Soccer-Mom: From Prude to Cougar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Male, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dorothy is an sexually inexperienced, attractive, stay-at-home mother. Her husband talks her into going to a sex club to spice up their sex life. She is interested enough to go and watch because she has secretly read the Shades of Grey books. She ends up getting wooed and well fucked. This unleashes a sizzling sexuality within her leading to future erotic adventures.

My name is Dorothy. Here I am sitting on a sofa in a large darkened room of a sex club. Who would have guess that Miss Goody Two Shoes Dorothy would ever go into a place like this? There are many sofas with people making out or just talking. Wow, there are two big beds with naugahyde covering. One doesn't need a good imagination to know what happens on those later.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 34 and a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Frank, and I have two children, a boy 9 and a little girl who is 7. People call someone like me a Soccer-Mom because I am a taxi driver for my kids to soccer games and practices. But it's fun. Before we had children, I was the secretary in a law office. Frank is a lawyer. That is how we met. I plan to go back to work when the children are both in school. Frank, has been concerned lately that our love-life has been pretty bland. I must admit I am worried about that too. I think it's because of our busy lives with the kids and all. My guess is that every couple goes through this and there is nothing you can do. Frank on the other hand is a go-getter and he has this idea that we should try the swinger, sex scene to spice up our sex life. If he would have said that a year or two ago, I would have thought he was crazy and packed my bags but I have secretly read the "Shades of Grey" books and even that new one, "Bared to You". They really make me horny. Who knows, maybe it is worth a try.

This is my first time here. Frank has come a couple of times to test the waters. They allow single men in on Fridays. He has told me all about his sexual exploits. We have made a pact to be totally open and truthful about anything we do and I believe he will uphold that. His stories made me a bit jealous. Be sure that I love my husband dearly. But those erotic tales did turn us on and we had the best sex in years after the telling. Tonight is Saturday which is couples night. I am 95% sure that I will not be having sex tonight, at least here with a stranger. I am here to watch and check out what happens, period. I will admit that because of the other 5%, tiny, tiny chance, I did buy a new set of sexy purple bra and panties. It also makes me blush to say that I also shaved my private parts this morning especially well. I even did the area deep in the crack of my ass around my anus. I don't know what I was thinking when I did that! Who would ever go there?

Let me tell you more about my physical self. I have been told I am attractive. Once when I was in college, a fellow from a modelling agency gave me his card and said I was beautiful. I am five foot seven inches and weigh 128 pounds. We have some exercise equipment in the basement and it keeps me fit though I have put on three pounds since my school days. In school, some of the best looking guys chased me for dates. When I was working, men would flirt with me. It boosted my ego but nowadays as a mom, that just doesn't happen any more.

In the sex area, before Frank, I had very little experience. I was a diligent student and did not go out much. I had a part-time job to help pay my tuition and I lived with my parents. Sure I lost my virginity in some guy's dorm room long before meeting my husband. But apart from that and a few other alcohol assisted slam-bam interludes with guys, I have only had real sex with my dear Frank. Until I read the Shades of Grey books, I had downplayed the orgasm thing. During sex, I just never had one of those mind-blowing orgasms. But after reading those erotic pages, I went out and secretly bought a personal vibrator and it has been super. I am really learning about my private parts. Frank tried to get me to do oral sex with him but it just seems a bit too icky.

I forgot to say I have red hair, very red hair that is a bit curly and falls to just below my shoulders. It is my pride and joy. I brush it one hundred times every morning just like my mother taught me. The color is real. Before I started shaving my pubic hair last year, I had a flaming red bush down there. Frank says he misses it.

Tonight I am wearing a purple dress. I chose this one because it is modest and classy with a hem down to my knees and it goes all the way up to my neck. I didn't want to look like a floozy, with a short skirt and lots of cleavage showing like many of the other women in here. No way. Hopefully these men will get the message and keep a distance. I just want to observe, thank you very much. Sorry guys.

Frank is beside me talking up a rather loose looking woman at the other end of the sofa. We agreed he would go out and hook up with someone. No problem. Well I hope it will be no problem. I'm afraid I might get jealous if I see him having sex with another woman. But we really love and trust each other. I don't think it's possible to do this sort of thing unless you really care about your partner and want them to have as much pleasure as possible.

