Venezuelan Angel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Coercion, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Foot Fetish, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark, a middle-aged man, enjoys the affections of a young 15-year-old prostitute in a hotel in Venezuela. He especially loves to corrupt her mind by engaging in very naughty activities with her and making her understand everything they do together.

Mark was in his late thirties. This was not his first time being in this particular nondescript Venezuelan hotel. But despite having been there on several occasions, he still sat nervously on the end of the bed in his small rented room, waiting nervously.

Nervousness instantly turned into excitement when a stunning caramel-colored girl carefully opened the door just enough to allow her 100 lb, 5'2" frame to slip inside the room, and then quickly closed it behind her. She took two soft steps toward the bed, still leaving about three feet between her and Mark. There she stood, motionless, as if waiting for this unfamiliar man to make the next move.

Mark's heart beat rapidly as his eyes examined the girl all over. He saw the rubber flip-flops in which were tucked cute feet with bright pink toenail polish. Her tender ankles connected to adolescently shaped calves without a hair in sight. Her equally hairless thighs, however, gave more of an appearance of budding womanhood in the way they were still slender like most teenagers' thighs, but had a more sexy womanly shape, one somewhat typical of budding young Latinas.

"Come closer, sweetie," he said to the girl, his eyes still working their way up her sexy thighs. She stepped closer, within one foot of Mark, and smiled innocently. With the new proximity to the girl, Mark could faintly smell a fragrance that just screams teeny-bopper. He could also see more clearly through the white lace skirt hanging less than halfway down her thighs. He focused on the outline of her pink panties visible through the skirt. He wondered what she looked like beneath the panties — probably more pink, he thought to himself.

"What's your name?" he asked. "Angela," she replied. "That's a very pretty name. How old are you?" She smiled and answered, "Thanks, I turned fifteen a couple of months ago."

Above her lace skirt, her midriff was bare. In fact, other than the skirt and panties, she wore only a somewhat modest non-see-through white bra. Mark brought his right hand up to her waist and gently rubbed the tip of his index finger along the sensitive skin of her caramel-colored tummy parallel to and just an inch above the lining of her skirt, which was essentially the same as the top hem of her panties in that they were basically collocated. Back and forth his finger traced along her tummy. He loved the way her skin dimpled from the slight pressure he applied.

His finger then traced a path up to her cute navel, and made circles around her navel in a spiraling pattern, slowly getting close and closer to the cute one-centimeter—deep tummy-hole. When his finger dipped into her navel, she giggled with a little bit of childish playfulness. But something in the tone of her muffled laughter suggested she was not unaware of the obvious eroticism of even the most relatively innocuous places on a teenage girl's body in the mind of an older man. To Mark, just the feeling of fingering her cute navel was enough to make his cock hard — not that it wasn't already.

He then placed both of his hands on her waist, his hands gripping her undeveloped but tangible obliques. He pulled her body even closer with his hands while his face moved to her tummy. His head at a slight angle, he locked his lips around her navel and gave her belly a solid smacking kiss, the tip of his tongue dipping where his finger had been. The fragrance he smelled when she approached him was now a little stronger. But, that wasn't the dominant aroma. Rather, the girly perfume seemed now to blend with another odor, one that cannot be meaningfully described to anyone who has never, for him- or herself, smelled the slightly sweaty, slightly musky, and also slightly sweet smell of a young teenage girl's body. It was, if you will, the essence of girl.

He then placed a few kisses on her tummy below her belly button. Each time he kissed her tummy, he cherished the sensation of her resident baby fat, which was not resident enough to see, but only resident enough to feel between his lips. As his kisses descended, he felt the top hem of her panties against his lower lip. He gave her tummy one especially long kiss, which turned into more of a hungry suckle, as he sucked her tummy skin into his mouth and then trailed off to the side with a long hungry lap of his tongue. Combined with the girly odor, the slightly salty taste of the naked caramel skin of her tummy drove him wild. His passions and lecherous lustful imagination was driving him to grasp her panties and quickly pull them down to her flip-flopped bare feet, but he managed to stave off the temptation in order to intensify the entirety of his experience with this little Angel.

Mark slid the dainty white lace skirt from her waist down her slender shapely thighs all the way to her adorable feet. Perhaps as a preview of coming attractions, He bit the top hem of her panties between his front teeth. He slowly pulled away from her, which had the effect of pulling her panties away from her stomach. As he did so, his head tilted forward so he could see the new expanse of sensitive private flesh that was being unveiled. The farther away he pulled, the farther down the front of this teenager's panties he could see. He made a moaning, hungry, "mmm" sound as he caught his first glimpse of the thin hairs dusting her fifteen-year-old pubic mound. She was not shaved, but at her age and with her particularly gifted body, she didn't need to. The natural contours of her mound and its soft little hairs were so neat that they looked to be professionally trimmed. But his intuition told him this was the natural state of her growing young body. Her hairs were somewhere between straight and curly. Perhaps wavy. They were so thin that you could clearly still see the delicate flesh of her mound — this would not be considered a "bush" by most people's standard. The neat sexy triangle of her unshaven pubic mound pointed downward toward the gusset of her panties. But where it pointed, Mark could not quite see, because only the top hem of her panties was lifted away from her stomach. Her hot teen-aged cunt was still covered.

The aroma Mark had been enjoying grew more strongly affected by the musky natural odors. He was tempted — boy, was he tempted! — to sniff and tongue that place between her legs that he couldn't quite see. But, again, he managed a modicum of self-restraint. His teeth released their hold on her panties, and the band of her panties elastically snapped back to her stomach. He place a firm closed-mouth kiss on top of her panties where he now knew her pubic hair to be. With his lips, he could just feel the little gossamer bristles of her pubic hair, like an extremely soft Velcro layer beneath a thin layer of cotton.

As his head came back upright, returning him to his original position, he moved his hands to cup the tender skin just below her buttocks. He looked into her knowing eyes, smiled, and squeezed the back of her naked thighs. He asked her, "Angela, do you like older men?" She smiled and her eyes squinted a little. They had the look of a young girl who has been made into a woman by the corrupting influence of older men who lust after her teenage body and want to use her like meat and entertainment, and whose lust is so powerful that they are actually deluded into thinking they love her when they lie in bed with her naked legs wrapped around their sweaty backs ... with their mouths sucking the flesh all over her neck ... with their hands squeezing her shapely, naked, slightly-sweaty, fifteen-year-old ass ... and with their adult thickness embedded deeply in her silky, wet, hot insides, moving in and out of her with deep passionate strokes...

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