Camryn's Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I knew Camryn was out of my league but maybe if I granted her wish of a kinky role-play to fulfill her fantasy there would be a chance of some future hanky-panky in the offing.

I was introduced to Camryn at a Christmas party for a new firm that I recently joined after being unceremoniously declared redundant at "My" company after seven years of loyal service. It was splendidly relaxing to be given free snacks and drinks after only a couple of weeks of employment. My old supervisor, who was a brown-nosed female of the worse sort, joyously handed me my slip with a nasty smile on her overly-made-up face and a half-hearted shake of my hand wishing me well on my future endeavors. I spent several days and nights plotting terrible things that I would do to her if I got her alone behind a locked door just to teach her a lesson. Fortunately, I was long on speculation and short on perverted action.

I was enjoying the noise and high spirits of the party when my eagle eye spotted a tasty looking morsel hiding on a silver tray nearby. It led me to an out of the way dark corner of the conference room. I thought it to be shrimp but it turned out to be crab which was just as good in my book. I was gobbling it down when a brilliant looking dark-haired absolute fox so short that her head only came up to my chin grabbed hold of my arm for balance. She was determined to snag one for herself whilst she rubbed me every which way but loose to complete her mission. Her lips and mouth were working overtime as she savored the delicious taste.

We were sort of jammed up against each other in the corner and my big boy started to wake up at the prospect of pussy in the offing. In all honesty, my gut feeling was that I really didn't have much hope in that regard because I was so terribly outclassed by the sassy young thing. Still, optimism is ever rampant in such matters.

"I understand you are the new hire on the fifth floor. My name is Camryn and I work in accounting. The rumor is you are gay because you haven't felt up any of the girl's bottoms as yet."

I almost burst out laughing because I had been so proud of the restraint I exercised in keeping my hands off of the primed-for-fucking candy walking within easy reach.

"I can assure you that is not the case my dear."

I allowed my hidden hand to cautiously roam over her delectable behind with trembling impulsiveness. She turned sideways so that our perverted and furtive explorations could not be seen by the other party-goers. It was so inspiring that I worked up the nerve to ask her point-blank if she was the elusive "Camryn" of erotic short story fame that had given males across the globe throbbing erections just reading about her exploits. I just didn't seem possible that this beautiful and delightful creature would ever engage in the depraved activities of the fictional Camryn. Those thoughts of the delicious Camryn inspired me to many stiff awakenings.

"Oh, Harry, may I call you Harry?"

I nodded my head in quick agreement, waiting for her response.

"I am indeed that Camryn but most of that is sheer fiction. I am really quite a nice and proper girl and I seldom go to those excesses to quench my dreadful urges for intense orgasms."

I really liked talking to this female. She was on my wave-length and that was a fact. My fingers were getting very close to pay-dirt in the vicinity of her luscious backside but not a single sign of a reaction on her gorgeous kisser. When I finally managed to touch the outside of her knickers, I discovered she was having some of the same sinful thoughts of her own because the frilly things were dripping with sticky liquid somewhat more substantial than ordinary pee. Camryn looked me straight in the eye and winked like a co-conspirator in an illicit operation. My standard issue cock was throbbing with excitement at this point and if it came equipped with a warning system, I am certain the lights would be flashing and the bells would be ringing bringing all party-going festivities to a sudden halt.

Since I was above all a logical fellow, I calmed down and suggested we might depart the premises and move to my nearby apartment which had a well-stocked bar and lots of ice. She looked up at me and patted my errant hand.

"Well, Harry, there is nothing I would like to do better. However, I must admit to you that I had something else in mind for this evening's entertainment. If you read my stories, you know I do enjoy the excitement of unusual scenarios and role-playing. I am determined to experience the fear and degradation of being used by perfect strangers who have broken into my bedroom and make me do terrible dirty things in front of my boyfriend. If you scratch my itch, I promise to scratch yours."

Now this was a real challenge.

I would have to arrange for a phony break-in and get a couple of my buddies to carry out the desired exercise in degradation and humiliation. I would like nothing better than to be one of the participants but the role-playing exercise would require that I be merely the cuckolded pawn and not a performing bull in the little scenario.

I quickly assured Camryn that all would be arranged to her satisfaction and we would be ready to begin the tableau at the stroke of midnight. She was pleased with my eagerness to satisfy her needs and spread her legs a little wider so I could pet the Promised Land.

My old service buddies, Dominick and "Bugs" were sent text messages that told them to be at my apartment at midnight sharp and there would be free beer and free pussy for both of them. All they had to do was pretend they didn't know me and they were just random thieves looking for booty. In this case they would find two very different kinds of booty to enjoy.