Oh, my goodness, there is a man over there that is openly staring at me! How brazen. I am just going to look away so he won't get any ideas. Hmmm. He did seem like a real hunk. Frank is pretty good looking but this man was attractive in a whole different way. Kind of dangerous if you know what I mean. I think they call it the bad-boy look in Cosmopolitan. He has dark spiky hair and an unshaven face. How do women stand the roughness when men don't have a clean shave? Let me cross my legs, to give him a message. Yes, buddy, you aren't going to be the five percenter. That lucky man would have to be a gentleman who just flew in from the south of France on his private jet. You on the other hand likely just rode here on your private motorcycle.

It won't hurt to take another quick look at the bad boy. He has a tight shirt over a muscular chest. That tells me he works out at the gym. I sure wish Frank would do that. Oh no, he spotted me looking at him! How egotistical, he's broken into a big grin and licked his lips. He must think he is really something. O.K. if I have to admit it, he is pretty cute. I can't believe I just smiled back at him! What crazy impulse did that? Dammit, what must he think?

Frank leans towards me. "I have to hit the washroom, love. I will be right back." Off he goes, abandoning me. What do I do until he gets back? Why do I feel all eyes are on me? Oh my word, there is a couple over there having oral sex in front of everyone. Boy, that guy on the receiving end has a happy look on his face.

I see a few couple are getting up to dance on the small dance floor. The music sure is loud and all the songs seem to have a throbbing beat. I used to love to dance but Frank and I haven't done that in years. Maybe I turned him off by doing those ballroom lessons.

Hells, bells that guy who has been staring at me is walking towards me!

"Hi, my name is Mark. What's yours?"

Dorothy, don't panic. Just try to act normal. "I am Dorothy. Nice to meet you." I offer my hand and he sits down beside me like he owns this place. He has strong hands and I can feel they are a bit rough and callused. When he finally let's go I crosses my hands over my crossed legs. My brain is telling me I have to protect my girlie parts. Why do I have this crazy urge to open my legs? No way, these knees are staying closed, buddy.

"Great to meet you too. " He points to the people groping each other close by, laughs and says, "Well Dorothy, guess you can see you are not in Kansas any more!" I have heard the "Dorothy joke" a million times but at least he seems to be trying. I give him a smile. I must admit it's nice to have an attractive guy flirt with me. Makes me feel like I am not just a frumpy old housewife. From what I have seen, this is the best looking guy in the place.

"Dorothy, I really love that dress. Is that silk?" He puts that strong hand on my thigh. A bolt of lightning just went through me! Dorothy, keep it together girl. Just breathe slowly.

"Thanks, but no, it's just a simple polyester type of fabric."

"Well, it is very attractive. And I must say, you are the most beautiful woman in this room. Well of course, after my wife who is over there making friends."

My heart is racing. Thank goodness, Frank is back and sitting down.

"Well Dorothy, I see you've made a new friend already. Please introduce me."

"This is Mark. He just came over to chat. Mark, this is my husband, Frank." I cannot believe that this man is still keeping his hand on my leg. How brazen and conceited can a man be? My brain is in a dizzy. I better make a retreat.

"Frank, I am going to the ladies room. Very nice to meet you Mark." Was that my nervous, little-girl voice? What will they think?

I walk to the washroom and sit on the toilet. My heart is racing. I feel myself down below and cannot believe that I got wet and aroused with that guy sitting with me. The other women in the washroom are laughing together and having a great time. That covers the tinkle of my peeing. Finally my heart stops racing and it is time to get back out there.

The two men have only left a space between them so I will have to sit beside that guy again. What will I do if he puts his hand on my leg?

Frank says, "Dorothy, Mark and I have had a nice chat and I asked him to watch over you tonight. As we discussed, I am going to be out making new women friends. That is what these clubs are all about. You know, your are my first love. Mark seems a good fellow that we can trust. Good luck guys."


Mark leans towards me. "Don't worry, Dorothy. This place has a lot of really great people. Let me fill you in on some of the club etiquette. First and foremost. No means no. If anyone does anything to make you uncomfortable, like let's say a guy like me puts his hand on your thigh like this."

Oh my God, he has done it again! I knew it!

"All you have to say is no and they must stop." Well, I am no prude and by the looks of it with all the groping that these other folks are doing, this "hand on the thigh thing" is nothing.

