Mythical Island
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Zoophilia, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when you are stranded along with a bevy of beautiful females, your sister and cousins on a beautiful yet cursed island which is full of surprises and also let you fulfill your most desired fantasy. the Mythical mysteries of the Island sets you on a journey you wish never to end.

I was at the airport by six in the morning to catch the flight from Mumbai to Port Blair. It's time for much awaited family reunion, though it was not much of a reunion but one can call it so. It was my younger sister Vini, who arranged it by calling all our cousin sisters and their children to unite at Port Blair the capital Andaman Islands for a short vacation. Now wait a minute, why in the hell I am involved with them girls, I agree they are a lovely company all are breathtakingly beautiful and I have had my intimate fun with most of them but that was decades ago. Now I am 48 years old pot bellied couch potato a person not good to look at let alone share a vacation.

It was Vini's one of those eureka moments as she knew of my friend Ravi who owns a moderate boat with couple of cabins for his own pleasure trips but sometimes he hires it for generating money for the upkeep of the boat. Vini had pestered me to death over the past month for asking Ravi to lend his boat for a few days a request which Ravi agreed to and asked me to fly down to Andaman's and for this I am at the airport. At precisely 11 am I landed at Port Blair and after coming out of the Airport took a cab to Marriott Hotel where all were gathered. On reaching the hotel, I entered the lobby with-in seconds I was engulfed by a female tsunami, all hugging and smooching me, thanking me for coming, I came to my senses in few seconds and was stunned to see all the familiar faces after decades as we all have drifted apart after our teenage years were passed by. I started recognising them one by one.

Here I will introduce you to all my cousins, my sister Vini and my chemistry or personal equation with them.

Vini – My darling sister is a sight, for sore eyes I love her too much and could never say no to her. She is 3 yrs younger to me. In our younger days when I was 17 and she was 14 we started having a mutual attraction towards each other and loved to spend time together, we even use to share the same bed. She at 14 had filled out nicely at all the right places. Vini had a very trim waist on top of her bubble ass with 32 b tits to match. It was on a very chilly wintery night. it so happened that while sleeping she snuggled her back to me and was shivering all over and her shivering was soon discovered by my Junior in pyjamas. Her ass acted as vibrator to my dick which reared its head and was soon like a steel rod pressing in to the crack of her lovely butt giving me a sensation I have never experienced before in my life and I was awake instantly. Millions of thoughts swarmed my mind, some screaming that what the fuck I am doing she is my sister and since belonging to a middle class conservative Hindu family it was strictly a big NO and TABOO. My dick had it's own mind and I pressed forward in to her lovely crack, suddenly Vini lifted her leg and trapped my cock in between her thighs very close to her pussy. Boy was it hot you bet it was and slowly I began moving my butt in thrusting motion, to my surprise she started thrusting back and whispered me to move faster and harder. I complied by her wish and she started shuddering and clamped her thighs like vice on my dick she was having convulsions she was coming hard with only moans and sighs escaping her lips. it was too much for me to bear and my dam broke loose and I came in torrents after few minutes without speaking a word we both got up and visited the bathroom to clean after cleaning without saying a word to each other we slept in the same bed.

In the morning when I woke up to a sensational feeling only to find Vini with her face in my chest and her both hands were holding my cock and massaging it in a very slow motion. This led to another mind numbing orgasm as my cock exploded and I was coming by the gallons marking my pajamas with a huge stain of my cum. Vini looked at me sheepishly jerked her shoulders as if trying to say it's not her fault, I smiled and she ran off. We both got ready she for her school and I for my college. At college, I tried to gather as much information I could on having sexual intercourse for the first timers. (In India our society then was not much open on the topic of sex as it is now, also in the matter of sex we are late starters than our western counter parts) I madly wanted to make love to my sweet lil sister and I was dying for it. I came back from college in the afternoon Vini had come before me, Ma and Pa were packing bags as they announced that they have to attend the marriage of our cousin in Delhi. We can-not go with them as it will affect our studies, from the corner of my eyes I could see the devilish smile on Vini's face and my was I delighted by the news, Boss I was on cloud nine.

