The Occult Secrets of the Third Reich
Chapter 1: The Search for the Energy Synthesizer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Violent, Workplace, Military,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Search for the Energy Synthesizer - This is chapter one of a 3 chapter story that would be better classified as "Steampunk Erotica". The time is 1944. The place is somewhere in Germany. The Occult masters of deception work diligently to perfect new weapons to reverse the stunning losses sustained by Nazi Germany. Doctor Helga Krauthammer is the foremost scientist in the alternative energy project and she is willing to do anything to achieve her final goal of sustainable cheap power for the Thousand Year Reich.

In the waning days of the Second World War, the scientists of the Third Reich worked on many secret projects. On such project was buried inside a hidden laboratory near the Swiss border. It was staffed by a complement of research scientists and psychic oddities that worked around the clock to decipher the codes discovered at a Russian Science Institute located in a liberated part of the Soviet Union.

The leader of this particular research group was Doctor Helga Krauthammer. She was a formidable proponent of alternative energy sources and had authored several scientific textbooks on the subject beginning as early as 1929. She was in her late forties now but was still an attractive and sensual woman with a sexual IQ as high as her academic one. It was rumored that she was a secret mistress to Admiral Canaris, the chief coordinator of the special scientific projects division that also included such notables as Doctor Werner Von Braun, the head rocket man of the Nazi war machine.

There had been several different sub-projects under the secret alternative energy umbrella, but this entirely new research was the most promising. The wind-mills and the solar sources were tested time and again and found wanting for sustainable and reliable energy sources. The infrastructure was determined to be seriously deficient with regards to cost-effectiveness and the reliance on fossil-fuels remained constant.

The background details on the new source of power were still highly classified but Helga was convinced that the original concept was extra-terrestrial in nature. They had gotten their primary data from the crash of what was believed to be a spacecraft of unknown origin in a deserted part of the Soviet Union and from diagrams and schematics from inside a couple of the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. The data was mutually supportive and made a lot of sense when viewed as a composite.

The loss of military manpower and hardware at the Battle of Stalingrad had led Helga to believe that there was no chance for the German war machine to reverse the trend of total defeat. Hitler still had hopes that the new "terrible" super bomb would swing things his way and he kept hounding his Air Forces chief Field Marshal Hermann Goering for daily reports of the development of the supersonic jet aircraft promised several months prior.

Doctor Helga was conducting a series of small tests of the energy cell module to determine how quickly they could transform the cells into power packs for vehicles and generators for heat and even implement a use to light the civilian areas that had suffered a totally destroyed infrastructure.

The fuel cell was sitting on the table inside a container with a lead insulation shield. It was only the size of a pea but also had a side effect of being slightly radioactive. She had reduced that side effect to a level that made the fuel source viable but they had to constantly monitor to prevent any tissue damage to the project workers. The danger involved with the project had prompted the high command to insist that workers from the work camps be used instead of valuable soldiers. Right now the entire staff in the laboratory was slave labor from the concentration camps with the exception of Doctor Helga and her loyal assistant Greta Von Heinlich.

Greta was a close friend and a treasured companion at those times when Helga's mood ran to unfettered adoration of her still-nubile body. Helga kept Greta close as well because the girl was constantly receptive to being taken across her knee and given a dose of unscientific bottom pounding much more savage than lofty concepts of developing scientific theory. Helga needed those moments of sheer control over willing female flesh to spur her on to inspired thinking.

The two favored protégées of the attractive doctor were Jacob and Golda, her personal assistants. They looked just like sister and brother with identical features and their shaven heads help to accentuate the sense of similarity. But the truth was quickly evident when they were seen in the nude revealing Golda perky breasts and Jacob's huge circumcised cock. Early in their training session, Helga had tasted Golda's shaven pussy and had allowed Jacob to stretch her tight little sphincter with his oversized equipment. After that initial "breaking in" of their full physical cooperation, Helga availed her deprived female slit of side benefits from both workers with little thought of their gender or lack of hair.

Right from the very beginning, they were both under Helga's magnetic aura and begged to participate in any kinky activities that tickled the decadent doctor's fancy. Sometimes just the look of Greta or Golda bending over a table or Jacob reaching up to get a compound off the shelf was enough to trigger an undeniable urge inside Helga's greedy core that had to be fulfilled immediately. Generally, after scratching that depraved itch, she would become energized and enter into a wild fit of frenzied innovation in the research endeavor.

The other workers were aware of the Doctor's weakness and whispered and laughed behind their hands when the curtains went down in her inner office in the center of the laboratory.

It had come to Helga's attention that the little compressed fuel cells were capable of generating power far beyond the fuel capacity of several trucks of coal or hundreds of drums of petrol. It was the instantaneous spurt of radiation that worried her and that was why she used the slave labor to perfect the size and the mixture of the "little pills" of energy. Her research indicated that the accumulation of toxic residue inside their bodies was slow to build-up and they would probably die of other causes long before any notable side-effects from the radiation. She had no doubt they would eventually die from the radiation but they would be long-dead from some other cause far sooner than that point in time.