"Is that clear?"

"Yes, I understand." His fingers are just inches from my private area. My knees have a mind of their own and want to open up but my rational brain is fighting the urge and keeping them closed. I can feel that primitive part is getting my cunny all juicy again.

He says, "Dorothy, can I have this dance?" Great, that should cool things out.

My goodness, these folks love their music loud and strong. These fast dances are so freeing and happy. Mark is a very good dancer. I have heard that good dancers make good lovers. I bet he has a lot of practice because he would have no trouble hooking up with girls in here. I feel good that he has chosen me even though there is no way he will be getting into my knickers tonight. He likes to lead me when we are dancing, just like the dance instructor said a man should do. Whew, did he just grab my butt? Ah well, no big harm in that, I guess. We are laughing and dancing. Must be the bottle of wine at dinner we had before coming here. He sure likes to touch my bottom. The first time might have been an accident but not all these other times. HA HA I know what you are up to buster.

The music slows and he draws me towards him. I hesitate. I feel like it's like "the spider to the fly". What the hell, you only live once. He holds my right hand in a waltz position and puts his right hand in the small of my back, just like they taught us. He must have taken lessons too. Hmm, maybe he is an instructor. He firmly pulls my hips to his. Electricity. The DJ can really pick a sexy slow song. I can feel his strong chest against my breasts. I feel his hot breath in my ear. How did he know that is one of my big turn-ons. I can feel his package in the front of his pants getting harder and my hips instinctively move towards it. He kisses my neck and it sends a warm sensation though my body. I feel sooooo sexy.

He is letting his hands fall to my buttocks. It seems so natural as he massages them seductively. Ahhh, yes. That feels so good. He is pulling my hips towards his manhood and rubbing the hardness against my crotch. Whew, it is getting hot in here. I lay my head on his upper chest. His cologne mixed with his sweat is intoxicating.

He must be getting really turned on because he just reached his hand to the front of his pants and adjusted his erection. Oh, my goodness that feels so big against my stomach. My girlfriend at the law office where I used to work loves to have sex with men who have large penises. She always raves about any new "Mr. Big" adventures she has. But I have read that size does not matter. Her reaction to that argument was "Bull Shit".

Why don't I just slip my hands behind his neck and enjoy the ride?

Oh, he's sliding his hand up and down my side and nudging my breast at the top of every stroke. I know where you are going Mr. Sneaky. Ahhh, I knew it. You are cupping my breast in your hand and massaging it expertly. Ummmm. I can't help but moan when you roll my nipple in your strong fingers.

He whispers in my ear, "I want you feel how you are turning me on." and takes my hand and moves it to his manhood. I have my hand balled in a fist. This is just too intimate and overwhelming but he holds my wrist until I relax and grip his penis through his pants. I gasp at the sheer size of his weapon and reach down to the base and back up to the tip to measuring the unbelievable length. My heavens, I have never felt a big one like this before. Not even close. I can't help stroking it up and down. What am I doing?

My legs are getting weak and I am feeling woozy. I look up into Mark's handsome face and say, "Mark, I am feeling light headed. This is all so overwhelming. I need to lie down before I faint."

He says, "I know just the place. Hold on to me and I'll lead you to a safe place to rest and recover." I encircle my arm in his for support as we walk to a door off the main room that opens to a private bedroom with a bed and small side tables and several chairs. On one wall is a huge mirror. He closes the door behind us. The noise of the music dims. He leads me to the bed.

"Please lay here and you'll feel better in no time." I lie down. He says, "Push over love. Let me lay beside you." I shift over and lay on my back with him on his side looking down at me. It eyes are roaming all over my body. I feel like he can see right through my cloths to my secret areas.

I close my eyes. He puts his hand on my stomach and I can it tremble with his touch. I open my eyes and can't help smiling up at him.

He says, "How are you feeling my dear?"

"Oh, so much better, Mark. Thanks for finding this pleasant place to rest."

"Yes, it is a private place where we won't be disturbed." He puts the back of his hand to my cheek. "Your face is much cooler now. I think you'll live." We both chuckle.

He looks deeply into my eyes and says, "You are so very, very beautiful Dorothy. I feel so lucky to be beside you. Could I possibly have a kiss?"

How can I not say the affirmative? "Yes, Mark."

