Queens and Concubines
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, BiSexual, DomSub, Orgy, Harem, Interracial, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Third in the series. Adding to Joe's relentless work on acting and dancing under Lindy's direction, Snake brings the two mortals a new tale set in ancient times while love deepens between Joe and Snake's youngest angel, Helena. It is necessary to read this series from the beginning to understand the plot and characters and unique conventions.

"Oh fuck Joe yes!" Helena screamed as I churned her flowing nectar into froth inside her trembling and gloriously hot pussy with rapid and powerful thrusts pounding her into her bed in her apartment in the Tenderloin. The name of the San Francisco neighborhood never meant more as tender loins met aggressively and ecstatically and blissfully. Within her ecstasy came mine as I ceased the churning in one last powerful thrust and my body trembled like hers both interiorly and exteriorly and my cock throbbed, pumping out potent seed that had apparently done their job a week before, at least one of those microscopic tadpoles. I roared with pleasure. Thus we celebrated another intensely successful creative day with a profoundly intense quickie.

Wednesday had been relentless as most days seemed to be. A bed full of angels and Lindy and I awoke way too early in the Nob Hill suite. At least we had our usual coffee and croissants waiting for us instead of having to get them from the all night bakery. We thanked Nick for his consideration.

"So that's why you let us sleep a few minutes longer," Lindy smiled at Miwa and gave her a kiss. We had started the dance rehearsals in the beginning at her automatic six o'clock wake up time which meant she awoke too early for her internal clock to be comfortable with, but after a couple of those mornings decided to wait until seven to meet Vance at Barnaby's studio. Even then she wanted to wake up earlier to get her head and body ready, including fetching coffee and croissants. This time, with Nick's help and Miwa getting his message telepathically, Miwa turned off the alarm that would have wakened us earlier than six and Lindy awoke by her internal clock at exactly six am with remarkable precision. "I forgive you," she said and hugged her lover and kissed her.

After a couple hours rehearsing Lindy's remarkable long piece based on the four elements and the two states of mind (intellectual and emotional) converging to produce a perfected man (or woman, since it was Lindy becoming created), we had breakfast and headed to rehearsals at ACT en masse including Nick even though he wasn't involved with Lindy's dance.

Chanda, the Southeast Asian angel also accompanied us. She stayed beside Nick during the dancing, her elegant and expensive digital video camera recording things. At ACT, given permission by the black Irish workshop director Sean O'Casey, she proceeded to record rehearsals of three plays: mine and Lindy's and Natasha's.

Play rehearsals went brilliantly for me as well as Helena. She reported her success excitedly all the way from the ACT building to her bedroom before we stripped as quickly as possible and had the most profoundly satisfying quickie I ever experienced.

"God I needed that," Helena mewled softly.

My six feet six frame weighed heavily upon her five feet five voluptuousness. "No, don't move," she murmured when I attempted giving her relief from my burden. "I want to feel the weight of you on me, like the weight of your heart upon mine sharing its beats, making them mine. Being so near you last night and this morning and then separating and coming together at last, my desire at last fed to a brilliant white blaze, my need becoming ecstasy in a transformative heat. And now, mellow coals, I just feel warm and cozy and loved."

"Me too," I said much less eloquently. We laughed.

"And Father said you couldn't be succinct."

"Wait until I catch my breath," I replied.

Another chuckle ended in a shared sigh when my churning stick became soft and slipped from her sopping wet cunt.

"We should probably get up," Helena said reluctantly. "I should shower and change and you should too, meaning you need to go home."

"Not without you," I said.

"Of course not," she grinned, "which is why we need time."

"I'll grab a couple sandwiches from the downstairs shop while you shower," I said.

"Good idea. I'm starved," she replied.

"Me too," I smiled and kissed her gently before lifting myself off her gorgeous, sensuous body. I couldn't help kissing each tit and the clit that had retreated into its hood.

"Mmm," she murmured her approval and received another gentle kiss on her voluptuous mouth before I began dressing. "I'm going to miss you," she sighed, patting the Jockeys where my penis had just gone to hide.

"Not for long," I smiled.

"I predict another exhausted night and another too early morning," Helena smirked at her oracle pronouncement, less future vision, more stating the obvious.

"Probably," I sighed. "But if Nick's tale gets us horny as it often does, perhaps we'll make love well into the night and still get at least four hours of sleep," I grinned.

"One can hope," Helena chuckled.

We shared a loving stare before reluctantly ending it, and I headed out the door.

When I returned with sandwiches I could hear water pouring in the bathroom. I couldn't resist stripping just as quickly as I had stripped for our recent quickie and surprised Helena with my naked body entering the bath tub. By her wide grin I could tell it was a pleasant surprise. Extracting the washcloth from her hand, I took over washing her every soft curve with lingering kisses interspersed with cleansing caresses. Her hand never left my engorged cock, stroking it to a painful need for release. Finally, with my right hand with washcloth polishing her left nipple and my left hand stoking the fire between her thighs, she gently but with obvious intention pressed down on my shoulder with the hand not stroking my cock and I lowered to sit on the bath mat and she lowered straddling me, guiding my cock to her hungry lower mouth and having it fill that wondrously hot orifice.

"Gggggod," she moaned, extending the word throughout the length of her descent and the filling of her cunt. At last completely merged, we rubbed our pubic bones together, muscles expanding and contracting genitals replacing the friction of fucking to thrill each other. Our mouths also fused together with my tongue mirroring my cock in entering her before inviting her tongue into my mouth. "Can you turn off the taps," Helena murmured between kisses. "I don't want this to end with a cold shower."

"Good idea, my love," I moaned back, feeling an especially piquant ripple of her inner muscles.

Sitting with my lover wrapped in my arms as she wraps her arms around me and envelopes my cock in hot bliss, with eyes when opened inches away from each other and lips easily converging constitutes my favorite position. It doesn't promote a full on assault of rapid and intense thrusts that usually became the finale of our loving fucks, but it stirs my heart like no other position because of its intimacy. It feels like making love more than the other positions. Usually we shifted into missionary with her legs lifted framing her torso and I bore down on her from my knees to bring me a high angle of entrance and my elbows supported me while my fingers held and pinched her nipples, my eyes either connecting with hers or closing to experience the intense friction as my back rounded and I nibbled on those nipples.

