Bob the Model
Chapter 1: Modeling for Pay

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Oral Sex, Slow, Nudism,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: Modeling for Pay - A young man tries to make a decent living and uses the resources at his disposal, be they his body, his experience, or his love.

My name is Robert Greene. To most people when I was in college, I was just Bob, the model. I ran track and wrestled in high school, so I was kind of lean and fit. In college, I kept my body fit by working out at the gym. Soon after school started in August that first year, one of the bulletin boards advertised for men and women models for the art programs. This was now about mid October and I had a few hours free since my studies seemed fairly easy right now since I was still taking the basics. They did pay something for modeling and so I thought I would try out. It would help me to pay for some of my schooling.

Doctor Martin Truax and Doctor Amy Pender, both in their early forties, were the art professors doing the interviews. They were looking for fit models that weren't afraid of displaying their body in either small swim suits, like Speedos or thongs, or nude. The interview was in one of the classrooms where there were about thirty easels standing around a central platform. All the windows could be shaded for nude modeling and left open when the natural light was needed. They had track lighting, much like a theater stage, so they could adjust the lighting for the effects they wanted. It looked like a real first class operation. Since it was just the two of them and myself, when they asked me to disrobe, I did. I was not overly endowed, but I had a respectable seven inches when hard; when soft I had a not inconsiderable four.

They posed me in different positions on the raised platform. They moved around me looking and generally trying to picture how different lighting would show different effects, shadows, and such, for their students. After about ten minutes, Professor Pender announced, "Robert, you are perfect for what we need. You are fit and well defined so that we can show the students the different muscle groups and forms that our body can show, and to our best advantage.

"How soon can you start and what is your schedule like so we can determine when we can use you for our classes. Oh, and you can get dressed now."

As I dressed, Professor Truax mentioned that I didn't seem to be very embarrassed regarding nudity in front of others. I said, "My parents are naturists and we spent some time each summer at a nudist camp in South Texas every year. When I got into wrestling and track, the skimpy uniforms helped attract the girls, but it also helped that I had a nice tan and that I was fit. I guess I'm still a nudist at heart."

"That's a very healthy attitude, Robert. I'm glad we are going to be able to use you for our classes," Professor Pender said.

So, that is how I got into modeling.

I was able to work in four modeling sessions a week, two during the day, and two at night. This still left me with time for my regular studies in English, science and math. I was getting my regular studies out of the way first before I concentrated on courses for my computer sciences degree.

About February of that first year in college, Dr. Pender invited me to visit the studio of an art club that she belonged to. It allowed semi-professionals to hone their art so they could become more self-sufficient in their careers. They were doing a nude study class for six weeks at three nights a week, starting in May. The place was an old strip joint that had fallen on hard times, and had been purchased by some artists. They had fixed it up with lighting, skylights, and everything. She asked if I was interested.

"Yes, Dr. Pender, I'm interested, but what does it pay? The reason I'm asking is that I was going to try to get a part-time job for the summer working nights and still take a class or two during the day." She mentioned a figure that was over three times what I was getting for modeling at school, so I said I would love to do it.

"Bob, your body is so well defined that a lot of our artists would love to draw or paint you and your comfort in being nude certainly helps a lot. Now, this studio does things a little differently. One being that, for the first few sessions, you will be blindfolded; this is because we do have a couple of celebrities and some very prominent local citizens as either models or artists.

"Until they get to know you better, we tend to err of the side of caution. We normally have a Get Acquainted session when the models are dressed and can mingle with everyone. Until everyone is comfortable, we do this blindfold thing. I hope that is all right?"

"Hey Doc, it's no skin off my nose; whatever works for you. I can go along with that."

In November just after Thanksgiving I started dating one of the girls from the art classes that I posed for at school. Her name was April Spring. Yeah, I know; her parents had to have hated her to name her that, at least that's what she said. I think it was their love for her, but who was I to argue. We dated exclusively almost all spring semester, going to movies and out to eat. We ate in a lot too, if you know what I mean. Even though we were still pretty young I thought we had something real and lasting. Anyway, by the end of May we had been going steady for about two months and I proposed to her after class, two days before the end of the semester. She accepted and we were so happy. April was a year ahead of me, and she was a member of the art club that the studio ran and I would model for in the summer.

