobs are sort of an ambivalent area. You're supposed to keep them covered, and everyone is supposed to both recognize them and ignore them at the same time. That changes, though, when you're at the pool or the lake when you boldly flaunt them. It can be a little confusing.

I was comfortable with partial nudity, but like every girl, I was into my panties fairly quickly. Rick was back with me, and he gave personal attention to getting my bra on properly. I certainly wasn't going to say no!

If we'd had the time I would have pulled my panties off and we would have done it one more time, but this was a school night. Much as I wanted him, and it, I reluctantly got back in my clothes. He dressed, but I took it upon myself to make sure his dick was tucked away properly. I couldn't let anything happen to that precious thing!

Guys have it lucky. They can come, tuck everything back in their shorts, and be done with it. A girl has certain reminders of what's happened. I carried a douche in my purse for just such occasions. Squatting on a toilet while you rinse the come out of you isn't glamorous or sexy, just a necessity. You keep at it until you're clean and there's no trace of the passion the guys left into you. Believe me, mothers of teenage girls can detect come at 30 paces.

I don't feel my sex all that much, except during sex, and except when I've just cleaned myself down there. Then it feels cool and wet. I pulled everything up, smoothed everything down, and generally dealt with everything except my hair.

A girl's hair is another thing mothers check. If it looks messed up, there's probably a reason. I got it back into shape. I have long silky dark hair, and I drew it back into a ponytail I'd worn when I'd left home. That pulled everything back from my face, and highlighted my cheekbones and eyes. I rather liked the look.

Finally put back together to pass motherly inspection, Rick got me settled next to him in his car. Jo Marie and Frank did some clinching in the backseat. Mom was watching as I got out of the car. She gave us some privacy on the front porch, and I was a little breathless with my lipstick suitably mussed by the time I got inside.

"Good movie?" Mom asked.

"Boring," I said. "The ending was clever, though. I didn't look for it ending the way it did."

"Was it a contrived ending?" She followed me into my room where I laid out my jeans and slippers.

"No, it was logical, if you thought about it. I switched into my jeans and snuggled my feet into my slippers. "I really expected a different ending."

"The surprise ones only work once," she said. She turned and headed back to the living room, apparently satisfied that there was nothing amiss with her daughter.

I joined her on the couch. Dad was reading a magazine and generally not paying attention to the program. My brother was at the dining room table, still struggling with his homework. I had that well-satisfied feeling that comes from getting thoroughly laid. I wanted to drift, zoned out, but knew Mom would expect me to pay some marginal attention to the program.

I did, for about 15 minutes, and then just announced that I was going to bed. A hug, a kiss for each parent, and I was soon in my room, thinking about the evening, and wishing it could have gone on a lot longer. That's the one trouble with a date: it's over too soon.

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