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Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Time Travel, Mystery, Western, Incest, Cousins, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, .

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Prologue and Cast List - On his 16th birthday, Cole discovers he is a time traveler having his consciousness transplanted into a 19th century cowboy, only to be ripped back to his own time again and again. He falls in love in both timelines with unpredictable results. But when the 20th century sheriff starts pressuring ranchers to sell, Cole finds the source of his money in 19th century. He just has to decide who has to die next. NOT A DO-OVER.

It started as a joke. Seriously. I was sitting around with a bunch of other writers trying to separate manuscripts for a literary contest. It seemed like no one knew what kind of book they were writing. There were genre mash-ups that couldn't decide if they were hard-boiled mystery or high fantasy. I laughed and said, "Next thing you know we'll have an Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery."

Then I made the mistake of thinking about it.

And then I wrote Redtail.

Eroticism, time-travel, love-stories in two centuries, the Old West, and someone driving the county's ranchers into bankruptcy. I had a blast writing this and hope you enjoy the read. But when you've got characters who are time-traveling, it's a good idea to know who the main characters are, so here's a cast list.


Cole Alexander Bell, the narrator of this story, is introduced just before his sixteenth birthday as a freshman at Laramie High School. He lives on the family ranch a little ways south of Centennial, WY. He's a time-traveler and when he's in the 19th century, he inhabits the body of

Kyle Wardlaw, an orphan who was raised in the brothels of Laramie and grew to be a tough who was hired by the sheriff for "special errands."

Geneive Marietta, Cole's high school girlfriend. Unknown to Cole, Geneive is also a time-traveler who inhabits the body of

Caitlin Forster, a whore in Bertha's Wild Ride Saloon in Laramie, WY, 1890.

Joe Teini, once a poor boy in Laramie who returns with a lot of money and becomes the sheriff of Albany County. He's a time-traveler who in the 19th century inhabits the body of

Sheriff Cal Despain, not too intelligent but hand-picked by the famous rancher/sheriff N.K. Boswell to keep law and order in the county.

Philemon Morgan III, lawyer in Salem, OR. He's a time-traveler who in the 19th century inhabits the body of

Bill Campbell, old prospector and treasure-hunter.

21st Century Characters

Mary Beth Alexander, Cole's first cousin and major love interest from the beginning.

Isabelle Gonzales, librarian who befriends Cole and becomes a lover.

Ashley Kay Brewer, Cole's college girlfriend and fiancée. Raised on a ranch in Colorado, she and Cole share a lot of common interests, including each other.

19th Century Characters

Laramie Wyoming Bell, Cole's/Kyle's love interest in the 19th century. Half Cheyenne Indian, Laramie and her parents, Theresa Ranae Bell and White Horse, were relocated to a reservation in Montana in the 1870s, but Laramie and her mother have moved back to Albany County, Wyoming after the death of White Horse.

Kat Tangeman, school teacher in 19th century Laramie. She becomes the love interest and fiancée of Kyle Wardlaw.

Of course, there are many others in the cast, but these are the ones that might be confusing as Cole and others flit back and forth between the 21st and the 19th centuries.

Okay. Mount up; we're ready to ride!

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