April Spring was a beautiful girl, about five feet six to my five feet ten with a very nice figure. I was terrible trying to figure out measurements, but she had, like, small grapefruit-sized breasts, a nice thin waist, and lovely hips and ass. We had gotten to the stage of sex together and, boy was she a wanton woman in the sack. Almost any position we could think up was done: oral, vaginal, and we even tried anal twice, once to say we did it and the second time for the experience, but it didn't turn either of us on much. We could take it or leave it, but I thought it was too tight and very hard to do comfortably even with a lot of lube. But, giving and receiving oral was great and April loved the fact of my growing penis. She loved to start out with me soft in her mouth and as I grew she loved the way it filled her.

I felt that our love was forever, we had started to plan things for a wedding when she graduated or possibly put it off until I graduated. I realized that even as young as we were we were made for each other. Plans were made and things progressed quite well. We planned to meet her parents after the summer session and before the fall semester started in September.

After the spring semester was over, I started modeling for the art studio as well as take two courses. It did seem a little weird that first couple of nights when I was blindfolded for the modeling session. I was led to the dressing room, which was just another room in the building. They held the classes in the main room and the models dressed and undressed in one of the side rooms, the women in one area, and the men in another. After undressing, I was led blindfolded to a platform and then posed by Dr. Pender.

At the mingle session later, I could see to some extent the need for blindfolds as I saw a couple of people I recognized immediately. One was a local news anchor. She was even more beautiful in person than the way she appeared on TV. Another was a woman I saw in a lot of the furniture ads for a local chain of furniture stores in Texas. Then, I was introduced to one of our assistant DAs, a municipal court judge and the assistant city manager.

I would say that about ninety percent of the art club members were women. The group I met on the first night ranged from April, who was nineteen, to another federal judge (a man this time) at near sixty. Most of the women were professionals in their thirties to forties and most of the men were in their twenties to fifties. Anyway, it was a nice pleasant evening.

Not bad for three hours work, and I made almost $300. I think I could take bringing in almost a $1000 a week for standing around for three hours. True, every twenty minutes we were given a three minute break to relax or go into another pose. Or, we could get a bathroom break when needed.

The next session I was not blindfolded. I did not fawn all over the prominent figures; I was cool with my attitude about my nudity and posing and they liked my social skills. I had passed the test.

By the end of my second week modeling, I noticed that some of the models were led off into side rooms for about twenty to thirty minutes and then they would come back. I asked Amy about it and she said that some of the artists wanted some "one on one time" with the model to work on specific areas of the body, like hands or faces. Rather than everyone having to draw the same area, they went into a separate room and did their thing.

My God, was I ever naïve; I thought just what Doctor Pender said was true. I found out later it was anything but innocent, but, on with the classes and my love affair with April.

April was one of the artists that frequented the studio, not every night and not always during the evenings when I was modeling. I did find that they held classes there every evening during the week and sometimes during the day, too. I was there Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. I guess I was in my ninth week of modeling at the art club when I noticed April and another second-year student, Anne I think her name was, take Gerry Oldham into one of the rooms.

Gerry was a junior, but he and I had become somewhat friends from our studio work. He said this was his third year doing this modeling and he said that the side room tips were pretty good, but you had to wait until someone asked you and it was not always just modeling that was done.

"You mean that sometimes it is for sex, right?"

"Yeah, sometimes; usually it is for what they say it is for, but often it is for sex only. I can usually make an extra grand a week or more for doing two or three side sessions. That's how I can keep going to school. I work all summer long on my tan and modeling and then I study the rest of the time to get my degree in electrical engineering. Hey, it pays for my tuition, so I can't knock it. Besides, everything is very above board and nothing happens outside of the art studio. Not everyone pays as well ... some are still students ... but the other professionals do pay pretty well."

"Gerry, has April ever requested a private session with you for sex?"

"Hey, Bob, April and I have never done that. I know you two are engaged and I would never plow your field. No way. She and I did it once last year, but since you two got together, no sir. I won't get dragged into something like that.

Now, these other ladies ... a lot of them are married, but if they want to cheat on their spouses, that's their business; I only provide a service or outlet for what they either can't or won't get at home. I hope you can see that, Bob. Rest assured I wouldn't do you any harm. I like you, Bob; you are a good friend. You helped me through that calculus thing I had so much trouble with until you explained it to me and I'm very grateful."

"Thanks, Gerry. I just was wondering."

I had had this conversation with Gerry before that evening, so I assumed that they both were doing what a couple of artists have asked me to do for side sessions. One time, three women worked on sketching my feet and hands. They were having trouble in those areas, so I happily obliged them.

Anyway, that night April came back out after about two minutes and she glared at me. I wondered what that was all about, but I blew it off. I guessed Anne wanted sex but April didn't want any part of that. April left early that night because when I came back out when I was dressed, she wasn't anywhere around. I looked for Gerry, too, but he was busy with the federal judge and it looked like he was going into a side room with her.

