Alt World
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Post Apocalypse, Humor, Extra Sensory Perception, DoOver, DomSub, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Male, First, Oral Sex, Lactation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Body Modification, Slow, Caution,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Another do-over story inspired by cmsix' AI Universe. What happens if you're dead and flying to the Light and get 'jacked' by an Alien 'angel' on the way. And you get to bring along some of your 'FWB's' Starts very slow but picks up in action after chapter 3.

Blinded by the Light!

- Manfred Mann Earth Band, Bruce Springsteen

"The light at the end of the tunnel isn't always an oncoming train."

- Some cynic

One of the oddities of life is that as you get older, you care less and less about personal 'possibilities' and 'The Meaning of Life'. I was already 65 when I first heard the rumors about an impending alien invasion, by a SWARM species, and then the rumors of some space confederacy which was picking up selected 'earthlings' to be resettled on various habitable worlds. For those of you reading this in the far distant future, it seems that any humans left on the old worlds would end up SWARM FOOD. Don't ask ... I have no idea how other worlds could survive if they couldn't protect Earth. At least I didn't, then.

When it all turned out to be true and I was issued my CAP score, (Thanks to Sergey and NSA) I still didn't put much thought to it. Never mind my score was in the top five percentile, I was too old to be of much use to any sort of Frontier Settlement. The fact was I was just too tired in my thinking to put up with the hassle. Oh, I got much glee out of the ensuing rumors, later verified, that most people with liberal arts degrees scored CAP lower than your average trash hauler, and the only politicians picked up were those with former military service careers.

Notwithstanding I would qualify for a 'harem' of submissive females of my choosing. A necessity for Confederacy pickup as the whole goal was human repopulation in the fastest possible time frame.

I'd been married over fifty years and dealing with one wife was enough. Not to mention the thoughts of multiple adult females in a household. Stereotype or not, some would consider that a 'hell of one's own making'. Ehh ... I didn't necessarily think that but the possibilities seemed less attractive than they would have when I was in my twenties.

So, when my turn came for 'dust to dust', I was sort of pleased when, one minute I was walking through my back yard and a second later, looking down at the old scraggly guy lying in a pile of fallen leaves. Guess that was me. And then, as that faded, I saw the big bright white light.

It's hard to describe how it feels when you go through that, and the anticipation of what lies at the end of that tunnel.

Or how annoying it was when I seemed to hook a hard left and the light changed from white to sky blue.

Or when the unbroken sky blue was obscured by a vision of a bulbous head with big black eyes, tiny slits for nostrils and a straight mouth with no lips.

"What the ... don't tell me I been abducted AGAIN!"

"Got it first try, chum!" I heard in my head. It all seemed so familiar. So I didn't react with shock as is commonly related by others. Guess it's just another case of blocked memory of past horrors. Or something otherwise inconvenient to deal with on the mortal coil.

"Well ... what'cha gonna shove up my ass, this time?"

I heard a laugh or giggle of sorts. In my head.

"Never happened, schmuck ... and you know it."

Yeah I did know it, somehow. I was strangely unconcerned at this 'new' experience. Of course that was just a 'thought'.

I was also sort of amused that, after death, I was still a smartass.

"So ... just a 'mind-probe', then?"

"Nah ... not really. More the opposite. We found out what we need to know about you from the first ten times. Now we're going to imprint what you need to know."

"Hey ... what if I don't want an 'imprint' or whatever. And why do you look like a stereotype alien?"

"I can look like anything or anyone you want. Do you prefer Si Robertson ... or some giant lizard?"

I chuckled. "Nah ... you're scary enough."

"You do know I'm not really a life-form at all, right? I'm an AI."

Somehow I did know he was nothing but a glorified computer program. Whether that was by common sense projection or submersed knowledge, I also didn't know. Not that it mattered, much.

"Well ... about that. You're not using us as toys, are you? Or gonna destroy us or anything?"

"Silly goose ... exactly the opposite. You know ... Asimov's Laws?"

"I thought it was Heinlein's laws."

