A Sentence Served
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I served five years for a crime I DID commit knowing I would be caught

The clock had stopped, it had been at least ten minutes since I'd looked at it, but the bloody thing still said six minutes before eight o'clock.

Then I heard the warder's footsteps, slow measured steps as he approached my door, he opened it and allowed it to swing back before speaking,

"It's time Jimmy" I nodded and picked up the scruffy little parcel that contained my only possessions,

"See ya Danny" I smiled awkwardly and hugged the man who'd been my cell mate for the last five years,

"Fuck off you poncy twat" he growled, But there were tears in his eyes when I handed him my tin of tobacco,

"If you're ever stupid enough to land up back here again I'll fucking kill you myself"

"I know" I swallowed the lump in my throat and shook his hand before turning round and following the warder out through the landing, down the steel stairway and out into the courtyard of the old prison,

I'd had my exit interview with the governor the previous night so all I had to do was wait until spot on eight o'clock which was the longest thirty seconds of my life.

The gate lock clicked and the heavy gates opened slowly, I was out, free, I'd served my whole five years and I'd told them nothing!

Across the road a car pulled to a halt and she got out, I could see the tears in her eyes even as she ran towards me, her breath was sweet and warm as she kissed me, her arms threatening to strangle me,

"You're out" she cried into my neck, "Oh my God, you're out"

We stood locked together both of us racked with emotion until finally we pulled apart and looked at each other,

"Where is she?" I asked and she smiled, "Look" she said and I followed her gaze to the car where a beautiful little girl sat in the child seat staring at me with the widest, bluest blue eyes I'd ever seen,

"Hello miss" I smiled as I knelt down, "Is your name Polly Jenkinson?"

She nodded shyly,

I took her tiny hand in mine,

"Hello Polly, I'm your daddy"

Behind me I heard my wife crying again,

"Why is mummy crying?"

"Because I'm happy darling, daddy's coming home and he's never going away again"

"Does that mean I can have some daddy cuddles?"

"All the time princess" I laughed, "Loads and loads of them"

"Come on let's go home" Katie said, with a gleam in her eye,

Polly's child seat was in the front facing to the rear, I sat behind her and we played peek a boo all the way until she fell asleep about half an hour from home.

I sat there just looking at her in sleep, she was every bit as beautiful as her mother,

"She's gorgeous isn't she?" Katie said with a smile, "You should have let me take her to see you in there"

"No, no way, she'll die never having seen the inside of a prison"

"Thank you Jimmy" she said, "That means a lot to me"

I leaned forward and buried my nose in her hair while she drove and she giggled,

"What are you doing?"

"I'm smelling you"

"Like it?"

"I love it, you know I do"

She turned off the road and stopped outside two large, iron gates, she pressed a button on the dash board and they swung open for just long enough to let us through,

"Wow" I laughed, "Impressive"

"I told you it's quite a place"

"It must have cost a fortune"

"It did, but it's all paid for Jimmy, it's ours, no mortgage, no loans, nothing"

it seemed like she drove for miles before we pulled up outside a huge, imposing old house with several cars parked outside,

"Who owns the cars?"

"Your dad's is the Range Rover, the other one's my mum and dads, the others are ours"

They all came out and hugged me, her mum asked me what I thought of my daughter,

"She's beautiful, just like her mother and her mother before her" which made her day, but I meant it, my mother in law had been a rare beauty in her time and Katie had inherited it.

"Flattery will get you everywhere" she laughed, but it pleased her a lot.

She took mum and Katie into the kitchen to organise me a breakfast leaving me with the two men, my partners in our one and only foray into crime, we went through into what I learned was to be my study, a beautifully furnished room dominated by a huge oak desk on which were piles of papers and documents.

"It's all there Jimmy" dad said, "All your investments, details of all the business we've conducted on your behalf and the little sheet on top tells you the balance of cash available to you"

I glanced at it and then did a double take,

"Eleven million?"

"Yes and all the property too"


"We had twenty million didn't we?"

"We did" Katie's dad Kenny smiled, "But we're worth over thirty million now between us"

"It was a good little tickle then wasn't it?" I laughed and both men laughed with me,

"That depends on how you feel about losing five years of your life" dad said softly,

"Sad" was my answer, "But the whole thing was my idea, mine and mine alone, therefore the regrets are mine"

"Am I yours too daddy?" a little blonde head peeped round the door and looked anxiously at me,

"Oh yes" I said feeling quite choked, "Oh yes indeed" and held my arms out in an invitation,

She ran and took off about three feet away from me, she hit me at God knows what velocity, the chair I was on shot back about six feet, I banged my head against the wall, but I didn't feel a thing except those tiny arms around my neck and her soft skin against my face.