I was mingling around, but my heart wasn't in it. The cute assistant DA approached me and asked if she could talk to me. I said sure. She led me to one of the side rooms and said this was a private conversation.

"Bob, that is right; it's Bob Greene, right?" I nodded and she continued. "Bob, I understand that you are engaged, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, I am, to Miss April Spring to be exact. She was here earlier but she left and I haven't seen her since I left to get dressed. May I ask why the private conversation?"

"Well, to be honest, several of us have wanted to see you in a more private setting and we may not have just wanted sketching, if you know what I mean. Now, I hope that this conversation goes no further than this room?"

"Ma'am, I have the utmost respect for you and this studio. It's like Vegas: what goes on here stays here and goes no further. I know what you are hinting at but, like you said, I am engaged. If that were not so, then I would have no problem in accommodating any of your wishes. But, I'm kind of old fashioned in that respect. If I commit to someone, then I am loyal only to that person. I will not be with someone else, no matter the circumstances. I hope that I am making myself very clear here."

"Perfectly clear. You are not available until such a time that you are no longer committed to someone. I will let it be known that is how you feel. I can tell you however, there will be several ladies outside that will mourn the loss of such a handsome hunk as yourself."

"Excuse me, ma'am, but do you know why April might have frowned at me after she went into a room with Mr. Oldham? I was posing facing the room she ... and I think it was Anne Francis ... went into with Mr. Oldham. But she came out shortly after going in and she gave me a look. I wasn't sure what it meant. She didn't talk to you or anyone else did she?"

"No, Bob, she didn't talk with me. I think you need to speak to her first to find out what is going on. God, such a waste," Mrs. Robinson said as she looked at my body again. "Oh, Bob, if your circumstances change for any reason, by all means let me know. I want to be first in line if that ever happens."

"Of course Mrs. Robinson, I think I would like that as well. Until next class, I think I should go home and at least try to talk to April. Thank you for the candid conversation, Mrs. Robinson. Good evening."

"Good evening to you to Bob, and, for future reference, it's Justine here at the studio."

I left and tried to call April, but she must have had her phone off as it went right to voicemail. I called again once I got to my dorm, and again it went to voicemail: "April, please call me when you get this. I really need to talk to you. I want to know what happened tonight since you left me there all alone. You were my ride home. I'll try to call you tomorrow when I have a free moment. I love you, April."

The next two days were murder for me. April didn't call me and I hoped that I would see her that night at the studio. I got there a little early and mingled with the models. Gerry wasn't there yet, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him, either. Just before seven, Gerry came in and April was with him. I walked toward her and she walked away.

"April, what did I do?" I called out to her, but she stormed out of the studio.

I went running after her, but when I got outside, I couldn't see any trace of her. I wasn't but about three steps behind her and she just disappeared! What the hell was going on? I immediately went to find Gerry. He was in the men's area getting undressed.

"Gerry, what the hell is going on? April came in with you and as soon as I went to talk to her, she disappears. Please, tell me what is going on?"

"Bob, when she and Anne had me go to the room, they both wanted sex with me. I told April that I thought that she was engaged to you. She said she was, but you had an agreement that you could be open to others. I said that it didn't sound that way to me when we talked last week. I told her just what I told you: if she was engaged to you, then sex was out with me or any of the other models because I had already told them that. Now, don't shoot the messenger, but a couple of the guys that work the other nights say that she has been with them recently. I asked them to please refrain for now until this whole thing gets worked out."

"Boy, Gerry that is some kind of engagement I have, huh? Well, unless she does some crawling back to me on her knees, we are through. I hope I can get my ring back; that really set me back a good bit. I even had to take out a loan to get it."

"Bob, I'm truly sorry about all this. She called me today and wanted me to bring her here tonight, but I guess she got cold feet. For what it's worth, I think you're better off: If she was going to do that when you're just engaged, what would she do once you're married?"

"Thanks, Gerry you've been a good friend. I'll remember this. Now, I guess it's Show Time."

We had finished undressing, and we went out into the studio where Dr. Pender posed us for the evening. A little while later, I saw April come back in and sit way in the back. At our second break, she came forward and said, "I'm sorry I treated you so badly. Here is your ring. I heard that you took a loan out for it. I don't want to hurt you anymore, Bob, and I don't think I can stay committed to you, either. Bye."

And she left, just like that.

I quickly ran to our dressing area, put the ring in my shoe, and then stuffed my socks back inside.

Ten minutes later, Mrs. Robinson came up to me with another lady I had seen before, but I didn't know her name. Justine asked if I was free for some detail sketching. I said I was available, but not free.