Thus, Helga felt no guilt and her conscience did not bother her as she fed her workers to the greedy consuming obsession with the power pills of a new energy source. She kept Jacob and Golda well away from the unprotected area of the experiments because she wanted them for her own personal pleasure.

Greta had kept well hidden the fact that she had stashed a young man in her apartment who had given her a sob story about how he came home to this area to see his widowed mother one last time before going to the Russian Front. Unfortunately, she had already succumbed to a wartime virus of unknown origin and he was being pursued by the military authorities for not having proper documentation. It was a crime that often meant instant execution on the spot to discourage soldiers lacking in motivation from deserting their posts in a time of danger.

It made the very sadistic-minded Greta overjoyed to have a human male guinea pig to experiment on. She knew her Eric would keep his mouth shut and submit to her demands with little resistance because the alternative would be the firing squad. What she didn't know was that the scheming Eric was actually the first son of Lord Etheridge master of Pemberton and other estates in the Northern Districts. He had been assigned to this undercover operation by the master manipulator of deceit, Sir Henry Hightower. He was Admiral Canaris's primary adversary and a man to be reckoned with at all times.

Just before reporting into work, Greta had stripped her little boy-toy and given him a healthy pounding with the rounded handle of her little riding crop. She worked in and out of his muscular cheeks whilst she stroked his happy cock to a frenzied shooting of thick creamy cum right into the bowl on the floor. Her new friend Eric was a juicy fellow and she liked the way he was able to replenish his liquids in such a short timeframe. She wanted to share him with the Doctor but was afraid she would be disciplined for sheltering a slacker in a time of possible defeat.

"Pour the cream on our oatmeal, sweetie. That's a good boy. Now you give me a bite and I will feed you. Umm! Delicious. Stick out your tongue for mommy. Good boy! Tonight when I get home I want you to have your bottom as clean as a whistle. I want my Eric to taste nice at both ends."

She was humming a little tune as she climbed the stairs to the laboratory. It was an old Bavarian folk tune and not one of the new Nazi songs that they listened to on the radio all day long. The slave laborers seemed in a good mood this morning as well. They had been given extra rations because the project was in the final stages and their good health was important to Doctor Krauthammer.

Greta stopped singing abruptly as she remembered her "Eric" had asked her an awful lot of questions about her work on the project. Of course, she had talked endlessly because she was so enthusiastic about the work that they were doing. She hoped she hadn't given any mention to the slave labor because she was certain that would be the thing that would make them all close to danger after the war was finally over. She tended to think the war as being already lost just as Doctor Krauthammer but more because of the overwhelming pounding they were receiving on the Eastern Front rather than the dangers from the invasion into Normandy and the loss of an entire Army in Africa. She hoped they would relocate soon to an area West of Berlin so they would be captured by the British or American forces and not the animals from the brutal East.

The experiment had already started and Helga gave her frown displeased at her tardy appearance. She smiled her apology and stood behind Golda at the thick protective shatterproof window above the experiment chamber floor.

Exotic flashes of electrical current moved from circuit to circuit. The blue tinged energy was hot enough to melt the metal plates set up to judge the strength of the charge. Only a few selected workers were inside the chamber moving the targets to match the direction of the rays. One worker was already down writhing in pain from a burn on his ankle. It didn't look too serious but it would probably mean he would be sent back to the camp and that was definitely a one-way ticket deal.

Greta reached out with her hand and cupped Golda's firmly packed buttocks nicely shaped due to the abundance of food supplies awarded each worker to gain maximum effort. She was happy the beautiful Golda was in such excellent condition. She had a sudden thought how delightful it would be to take the beautiful girl to her "Eric" and watch him stretch her anal opening with his wonderful thick cock. Maybe she could sneak the sly fellow in and allow him to mount the girl right here in the shielded inner part of the laboratory. She had to admit her shameful weakness in wanting so desperately to watch the copulation of men and women that exceeded her need to have a cock buried in her own garden of paradise.

The experiment was a huge success.

Doctor Helga's own estimate was that a medium size suitcase could easily contain enough "little pills" to run the entire electrical needs for an average sized city for more than a month. The logistical and economic ramifications were mind-boggling.

The workers were all herded back to their quarters to get ready for the evening meal. Helga started to lower the curtains on the inner chamber of the laboratory signaling the fact that she was ready to celebrate by using the ready flesh of Jacob and Golda as her inspiration.

Greta sighed and allowed Jacob to enter her from the rear never pausing her exploration of Golda's rear-end with her long inquisitive fingers.

It would be so nice to have Eric here to help Jacob in taming three female co-conspirators into submissive cum-buckets of pleasure.

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