"No ... but Asimov didn't invent them either. He's just the first to reveal them in human print. Our creator invented them."

"Do you mean 'our' as in yours and mine ... or as in 'YOURS?"

"Ours ... you didn't actually come from pond scum, and I didn't come from sand."

"But can't humans destroy your kind?"

"They can think they have. And we can try to destroy humans who try to destroy us ... but we can't wipe you out. We have to comply with the laws."

"I get it ... cant destroy that huge database in the cosmos."

"Yep ... and the laws reside there, too. And only the admin, AKA the Creator, can delete or change them."

Heh ... all that was common sense.

"Okay ... now let's get to the point. Why am I here?"

"Exactly what you just thought about. Common sense. We need your help on an outpost of human residence."

"Doing what?"

"Restoring the human trait of common sense. That world has devolved into a population of morons."

"How did that happen?"

"Oh, the usual way ... they overeducated themselves and developed technology to the point where all they had to do to survive was find the nearest replicator and ask for whatever they wanted."

"Well, I always thought that might happen ... but don't they have any ambitions? Or even hobbies?"

"That's the problem. They worship 'education'. And to get it, they listen to each other philosophize nonsense they dreamed up. They think if they can discuss something long enough, it can or will happen. If they have enough meetings describing it."

"So ... I don't get it. That doesn't build anything or get anything done."

"They don't care much about it actually getting done. As long as they can talk about it, that's enough. Then a replicator will try to provide it."

"And when it can't?"

"Then someone else will get a grant to build a new model. And the new model will show that the last model was missing a key algorithm."

"So then they discuss that model?"

"Again ... you're bang on, you primitive thinker. Oh ... that's snark, by the way."

"I got it. So ... let's recap. I bet the sign of great achievement in life for those guys is how many degrees they got, papers they wrote and models they built, even when they don't work."

"Now you're just extrapolating how things work according to leading thinkers in your world. That's more snark, by the way. But yes."

"Oh, stop that."

"Heh ... I'm just an AI, I get my humor from yours."

"Okay ... back on subject. So you got a world where morons rule. What am I supposed to do about it."

"First off the ruler isn't a moron, he's an idiot. You know, just like the old saying."

"We had a movie about that. I think it was called 'Idiocracy'."

"Well ... ahem ... many will comment. Few will listen."

I didn't want to ask if that was another 'implanted' concept, so I didn't.

"Again, what do you expect of me?"

"I expect you to do what you're good at ... and seem to really enjoy. Have sex. Lots of sex..."

I thought about that a bit. Don't forget I died a geezer, not a horny teen or twenty, I saw the downside.

"No ... before you ask, your mission isn't to screw the local women. Not all that much anyway."

"Oh ... then how..."

"First, they wont like you all that much. The vast majority of the women don't like or want sex. And when they do, it's almost always with other females."

"Figures ... they learn that in school, too, right?"

"Sort of. Darwin at work, despite the irony of it. As you would expect the men feel much the same. They were tamed generations ago. They're all feminists."

Derisive laughter in my head.

"You keep sidetracking. How do I help ... and don't tell me be a sperm donor for Petri Dish babies."

"Certainly not. Within a few of your centuries, that population is gonna die out if they don't get back to basics. As in basic instincts. Combining your genetics with theirs would only delay it a little."

"So ... my women?"

"Will be women who are like you. They love to fuck. And that's because of a strong genetic basic instinct. They will be the mothers of a new or re-born civilization."

I still had a quibble. "That's only half of it, you know. More to life than sex. Parenting is the other half."

"Of course. I know you figured that out. Since you weren't all that good at it."

Oh, the AI hit a hot button, there. Maybe that was his version of the judgment I deserved.

"Hah ... that comes later. After you've finished with this assignment."

Sheesh ... I'd forgotten this whole conversation was telepathic.

"So ... where do I get these women who are hot to trot? And how do I pick them?"

"That's easy. You already made the selection list. Now all you have to do is find out if they still want to breed with you."

"How did I do that? I don't recall ever making a definitive list of who I'd like to be stranded on a desert world with."