He dips his lips to mine. Our mouths open and our tongues swirl in an passionate dance.

Our lips part. "Dorothy, you are so beautiful and so sexy. Your husband is such a lucky man." His hand is still on my stomach and I can feel it tremble a bit more. If he moves his hand to my breast or down below, I don't think I can resist him. He takes his hand away and I hear a zipper. He takes my hand and puts it on his stiff erection. Oh, sweet mercy, it is incredible. It is as big around as the hose on my vacuum cleaner. My word! Ahh it feels like velvet over ivory. The skin moves so easily when I stroke it. My private parts are gushing and throbbing. All the blood in my body must be going there and not to my brain.

I am craning my neck to see what I have in my hand but I am at the wrong angle.

He sees what I am doing and says, "Why don't you sit up a bit my dear and take a good look. Don't be shy." He is obviously proud of his thing. But what guy wouldn't be?

I get up on my elbow and stare down at it. Wow, that is one gorgeous piece of equipment. My hand seems so small as I stroke it up and down. He is circumcised just like Frank but that is where the similarity ends. I could just stroke it like this forever. Hmm, I see there is a small clear liquid coming out of the slit at the end. I wonder how that would taste?

"You like my cock?"

I nod yes and cannot take my eyes off of it. My lips are dry and I lick them.

From out of the blue he says, "Hell, why don't I get more comfortable."

He undoes his belt in a flash, shimmies out of his pants, whips off his socks, unbuttons his shirt and tosses it all on the floor in a few seconds.


His penis needs my hand and I reach down to hold it. I can see now that he has shaven the whole area including his ball-sack.

He says confidently, "Now, where were we? Oh yes, you were going to suck my cock."

How did he read my mind? It seems that my mouth is nearing his staff in seconds. I have to stretch my lips wide to engulf the head. That tastes great, a bit salty and nice. I love to lick around the head while it is in my mouth. If I bob my head a bit it might please him with the friction against my tongue. I hope I am doing this right. I don't have a lot of experience.

"Baby, that feels great. Why don't you hold my penis, take the head out of your mouth and just lick it with your wonderful wet tongue?"

Of course, I do exactly that.

"Ahhh, yes. Just like that. Oh yes. That's super. Make it really, really wet. Now, why don't you lick up and down my whole cock? Oh, yes. Just like that that. Good girl. Yes. Ummmm. Very good."

He talks SO dirty. It is really turning me on. My pussy is just dripping.

"Now, put that big dick deep in your mouth, suck a bit and stroke the shaft slowly up and down. Don't worry, I won't cum in your mouth right now. I'll likely cum in your mouth later after I fuck you real good."

Oh I hope so. No I know so. You are going to fuck me real good. Use me. It is just natural. Yes, just use me.

He puts his hand on the top of my head and pushes down until I feel his cock hit the back of my throat. I can feel his balls touching my chin. He hold my head for a while but I cannot breathe with the head of his manhood lodged in my throat. I get panicky but he withdraws before I black out.

"Ya ... baby. You are doing great. That feels EXCELLENT." I am glad he likes it.

He continues, "Hey, love. Give my balls a nice squeeze there, will ya?" I immediately cup his clean-shaven sack and roll the eggs. This is all so dirty and it is making me crazy with lust.

"Way to go love, but what the hell. Why don't you give my balls a good lick. Ahhh. That is yummy. Yes, just like that." I am making them sooo wet.

"Dorothy, why don't you come up here."

What a state I am in. I can hear myself panting. He looks down at my body like he wants to eat me. He is so dangerous that I cannot resist anything he wants to do to me. Hell, I WANT him to do anything just so long as it involves getting that cock in my pussy.

"Why don't I check to see if you are really turned on."

He reaches down to the hem of my dress and pull it up. I know he can see the wet mark on my panties. Oh, how embarrassing! "My dear, how the fuck am I going to feel your pussy if you close your legs like that. Spread those legs, NOW." I spread them as far as I can. Touch any part of me.

"Very good. Now let's see if you are really turned on or just faking it." Yes. YES!

He runs the palm of his hand over my pubic mound and then with his middle finger notched in my slit under my panties dips his hand down the length of my cunny to my ass cheeks. Was that me moaning? He is making me so HOT.

"Hey, sweetie, is there some reason why you aren't holding my cock?"

"I'm sorry." I grab it quickly.