This time we had no room for such shifting. This time when I became overwhelmed with lust I held her full soft butt in my hands and she rested her arms on the edges of the tub to lift and fall against me and we began fucking with abandon. Unlike those other times only the friction of cock stroking cunt stimulated us, with the single addition of a middle finger of mine burying itself in her anus and feeling my cock moving behind a thin barrier.

"Unh, unh, unh," she breathed in sync with the rhythm of our thrusts. Her eyes went wide and remained wide. They never left mine. We grinned with the wonder of the pleasure we shared and the love.

"I ... am ... cumming!" she announced loudly, nearly squealing, her hands releasing the weight of her body, arms once more encircling my neck. I stilled all motion simultaneously with her renewed embrace, feeling the inner convulsions of her orgasm ripple around my cock. I let go any resistance against my swollen balls' release and felt that release as a glorious wave of pleasure sweeping past my heart and engulfing me to finger and toe tips and the top of my head in utter ecstasy. Ever smaller waves followed with each lessening throb of ejaculation, but the heat left behind by the first wave like sand hardened the furthest at highest tide sustained the intense pleasure throughout those ebbing throbs.

"Oh Joe," she murmured into my ear close to her mouth, "I so love you."

"Me too," I answered sans eloquence. We laughed and moaned at the rippling effect on our genitals the laughter created.

Last to arrive at Nick's suite, Helena and I got comfortable, me undressing to Jockeys and Helena getting naked and putting on a nearly transparent nightie. She sat on the floor between my legs as I sat above her beside Lindy on the loveseat with Miwa beside Helena on the floor. Lindy wore panties and a skimpy t-shirt and Miwa dressed similarly to Helena and the other angels. We undressed like this in order to easily relieve desires when they came upon us during the tales usually through mutual masturbation since we needed to keep an eye on Naomi's rapid drawings on her art pad which rested on her lap as she sat on a comfortable chair sans arms as close to us as possible. She had already gone through two pads. There would be several of them filled by the end of Nick's tales.

Nick began his tale. "I lived centuries in Persia until things got unpleasant and I lost my first angel. More about then and her later. I wandered into the desert completely distraught. Camping out one night alone by a fire, I found myself losing my skin. This was the first time it happened so obviously I was freaked out. It doesn't hurt. It's like there's another skin buried and the old skin comes off like a very tight overcoat. And a mask too I suppose and a wig and boots. You get the idea."

Nick shudders from the cold, feeling more naked than he ever has. He has fallen onto his butt, the sloughed skin a thick blanket. Realizing the weird skin of his former life contacts his butt and balls freaks him out even more. He hops off it and grabs the weighty thing and flings it with fright at the small fire. The fire explodes in a white heat tossing Nick into the air and onto the sand a yard from where he stood. His eyes try to see the intense conflagration but can't withstand the brightness. Finally the fire quiets to the point of near extinguishment.

Worrying about losing his warmth gets him to fetch more dead leaves and wood from the nearby oasis. As he replenishes the fuel for burning he sees the white powder residue from his former skin as if the white fire has transformed into white dust which covers the burnt out wood like a pale skin blotchy with spots of red where embers lick out quiet flames just enough to catch the added fuel and regenerate needed heat.

Attempting to cover his new skin brings forth a similar feeling that had caused his getting naked in the first place, a profound itching sensation. This is a different sensation though. Earlier it had been a deeper itch which tended to foil any relief from scratching. His nails just couldn't reach the depth. This time it's much rawer, very much at the surface. The woolen robe rubs raw skin. New skin is not tempered by age and callouses. He removes the robe and brings his goatskin blanket closer to the fire and lies upon it, finding it surprisingly comfortable. Thoughts of stitching together an even softer doeskin outfit flit through his mind before sleep takes over.

He wakes with the rising sun burning away the chill. His thoughts continue from before sleep and he pulls out rolled up deer skin, slicing thin strips with his knife, its sharpness and his strength making it an easy chore. The strips removed from the hide shape the skin. They become stitches shaping it further. A rounded oval cut into the center of the leather forms a hood. He becomes his own manikin tailoring the leather to suit his form. The outside of the skin with its soft knap becomes the inside of the outfit. Once done, he pulls out oxen skin and shapes it into booties and a belt with the smoother interior becoming the actual interior of them.

Though purposeful, the construction of a new outfit also serves to delay seeing his transformation. He knows he looks different from just the feel of his nose which somehow has lengthened and thickened. Finally curiosity overcomes fear and he travels the several yards to the small pool of the oasis and studies himself.

"How different," he smiles, touching his new face. While before he looked like a perfect example of a Babylonian as if his image mapped out their features, he appears to be much more unique. His skin has become tawnier. The face seems to be a synthesis of north and south of the Mediterranean: a merger of Egypt and Greece. Though his nose extends and widens in comparison to his former nose, quite the beak actually, somehow it fits with his larger eyes and wider mouth and thicker lips. The visage pleases him with its promise of pleasing the ladies. And his youthful appearance, at least ten years younger, in his mid to late twenties rather than mid to late thirties, pleases him for the same reason.

A caravan kicking sand up in the distance should prove his hopes. He returns to his campsite and packs his stuff onto his second camel and urges the two camels to their feet and walks them to the oasis awaiting arrival of the caravan and his new life.

Two riders of fine Arabian stallions approach Nick nearly a mile ahead of the caravan. Nick stands with arms spread wide to greet them, but finds himself suddenly penetrated by a spear in his abdomen.

"What are you doing, Matta?" the older of the two grumbles looking over the prone victim.

"It's not him, Master Kohotep," the spear chucker exclaims, holding the reins of both stallions.

"We needed information before destroying the so called god."

"This man must have done that deed already. He must be some kind of thief as well as a skillful murder. Akonek was said to be nigh on indestructible. Only removing his head from his body could destroy him."

Kohotep gazes at the grimacing man and watches the grimace turn into a smile. With inhuman speed the man pulls the spear from his abdomen, tearing out skin and guts and thrusts it into Kohotep's throat. "Was that necessary, Matta?" he growls, his guts sliding back into his abdomen and the skin sealing up.