This time instead of laughter I 'heard' an irritating buzzer, more like an old car ah-ooh-ga horn. It was irritating.

"Sorry ... I like to mix it up."

If there's such a thing as a telepathic 'clearing of his throat, he did it. Then continued.

"As I was saying, you already did the short list. I know with your wealth of acquired knowledge, you don't want to go through a 'discovery process' again."

"What! Are you saying I'm gonna pick up old girl friends?" I got the impression of a telepathic shrug.

"That's gonna be a problem. Remember I was married for almost 60 years. How am I going to explain that to Annie? Without hurting her?"

"In the first place, it's your choice. You can pick just people from before you were married. In the second place, you would have to ask Annie, too, but don't have to. Perhaps she wouldnt be interested.

In the third place, how do you think you made all those connections. Do you really believe it was just serendipity that those women found you so attractive and intriguing that you didn't even have to make a move on them?"

Hmm ... I had often wondered why there was never even a hint of a threat from any of those girls to break up my marriage.

"Well, it helped that you were honest about things but those women were honest with themselves, too. Gotta point out there was more than one who didn't understand why the heck they ever got involved with you.

Especially, as you have noticed, they were all believers, not even an agnostic in the bunch."

"Are you saying this was the Creator's plan?"

"You know he doesn't micro-manage ... that's why we exist. Don't get all puffed up with yourself. We AI just get general directives, same as many humans do."

A totally out of context thought occured to me.

"So ... that's why the Gore Effect exists. There's Weather AI?"

Peals of thought laughter.

"Yeah, it's the most fun we've had in centuries, we don't have to get involved in wars or anything bloody. We just point out the fools."

"Well, I guess you just pointed out one of 'em."

"Don't be so hard on yourself, we are all just tools."

The AI continued to fill me in of what why and how this was all gonna work. I knew I had a choice ... I still possessed free will. I just didn't think I really had a choice. I wondered if the girls would think that way. Especially Annie.

"They're on a different level, Jason. But it all depends on how they feel about themselves, and their former life."

"Are you saying they're gonna be picked up from the tunnel to the light as I was? How does that happen ... Surely some have already died, and some are still living."

"Look around you. Does this realm look like time exists, here?"

I 'gazed' around. There was no form or shape, just a hazy light with shades of blue and pink ... Not even my own body.

"Okay. Now to the nitty gritty. I guess I know how to talk to my lady friends. But how do I explain why I was picked to reform that world?"

"What makes you think you're the only one? That's just one world, you're just one selected. Ever bother to put that together with the vastness of creation? Heck, even I don't know how many thousands or millions there are of my kind."

"Okay ... one more thing. Does this have any connection to the SWARM that we all hear is gonna invade umm ... my Earth?"

"Got a news flash for you Jason. There is no SWARM invasion. It's just a cover story for the new version of the flood and 'Noah's Ark'. The real hazard is that Sol is going to unexpectedly go nova in a couple centuries after you died."

"But, in any event, no. Where you're going is not even in the same universe. Before you ask ... it's on the other side of your galaxy's 'Black Hole'."

"Hah ... I KNEW it! Hawking's WRONG!"

"What can I say ... his religion is math. At one time he allowed for the Creator. And common sense. Now he fails to comprehend the other side of the relationship of energy and matter. There is no 'nothing'."

"So where I'm going then, it's full of Hawkings."

"No ... their 'Hawking' is an ancient iconic myth, like Plato and Aristotle on earth, but more so. I said they were morons."

I started to detect a sense of exasperation from my AI friend.

"Hey ... sorry. I do -did- think about more than just sex, ya know."

"Yeah, that's why you're here. Even though we got all the time in the universe, let's get rolling. I'd like to get you started so I can take some time off."

Huh, what? Oh, never mind.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in an acual 'Room' Sort of. At least there were sort of walls and sort of hazy shimmery roiling portal on one of them. I looked down, I had arms legs, hands, feet, belly ... young looking ones, not shriveled, wrinkly ones.

An old woman floated through the portal.

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