"Good girl.", he says and continues, "O.K. Let's feel this nice pussy." I close my eyes to concentrate on the sensations. I reaches in and pulls the wet crotch of my panties to one side and with his middle finger, strokes the sensitive lips of my private parts. Then he dips between the lips and up to the hard bud of my super sensitive clitoris. I can't help the squealing sounds that come from my throat. as he strokes all my best spots. He knows them better than I do.


"I don't know if you really want to go any further than this, Dorothy. I think when you first got here, you just wanted to watch. Maybe we should just stop right now?"


"No, Mark everything is fine."

"I don't know. I kinda feel I am taking advantage of your good nature."

"Please Mark. I need you."

"What do you need. Now don't be shy, Tell me exactly or we will have to stop?

"I need your big cock to fuck me. Please." I hope that is good enough for him.

"O.K. Good news love, I WILL fuck you!. Now get that fucking dress off before I change my mind and go out there and fuck some other wench!"

Yippeee! I jump up beside the bed, unzip the back of my dress and slipped it off in double-time. I am standing there in just my bra and panties when I realize what I am doing. I am getting nude in front of a man I have just met. What am I doing? Then I look down and he is stroking his gorgeous cock. That beautiful, beautiful cock.

"Lose the undies baby." I cannot stop from reaching behind me and undoing my bra and dropping it to the floor. I hope he likes my breasts. I can feel myself crimson like a schoolgirl. But who can blame me. I am not used to this. Well its time to lose the panties too. Here goes.

"Turn around love, I want to get a good look at the woman I am going to fuck." O.K. but let's get it on.

"Dorothy, you have a very beautiful body. Congratulations. " He likes me!

He pats the bed beside him. "Come to Mark, my dear. It is time for me to fuck you." Yes, yes. I slide in and snuggle up to his body in total surrender. Do with me whatever you want. I can feel his hard erection against my stomach. He kisses me deeply and grabs my ass-cheek and massages it deeply. He slides his hand over the crack to the other cheek, massaging it equally. That feels great. Oh, the sweet anticipation.

I take my hand and hold his hard dick. Jeez, this IS the width of my vacuum hose. Will this fit in my vagina. Will this hurt? Hell, I need this. Do me.

"Dear, do you mind holding my cock with your other hand so you don't block my view of your horny body?" Damned it. I shift hands.


He cups my breast in his hand and massages it softly and then more deeply. He rolls the nipple between his fingers and I close my eyes and give a soft moan. I stroke his penis hoping that it will get him to get horny enough to mount me.

"My, dear. Why don't you just hold my balls for a while. Not that I don't like you stroking my dick. It's just that I don't want to cum too quickly before I drill your sweet pussy and give you the biggest orgasm of your short life." Yes, yes, YES!

If he can talk dirty, so can I. "Mark, can you feel me down below like you did before? It felt so good."

"Down, there? Tell me what part, down there." Oh you nasty guy!

"Pease feel my pussy. It is so hot." I know you wanted me to say "pussy". Well there you go.

He agrees, "Sure babe."

Oh, heavens he is making me crazy sliding his hand all around my wet pussy. I am going to die from pleasure. Sweet mercy. My hips are swivelling of their own accord. I can't stop humping his hand. Oh shit, now he is rolling his finger around my clit. WOW.

"Holy fuck, that feels great. Oh, my God!"

Did I just say the F word? That's a first.

Yes that's what I need. A good fuck, just like you promised. You promised.

He gets up on his knees and spins me on the bed. He gets between my wide open legs and looks down at me and says "Well baby, you are about to get the best fucking of your young life. Unless of course, you want to stop now." I reach my arms up to him as a sign that I want to be mounted. He reaches down and puts both hands under my ass and lifts my girlie parts towards his erection. Soon, his staff is resting along the full length of my slit and he lets go of my ass and lets it rest on his thighs. He takes his cock in one hand and spread my cunny lips with the other and slides it up the wet folds all the way up to my sensitive clitoris.

"I need to make my cock wet with your love juice baby. It's not a good idea to go in dry with this cock of mine." I nod enthusiastically. I want that huge cock to go in as smooth as possible.

He slides it up and down my wet crack and occasionally with his hand strokes the wetness around his whole weapon. With his other hand, he tickles my wet clit with his thumb. Fuck, that is making me SOOOO fucking horny.