Ma and Pa left after giving us a nice lecture on do's and don'ts while they are away. I went and took a cool shower and changed in to Bermuda and a T-shirt than went to my room and lied down to relax. few minutes later Vini was all over me and I too without saying anything was all over her and in a jiffy we took off our clothes and were naked as the day we were born. What a sight it was she all in her naked glory was looking like the goddess, then and there I became her slave for life. I started kissing and caressing her body, she started moaning I started kneading her creamy tits and flicked my tongue on her soft brown areola and sucked her light pink teat she started shuddering she was Cumming and Cumming hard. Her whole body was twisting and rising from the bed she grabbed my head and pushed me to her other teat and with a pressure that it was suffocating. Some how I managed to bring my self up and while I was cupping her firm hard tits I started going down on her I flicked her navel and lo she went berserk again. I had trouble keeping her in my hold and then there it was her Jade gate. her pussy was dripping with juices, drops of them were there on her outer labia she had clean shaven her pussy it was a sight to behold and I could not keep control over my tongue I dove in to her heavenly gates licking and sucking her clitoris. Vini screamed and screamed louder, her pleasures out and then passed out with the exhaustion that all her orgasms brought.

I was hard as steel and was dying for my first fuck, waiting for Vini to recover was not making it easier for me few minutes looked like hours. At last she came back to earth after her celestial ride to bliss ended. She looked at me with glassy eyes full of adoration and love, she got up and moved as if by pure intuition and covered my cock with her soft hands, caressing my cock she bent and took the head between her soft pink lips I shuddered and lied down on bed in sheer ecstasy. I felt that a hot juicy furnace is engulfing my cock, I felt like floating in the air. the pleasure was too much for me to bear and I exploded cumming in her lovely mouth that acted like a vortex sucking my entire being in side. Vini drank all of it with few drops leaking from the corner of her lips, which she scooped with her finger and licked it clean. I never asked Vini about how she knew about blowjob as she never asked me about her eating out I think we both had our sources of knowledge.

We recovered after few minutes than started fondling with each other and were aroused in no time. I once again gave her pussy a nice lick and she had two big orgasms after, which without speaking a word to each other I got between her thighs and rubbed my now steel hard 6 inches of love muscle on her clit. I lay full length on her with my cock wedged between her cunt lips and started moving she again shuddered and climaxed. Now my cock was coated with her juices and my pre-cum, I aligned my cock at entrance of her pussy and shoved hard as the head went in and Vini cried out loudly. I withdrew immediately Vini was in immense pain tears came out and I did not have the heart to hurt her and she didn't want to disappoint me, she quietly asked me to try again but the result was the same. I took Vini in my arms asking her to relax and promised her that we will do it some other time when she gets a bit older as I can't see her in pain. Vini softly asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass, now this was an offer, even the gods will not refuse that bubble ass but I asked her if she is sure about it because it will also pain her. Vini said to give it a try and I agreed, I got myself a lube tube and applied it nicely on her brown hole and also liberally coated my dick. I than asked her to lie down on her belly which she promptly did, I placed my dick head on the opening of her brown hole and pushed in the head went in smoothly, vini clenched her butt and the head popped out, she laughed and said it feels like shitting. I asked her not to clench her butt but let her whole body relax specially the bum hole. she nodded and I pushed again and this time with more force and I was half in then I laid my body on her and was crooning in her ears to relax which she did and also admitted that it pained her a lot but now she is fine. She urged me to bottom out which in the next push I did. she was tight very tight yet had a silky feel around my cock I slowly started pumping in and out of her ass, Vini also started moaning with every thrust and started lifting her ass from the bed to meet my thrust, I slipped my hand between the bed and her pussy and started rolling her slit with my fingers, Vini started clenching and relaxing her butt muscles, she urged me to fuck her harder and still harder my god I gave all that I had. The only noise in the room was of continuous slapping of my pelvis and her ass cheeks PHUT ... PHUT PHUTA PHUT PHOOT PHAT ... Sweat was pouring out on her back and my chest but we continued both riding and riding hard to achieve that bliss of pure pleasure. Vini started to shiver her moans grew louder as her ass tunnel muscles started playing magic on my dick. I came with a roar, I came hard very hard in her bum hole. I felt like my balls are being sucked in her bum hole such was the force of the cum that I released in her, she screamed in the pillow and I simply fell over her sobbing with happiness and bliss.

The next few days were like in heaven and we were in separable, till date I have never had the pleasure of fucking my sisters pussy even when she grew up but we both were content with oral and anal sex.

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