Daphne: Ice Cream
Chapter 1: The setup

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Food,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: The setup - A man discovers his neighbor is a hot submissive, who wants him to dominate her.

I sat at my computer working. It had been a long day, but I was trying to get one more thing finished before I quit for the day. A soft chime sounded at my side. I sighed, not looking forward to one more interruption to my day. Reaching for my phone I was already cursing whichever co-worker was trying to reach me. The screen read "Come over now" and the contact read only "Daphne". Immediately, my cock twitched.

Pushing away from my desk, I closed my laptop. A grin spread across my face. I had moved into this building only a year before and I only knew a few of my neighbors. But just next door lived a lovely woman named Daphne. I stretched, and my mind ran thru the possible reasons she would have texted me.

She could just need help with something around her apartment. She is certainly capable of keeping everything in order, but occasionally everyone needs a hand. Maybe she needed to borrow a tool ... I knew which one I wanted to loan her.

I put my shoes on and headed for the door, turning off the lights, grabbing my keys. I stopped at the door to take a deep breath ... I didn't have any reason to expect that something sexual would happen with Daphne. She and I had had a few moments recently where I thought something might happen. And of course, she didn't know that I knew about her web camming.

I had discovered it by accident, one night about a month ago. I was alone as usual and feeling a little horny. Searching thru the vast amount of porn on the internet just wasn't doing anything for me. But I had happened onto a website where women showed off in exchange for "tokens". These tokens were of course paid for with real money, but it preserved the fiction that money wasn't being exchanged for sex, even virtual sex. Most of the females on the site just teased the men, showing off their bodies in various stages of undress. But some did very dirty things to earn their tokens. One of the dirtiest vixens turned out to be someone I knew ... I was shocked when I discovered my very attractive neighbor displaying her charms and pleasuring herself. Of course, that was shocking enough, but when I saw how submissive she was ... taking all kinds orders from the men who were bold enough to give them. I have to admit it made my heart pound with desire for her.

She wasn't on every night, but I checked almost every night - looking for her name in the list of my favorites. I had chatted with her several times, under the screen name of "Sevven". She seemed to like the teasing comments I made to her, the dirty things I ordered her to do. Initially I was very passive and just watched her follow other users' directions. But eventually she got to me and I had to have her squeeze her tits for me, lick her fingers after touching herself, spread her pussy open, the list goes on. Occasionally when she got really excited I would leave my computer and go listen at the wall, straining to hear the sounds of her climax. Alas, the walls were too well insulated for me to hear anything clearly.

Over the few months after this titillating discovery, I tried to act normally around Daphne. We would occasionally share a dinner, or watch a movie together. I am not sure how successful I was at hiding my building desires, because a week ago she blatantly asked me if I was into bondage. We had been discussing our sex lives, mine was more reminiscing than discussing current events. I have been separated from my wife for a year, which is why I moved here. I told her that I had experimented with domination in the past, but that I certainly wasn't an expert. I admitted that I had only tied my partner up once, but it made me very excited. She told me somewhat cryptically that she thought we would be very compatible sexually. Then she abruptly changed the subject, but I thought I detected a slight blush which started on her upper chest, reaching up her neck to her cheeks.

Back in the present, I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I stepped thru my door, locking it behind me. I walked just down the hall to Daphne's door and knocked. I waited for some time, trying to keep my mind from wandering back to the images that had been running thru my head for the last few minutes. There was no answer, so I knocked again. This time I heard a voice faintly calling for me to "Come in, Sir." I opened the door and stepped thru.

I don't know how long it took me to catch my breath. Nothing in my experience prepared me for the shock of the sight before me. Daphne sat in a chair in her dining room, the chair faced me where I was still standing in the doorway. She was wearing a black baby doll nightie, which would have been somewhat shocking all by itself. Her gorgeous double-D breasts pushed the front of the material forward in a pleasant way. Her legs were spread so that I could see all the way to the small pair of black panties she was wearing. Her blonde hair was done up in a sort of 50's house wife look, which looked very nice on her. Oh, yeah - did I forget to mention that she was tied to the chair?

"Maybe you should close the door, Sir." her sultry voice betrayed no alarm at being tied up, or to her body being displayed in that fashion.

The door made a quiet noise as I leaned back against it, the lock clicking shut.

I looked down and I could see white rope wrapping her ankles, securing them to the bottom rungs on the chair. I looked up to her face again, my mouth still working to get words out...

"Do you like what you see, Sir?" a sly, almost mocking smile crooked her lush, red-painted lips.

"Daphne, what the... ?" I stammered, just starting to get my bearings. I stood up away from the door and approached the dining room. I swear I could feel the heat of Daphne's body as I came closer. Her pale skin contrasted strongly with the black silky material of the lingerie.

Her eyes stared up at me, "I want you to use me, Sir."

"Use you?" my heart was pounding in my chest.

"Yes, sir. You know what the whore needs..."

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