Thankfully he is putting the tip of his cock into the entrance of my love canal. He hesitates. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? I strain my body forward and reach behind him and grabs his ass-cheeks and try to pull him inside me. But he stays still, maddeningly still.

"Dorothy, my sweet, how do you like our swing club and having fun with new people?"

"It's great Mark. No, I really, really like it." I need your cock inside me. I pull on his hips harder.

"Are you going to be coming back to our little club?"

I replies, "Oh, yes. I'll be coming back real soon. Please, baby." Give me that cock you cock-teasing fucker!

"Do, you think you could have sex with a person like me in a whole room of other people not just alone like we are now?"

"Sure, yes. Please, Mark. Please fuck me with that big cock. I need it."

Finally he stops talking and leans over and puts one hand on the bed on each side of my head. I can feel my cock-head nestled solidly in the entrance of my love canal. Get that big boy in me baby. You conceited fucker. You are looking at my face to see my reaction when you drill me. I don't give a rat's ass. Just get that thing in me.

AHHHHHHHHH. WOW. That is blowing my mind. My girlfriend was right. I have never felt this full. It is touching ALL my hot spots at the same time. Yes ram it in. Yes, Yes, Yes. RAM IT! Just like that. Over and over.

I am screaming. "Yes, yes, yes. Please don't stop. Ahhh. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, please don't stop. Ah, Ah. There is a cliff of pleasure up ahead that I need to leap off. Please don't stop. Yes, yes, yes. That's it. Ah, ah ah. I'll die if you stop. Yes, yes. Use me. I MUST get to that cliff. Oh, baby. Yes, baby. I love the feel of your hard ass. Yes. Do me. Do me. Your scruffy beard is like sandpaper on my cheek. I love it. A strange man is using me. A man. Yes a man. Yes, yes, yes. Don't stop! Don't you DARE. No. No. I am almost THERE at the cliff."

I feel a gush of cool air on my ass as the door to the room opens and I see a group of nude people invade the room. I freeze. Oh, shit. I was sooooo very close to that orgasm. I could cry.

He reminds me, "You said you would fuck me in a room of people and here we are."

Before I have a chance to reply, a grey-haired man brazenly, reaches over and cups my breast a bit roughly and says, "What a nice set of tits you have girl." Mark just smiles and says nothing. I am confused. Suddenly, Mark slowly withdraws his cock almost out and then plunge hard back in, deep. I look down to where our bodies meet and my legs tighten on his butt instinctively. I ram her a few more times and she grabs my ass again, still staring down at the action where our bodies meet. Who cares about these other people. I need this cock.

My mouth starts working again of its own accord, "Oh, sweet mother, that cock feels soooooo good. Yes, yes. Harder. Yes. Oh, sweet mercy I can see that cliff ahead again. Do me. Do me. Yes, do me. Oh fuck, oh fuck I am going over the cliff."

"I'm CUMING! Ahhhhhhh. Oh FUCK, I'm CUMING! Oh, Oh, OH, sweet FUCK, I'm FUCKING CUMING YeeeeeEEEEeeees."

Mark slows down gradually but continues to grind his hips slowly.

The folks around us shout out their thoughts about her great orgasm.

"Way to go girl!"

"I want whatever she is having. HaHaHa!"

"Welcome to the promised land, sister!" Maybe these guys are pretty good.

I says, "Oh Mark. Ahhhhh. That feels soooooo good. Mmmmmmm. Sweet. Yes, do me slow and deep. Yes."

I looks up and sees a new man sitting beside me and looking down at my naked body hungrily. He is a handsome, big muscular black man. I feel myself blushing. I have had a number of sexual fantasies about black men. I can see his erect penis. It's right about them having big ones but my man's is even bigger.

The man says, "Hi Dorothy, that's your name isn't it?" I nod. "My name's Richard. Nice to meet you." He shakes my hand like we are meeting at the corner store or something. Shocking.

He continues, " I see you are looking at my wang, luv. Bet you never touched a black one like that eh? Here, take a good feel, bird. It won't bite ya." He takes my hand and moves it to his erect penis.

I touch it tentatively and then, what the hell, I take a good hold and stroke the black skin up and down.

Mark says, "Hey, Richard. Why don't you let Dorothy suck that nice black cock of yours. I am sure she is dying to give it a taste." WHAT???!!

