Sexual Discoveries
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hairy, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fictional story about a family and the sexual discoveries they experience in life.

Fifty-year-old Alex Carpenter had spent a rough two years mourning the death of his wife Kirsty, his wife of 28 years. She had committed suicide, leaving no note explaining her actions, which made things harder to accept. He was the one who found her on their bed with a paper bag duct taped around her head. He knew right away that she was gone, and quietly held her in silence for hours. She was his true love ever since meeting in Jr High school.

They had brought three children into the world. Ginger was the oldest at twenty-five, while Lexie and her twin brother Adam were a few months past eighteen. Lexie and Ginger had their own apartments located in the same city, where he lived, and Adam was off to college in another state. His kids had been very supportive after Kirsty's death, but Alex knew they had their own lives to lead, and didn't want them to spend too much time trying to mend his crushed spirits. Friends had also tried to help, though in most cases he had not been very receptive. He spent every nights alone, needing female comfort, but not sure if he was ready. He had slowly sorted through Kirsty's things, although he often found it difficult to continue.

He knew Kirsty's greatest worry had been how well he could live without her. And she was right, but perhaps not for the reasons she thought. Kirsty viewed herself as the person that managed the house. She was the operations director, a very practical role that she thought everyone would miss if she was ever gone. And they did. Everyone had roles around the house, and each one knew what they had to do to keep things going. Alex fixed things and earned most of the money to buy things, Kirsty thought of all the practical stuff, but even that now she was gone, that's not the biggest reason they missed her. All the practical things she did seemed easy with system of a list of tasks, knowing who was going to do them, when they are going to be done, and had an agreement from her family that they will be done.

What they really missed the most was her female design input, her carefree and positive view of the world, her caring nature, and mostly her selflessness as a mother, wife, and a very devoted lover. Now it seemed so obvious to Alex that those many things often went without thanks or show of appreciation.

Since her passing, Alex's life felt empty. For several months after her passing, he could not sleep in their bed. Instead, he slept on the sofa, holding onto her pillow for comfort. Living in their home after his wife's death was difficult, but he had added several modifications to the three-bedroom house since moving in several years after their wedding, and did not want to sell it. The central air unit was fairly new, and he had the outside painted weeks prior to her passing. The large backyard was surrounded by a high privacy fence, and Alex had installed a four-person Jacuzzi when the kids were young.

Things were good in his life for the most part, except for being alone. His job was going well, and he had built a solid reputation. Since he always had an interest in law enforcement, he was able to do something he enjoyed, despite the occasional dangers. He did not have any real hobbies or interest besides being an avid bowler, which he made time for when possible.

Anytime he looked at Kirsty's photo, he would trace her face with his fingers, and realize it was the closest he would get to touching her again. Alex missed her smile and the way her eyes closed when she laughed. He spent many hours standing over her grave, wondering why she chose suicide, or never gave any indication that she was so disturbed. He wished she had expressed signs of needing help, instead of showing everyone what they expected to see.

Alex had found Kirsty's journal, and saw that the first entry was about their meeting in school. She had written how good looking she thought he was, and all the various ways she tried to get his attention, including many comments about all the sexual things they tried. He could never forget Kirsty's body, and considered her breasts to be well rounded and superb. Her long reddish hair had been so silky smooth, and he loved the way it hung over her shoulders. She had been a very giving lover who wanted to please him in any way she could. Since losing her, Alex had not been intimately involved with anyone, so any sexual relief was self provided.

As he read the journal further, Alex discovered an entry about a male employee who flirted and harassed her several years after their wedding, which was why she quit the teaching job. Then he found a folded paper from a lab which stated that Ginger was not his daughter, something he was never told. However Lexie and Adam were his biological children. Alex was in complete shock at the secret she had taken to the grave, and realized she must have had a reason to choose to conceal it from him.

In turning more pages, he discovered the explanation. While working for an insurance firm, her boss requested her to stay late one night to complete a project. When they were alone, he forced her to have sex with him, resulting in pregnancy. Kirsty had not reported it to the police since her attacker promised to leave her alone afterward, which he apparently did. And she knew that he would have hunted him down. Alex got a sense of relief when he saw a news clipping that said the man committed suicide a month later. Her journal also revealed that she never came to grips with the terrible event.

Near the end was a brief description of yet another devastating event, written a week before taking her life. Kirsty had been on their house alone when three men barged in, forced her to remove all her clothing, and give them all oral sex. Even though she loved providing pleasure that way, she despised being forced to swallow, something she usually craved.

The last entry spoke about her love for her kids and him, and about how suicide was the only way she thought she could forget her emotional pain. Her last written words were, Live in peace Alex. I will always love you and I made the right choice in marrying you. Our children are my gifts to you, And I thank you for the great years we spent sharing our lives. Mourn for me now, but do look for love again. I do not want you living alone because of me. Please do not tell Ginger that she is not yours by blood and keep the bad events written here to yourself. Until we meet again, goodbye.

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