"Master Akonek?" Matta utters unsteadily. "How can..."

"I seem to have transformed," Nick grins, pulling the bloody spear from the dead man's throat and handing it to his minion. "I hadn't expected that. Call me Konikalis, messenger of the gods or Nick for short."

"Yes master," his minion bows.

"You know how I hate that master shit. And stop the bowing." Nick embraces his minion who responds slowly but finally returns the embrace.

"I am sorry," Matta mutters.

"Understandable. You struck my probable assailant with great speed. There is no need for apology. Let me hide this despicable creature under fronds while you dispatch the guard into the netherworld. Dress in your former master's clothing to confuse the asshole. You are certain of the eunuchs?"

Spitting on his former master before stripping him of clothing, Matta growls, "He treated them as badly as his harem slaves, humiliating them often. Not raping them. He gave his guard their violation. Kohotep chose him for that reason, keeping his harem unsullied by all but him, the guard much preferring men."

Nick notices the grimace. "I am sorry Matta for putting you in that position."

"No need, Mas ... Nick. You chose me for my own interest in men. After that guard first abused me, and I could barely walk due to the tearing, Kohotep ordered him to grease his pole before any future penetration. Still violent, but at least the man took little time climaxing. Just enough to begin to stir my libido. Luckily neither Kohotep nor his lackeys found out how I relieved it."

"Cleverness rather than luck, my friend. How is Sota?"

"She ... she is with child. Hopefully mine. Probably mine. The lighter the skin the better for Kohotep, and Sota has skin black as a moonless night."

"Since she is pregnant..."

Matta nods sadly, "We left her at home."

"Don't you worry, Matta. We will free her soon. Now go."

Mounting his former master's steed, Matta rushes off to meet the caravan with a smile. Minutes later his deadly spear penetrates the chest of his sodomizer who dies with a look of utter surprise on his face.

By the time the caravan of camels arrives, Nick has hidden Kohotep's body at the farthest edge of the oasis from the central pool of water. The camels kneel around the pool and lick up its life giving liquid allowing the six harem women and the two eunuchs to slide off their mounts. The women's hands except one have been freed by Matta and the eunuchs of the leather straps that held them by the pommels to the saddles. The palest of them has never been restrained. Harem girls and eunuchs act like the camels, sticking their faces into the water to quench great thirst.

"Beautiful," Nick murmurs in approval, circling around the harem ladies and studying their backsides covered in a loose mesh of fibers that allows skin to breathe.

Matta grins. "Kohotep wanted to free himself of the less attractive, but I reminded him we would be negotiating with a god. We compromised by choosing the youngest and most resistant. That one there," Matta points to the palest and most curvaceous of the ladies, "might be trouble. Kohotep favored her, brought her along for his own pleasures and would be retaining her. She liked his abuse and he ended up abusing her less than the others unless she insisted otherwise." Matta shakes his head with wonder that any woman should crave such cruelty.

"Sometimes women find pain to be pleasurable. It can be a way of surviving as you found out with the guard, or it can be a natural kink."

Matta grins, "I think she's of the latter sort." The two men chuckle.

"I will take care of her first," says Nick. He holds the dirty blonde woman's head under the water while his body on top of her writhing body prevents her escape. When the writhing dwindles, he pulls her head out. She coughs up liquid from her lungs. Even in her suffering her remarkably pale visage looks angelic. Pulling her to her feet by her hair causes pain to be revealed on her face. And something else. Desire.

"Where's my master!" she exclaims through roughened throat.

"Shut up, bitch," Nick growls and smacks her hard on her full bottom.

"Ooh," she moans, almost an "ow," but full of heat. "Who... ?"

"I said shut up," Nick slaps her face as he pulls her by her hair onto her back. Her wide eyes tear up as her hand rubs where the slap reddens her cheek. Those pale blue eyes stare at this strange man both in fear and in lust. Suddenly she finds herself draped over his shoulders, carried away from the pool.

Walloping her butt repeatedly as they walk, Nick grumbles, "I hear you were that monster's favorite. You spied for him I'm sure. You know what happens to spies."


"When did you tell him about Matta and Sota?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't lie to me bitch," Nick roars, flinging her onto the ground beside her former owner and lover. "You're going to end up just like him anyway, but if you lie it will be a slow death. Slow and painful." He pulls her face back to look at her dead master when she shies away from the view. He laughs, "Oh, but you would enjoy that. Maybe I'll make it swift so you can't enjoy anything."

"I ... I don't wish to die," she wails.

"I know, bitch. Survival is your greatest instinct. It made you crave his abuse and you seduced him with your pleasure and your deceit. Didn't you?"

"Yes, master."

He pulls on the nipple of a large and buoyant breast, crushing it painfully. She writhes and moans. "When did you tell him about his supposed man loving servant and the beautiful, pregnant black slave?" He squeezes the other nipple just as painfully as he unsheathes his sharp knife and presses it against her throat.

She sniffles and moans. "I saw them loving each other. I suspected but couldn't be sure. But saying goodbye to her must have unhinged his emotions to forget hiding it from me. Oh they didn't fuck on purpose in my presence, but allowed me to follow Sota after they exchanged that glance I had seen before and had made me suspect. When he left she slipped away and entered his chambers where he awaited naked and she climbed on top of him and guided his big cock inside of her and rode him to their mutual pleasure, their mouths sealed to muffle their moans. And then they cried afterwards. A man crying is so pathetic. But he isn't a man, is he, being fucked by that cruel guard? He more resembles a eunuch in that. Except he made that ... black creature pregnant, but with her on top of course."

"Bitch," Nick grumbles, sliding the knife down her torso, creating a thin line of blood as he cuts through her clothing. When he pokes the tip against her rigid clit she actually climaxes. He has to lessen the pressure there so as not to penetrate her most sensitive organ as she writhes and arches in pleasure.

"So you told him at the beginning of this journey?" Nick asks, his mouth resting against her ear. He bites down on her lobe and threatens to bite it off.

"Yes!" she gasps.

Sheathing his knife, he quickly straddles her chest and pulls out his long thick cock from under his leather tunic, the glans hovering over her gasping mouth. "Drink!" he orders, unleashing his potent semen with perfect aim. Spluttering and choking at first, her mouth closes to recover, causing a shot to miss its target. He pulls her mouth open and shoots the remainder of his prodigious ejaculate into the opening. She manages to calm her throat and swallow the cum elixir.