The two trouble-making pussy-hounds sent back confirming texts and I knew all I had to do would be to sit back and watch the entertainment.

Camryn was leaning on me like I was some sort of lamp-post all the way up the three flights to my apartment which was nicely furnished but had absolutely no view at all. We got settled down in the living room with a couple of stiff ones. I was being careful under the circumstances but Camryn was soaking it up like it was Happy Hour on a Friday night. Still, she was able to handle it with ease and appeared just as devious as I thought her to be. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her purse and I wondered what the hell else she was hiding in there.

Her skirt had hiked up on her hips and I was treated to a fantastic view of the sexiest knickers I had seen for a very long time. I could see that they were stained with her wetness right in the middle of her dark patch. She was trimmed but still had some cover from a black as night little bush. It was stimulating to think how that would look topped off with a dab of creamy white from liquid deposits.

"Harry, I think it would be better if I get served up on a "platter" so to speak. Handcuff me and tie the handcuffs with one of your ties to the top of the bed and then you can do the same with my ankles at the footboard. Do me "face down" and put one of those lovely cushions under my tummy so my backside is up nice and hard for the intruders."

Then, she rooted around in her purse again and pulled out one of those sleep blinders that make terrific blindfolds when the need arises.

"The last thing you can do is put this on my face and we can wait for the burglars together."

She slipped off her heels and we both went into the bedroom. I made sure the front door was not locked knowing my buddies would not have any idea how to break into a locked apartment. I pretended not to watch as Camryn slowly took off every stitch of clothing. When she bent over to take off those fantastic knickers, I could see every little nuance of her glorious openings presented in a double feature for my viewing delight. We arranged the pillow and she mounted it with knees spread wide so her goodies were on display for anyone entering the room. I knew that Dominick and "Bugs" would be on that shit like flies on honey. To complete the picture, I stripped down to my jockey shorts and laid down next to her with my head buried in the pillow pretending to be asleep. Somehow the suggestion was stronger than the intent and I found myself drowsing off with my fingers exploring Camryn's soft silky skin.

I woke up to the sounds of crude laughter and realized that I was hogtied tighter than Camryn and that both Dominick and "Bugs" were having a high old time of bouncing their hard cocks on her head and her ass. She was pretending to be scared and begged them to stop. I knew she was just play-acting and that this was just up her alley for late-night fun. The sound of the bed banging into the wall was pretty loud and I hoped that my next-door neighbor Monica would not wake up thinking there was a problem. She was a real "Do-gooder" who liked to stop me in the hallway and ask me if I had "been saved yet". I was always real polite to her and listened to her letting her talk herself out never letting on that I was bored to death but was far too ashamed to admit it. She even brought me a casserole every now and then ever since she learned I had been laid off.

My old pal "Bugs" was on top of Camryn now and his dick was poking her everywhere. She shouted out,

"Please, not back there. I am a good girl!"

"Bugs" took this as an open invitation to spread her cheeks and push his huge ten inch cock up against her brown eye looking for a wedge to slide inside. She rolled her hips and groaned like she was distressed at the effrontery. I could see some saliva drooling out of the corner of her mouth and I could tell she was secretly enjoying every minute of it.

My cock at this point was pulsating with desire and I wanted to push "Bugs" out of the way and shove my shaft up Camryn's backside without delay. After a few moments, they were locked in a delicate duel of push and shove that could only have one result. She threw her blindfolded head around from left to right making her beautiful pony-tail whip about like an unleashed expression of hidden desire.

Dominick steadied her face with his hands and guided her unseeing lips to his pre-cum dripping cock. She pretended to be disgusted by the thought of taking the cock of a stranger into her mouth but I knew she was play-acting. He pinched her nostrils together and she opened her mouth wide taking his entire length deep inside. Soon, both saliva and a creamy load started to back-flow out of her lips which were still wrapped around his cock with some degree of suction.

Right about that time, "Bugs" threw back his head and he started to crow like he always did just before he launched some pretty thing into a nice orgasm. Camryn's hind-quarters were really shaking now from the cock-pounding and also her own uncontrollable gyrations of a feminine release. My two buddies were laughing at her contortions and her frenzied words taking time to spank her backside and her boobs for heightened effect.

I wished I could see Camryn's eyes at that moment.

I wondered if she might be receptive to allowing me to follow up with some more exercises after our "captors" loosed out bindings and left the apartment. I knew she didn't consider me to be "her type" but one can always hope.

When I got all my bindings off, I stood behind Camryn and watched the sticky white stuff ooze out her crinkled opening down the inside of her legs. "Bugs" must have had a big load to leave this much behind. I took off her blindfold and she was smiling up at me.

"There is no need to take the handcuffs off, just yet, Harry!"

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