Hazing for Victor and Victoria
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, CrossDressing, Incest, Brother, Sister, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Doctor/Nurse, Public Sex, School, Nudism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fraternal twins, Victor and Victoria, move to Las Vegas and, as youth from 'away' in grade ten, they are subject to special hazing by senior students.

Victor's family had relocated from Nebraska in August, so this was his and his twin sister Victoria's first day at Anita Takitoff Senior High School in Las Vegas. The two 14-year old fraternal twins were in the crowded school hallway a good 20 minutes before the homeroom bell would sound. They wanted to be early and prepared for their first day in grade ten; each wanted to make a positive impression on their teachers and possibly find some new friends.

Victor had just opened the combination lock and opened his locker when he turned his head to the left to see if his sister, who was just a few yards down the hall, needed any help with getting her locker open. Victoria tended to be all butter fingers and klutzy. It was then that he saw a group of older boys gather around his sister and started chatting her up. Victoria, while chaste and pure as the driven snow, was quite an attractive girl whose body had matured faster than her mind or common sense.

Victor just shook his head at his sister's good luck at catching the eyes of guys clearly older than she was. Victor, on the other hand, was well brimming with brains and bereft of brawn; he could have easily passed for an eleven year old and often took advantage of that by getting into the movies at 'Children' rates rather than 'Teen' prices. But, of course, that condemned him to seeing movies on his own or with Victoria because no girls his age wanted to be seen with him, much less date him. He was sometimes described as cute in a baby-cuddly kind of way.

So it came as a great surprise that his sister was not the only one to attract attention from the opposite sex that day. While some half-dozen guys had surrounded his sister, the same number of older girls had now crowded around Victor. He had just put his light jacket into his locker and turned when the tallest ( and sexiest ) of the girls around him spoke.

"Hi, I'm Cheryl. You and your sister are new to Las Vegas, right?" The blonde beauty, who must have been 17 or 18, stuck out her hand and smiled.

Victor was pleasantly surprised by friendly greeting and smiled back, taking her hand in his. Cheryl's grip was more than a little firm; in fact, she grasped Victor's hand like a vice and held on to it while two of the other girls by her side put their hands on Victor's shoulders and yet another girl grabbed his left hand and held it. He was at close quarters and could feel the bodies of these very sexy girls rubbing up against his.

Cheryl continued with her introductions: " I volunteer in the principal's office and do filing there. So I know you and your twin sister just turned 14, you've recently arrived from Nebraska and your grades are far higher than your sisters."

Victor frowned but didn't want to seem rude. Still he felt he needed to say something. " Ummm, I thought that kind of information was confidential and..."

He didn't finish his thought, as the girl holding his left hand now grabbed his right hand from Cheryl's grip and pulled both behind Victor's back and held them tightly.

Cheryl continued to smile and said, " This is Las Vegas, Victor. Within this town nothing is secret and anything goes. But," she went on with a steely gaze fixed on the now startled lad, " what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ... but only if your play your cards right. See, Victor, the six of us and those six guys talking with your sister as the Anita Takitoff Seniors' Welcoming Committee. We're in charge of hazing all freshmen. But we have a special initiation for new students from away, students like you and your sister.

Victor turned his head to see what was going on by his sister's locker, but she was still surrounded by the boys blocking her out of view. He started to object and even though of yelling for help, when one of the girls shoved something in his mouth. It turned out to be her panties and it was clear right away that this girl had gotten her underwear moist before using it as Victor's gag. His hands gripped behind him, his mouth panty-gagged and surrounded by older, stronger girls, Victor could do little but comply with their demands.

"First of all, we have a couple of questions: Do you wear boxers or briefs?" Cheryl pulled the panty-gag out of his mouth to let him answer.

This seemed like the sort of high school high jinx that was embarrassing but harmless, so Victor replied that he wore briefs. Victor said his underpants were 'tighty-whities', as Victoria had always called them as she teased him. Victor was trying to act as if this was all normal as Cheryl smiled and proceeded to shove the sex-soiled panties back into his mouth.