Nick eases off of her, his fingers scraping the semen from her face, using it to coat the thin line of blood his knife had created on her pale torso.

"He planned to kill Matta after Matta killed me?" Nick asks.

"I don't know. Probably. He had Matta accompany him to this oasis instead of the guard. Usually Kohotep trusted only his guard. Matta did his murderous work alone, stealing girls and killing their masters.

"Fairly manly work that," Nick points out.

"He is a rather confusing man," the woman remarks, eyeing Nick's half hard member with great interest.

"Had your former master instructed you in the art of restoring erections?"

"His former favorite did," she admits.


"Solani ... resisted his beatings. She rarely reacted like the others and Kohotep loved the challenge. She hated it and when ordered to revive him she did it with skill in order to prevent the beatings for at least a time. I became his favorite because I brought a unique twist by enjoying it. Of course my fair skin helped. Solani made sure to teach me her skills to encourage the favoritism. But in the end ... when he returned to her ... she resisted more than ever and he eventually beat her to death. I could swear she smiled as a corpse as if saying, 'at last.'"

"You can revive me," he orders.

"Thank you Master," she grins.

"Call me Nick. And you are?"

Between mouthfuls of penis she tells him, "Brunhilda."

"Hilda it is," he moans.

Soon revived, he puts her on hands and knees and fucks her doggy style making sure she faces her deceased master. His hands trade off clutching her broad hips and spanking her.

"Why ... do I ... have to ... look at ... him," she moans. "And he ... stinks."

He slaps her harder. "Punishment my sweet," he tells her.

"Can you ... cut me ... again?"

Grabbing his knife he slides it across her back from neck to waist creating a line to match her front. When he presses his fingernail against her rosebud faking the tip of his knife, she shutters and bellows, "Master!" her narrow pussy wall surrounding Nick's cock with a convulsive milking. He presses against her generous posterior and shoots his seed into her depths.

After he collapses onto her back, she slips from under him, turning him onto his side and dives for his diminishing penis with hands and mouth. "More, Master," she pleads.

Nick pulls her off him by her hair and straddles her chest, his penis ending up between her large pale breasts which proudly resist much sag towards the sides. He slaps away her hands trying to press those tits around him. "Call me Nick, Hilda. And no more for you. I am punishing you."

"Master?" a shy male voice reveals a presence behind Nick who growls. "I mean Nick?"

"Yes Matta?"

"We have food prepared."

Nick responds without turning around. "I won't need any food. Save some for Hilda if she has an appetite."

"Yes Nick."

"And Matta?"

"Yes Nick?"

"Let no one disturb us."

"Of course."

Nick waits a couple minutes before rising from Hilda. "You try to escape and I tie you to a tree," he warns her, "and it won't lead to fucking. I want you to watch me or I'll tie you up and make you watch." Grabbing his knife, he eviscerates Kohotep and begins to feast on the innards. "Not fresh enough but plenty corrupt," he says.

"Gods," Hilda moans and vomits. Coughing away the bile, she mutters, "What kind of monster are you?"

"Not his kind," Nick answers with his mouth full, his face and hands bloody and greasy. He continues between bites. "I will not harm your fellow harem mates. I take no pleasure in domination and bringing pain. I will bring you pain because you enjoy it, but none of the others. But I am the kind of monster who relishes the death and the consuming of flesh of his kind of monster. You will tell no one of this. It will be our little secret. I will know if you gossip about this with your sisters."

"Yes Master. I promise."

"Call me Nick."

"I promise, Nick."

"I will do you no harm except to pleasure you. In fact I will dedicate myself to pleasuring you and your sister harem. But only if you still want me."

"And if I don't?"

"I can ask Matta if he wants you."

"I'd rather have you," she murmurs.

"Or I could return you to Kohotep's brothers. Bring you back home so to speak."

He feels her hand delicately rubbing his back. "I want you Nick."

"Even after this?"

"Will you eat me too or others?"

"No. I rarely eat human flesh. You will never witness this again. Care for the liver?"

"Uhm, no thank you," she backs away.

"You don't know what you're missing. It's the best part."

"That's okay."

Nick laughs heartily. Hilda joins him. Somehow it soothes her nausea.

"I know I will have nightmares of this," she tells him slowly, "but I still want to be with you. I find you handsome and so ... confident. You attract me. And somehow ... I feel like my life has been bettered."

"It has, Hilda. Are you trying to be the favorite again?"

"Maybe. Maybe I need to be favored over the others. Maybe it makes me feel less..."

"Less what?"

"I don't know."

"You are no less anything than the others. In fact you're more. More beautiful. Cleverer."

"You think so?"

Nick laughs. "You do need that, don't you?"

She bows her head shyly. "Yes."

"Keep watching, bitch."

Her eyes brighten. "Yes Mas ... Nick. I think I feel less ... whatever because they got rid of me."

"Who got rid of you?"

"My tribe way up north of here. They traded me to their enemy chieftain."

"You are a prize."

"Maybe, but more I think I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. I thought my tribe's leaders to be foolish and stupid and unfortunately I told them. When the opportunity to trade a daughter of our tribe, they had only one choice. Me."

"What about your family?"

"My father was the leader, the chief, the biggest fool of them all." They laugh. "He has another daughter, a real daddy's girl, and two strong warrior sons. He had no need for a harridan. Only mother might have been torn by her loss."

"Of course she was."

"Except that it made it easier for her. I didn't rile her up anymore as I was wont to do which could only have led to being disciplined by Father. She might have been the only one to miss me, but I can't help feeling she felt relief."

"That's terrible."

"The world is terrible."

Nick sighs. "Yes it is. So how did you come so far?"



"This new chief flaunted me. He treated me cruelly, enjoying flogging me, especially when I resisted him or taunted him. I grew to like the punishment. And he showed that off to other chiefs far and wide: my wicked wit and my pleasure in abuse. He let others abuse me. I became entertainment. I guess word got out and Matta was sent to get me, which he did, killing the chief as well when he rescued me from his bedchambers. I couldn't help noticing Matta taking glee in it, killing the man. I thought he would be my hero, but that very night I heard him buggering a man or being buggered, one of the chief's advisors in fact, a really weak man. And Matta seemed just as weak and feminine after that."

