Gallagher's Island
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Food, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Hairy, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was just supposed to be a one day cruise, but fate intervened and sent seven souls into the jaws of the Bermuda triangle and a future not at all certain.

The Dolphin was a good little ship. It was not really built for long cruises but it was fantastic for fishing trips and traveling out to the diving reefs and the little deserted islands not far from the Florida coast. In fact, the Skipper and his mate lived on the ship around the clock and they had no complaint about the accommodations. Sometimes they were joined by Scotty, the chief cook and bottle washer who worked the late shift at the "End of the Pier" Seafood restaurant for the past year. Nobody really knew what Scotty did before that and nobody would be so nosey as to ask him directly.

Scotty joined the Skipper and Gallagher on this short fishing voyage which promised to be more an excuse to get plastered than to actually catch any big fish. They had five passengers for the one-day outing.

Mr. and Mrs. Candleford were both over the hump in terms of life span but they were still vibrant and you could tell just by listening to them and watching them that they probably were still doing a whole lot of coupling when the doors were locked and the lights were down low.

Doris Candleford used to be a former Miss California and still had that spring in her step and wiggle to her hip that make her stand out as a desirable female. Gallagher had accidently bumped into her in the passageway and he was certain she had no undies on beneath her short cotton skirt and her legs were tanned so perfectly that he assumed both she and her husband were residents of Florida although in a different part of the State other than the Keys.

Mr. Candleford was the lasting living heir of the Candleford Dynasty which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange with assets of over 20 Billion dollars. Jeb's grandfather, Joseph Candleford III passed away only three years ago leaving the huge fortune to his sole surviving heir, Jeb.

Jeb Candleford was first and foremost a businessman. In a choice between chasing girls and finding a good deal for the company, the business deal would win out every time. That is not to say he was not a philanderer of sorts climbing all over the tasty morsels conveniently presented in his path in private for his kinky dalliance behind a closed door. He had a weakness for girls with pony tails and short skirts and would home in on them like a bird-dog closing in on the kill.

Professor Romano was a frequent guest of the Candlefords ever since Mrs. Candleford had discovered him at a tea party to celebrate the opening of yet another business of their far-flung empire. He was a tenured teacher at the University of Milan but had to take an unpaid leave of absence because of a misunderstanding about a female student who had become unrepentantly pregnant after weekend orgies in his Campus quarters. He didn't seem like the sort of fellow who would be so adventurous but looks can be deceiving when it comes to such matters.

Rounding out the party of five were two attractive young females who seemed for all intents and purposes under the protection of Mrs. Candleford rather than the bottom pinching husband who never missed an opportunity to pinch or pat a female bottom provided it wasn't his spouse's.

The younger one was Lovey with her soft bedroom eyes and oodles of "T" and "A" that never seemed to stop jiggling. She usually wore either her flimsy bikini and flip flops or the scantiest of short shorts with a halter top showing off her beautifully tanned skin. Lovey had taken quite a shine to the Skipper, Captain Jack and generally trailed along behind him where ever he went. He had even found a mate's cap for her and sent her on missions to find this thing or that thing just to keep her out from underfoot. The older of the two single females was a dark-skinned beauty called Esmeralda or just Essie for short. Both the Skipper and Gallagher had quickly adapted to calling her Essie because she seemed to like it better. Gallagher noticed that she often managed to bend over very close to Mr. Candleford allowing him to fondle her buttocks with reckless abandon right in front of his wife. The difficult to read Mrs. Candleford appeared to find his crude behavior more amusing than disgraceful.

There were only the seven of them on this particular cruise because Scotty was not needed to tend the fishing gear and pack the catch down in ice. In fact, they didn't even take more than one chest of ice as Mr. Candleford was the only member of the cruise party who expressed any interest in fishing.

They were having a problem with the GPS system and the radio was filled with static when they left the marina but the Captain needed the money from this excursion group to pay the dock fees and keep up the payments on the boat. They hadn't made much from the last tour group because the final check they gave the Skipper bounced all the way out to the garbage can in front of the bank.

The Skipper had asked Lovey to find the folded map that he used to navigate the barrier reefs telling her that it was on the bed at the stern of the boat right next to the head which could be used by both sexes. Gallagher was in the head answering an overdue call of nature when Lovey entered thinking the small room was vacant. He was absentmindedly stroking his penis to get the last drops out when she almost shouted out in shock at seeing how big it was.

"That is a monster cock, Mr. Gallagher."

Gallagher could see she was impressed which boosted his ego considerably.

"I very seldom get complaints from the ladies, but he works best in small tight spaces. Please don't call me Mister. Do you want to test him out for fit or are you one of those city girls who only play with females?"

Lovey giggled and reached out hesitantly to touch Gallagher's throbbing cock.