I hugged her and hugged her again until a soft, gentle voice asked, "Are you going to strangle our daughter darling, or would you rather eat your breakfast?"

It was a close call but I settled for breakfast which I shared with a little blonde minx who kept stealing my bacon or breaking little pieces off my fried bread and dipping in the yolks of my eggs.

"I know it's hardly the time darling" my wife said, "But would you like a beer with that?"

"We'd love one wouldn't we Polly?"

Katie diluted our daughter's drink with lots of lemonade and she sat swinging her legs whilst helping me finish my breakfast,

"Come on daddy, let mummy and me show you our garden"

All of us walked out into the sun drenched grounds, across three perfectly kept lawns, through two, yes two orchards and down to where our gardens ended on the banks of the river Thames.

A cabin cruiser lay moored to a wooden landing stage and my daughter took great delight in informing me that it was her boat,

"It's called The Princess Pollyanna daddy"

"So I see" I laughed, "So should I call you your highness?"

She thought about it quite seriously for a minute,

"No silly, I'm your little girl, I'm Polly"

"Ok, just checking"

The others left us then to go home and I asked Katie if she would run me a bath,

"Lots of bubbles please darling" I laughed, then added, "I need to get the stench of prison off me"

"James" my wife said sharply, "The only stench is in your head, you're the same man who went into prison, just a bit thinner that's all"

Then she lowered her voice and said softly, "Polly was up much earlier than usual this morning, I'll put her to bed and then join you if you like, we'll have at least an hour to ourselves"

"I like" I smiled, "I like that very much indeed"

Polly showed me our bedroom before Katie put her in bed and I opened up all the huge wardrobes, there were suits, pants, jeans, shoes, jumpers, underwear, ties, handkerchiefs, shirts, you name it, it was there, she'd spent thousands on me!

"I thought you'd need some new clothes" she said from behind me, "I'll burn those after our bath"

I wandered through into the bathroom then, a huge sunken bath took pride of place with bubbles rising as I watched, the floor was marble and three of the walls were tiled with decorative coloured tiles, the other wall was mirrored from floor to ceiling and I wondered who the scruffy down at heel guy was who stood looking at himself when a vision appeared behind him naked but for a pair of delicate lace panties.

"I thought you might like to take them off me" the vision said softly, "You always did before"

I turned and sank to my knees in front of her, my lips kissing the front of her only garment,

"Jimmy" she gasped as my tongue wormed under the lace and found her hairless mons, "Oh God Jimmy"

I'd almost forgotten how she tasted, or how wet she got when she was aroused, but my cock obviously hadn't, she reached down and ripped my shirt off as I struggled out of my jeans, my cock was so hard and stiff, it was difficult but I finally managed it,

"Yes" was all she managed as I pushed her back onto the floor, her mouth found mine again and I felt her legs opening, then something I'd not felt for over five years, the soft wetness of my wife's pussy surrounding my cock,

"Oh yes Jimmy" she gasped, "Oh fuck yes darling, it's been so long, so very, very long"

Her teeth were nibbling at my neck, her perfume filling my nostrils. I wasn't going to last and I knew it, I tried to tell her but then I realised that she was coming so I let myself go, my legs went weak, my brain exploded and I shot what seemed like gallons of cum into her.

"Katie" I gasped, "Katie, I'm sorry darling" but she was smiling, smiling with tears in her eyes,

"I came twice, even before you did darling"

I kissed her again and smiled with relief as I felt my cock rising, she did too and whispered softly,

"We both needed that fuck Jimmy, now make love to me"

I began moving, slowly at first savouring the feel of her, the tightness of her pussy, her heavy breasts squashed against my chest, her breath was warm and sweet in my mouth, she moved sensuously beneath me, her lips clamped onto mine, her tongue searching my mouth, she crossed her ankles behind my back and clutched my buttocks,

"Don't leave me again Jimmy, promise me"

"I promise darling, I promise, I couldn't do that again, I love you too much"

"Love me now darling" she moaned, "Love me nice and slowly, give me another baby"

"I drew almost all the way out of her before sliding back in making her moan with desire,

"Oh yes that's good darling" she said softly and put her lips to my ear again,

"I love your cock in me, I was born to be fucked by you"

I slid my hands underneath her body and cupped her buttocks, a finger prodded against her nether hole and she gasped,

"Mmm, I thought you'd forgotten"

"Never" I hissed into her mouth, "I used to masturbate after every one of your visits, thinking about your fabulous little ass hole"

I pushed the finger in and she bit my neck, "Deeper darling"

"My cock or my finger?"

