Me and My Zapper
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, mc sex story,mc story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man invents a device to induce intense arousal in unsuspecting women but he has to face up to the consequences of his dangerous tool.

She shuddered, her hands grasped her crotch and her face scowled; it was a direct hit, and my second of the week! Her eyes stared at me, longing and lust dripping from her gaze as her hands touched the crease of her trousers. She wanted to play with herself, and bring herself to orgasm; I could see it in her eyes. She needed to have a cock thrust into her soaking cunt and her loins filled with pure manhood before being fucked passionately. She needed a filthy rodgering! I smiled. I had seen it all before and it was a job well done, and I slipped my "zapper" safely into my pocket.

Did you know that a sine wave, at exactly 8.332Mhz, interspersed with brown noise at 19.94Hz, produced elevated horniness in women? Well, you do now! All it needs is a small transmitter to create these waves and fire them in the direction of the woman in question; it takes around fifteen seconds and the effect lasts for around an hour.

My "zapper" had never failed me; I had made my new landlady so drunk with lust that she was laid out on the kitchen table for over an hour as my ex-flatmate and I brought her repeatedly to screaming and shuddering climaxes. I had given my friend the ultimate birthday present when I delivered his old babysitter, now engaged and pregnant, to his bedroom and desperate to suck his unbelieving dick.

The joy of my creation is that it stimulates the innermost desires and wants from the ladies; if they secretly crave nasty sex then they will seek rampant debauchery: I cannot control the act, merely the hormones. It's enlightening how many women in my town who so willingly desire extreme kinkiness once their inhibitions are wrenched from them!

I had no such worries for this little beauty. Her golden hair reached the tops of her impressive bosom, wastefully shacked by her plain waitress uniform, while ornate tattoos decorated her bare arm. I smiled at her; I had been talking to her all night as I drank in her bar and waited for her to finish her shift: I may be sneaky but I never intentionally get my playthings into trouble.

She staggered over towards the door: less steady on her legs than most of the patrons of her drinking establishment. "You need a fucking," I said brazenly as she stumbled past me; her eyes hazy and her face in deep concentration. "You want a..."

"Yes," she cried loudly, interrupting me and grabbing hold of my hand, and knocking my pint of beer onto the table. She gulped, and stared wantonly into my eyes, passionately gripping my wrists. The bar owner looked towards his aroused waitress, but she didn't notice. She pawed at my shirt, lifting it over my head painfully; I had to catch my glasses as she desperately unclothed me.

"Perhaps we should go," I suggested to the stranger, but she barely acknowledged I had said anything. She panted; she looked flushed! She gulped, and grabbed the top of her trousers, pulling them down towards her ankles.

"Maisie," her boss cried, but Maisie wasn't listening. She frantically ripped every shred of clothing from her body as the pub visitors stared at her; smiling at the unrestrained woman tearing away her dignity. "Maisie!"

"You can fuck me after," she promised her manager, as her eyes never left my gaze. Her fingers swept along her cleft as she scrabbled at my belt, anxious to tear my trousers from my waist and expose my rigid cock to her attention.

I groaned as the waitress pumped my erection, her cool hand spreading the glistening pre-cum over my anticipating member. "Maisie!" The man barked, but no-one cared. All eyes were watching the young blonde and her insatiable actions: naked and drugged with lust, I grabbed her by the hand and threw her onto the padded bench; her eyes sparkled.

I grabbed hold of her ankles and pushed my cock between her splayed legs. She groaned when it touched her hot sex and slid effortlessly into her folds. There was silence in the inn as the patrons watched the sexiest waitress squeal with desire and satisfaction. "Suck him off," I demanded as I looked at a bemused middle-aged gentleman sat on a stool, and looking at us open mouthed. "Suck him!"

She panted as I pummelled her cunt, thrusting into her dripping pussy to the hilt and watching her watering eyes and bouncing bosom as my body slammed into her. A string of obscenities left her lips as my cock hammered against her insides. She grunted and eagerly grabbed hold of the middle-aged man's dick, veiny and long, pulling it into her mouth.

Her lips glided wantonly over the erection, taking the head and a few inches into her slutty mouth. Her fingers slid underneath his balls as her legs quivered in my hands; I felt her pussy tighten and clench my intruding dick, squeezing it lovingly. I sighed; it felt wonderful. She screamed into the cock stuffing her mouth, and I saw the lucky man screw up his face.

Seeing her mouth overflowing with cum was enough for me; I felt the point of no return instantly, and jack hammered into her climaxing cunt, watching as she screamed lustful profanities into the packed pub. My cock twitched; my balls tight and my loins aching with pent-up arousal. I gulped and mewed, releasing my orgasm as I slammed my cock into her tight opening for the last time.

My balls emptied, spewing my seed into her desperate cunt as waves of relief cascaded over my body, causing every inch of me to shudder. I smiled, my soul glowing and satisfied as I withdrew my dripping cock from her cum-splattered hole; she looked lustfully at me, as I looked behind me. "She's all yours," I said, and watched as the next man took my position; the landlord had given up trying to stop the young lady and resorted to serving the fascinated regulars with more alcohol as they watched.

Maisie groaned and orgasmed as the wiry gentleman pounded her pussy with as much vigour as I managed, and I treated myself to another pint of England's finest beer as dozens of men, and a handful of women, were relieved their frustrations and horniness by the desperate woman.

As the evening drew to a close, she staggered to her feet, cum dripping down her legs and her body dishevelled and coated in sweat. She was fired, of course, and her clothes were destroyed, but I felt the zapper in my pocket and smiled sweetly at her, offering her a lift home.

It had been an hour, and my lust was returning. And I think she enjoyed it anyway!

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