Things seemed to be getting more serious. Still, Victor was more worried about his sister and what embarrassing questions those guys might be posing to her. But his attention was immediately focused on his own interrogation as Cheryl continued.

"So prove it, Victor. Show us ... right now."

Victor still tried to maintain control as he tried to speak but his voice was muffled by the panty-gag. So Cheryl removed it once more. Inpatriently she asked ' Yeah, what is it?"

Victor rather sheepishly asked, "You mean you really want me to flash my undies to you? " he was smiling nervously.

"No, not exactly." said Cheryl.

"Oh I get it," said Victor trying to laugh his response, " You're going to pants me ... pull my pants down right here in the hallway and then walk away. Very funny,"

"Not at all, Victor. You are going to show us what kind of undies you have on all by yourself. You are going to strip down to your briefs and put all your clothes in your locker. Then you are going to lock them up and put your hands atop your head."

"I don't think so..." he never got a chance to finish his protest as one of the girls reached into her large handbag and pulled out the biggest sewing shears Victor had even seen. He was silent now, intimidated and dumb-struck.

Cheryl moved closer, pressing her breasts and pelvic against Victor. " Wither you take your clothes off, or we cut them off. And we won't leave you your tighty-whities; we'll cut them to shreds right off your sorry ass ... and I just might be careless and cut something else off ... something you might not want to part with."

Victor didn't need to be told twice. He was now terrified and while quickly disrobing he glanced down the hall toward his sister's locker where he could see what appeared to be her bare legs beyond the wall of teenaged boys surrounding her. Victor hoped her clothes hadn't been cut to ribbons.

As Victor put his clothes into his locker and turned to face his tormentors, the Senior Welcoming Committee, he heard the combination lock snap shut and the lock know twirled. Luckily he had memorized the combination and could open it up in under ten seconds.

With his hands now clasped behind his head and his legs spread out as ordered, Victor felt both vulnerable and afraid. Yet, at the same time, he was sexually excited and, as Cheryl once more gagged him, his penis began to rise. He tented his tighty-whities and was greeted with girlish giggles. But the Welcoming Committee was far from finished with Victor's humiliating hazing.

Another girl pulled his underpants down to mid-thigh as Cheryl took her shears and started trimming Victor's wisps of public hairs. Then she clipped off some of the fine hair at his armpits. She had him turn about so they could better examine his near-nude body.

"Just a trim for today, Sir," joked Cheryl. " But you'll need to shave all that hair off for tomorrow's inspection. Armpits and pubic mound and your balls too ... all clean shaven. You can have help, of course. You sister is going to shave you ... every morning after you do your part to help her complete her hazing tasks."

Victor's face turned red as a beet and he tried to object. But the girl behind him had just yanked his underpants up giving him a wedgy and Cheryl now held her sharp shears under his sole garment, right by his crotch, and was slicing off bits of cloth. Victor got the hint and kept his mouth shut as Cheryl took her time cutting his underpants to shreds until there was nothing left by the elastic hem, which Cheryl then snipped off with a flourish. Victor was now as naked as he imagined his sister must be. Victor had looked Victoria's way and noted that one of the boys in front of his kneeling and presumably naked sister was thrusting his hips back and forth.

Tears were flowing down Victor's cheeks as it was clear his sister was giving that boy a blow job. Then it struck him, the boy now before her wasn't the guy who had been facing her a few minutes ago. The implication of that was driven home to Victor moments later, as hands forced him to the floor. Kneeling before the girls at waist height, Victor was treated to a sight which made his cock harder than ever: his female Welcoming Crew each girl lifted her skirt and he could see none of them were wearing panties.

The sight, the smell and shortly the touch of all that beautiful, bald moist pussy was intoxicating for Victor. He could not resist as his head was pushed from one pussy mound and set of pussy lips to another where his tongue spoke of his eager obedience. In truth, he was just doing what his sister was doing right now: getting a taste of things to cum ... getting used to being humiliated at Anita Takitoff Senior High School in Las Vegas.

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