"Matta does take joy in killing men of the chief's ilk, men who enjoy inflicting pain on easy victims. It's what he lives for."

"So I've been told. Then why wait so long to kill Kohotep?"

"We had an agenda. He had to wait."

"You mean ... this?"


"He waited to feed you?"

"And to bring you and your sister concubines to me."

"The pretty, feisty ones," Hilda realizes.

"I like clever women. Beautiful ones too."

"Beautiful is a given, but clever? It's a rare man who prefers clever women."

"I'm the rarest," Nick smiles.

"Obviously," Hilda retorts sharing a chuckle with her new master.

Later, she follows him to the pool and into it, the grime of viscera which coated his skin like an athlete anointed by oil for the prurience of his audience instantly washes away. Could her memory of the horror be washed away just as easily? Definitely not. But the playfulness of him dunking her unexpectedly as she clings to him and his powerful legs that keep mouths and nostrils usually above water helps. When the two emerge from the water, they emulate the frolicking company surrounding them even while Hilda sates her intense hunger.

Celebrating freedom, or at least release from the pain wrought by now dead keepers, the harem and eunuchs and Matta, the only intact man, debauch within the well defined shadows cast by palm trees and cud chewing animals. It has distracted them from seeing a blood covered Nick approaching and entering the pool. The ladies find pleasure with their own gender or thrill over the discovery of Matta's sexual interest in them or the fact that eunuchs can cum.

Hilda and Nick join in with Hilda impaling herself on Nick's mighty shaft sitting down on it facing away while feasting on dead flesh and grain and vegetation. She rocks on his lap as she eats.

Nick begins the fuck gently, touching and kissing her almost lovingly. But as she finishes up her meal, Nick intensifies his attention. Kisses become bites. Quiet caresses become scratches and harsh squeezes and pulls. He presses her head into the sand in the end while banging away into her body, his spanks resounding throughout the oasis. Between those spanks he assaults her anus with accumulating fingers using his spit to smooth the way in. When she cums shivering and squealing, he immediately removes his cock from her flowing cunt and redirects it to the much smaller neighboring hole he has prepared. But preparation isn't enough to prevent pain as he presses his large cock deep with one stroke. Her shivers become convulsions while her squeal goes silent despite the widening of her mouth. He thrusts relentlessly into her bowels, reaching his hand around to grab her pulsating clit and squeezing it as hard as he has been squeezing her nipples. She goes into a sort of rictus of tight stillness at least on the outside. The inside ripples and vibrates around the remaining fingers not squeezing her clit that impale her cunt while her sphincter clasps and releases his scarifying cock with unpredictable rhythm. Just as she loosens her body, she feels the heat of his semen fill her rectum and her seemingly endless orgasm changes again to waves of exquisite pleasure coursing through her body shown physically by its undulations. "Gods!" she screams. Nick chuckles deeply.

Without releasing his cock from her asshole, she turns around and embraces him, raining kisses all over his face and muttering, "I love you, I love you, you have to make me the favorite," before sustaining a kiss on his lips that finally silences her. He lifts her mid kiss and negotiates his way to the pool and jumps in. The surprise ends her loving abruptly. She separates, flailing, and sinks. He rescues her by pulling up on her hair. After coughing out the water from her throat, she mumbles, "Fucker." But the attitude lasts only a second. Her beautiful face becomes exquisite with her grin. They laugh wholeheartedly.

"Again with the disemboweling," I complained breathlessly having just spurted my seed into Helena's quivering cunt in a position similar to the beginning of Nick's last described fuck.

"Took you awhile to comment," Nick laughed, joined by a chorus of angels.

"For it happening every fifty years," Lindy murmured, recovering from her own orgasm created by the phalange on the strap-on dildo still embedded in Miwa's pulsating cunt, the cat's nectar dripping onto Lindy's loins as the Japanese angel sat on her lover's lap, mimicking Helena's position, "it seems to reoccur rather frequently."

"It can't be helped," Betty explained. "We're hitting peak moments in millennia of choices."

"Peak moments for you," Lindy commented wryly. "Nostalgic moments of gluttonous pleasure no doubt."

"But you have to notice the audience," Salomé pointed out. "Chosen mortals seeing us at our worst and yet forgiving our most monstrous action."

"Forgiving you, Nick," I responded, "with the aid of your magic elixir no doubt."

Nick pouted; a weird expression for him. "And I thought it was my charm and millennia of practice at the art of bestowing sexual ecstasy."

"More straws weighting the seduction," I concluded. "They are devilish seductions."

"I won't dispute you," Nick grinned. "Perhaps I have been a model for evil incarnate."

"And yet," Rosa added, "the ladies benefit greatly and lose little, certainly not their souls."

"Their independence from you?" I suggested to Nick.

Nick guffawed. "I made no claims on them, no chains. They were always free to go, and almost all of them chose that freedom eventually. The only thing I captured besides their interest in my company was their uteruses, and I made sure the pregnancies and the resulting minions were healthy and happy consequences."

"It served your purposes."

"Of course," Nick shrugged.

"So Hilda did become your favorite," Lindy deduced, removing her harness after Miwa lifted off its dildo and kissed her lover and sat back on the rug between her knees. Helena separated and sat as well and it made me wonder about the state of that rug, all that cum flowing into its fibers, and whether it would need replacing whenever Nick vacated the suite.

"In a way," Nick winked at Betty. "We'll get to that."

The diversity of the harem girls pleases Nick. "Kohotep chose well for me," he thinks with a smirk knowing Matta has everything to do with the choices.

"Thank you Matta," he tells his minion as his new ladies and the eunuchs watch flames dance in the large campfire, encircling it.

"For what, Mas ... Nick?"

"Never mind," Nick grins, slapping his minion's back, knowing the man's humbleness would give Kohotep too much credit.

He has sampled each of the lovely young ladies except one, a special addition to the gift to the supposed god, a lovely Egyptian barely in her teens, a virgin. And in a way he has sampled her. Conversation has revealed her cleverness and incipient wit.