"It is so thick, Gallagher, I am certain he wouldn't fit into my vagina and I am positive he would never get into my backside. But I could use my mouth as long as you promise not to cum in my mouth."

Gallagher laughed and agreed knowing full well that when he had to come the last thing he would thinking about would be that promise. With the room so small, it was impossible to do anything in it and they moved to the bunk next door and Gallagher sat on the edge of the bunk with Lovey on her knees right in front of him. She had obviously had a lot of practice in this form of indoor sport and took immediate charge of the action. Soon, Gallagher found himself transported to the never-never land just short of paradise and at that juncture when stopping was not an option at all. Being a sly fellow, he cupped his hands on the back of Lovey's head when he knew he could not control the explosion soon to come.

Lovey felt the flood hit the back of her throat and she swallowed as fast as she could. This was not anything she hadn't done dozens of times before. She was a little angry at Gallagher for not at least warning her it was coming but then again, she realized that she probably would have pulled back and gotten the entire load right on her face and all over her bikini top. It was probably for the best that the entire creamy load was now out of sight in her belly and Gallagher had a big knowing smile on his face like he had just tricked her into swallowing.

"You are not a nice boy, Gallagher! Here I was doing you a favor and you took advantage of me. You owe me big time. Bad boys need to be spanked."

Gallagher laughed and told her that a spanking didn't sound all that bad if it was her dishing it out.

Lovey almost ran back up on the deck to the wheel cabin and gave the Skipper the map. He spread it out and changed course about 30 degrees further to the starboard and tapped the compass which had been sticking lately. The look of the black thunder clouds off the port bow was not very encouraging and the darn radio was just picking up static.

Gallagher came up to the wheel house and took over the wheel looking at the black clouds with an unspoken question in his eye for the Skipper. The Skipper just shrugged his shoulders in a "What will be, will be" attitude and headed bellowed for a head call and to shake some of the cobwebs from his brain with a stiff cup of black coffee. Mrs. Candleford was in the stern bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Did you get locked out of your cabin, little lady?"

She looked up at the Skipper with a tear or two in her eyes and said,

"No, not locked out, Dear boy just excluded from watching my pussy-chasing husband screwing Essie the tramp in her "my shit don't stink" ass. They are at it like a pair of jack-rabbits trying to repopulate the world with little bunnies."

The Skipper didn't doubt for a second that she had it exactly right. The old guy was probably giving it to both of those young girls whenever he had a chance and right under his lovely wife's nose as well. It seemed a damn shame because the spouse was a fairly attractive female in her own right. Her boobs were first rate and any damn fool could see they were absolutely natural and not like the pair of store bought tits on the charming Esmeralda. There was no question that Essie was a hot number but she was a lot younger and a whole lot looser in the pussy department.

"Well, Mrs. Candleford, you are too fine a looking woman to be fretting yourself over your husband's silly peccadillos. I think you need to give him some payback with a little fun of your own."

She looked up at the Skipper with a shy smile on her face.

"Are you suggesting... ?"

The Skipper pushed her back flat on the bed and pushed up her dress above her hips. She was wearing terrible granny panties and he yanked them down to get them out of sight. Her flesh underneath was both shapely and nicely shaven. He pushed her legs up high and let her ankles rest on his shoulders after removing her flats. She locker her feet around his neck pulling him lower all the way down to her face and licked his lips until he opened his mouth and she started to fuck his mouth with her frantic tongue swallowing his saliva and pushing some of her own into his mouth just to show him she was still a juicy dish.

He gripped her ass cheeks with both palms and raised her pussy slit up to meet his rampant cock. As soon as his shaft touched her skin, he could tell she was primed for fucking and wet as bitch in heat. They merged into one and stayed motionless for a few heart pounding moments. The sound of Essie being ass-fucked across the hallway made Mrs. Candleford look into his eyes with the pain of betrayal. He began to slowly slide in and out of her heated wet vagina still holding her raised ass cheeks a few inches above the bed. When he bottomed out inside her, she winced and then smiled when the squishing sound of her impalement hit their ears with insidious sensuousness.

Essie was yelping now like a little animal caught in a trap.

Doris looked up at the Skipper and said,

""It really serves the bitch right to get his terrible thick cock in her tiny ass. I hope he makes her so stretched that she won't even feel ordinary cocks back there anymore. He did it to me one time and I told him "never again"".

After that neither of them spoke another word until he delivered a full load to her thirsty pussy.

"Shit! I needed that badly, Skipper. I feel like a woman again. I haven't been laid since my birthday six months ago when the valet parked his dick in me while my husband was out fucking some whore in the casino ladies room."

They disengaged and he promised to meet her later that night up in the wheel house for a repeat performance.

(The next chapter will be the storm they could not escape.)

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