"Don't worry, baby. You are among friends here. Suck that cock, dear."

Mark leans back on his haunches to give Richard room to offer his staff to me gratefully leaves his dick deep in my cunny. I reach up to the thick black weapon and pull it to my open lips and licks the head with my wet tongue just like Mark taught me. Then I pulls it deeply into my mouth and closes my eyes. I can feel his black cock slipping in and out of my mouth and his shaven ball sack hitting my chin on every down stroke. Luxury.

I wonder what Frank would think if he saw me now.

Oh, no. Mark is pulling his cock out of my pussy.

I stop sucking Richard's cock and say in horror, "No, baby. Don't take your penis out of my pussy. Please."

"Sorry, love I want you to suck MY cock now." Sure. Love to. Of course, baby.

He stands up at the end of the bed and waves his impossibly long wand my direction. I get off my back and crawl on my hands and knees to his waiting erection and gobble it. Wow, I can taste my own juices. I am sooo horny that I don't care if people see my tits hang down and I know my pussy and my anus are clearly visible from behind for all to see.

Mark says, "Richard, why don't you stroke Dorothy's nice pussy behind her there while she does me? That's a good man."

I freezes when I feel a hand start to massage my pussy lips. Richard is real good at that. I continue sucking as a sign of my acceptance. Soon his expert touch has me swirling my hips in passion as he strokes my slit with one hand and tickles my clit and even my asshole shockingly with the other. I am in fucking HEAT!

Mark grabs both my ears and starts plunging his dick down my throat in a frenzy of lust. I am gagging from lack of oxygen when all of a sudden he cums with a huge sperm load of hot liquid that puffs out my cheeks. I gulps it all down as fast as possible and he withdraws his dick.

"Thanks babe, that was sweet. Why don't you lick that cock all clean for me." I obey and do the best cleanup job I could.

"Richard, I think this horny woman did such a good job sucking my dick that she deserves a good fuck with that black weapon of yours. Why don't you get behind her doggy style and feed her your black cock." Richard tries to shift into position but my legs are not open enough. Mark looked down at me.

"Now, Dorothy my girl. If you want Richard to fuck you, you are going to have to spread your knees and lift your ass up to give him a good target."

I pause. I feel like such a slut. I AM a slut. My primitive, pleasure oriented brain is fighting with my prim, logical brain. The pleasure side wins. I plant my face on the bed, spreads my knees and arches my back. I turn my head to the side. "How's that, Richard?" Please do me with that beautiful black cock.

Richard answers, "That is fine, baby. " He moves forward between my feet to my hips, parts my ass-cheeks. Oh no, I am sure he can see my anus. How embarrassing! He puts the tip of his dick at the entrance of my love hole. He wastes no time as he plunges his black dick in deep and strong.

I shout my approval, "Oh, YES. Ahhh that feels GREAT!" I lift my head from the bed and throws my head back, sending my long red hair flying. Every time Richard, bangs his hips forward, I moan a loud "Yes". Soon I am just saying, "YES, YES, YES, YES, YES." over and over.

I feel my body rocked with every thrust.


Richard gives my ass a loud slap. I scream, "Ya baby, spank my ass. I'm BAD. Spank it!" He slaps my ass with both hands to a new rhythm.

"YES," slap, "Yes," slap, "YES." Slap, "Yes," slap, "YES." Slap, "Yes," slap, "YES." Slap, "Yes," slap.

I am sure my ass must be bright red.

Richard is cumming. "Ahhh. Oh fuck, fuck, yes. I'm cumming! Whoa baby! Yes! Yummy. MMMMmmmmm. Yes YES YES" I can feel his seed filling my satisfied womanhood. Sweet pleasure!

Richard pulls out and I rolls to the side and lay on the bed in well-fucked heaven.

Oh lovely, here is my first love Frank laying beside me. He is kissing my lips and face. I adore you too, baby. I just want to hug you and be in your arms forever. Let's just rest.

I love you so much Frank. Thanks for allowing me so much pleasure and introducing me to this place and this lifestyle. Thanks you, thank you.

I open my eyes and see Mark fucking another woman doggie style leaning over a chair. He sees me looking at him and breaks into a big smile. You conceited fucker! You wonderful, wonderful fucker.

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