Steph and Katie's Adventures
Episode 1: Steph's Sister's Fetish

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Humor, Incest, Sister, Rough, Humiliation, White Female, Scatology,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Episode 1: Steph's Sister's Fetish - a fucked up tale of two teenage lesbain sisters how they came to love each other and enjoy there scat fetish as well.

It was a warm and sunny July in woodspring Ohio. It was almost August and that means School was around the corner.But Steph was at least non to concerned about, hell she thought she felt 3 more months of Vacation.Stephine Banks is her name and she was a 15 year old girl. she was a Brunette with mid legnth curly hair, green eyes, Steph lives in a wealthy family in the second Biggest House in the Town.her Mother and Father are both hard working people who deserve this wealth. (like America but only with a president who suports being a third world country.Obama im talking to you my friend.)Steph has an older Sister name Katie. she is 17 and had the sam hair features as Steph but with light blue eyes. all of Stephs middle school years she knew that her Sister had a Secret ... What kind of secret she had to guess what it time she zoned in the shower thinking of her sisters secret.(i don't reconmend zonening in the shower, it could hurt you) For many years she wondered but then one day all of Katies Secerts would soon overcome Steph and it will become her own.

Stephs parent's where going on a date and left Katie in charge to what her mother still calls babysitting.Mrs Banks left some money so Katie and Steph could order soon as the parents car pulls out of the drive way katie picks up the phone and starts dialing the number to the local pizza shop and ordered of cource a damm Pizza.The two sisters where wearing a tang tops.and pajama pants.both wearing white panties. (if you get a boner from reading that then i suggest you pull out your cream cuz im just getting started) The sisters then sat on the couch like there board as hell.Steph then puts on the jersey shore and then switched due to her disliking to that god awful show. Steph glanses over to see Katie texting to someone.possibly her friend Sara.(mmmm i seem to write in third person a bit wierd) she then got up and try to sneak behind her as she was texting. steph squence her eyes and to see the little text. her eyes grew when she read the text. Sara wish i could kiss you so excited for another experince with that style again of mommy and baby and Steph read but im stuck here to watch Steph and im about to mess my panties and nap Steph was wandering what she ment by messing and different style of expirence. While Steph try to read the rest Katie knew she was behind her and the spoke aloud. Steph you know reading other peoples buisness is invading privacy she turns back as Steph then smiles.the door bell rings and there was the Pizza.(heres a fun fact Pizza fetishes do exsist)

After eating the greecy Pizza both girls had stomach achs.Steph looks sick as she sit on the couch.Katie looked sick but Steph could tell shes enjoying it for some reason.Steph then thinked why the hell someone would enjoy being sick in the summer.but as she was thinking she felt the urge to poop. this urge felt painfull to Steph.Katie noticed and said looks like you hurt Steph Steph the slowly climbed out off of the coach then Disaster struck as Steph felt a poop flying out of her ass and created a bulge in the pajama pants.Katie looks and and grins like she knew this day would come.Steph was shocked and relaxed as the bulge grew bigger so did Katies feelings toward her Sister.feelings of Lesbian love.Katie was once scared of the idea (as was i when i wrote this story thinking an insect story is pushing it) came to realize Steph looks damm sexy with a pair of pooped panties. as soon as Steph pushed the last long turd out she felt like her life was ruined and her sister caught it on video and it will be on Facebook in a matter of time. Katie then jumps up and gos to get our crying Stephine off the floor.Katie then said Steph you must of needed to shit badly Steph then turns to Katie and said don't TELL ANYBODY before she could finish her sentnce, Katie then kisses Stephine (gee what a shock.yeah u knew it was going to happen reader.) Steph then shockigly just puased as her sister gave her a lesbain kiss.Katie then snaps back in her self and realizes ... DAMM I KISSED MY OWN SISTER!

Steph then asked in a quick reponse WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR Katie then steps back and her eyes got a little tearyeyed.Katie the told her Sister of her being a Lesbain and she had been sleeping with Sara. Katie then went in to her depression self and basicly feeling bad about her self. But as a good nice sister, Stephine then calms down Katie was then she realized that there both going through a moment together.Steph then feel like that kiss was something amazing and that lesbainism is something you try and choose whether you like it or not. Steph then said to Katielistin if it would make you feel better then please have sex with me Then Steph had that feeling like DAMM IT WHY DID I SAY THIS! Katie then dryed up her tears and started to encage toward her sister.but not to strip naked ... Katie saidwell i like to get messySteph then layed on her back to the ground as Katie was on top and beggins to kiss Steph.Steph felt relaxed and the Katie began to hump her. as she was doing so Steph saw as Katies shits her pants.the two automaticly start loveing each other and then katie placed her hand on Steph bulged pants and began to smoothen the poo.Steph felt so relaxed she pisses herself and moans dearly.the two were at it for an hour and then Steph r we going to hide this.but Katie replied i know a way Steph looked puzzled at Katie when she pulls out a key from her mesy pants and said theres a safe in her closet that i store extra pairs of panties in the two found it easy to clean the piss and poo that might of fell out as the two had sex. Katie then takes Steph to her room and unlocks the huge safe.Steph saw more then just panties in the safe. She saw Diapers, pantyhoses, extra panties and pants. as the two looked in with amazement Katie said Well ... were to start first sis

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