In fact he has sampled all of them similarly. The darkly tanned one with the prodigious breasts from the subcontinent to be called India in the future, Kala, is amazed by his ability to talk in her language. Since she lacks confidence in the Egyptian language taught to her by the eunuch brought into the harem for that purpose, it eases her into the enjoyment of sexual congress.

From farther east and north, a beauty of meta-Asian extraction delights him with her sing song voice and her adorable personality, although the spiny rebelliousness that all the women share can easily be detected, especially at the beginning of their first intimate meeting. In the end though, she reveals herself to be the most obliging in giving Nick all the pleasure. He of course rewards her sacrifice by bringing her pleasure that extinguishes consciousnesses.

He wonders why Matta chose one of the ladies from a tribe northeast of his former land of Babylonia and bordering on Assyria. He has many minions after all from the future Persia. But her brilliant mind and insatiable curiosity (not to mention her remarkable responsiveness and skillful reciprocity, both giving and receiving pleasure exceptionally) makes the choice obvious. She will be a delightful and challenging companion, and her offspring should prove to be some of his best minions.

And last but definitely not least is Callista, whose tawny beauty only matches Hilda's albeit in an almost opposite way. Her deep black hair contrasts with Hilda's hair resembling wheat, and its thickness and loose curls couldn't be more different from Hilda's soft, subtle waves. Her narrow face and longish nose contrast with Hilda's broad face and smallish nose. The incredible symmetry and the unblemished skin which, along with two sets of full, sensuous lips on those beautiful faces could be seen as similarities, but paleness contrasting with a deep tan continues the opposite nature of their beauty. Both have remarkable, expressive eyes, but Hilda's are a pale blue while Callie's have the color and sheen of perfect emeralds. And their bodies: luxurious curves, soft and full, voluptuousness personified contrast with litheness personified with pert breasts and equally pert buttocks and in between the subtlest of curves.

The least clever of the six beauties mentally, Callista's sexual cleverness only comes second to Ruth from the tribe of Canaan. Like riding a slippery sea-serpent, Nick has rarely had such fun.

Yes, Matta has chosen well.

A well sated caravan heads back to whence they came at sunset the following evening, Callista being the most sated, sharing her carpet/bed with Nick during the chilly night and well into the heated day, keeping each other warm during the night with frequent embraces, especially Nick's manhood heated inside Callista's wonderfully tight cunt. Their destination being south of Kohotep's and his brothers' luxurious home which itself is miles south of Pharaoh's excessively opulent palace makes for a long journey. Frequent fucking, both at places of rest and on top of the camels whose movements accentuate pleasure, keeps the relentlessness at bay. Lively conversations help as well.

Finally arriving at their destination at sunrise, Nick grits his teeth when the successful and proud tradesman Limal, uncle to Matta, bows deeply in his presence.

"Stand straight!" Nick roars. "I am no man's master!"

"I am sorry Mas ... Nick," says the older swarthy man fighting not to bow again. His nephew Matta who has arrived hours earlier chuckles beside him. Nick joins in and soon laughter fills the air from all of the caravan and the minions receiving them.

An older, thickly built woman commands, "Come inside and sate your thirst and hunger." She pets a beautiful black African standing beside her who seems to purr at the attention.

"I see you share your nephew's taste in women," Nick comments to Limal while shaking his hand.

"All three sisters are delightful," Limal returns, grinning and pinching the African's tight round butt generating a cute squeal. "I hear the youngest awaits your rescue. She's the feisty one."

"I can't wait," Nick grins.

The two men lustily admire the women entering the Egyptian's house. "A rather full and varietal bed already, Nick. A veritable sampling of the world's beauty and I've heard they're all feisty to a fault. You have room for another such challenge?"

"In a nutshell it's exactly what I have room for: beauty, diversity and spirit."

"You must indeed be a god to manage seven such spirits."

"I'll never be bored, Limal, and boredom is the bane of a very very long life."

Limal nods and half smiles. "I suppose so."

After dinner and rest, Matta and Nick confirm their plans. At darkness they head out with the eunuchs and Hilda. They stop near the town where Kohotep's harem resides and hide themselves amongst tall wheat.

Nick tosses Hilda onto the ground. "Suck me bitch," he demands with a slap to her face that bruises. Her eyes fill as does her mouth. He places a blade against her throat just barely cutting into it. "You can do better than that, bitch!" Her moist eyes gaze up at him in profound desire. The blade cuts into her flesh as it again slices through her wide mesh covering.

"Mmm," she moans with her mouth full.

"The whip, Matta," Nick orders, tossing Hilda onto her back. "Spread 'em, bitch!"

Her thighs go wide as he kneels above her head. Pulling her back by her chin, she rests uncomfortably on the top of her head. "Open wide!" The whip stripes her abdomen and her breasts and each thigh as he shoves his cock into her mouth and begins fucking it reaching just deep enough to bring forth a gagging reflex.

"Gods," she moans, garbled by his cock when the whip slashes across her vagina. A second slash and she shivers nearing orgasm. The shivers continue with a repetition of strokes: abdomen, tits, thighs and cunt.

Tossing aside the whip, he bends over her and locates her clit with his tongue and bites it while nearly pulling her up by her nipples. She thrashes and stills, her orgasmic squeal muted by his cock which he removes quickly. "You bit me bitch!"

Hopelessly lost in ecstasy, she still shows a pleading for forgiveness. He lifts her and spins her in the air and she lands with a thud on her front side. Her butt automatically rises as his hand rubs her face into the dirt. His other hand guides his cock to her effluent cunt and he shoves all the way in. Grabbing the whip, he repeatedly stripes her back with it as he fucks her as hard and fast as possible, and with his godlike strength and resilience, his hips become nearly a blur.

Hilda's body locks up as her mouth opens wide yet silent. Nick can feel the inner convulsions rippling around his cock even with his rapid thrusts. Dropping the whip he reaches around and pinches her clit and a nipple ferociously as he presses so hard against her backside that all that remains in contact with the ground is her crushed face. His semen rushes out like an erupting geyser with nearly the same volcanic heat. Mixing with her voluminous spend causes fluids to seep past the juncture.