"Both" and she bit my neck again as I pushed my finger in so I could feel my cock through the thin membrane separating her two holes, she squealed and pushed herself back at me as I began to move faster,

"You'll make me come again" she gasped, "Come with me darling"

I jerked harder, faster and deeper,

"Yes Jimmy, oh fuck yes, yes, I'm coming, Jimmy, I'm, I'M COMINGGGGG"


I shot spurt after spurt of hot, creamy cum into her as she jerked under me, her eyes were wide open without seeing me, her mouth formed an O, almost as if she were surprised and she gripped me tightly as the waves of pleasure engulfed us both.


We both burst out laughing as we drew apart, I jumped into the bath and she scrambled into a short robe before letting Polly in who climbed up onto the toilet bowl and peed noisily whilst smiling at me, "Can I have a bath with you daddy?"

"Of course you can darling" I laughed, "But wipe yourself first"

She did and hurriedly threw her clothes off before screaming with pleasure as Katie picked her up and tossed her to me in the huge, circular tub, we both went under and came up laughing as my wife joined us and all three of us spent a very enjoyable half hour in the tub,

"Would you mind if I had a sleep?" I asked Katie as we dried ourselves,

"Jimmy" my wife sighed, "You're home now, you don't have to ask, stay there as long as you want"

I crept under the sheets naked and lay there thinking, I thought about the job I'd had with the auctioneers, specialising in the art section, six years I'd been there during which I learned a lot about art, I learned the basics of how to spot a forgery, I learned who the fabulously rich men were who would buy stolen art knowing they and only they would ever be able to look at it, I learned how to buy old collections from people who'd died and I'd learned the name of the man who would pay for the right pieces if and when they came on the market!

The old man had been over ninety when he died, it was said that he'd been an S.S. Officer during the war and it was rumoured that his wealth came from hoards of jewellery and paintings looted during the Nazi's rise to power.

Katie's dad was a doctor with a practice that included the old man as a patient,

it was him who'd been called out as the man lay on his death bed and it had been he who'd signed the death certificate.

We were short handed the day the call came in to appraise the collection left by the old ex S.S. man, a flu epidemic had laid almost half the staff off, so the boss asked me to go and make a provisional estimate,

"See if there's anything we'd be interested in James" he said.

There was, but that was when I decided I'd become rich!

I'd been allowed to wander all around his house purely to catalogue the paintings, it was what our company would call an average collection, my estimate put it at around six or eight million, then I found the cupboard quite by accident.

I'd just about finished and I leaned back against a panel in his study when I felt it move, I looked more closely at it, pressed a wooden knot with my finger and the whole panel slid back to reveal a small room, there was only one thing in the room, a picture covered with a dusty old sack, I pulled the sack away and staggered back in amazement, I was looking at a water colour by Picasso called Naked Woman on a Beach painted by him in 1923 and missing since the war.

Since I was alone in the house and not expected back at work until the following morning, I phoned dad and then Kenny, Katie's dad, they arrived within half an hour and fifteen minutes later we'd hatched our plan.

The following day dad took the picture to the man I mentioned earlier who took one look at it and organised an immediate bank draft of twenty million pounds into my account to be split three ways, ten million for me, five for dad and five for Kenny.

Two days later the old man's son arrived from Germany and I was arrested the same afternoon, but we'd been too quick for them, the money had gone!

Katie had gone mad at me when she learned what I'd done and her mum had gone ballistic at her dad, but both women had a tiny scrap of paper with a number on it and Swiss banks are not noted for their willingness to help the police!

I never admitted stealing the painting, neither did I deny it, I refused to implicate my dad or my father in law, in fact I refused to say anything at all and was eventually sent down for eight years. The police shadowed Katie and my dad for about six months waiting to pounce, but when her pregnancy became obvious, they backed off and got on with solving crimes that could actually be solved.

I did my time like a model prisoner and gained the respect of the other cons by my refusal to name names, it hurt a lot not to be by her side when my wife gave birth to our daughter but time flew past and I was eventually released.

It was six o'clock when I awoke feeling like a new man, I pulled on new jeans, new shirt, pants, new everything and went down in search of food,

"Hi sweetheart" I smiled at my wife and drew her into me for a kiss, she felt my bulge against her stomach and giggled sexily,

"Ooh I'd like some more of that please"

"You can have it" I smiled, "As much as you can stand"

"Have what daddy?" Polly chirped up from behind her mum,

"Kisses" Katie laughed, "You know that for a little girl, you've got very big ears"

"I want lots of kisses too" she grinned cheekily and squealed as I scooped her up to rub my stubble over her cheeks,

"Oh my God" Katie shrieked, "I forgot to buy you a razor!"

"I'll use your lady shave"

"Why have you got a razor mummy?"

"To shave my legs, nosey"

"Can I shave my legs?"