Justine laughed and said, "Bob, I never thought you would be free, but available now is just fine with us. This is my friend, Ellen; Ellen this is Bob, one of our best models. As far as the other is concerned, we'll find out soon enough."

We went into one of the other rooms that I hadn't been in before. It was laid out completely differently. This room had a super single bed, a pile of bottom sheets, a dirty sheet basket and a nightstand drawer filled with condoms. There was a tiny screened off bathroom with toilet and sink.

The women started stripping, and I said, "Justine, let me start with you and I'll take care of that. With two of you we may be here for a while."

"Ohhh, are we in for a treat tonight, Ellen. I think anger or payback sex is the greatest."

I slowly stripped Justine, and kissed and licked every inch of exposed skin as I peeled her clothes off her; then I proceeded to make love to her body. After a couple minutes of oral stimulation, Justine seemed to be climbing the walls and her wails were getting loud. I moved up on her and Ellen slipped a condom on my raging hardon.

Once I was seated good, I started my slow in and out motion to get into a rhythm that she could follow and then started varying my strokes, some short, some long, some fast and some slow. I moved around in circles once I was fully seated, and rubbed my pubic bone on her clit.

Boy, if Justine was wailing before, now she was screaming like a banshee and Ellen became worried. "Justine, are you all right? He's not hurting you, is he?"

"El, if he is hurting me I'll give him a lifetime to quit. If he was any better, I'd divorce Harold and marry him if he'd have me, or just be his mistress on the side. Damn, I haven't felt this good since my first court win. My God, Bob, fuck me, fuck me forever!" She was able to get all this out as I loved her body.

"El, you have no idea what this young stud is doing to my body right now, but from now on I only choose hhhhhhhiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm!" The last part was kind of a scream as she was coming big time and then collapsed in a faint.

I had barely pulled out, hanging onto the rubber, when Ellen kissed me and then dropped to her knees. Justine came back among the living and moved to a chair. When Ellen saw the bed was empty, she literally threw me on the bed and attacked me with kisses. Justine threw her a package that she hastily ripped open and soon had me ready for round two.

I had cum with Justine, but with the oral assault on my organ, Ellen had me hard in no time. Once I was covered, she buried my rod inside her slick opening and sat down hard. She came back up fast because I had bottomed out and hit her cervix pretty hard. I could see her wince as it happened. She moved to be more parallel to my body and continued to slide up and down on my shaft.

I started kissing her and teasing her C-sized breasts. She had only a little sag and her nipples were extremely sensitive, so my ministrations were driving this woman mad with pure unadulterated lust. Because of the curvature of my cock, I think the helmet was rubbing her G-spot and she revved up in a hurry. It didn't take long before she was wracked with orgasm after orgasm and her strokes were becoming quite ragged and chaotic. Then, she stiffened like a board and yelled something that sounded like "FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MEEEEE!"

Now, like I said, I couldn't be sure, but I took that as what she wanted so I helped her along her way and stroked up into her and then her arms gave out and she collapsed on me in exhaustion. I gently moved her off me, grabbing the condom before I shrank too much and left it. I knew that would not be a good idea.

I cuddled a little with Ellen as she and I tried to recover some. Justine was now fully recovered and was getting dressed after cleaning up in the tiny bathroom just behind the screen. I got up, went behind the screen, rinsed myself off, and then brought a warm washcloth to clean Ellen. Afterwards as I was rinsing the washcloth out, Ellen was coming back to earth and Justine was helping her get dressed again.

"Ladies, shall we join the others and I can go back to work and earn my pay?"

"Bob, when we mingle later, I will have something for you from each of us," Justine said as we exited the room and I went back to modeling.

Before we quit for the night, I went into another room for a "detailed drawing session" with another lady and a man. We double teamed her, with the man in her ass; his cock was about seven inches long, but only about three quarters of an inch wide. He could easily fuck her ass and that left her pussy for me.

During the mingling afterwards, I was slipped two pieces of paper, one from the man, and one from Justine. When I got back to my dorm, I found a check for $200 from the couple, and a note from Justine that said $600 had been placed in my account. I really didn't like checks as they left a paper trail, but, since I didn't know the couple, I felt it was all right.

I knew that Justine had gotten my bank info from Dr. Pender. I had a separate account for my modeling work and Amy had that information so that I could be paid that way. I vowed that the couple would know how to pay me through Amy in future.

Things went on in that vein for the next three years. I modeled for the school and I modeled at the club. I was into my major subjects now and although they really were harder, I was enjoying myself and learning a great deal.

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