"Oh Nick," Hilda exhales with her first breath in nearly a minute. She collapses inert onto her stomach. His last drops of semen drip from his tiny slit at the bottom center of his glans.

"I should punish you for letting some of my cum escape," he mutters. Instead he carefully lifts her into his arms and gently kisses her.

"Oh Nick," she sighs and pulls his head down for another kiss. Both times he can taste the soil on her lips. He shares the burden of it, not spitting it out.

Continuing his carefulness, with inhuman power he lifts her naked onto the Arabian stallion once owned by her master and mounts up behind her. They ride slowly to their destination, little moans of pleasure/pain erupting from her mouth several times. Each one makes him chuckle and shake his head.

Carefulness ends at the large harem tent. Nick tosses Hilda from the steed to the floor with a thud, announcing his presence with, "Get inside there you lying, spying bitch!"

Two brothers awake in the company of two of their concubines. One finds himself held with a blade to his neck by his former servant. Before the other can move, Nick has him held similarly.

"Sota, go fetch the eunuchs bound just outside," Matta orders his pregnant African lover.

"Guards!" yells the brother held by Nick who chuckles and pierces his skin.

"Your two guards are unconscious, tied and muzzled," Nick informs him. "Your brother is dead, his and that bitch's deceit causing it. They threatened my friend Matta and suffered the consequences. You can have the deceitful bitch back."

"No Nick," the thoroughly abused bleeding blonde pleads. "Let me stay with you. I ... I love you. I will never spy on anyone."

"You want to stay with that beast?" an older Greek harem girl asks. "He's worse than..." She winces, fearing retribution if she continues the sentence.

"He's perfect for me," Hilda says. "He's not afraid to leave marks." The girls giggle. "Well, you know how I am. And he does too. Please Nick?" Genuine tears fall from her eyes in a brilliant performance.

"Oh alright," Nick relents. "You are pleasant to look at and fun to play with."

"Oh thank you, Nick," Hilda smiles beautifully despite her marred face. Her attempt to stand and hug him is thwarted by her damages.

"Stay there, bitch. I figured a fair trade, your two Black Africans for the return of your eunuchs, but I guess it will be a third concubine traded for your life."

Nick knocks his captor unconscious and wraps his hands in leather while a stranglehold makes Matta's captor pass out and he is similarly restrained.

"I don't want to be beaten worse than Kohotep beat me," a black beauty barely sixteen years old sniffles.

Sota kneels by her sister and whispers. The sister nods and smiles slightly and wipes her eyes. "I guess I won't abandon my sister," she says bravely. "But I won't look like her without a fight!" gesturing towards Hilda.

Matta and Nick chuckle. "You'll be fine, my dear," Nick tells her fondly. "You're a treasure and I take care of my treasures."

While releasing one of the eunuch's bonds, the half man whispers into Nick's ear, "Do you wish to have a tutor?"

Nick whispers back, "I have my tutor. Ruth is the smartest human I ever met."

"But she's..." The eunuch sighs and nods.

"Women can be just as smart as us, my friend, maybe smarter. At least you won't be buggered anymore. Unless you like it."

The eunuch's sad smile makes Nick chuckle and he pats the half man on the back.

Picking up Hilda carefully, she smiles lovingly up at him. "Did good, lover," he tells her and kisses her.

"Thanks Nick," she beams.

He carries the bleeding, multiple wounded beauty outside, dresses her loosely and places her back on his steed. Camels provide mounts for his newest acquisition and for Matta's mate. Another camel awaits Hilda, but Nick senses her need to be near him for a time. As they trot away, Nick swathes her ripped skin with the soothing balm of his semen freshly made.

"Are you cumming on me and not in me?" she complains.

"Shut up bitch. It's a useful ointment. Helps soothe and heal."

"What if I don't want to be soothed or healed?"

"Tough shit, bitch. I like you smooth," he mutters, covering her face with his cum. "Don't..."


"Too late," he sighs. Minutes later their clothing hides their conjoining but not its result.

"Yes!" Hilda screams and shivers as Nick fills her with cum.

"Goddesses Nick!" Ruth grumbles when the raiding party arrives back at Matta's uncle's encampment. "I hope you got it out of your system." She leans over a smiling, bruised and cut up Hilda.

"It was necessary," Nick murmurs. "I had to scare them into compliance. It also gave her a thrill of a lifetime."

"The best," Hilda coos.

"Make some poultices," Ruth orders. "Mash some palm leaves," she adds when she gets blank stares.

"Just smear this on," Nick says, handing her a jar of ointment created by many masturbations. "Unfortunately I have nothing for the bruising."

"Bruises don't leave scars," Ruth mutters, tentatively touching Hilda's beautiful scratched up face, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"Those won't scar. They're just scrapes. But this unguent will make all her scars disappear."

Ruth sniffs it and glares at Nick. "Smells like..."

" ... my semen. It will restore her. My spit too and my blood, but this is easier to manufacture and much more pleasant." Nick laughs, but Ruth finds no humor in it.

As she carefully rubs the ointment into the wounds on Hilda's chest, seeming to luxuriate in the feel of breast flesh, she asks, "What are you?"

"He's a god," Matta answers with awe and deep respect. "Me and my family here are his minions."

Ruth snorts. "There are no gods except the Creator. They're just stories to explain things."

"Then explain that?" Matta grumbles, pointing to the suddenly fading wounds.

"I am not exactly a god," Nick sighs.

"Why so humble, Master?" Matta asks. "With your power you could do anything, have anything, make anything happen."

"I am not a god, nor anyone's master," Nick grumbles.

"Tell them how old you are, Master."

Nick chuckles. "In a way I'm barely a week old."

"Your mind is not," Matta persists.

"That's madness," Ruth says. "A week old?"

"I sloughed off my first skin a week ago. In my previous skin I saw the birth of Egypt and Sumeria. I knew the first Pharaoh or at least his daughter," Nick winks.

"Wait," Ruth trembles. "Sloughed skin like a serpent? Like the Creator's first advisor became because of pride? The one who brought us sin? Are you that snake?"

"I have heard your tribe's stories," Nick replies with a chuckle. "Is gaining self-knowledge such a sin? And gaining the pleasure of the flesh?"