"No you can't" Katie laughed, "You're a monster"

"I'll enjoy using your razor" I smiled and she blushed prettily as she leant into me and whispered, "Shave very close darling, or you'll make my pussy sore"

I ate my dinner with a hard on after that remark and then enjoyed a cuddle with Polly before her bed time, Katie took her up and came down after about half an hour wearing a sheer white negligee over white stockings with a tiny white g-string and carrying a bowl of hot water.

"You're staring"

"Of course I'm staring, you're beautiful"

"Thank you, now it's time for your shave"

Setting the bowl down she pulled off my shirt before wiping shaving foam all around my chin and neck, her lovely large breasts bulged out over the bra cups and caressed my naked chest as she worked,

"Those things should carry a public health warning" I told her, "They're gorgeous"

"Yes, well I fully expect them to be kissed and sucked later, now sit back 'cos I want to do this right"

I'd never considered shaving one's face to be particularly erotic, but to have a beautiful, horny and half naked woman doing it, really was something else,

it took her about fifteen minutes until she finally wiped me dry and by then my cock felt like an iron bar in my jeans,

"I need some after shave" I said, but she shook her head, "No you don't, what you need is some pussy juice"

"Have you got some?" I grinned and reached down to stroke her mound through her gauzy panties,

"Oh yes" she raised herself up onto her knees and kissed me lingeringly whilst I undid the tie sides of her briefs,

"You bastard" she hissed into my mouth, "You're trying to take advantage of me"

Her panties dropped to the floor while she was unzipping my jeans, I sat back and let her take me into her mouth,

"Oh my God Katie" I moaned and stroked her hair as she sucked, her eyes fixed firmly on mine, she used a hand to cup my balls squeezing them gently and I felt her tongue slavering over the dome of my cock,

"Don't make me cum darling" I begged,

"OK But get on the floor"

Still attached to her mouth, I slid onto the floor and watched her turn round so her pussy was next to my mouth, I didn't need to be asked and I heard her sigh of satisfaction as I licked at her beautiful inner flesh, nibbled at her sex lips and sucked at her clitoris.

I'd dreamt about doing this every night for five long years, I felt her mouth trying to enclose my balls while she wiped her sopping wet cunt all over my face, for the second time that day, I prodded a finger against her tiny rear hole and she squealed again around my cock, I pushed my tongue right up into her pussy as her juices ran freely and at the same time, I eased my finger in gently and heard her moaning,

"Jimmy, I need it darling, I need it now"

We pulled apart and then reached for each other, she rolled onto her back pulling me with her, my cock was rock solid as she held it and moved into the position she wanted,

"You know how I want it Jimmy" she hissed, "I've had five years of my vibrator up there, now I want the real thing!"

My cock wanted it too, it had been well lubricated with her saliva, I positioned it against her tiny puckered hole and pushed, she pushed back and gave a little gasp as it slid right in,

"Jimmy, oh my God Jimmy, it's inside me, fuck me darling, shag me"

I pushed again and she moaned softly, I felt my her rectal muscles clenching, drawing me in,

"Easy sweetheart, take it easy"

"Fuck off Jimmy" she gasped, "Shag me fucking hard, hurt me, beat me, do anything you want but fuck me as hard as you can"

I gripped her buttocks and heaved forward savagely, she screamed and I rammed again and again, I felt her legs opening wide and her finger nails raked my back,

"You bastard" she hissed into my mouth, "You dirty fucking bastard, you're making me come"

"Yes" I gasped and rammed again,

She arched her back almost lifting me off the floor, but her arms around my neck drew my face back down to hers,

"If you ever leave me again, I'll kill you" she hissed and then I felt her stiffen,

"I'm cumming Jimmy"

I lunged again and felt my spunk rising as I looked into her eyes, then the tremor started in my toes and quickly spread up my calves and thighs, I tried to say that I was cumming too, but she bit my neck and I felt her nails drawing blood in my back, she squealed and jerked against me,


My cock erupted as a huge stream of liquid arched upwards from her pussy and drenched us both, her eyes were open as if in shock and her teeth were drawn back in a snarl, I felt my cock wilting and a deep tiredness threatened to overwhelm me, Beneath me Katie looked at me and smiled,

"I love you Jimmy Carlton"


We burst out laughing and I was suddenly filled with love for this woman and for the little monster banging on the door, we both pulled on our robes and went to get our daughter.

"Why can't you sleep?" I asked softly, but instead of an answer she just smiled and held both arms up to me,

"If we let you sleep in our bed, will that do?"

Another heart breaking grin and a nod of her head by way of an answer and the three of us walked upstairs to bed.

I lay with my wife spooned into me and my little daughter with her bum stuck into my chest and let the sleep fairy take me, I was home!

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