Looking After Hubby
Chapter 1: Mia

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mia - Mia was worried about her husband of one year, and how he would manage four weeks without her being at home fucking him each night and morning. Mia enlisted the help of her widowed mother Mona, and her two sisters Beth and Jess to keep him busy until she returned.

"Fuck me daddy" moaned the petite small-titted blonde female writhing below me.

"Yes my little slut ... daddy will fuck your divine little pussy with his big fat cock" I responded to her urges. Sliding my cock into her tight hairless little pussy was a daily challenge. She was blessed (or cursed) by a very small pussy with almost non-existent lips and a very small opening.

A normal cock would have problems penetrating her. My challenge was greater ... trying to slide my fat 11 inch cock into her, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She was Mia, and contrary to her early teenage looks she was 21 years old, and my wife of 12 months.

"Oh god ... yes baby ... fuck my little girl pussy" Mia groaned as I pounded about half my cock length into her. My cockhead butted against her cervix. I'd penetrated it before but we didn't have the luxury of time on this occasion - Mia's packed suitcase sat at the bedroom doorway waiting for her.

She was heading off on a 4 week work trip - her first time away from me. Mia was a civilian defence contractor who would be working on a submerged submarine for the next few weeks. We'd have no contact during that period, and that worried Mia.

We had a very active sex life, with fuck sessions every night and morning. She looked after my every sexual need - role playing was one of her favourite ways to turn me on. One of her favourites was the young school girl seducing her older teacher. I was 4 years older than her in reality, but she could make herself look like a 13 year old courtesy of her petite build, youthful appearance and her tiny A-cup tits with their little nipples. Her old school uniform completed the picture.

"Ahhh ... oh my lord ... ahhhhhhh ... so close" she moaned with her pussy starting to spasm and grip my cock tightly.

"Yes ... yes ... oh yesssssssssss!!!" I yelled with her exploding pussy pushing me over the edge ... pumping great globules of my hot cum deep inside her.

"Baby ... baby ... I love it ... I love you" Mia moaned with her pussy continuing to milk my cock of its rich creamy juices.

"I love you too" I added.

The limo collected Mia from home about 30 minutes later. As she left, she remarked that her pussy was still leaking my cum into her panties.

I headed off to work after she left. I was employed as a senior manager at a recruitment agency. That was how I had met Mia when she was fresh out of university and looking for a job. I had been attracted to this slim petite blonde lady; with us hitting it off immediately; dating after I had found her a position; and fucking within a week of our first date.

I had always had problems keeping girl friends because of my long fat cock, and the discomfort that they claimed that it caused to them. Mia, on the other hand, loved the challenge of fitting my cock into her super small and tight pussy.

We had dated for a year before marrying. We had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a family dinner with her mother Mona, and her two sisters Beth and Jess.

Beth, the oldest at 25 years old, was the wild child of the family who loved living life on the edge. Sky-diving, scuba diving and driving fast cars were some of her passions. She had also dyed her blonde hair to a jet black colouring, leaving all of her sisters and mother as blondes.

Beth was the youngest at 17 years old, and two weeks from graduating from school. She was a younger version of her mother Mona in looks and personality which was quiet and willing to help anyone who asked.

Mona was the mother at 45 years of age. Petite, slim and beautiful and unlike Mia was blessed with a huge rack of tit flesh that sat high and proud on her chest. She had short wavy blonde hair that framed her beautiful smiling face.

Their husband and father, William had been in a workplace accident and had subsequently died as a result of his injuries about 5 years ago. Mona had won a multi-million dollar settlement as a result so she and her girls were well looked after financially.

Upon arrival at work I discovered an email in my inbox from Mia. She had sent it just before entering the naval compound. It's subject line was "Open in private".

"Hmmmm..." I muttered as I closed my office door to get some privacy.

I clicked on the email and opened the attached AVI file.

It started playing with a closeup view of a wet hairless pussy being fingered by slender fingers. They teased the small opening to the pussy, poking a fingertip in and out before showing the camera the wetness found from within.

"Oh my god Mia ... why do you tease me with your beautiful pussy" I muttered under my breath.

The fingers continued to play, pushing her non-existent lips apart before sliding up to tease her clit. I could see the excitement building with it profusely leaking clear juices onto her fingers.

All the time, I was listening to Mia's hushed voice teasing me with a running dialogue of her feelings and how much she was going to miss me over the next four weeks.

"Uhhh ... oh fuck ... ahhhhhhhh!!!!" could be heard just as the camera zoomed in on the exploding pussy and its stream of clear pussy juices.

After lingering on her pussy for a few more moments, the camera zoomed out and panned upwards revealing two naked bodies from the crotch upwards. The one on the left had a huge rack of tits with long hard nipples; and the one on the right had tiny tits.

As the zoom continued outwards, I was amazed to discover that I had been watching the hairless and identical pussy of my mother-in-law Mona and her massive cum whilst listening to my wife Mia tease me verbally.

"Oh my fucking god" I groaned with my fully erect cock straining in the confines of my trousers.

The camera panned right and zoomed in on Mia's face. She then spoke again.

"Grant ... I love you very much..." she paused a moment before continuing "I want you to be well looked after whilst I'm away ... so mum and my sisters have volunteered to look after all your needs."

I was a little puzzled for a moment thinking "Is she saying what I'm thinking".

Mia cleared that up when she added " ... and that includes your sexual needs too".

She paused again before saying "Please accept their offers ... you will make me very happy if you do".

"Plus my virgin ass will be yours when I return ... how's that for an incentive?" she added with a laugh.

I had been wanting to fuck her ass for ages but she had been resisting saying "In good time ... for a special occasion".

The video ended then. I replayed it many times over, perving on Mona's luscious body, a body that I'd wondered about for ages. I wondered whether her pussy was as tight as her daughters.

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