"The serpent would say that," Ruth argues. But her pretty deep brown eyes look into his eyes and she smiles. He kisses her and she shudders. When his lips retreat, she pulls them back to hers and their tongues dance within the second kiss. "No, knowledge isn't necessarily a bad thing," she sighs when the kiss ends.

Nick grins. "You of all people know that." He continues staring into her eyes when he asks, "Limal? Is that barge ready?"

"Yes Master," Limal replies.

Nick sighs and looks at the older Egyptian. "Please call me Nick."

"Yes Nick, it's ready."

"Good. We'll leave when the sky becomes dark."

"What about Hilda?" Ruth asks, her hands caress the dirty blonde's sensuous thighs applying the ointment. Hilda moans. The moans grow louder as the application reaches tender, wounded pussy flesh and the application becomes a rub at the top. Moans become muffled by Ruth's lips. The pebbles of Hilda's nipples become mashed by Ruth's fingers.

"Squeeze hard," Hilda rasps when she ends the kiss, her fingers covering the Canaanite's fingers showing her her desire. The next kiss becomes much more intense and moans become louder as Hilda squirms under Ruth's ministrations. Squirming ends and stiffening and arching take over. Hilda breaks the kiss and squeals.

"You can't get enough of that can you, my hot little bitch?" Nick chuckles.

"Never," she mutters looking lovingly up at him.

"Turn over, lover," Ruth asks her gently. When she complies all Ruth sees are lighter stripes across pale back and buttocks which have become smaller than the whip marks on her front. "Amazing," Ruth murmurs, kissing the disappearing marks and feeling the delicious soft skin at the beauty's back and butt. Barely a ridge of flesh can be felt where the stripes of welts have been.

That night Nick and his ladies, along with Matta and his lover and his lover's middle sister who tearfully leaves the companionship of the older Egyptian couple, board a small barge, greeted by its captain and two warriors, all minions.

"Where to, Master?" asks the captain.

Nick sighs. "South first, Kep." He takes the hand of the small thin young African. "No one is to disturb us," he tells the others. "I must plant my seed."

The Black African resists. Her former harem sisters smile. Ruth leans into her and tells her, "He will pleasure you, sweet Nota, unlike those savage brothers. He will pleasure you even more than my tongue ever had. Much more," and she meets those thick soft lips, a little tight from fear, with her own soft lips for a tender kiss. It relaxes the petite girl a little. When her eyes open at the end of the kiss and she glances at Nick's other female companions, they all smile and nod encouragingly, Hilda smiling and nodding the most vigorously.

Nota giggles, much more relaxed, and comments to Hilda, "Of course you agree, you slut."

Caressing the small scar at her neck, the one she insists be left alone by Nick's curative, his mark of ownership, Hilda responds proudly, "We're all his sluts. You will be too. But I'm his bitch!"

The ladies giggle and shake their heads except the petite African who looks up at her seeming rescuer and almost smiles. "I will not resist."

"Come then." He leads her into the cabin on deck.

"I better cum!" she roars cutely in her high octave voice.

Nick chuckles and kisses the top of her nappy head. "You will. Often." And she does.

The long dark nipples on her tiny tits that sit on her chest like two ripe plums aren't all that sensitive, and he can only manage two thirds of his cock inside her before reaching her cervix, but her incredible tightness surrounding it has flooded with natural lubricant when he plays at her lengthy clitoris with fingers, lips, tongue and eventually teeth, readying her for his formidable shaft. And the slippery oils enable a ferocious first fuck that generates a shout of pleasure louder than a lioness's roar. All on deck smile and laugh. And the roars continue throughout the night.

Though tighter than Nick ever experienced, her cunt proves remarkably resilient. Of course the curative power of Nick's ejaculate helps, but there's a strength he senses in those slippery walls. Never painful friction even at the beginning when he opens her up wider by far than the brothers had, she proves to be one of the most responsive fucks he ever experienced. She cums frequently, orgasms rising over and over again with nary a space in between. It's as if for hours she sustains one long climax. And her tight, lithe form squirms in his arms most delightfully. Not the sea serpent Callista delights him with. More a wild cat, a small black panther he can never quite tame.

"South?" I asked, the one word interrupting Nick's narrative. "Black Africa?"

"Yes." Nick replied. "Nota would be the first of my companions to spread my seed worldwide. With her sisters pregnant with minions..."

"The middle sister was pregnant too?" asked Lindy.

Nick chuckled. "Couldn't be helped. She regenerated sex for the old couple and received the uncle's seed many times in a week."

"The diversity of the companions has something to do with the loss of your first angel?" I asked.

"That was the catalyst that set the plan in motion that Matta and I generated. You see, I discovered the more diverse the heritage of my minions, the stronger they seemed to be, with Matta being the crowning example. He proved stronger and cleverer and more lethal than any before him. He had a mix of Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek and Egyptian in his blood.

"When I lost my beloved Aziza, believing in part her death had been caused by the weakness of her singular heritage, mistakenly as it turns out, the purpose of creating strong minions changed to the creation of the strongest angel. My first sloughing pleased me not only because I realized, after centuries, that siring only one angel would happen with each new skin, but more importantly in my misguided mind that my own apparent dual heritage of Greek and Egyptian would create a mighty angel. Regardless of my obsession in creating the next angel, as my plans tend to do, the original intent proved the true result. Strong minions spread through the world helping me in my wanderings and eventually providing me with angels."

"Angels?" asked Helena. "More than Helen?"

"Yes," all the angels replied.

"I have the blood of Ruth in me," Salomé said proudly.

"Me as well via a hidden heritage of a conquistador," Rosa added.

"Ruth's a progenitor, most obviously along with that masochistic slut," Naomi smugly revealed.

"That bitch Brunhilda for me," Betty smiled.

"Us too," chorused the twins.

"Both Kala the Indian and Hakana the Asian," the Southeast Asian beauty chipped in.

"I have all their blood except Ruth and Nota," Alexandra completed the roster.

"Because you have memories of them?" I asked. The angels nodded.

"But what about Nota?" asked Lindy.

Nick shook his head sadly, a tear remarkably creeping out of his left eye. "Her new tribe ... was destroyed ... before either her or the middle sister gave birth."

"Matta too?" I asked.

Nick nodded and sniffled. "We'll talk of this next week."

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