The Long Winded Ways of Folk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The long drawn out story of how friendship became lovers. It is also about all those half glimpses and innuendoes that could be took both ways.

Paul was a friend, this must be clearly understood if any sense is to be made of the tale I am about to relate.

I had known Paul since the mid nineties; when as a male nurse who was assigned to look after me during my initial diagnosis and treatments for a heart condition during my hospital stay. It was fair to say we seemed to click straight away both seeming to have the same weird sense of humour.

At that time I also met a young female nurse called Suzy; who being at the very beginning of her career could not have got off to a worse start than she did her very first day. It was also rather dramatic for me in a sort of scary way.

I was in the middle bed of three in a bay of six beds and when the window side bed beside mine became vacant I asked if I could be moved over as it afforded me more fresh air than the other bed. With little fuss Paul agreed and asked Suzy to transfer me and my belongings over.

Two hours after my move the next patient came into the bay and was allocated the bed position I had vacated. Everything seemed fine until about an hour later; when the man asked if he could use a commode. Suzy drew the curtains around his bed and fetched the portable toilet; sitting him on it she only turned her back for a second when he had a heart attack and passed away; he never even made a sound or even moved. Suddenly the blue bay light was flashing and all hell broke loose but to no avail.

I made a rather weak and probably rude joke about if I had not moved beds that could have been me, but poor Suzy had just lost her first real patient she had been assigned to look after. I mention Suzy only as it become self evident as to why later.

Later I was discharged home and having become a good friend of Paul's, my wife Karen invited him over for a main by way of saying thank you. I remember thinking what had Paul done that was so terrible to warrant such punishment.

Anyway on the day he was to arrive; Karen had gone out to do some last minute shopping and had actually met up with Paul and his new girlfriend. I meanwhile had been pottering around in my bedroom when I suddenly passed out and only came too after Paul and Suzy (his new girlfriend) were attending me and I must confess to coming too and seeing a really beautiful sight. I was looking straight at a nice wet open shaved cunt from my position on the bedroom floor. Suzy in her haste to try to help me had knelt without considering that she had chosen not to wear panties and I assume Paul had been exciting her about it on the way to our house.

Paul tried to insist that I went to hospital but I was adamant that I had spent enough time in those places and was staying home; besides I argued that it would ruin the planned evening. I did however manage to tell Suzy privately that I really enjoyed the full view of me coming round; she looked confused until I asked the name of her special pussy; then her face turned a deep shade of pink.

Sadly Paul and Suzy split up with some bad feeling shortly afterwards and as a result I lost contact with Suzy and it was the last time that Paul ever came to my home to visit to my knowledge.

I did not lose contact with Paul though and often visited his home where he suddenly installed a new woman in his life; a robust Irish woman called Anita. She went on to marry Paul and gave him three children and me a few free sightings.

Some two years later I was asked by Paul to go to his house and have a look at his computer as it was playing up. I took his address and made my own way there. Upon ringing the bell I was greeted by Anita who invited me in and told me that Paul was going to be a little late but the computer was in the spare bedroom and he had left me a note as to what was going wrong.

With that she offered me a coffee and after delivering it she told me she was going to take a bath and if I needed anything I was to give her a shout. I began to look at the computer and started to run some scan tests; which left me staring at the screen waiting for results to appear. I casually glanced around the shelves in the room and almost blushed myself as there was a naked photo of Anita trussed up like a turkey and by the look of it a coloured woman had a large object stuck in Anita's cunt.

Just then out of the corner of my eye a saw a movement and as I turned to look I saw Anita stood by the bathroom door naked and stroking her cunt. Now the image I was looking at was a reflection in a large standing mirror fastened beside the spare bedroom door and if as I could see her I assumed that she could also see me by the reverse angles of the reflections.

I was tempted to walk into the hallway and approach her to ask about the photo but she suddenly disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. I thought Ok so you like to tease by exhibiting yourself but run off when things could develop. Besides it is not the done thing; to hit on the girlfriend of your friend whilst he is not home and maybe it was a test anyway.

I continued to work on the PC and about half an hour later Paul arrived home; he went to see his girlfriend before coming into the spare room to see me. He asked how things were going and I told him that apart from the odd embarrassing item it was pretty much as I suspected; he had not been closing down the computer correctly and it had eventually corrupted some main programs. I thought that if I mentioned some embarrassing items it would give him a chance to excuse Anita's naked sexy actions and apparent routine. He simply said that you know what we men are like we love to sneak peeks at porn and sometimes at the most inopportune moments.

Strange thing was that I had not even checked his personal directories for causes of the corrupted files. Just then Anita walked into the room with two cups of coffee and she never even blushed; had she failed to see me watching her reflection or was this one of her guilty secrets of flashing to Paul's friends as if to tease them without enticing them to go further.

As I finished off the final few checks on his computer; I informed him I had not actually checked his private directories but everything seemed to be working perfectly well now. Paul made small talk as a final few program check routines ran and to be honest I really did not pay too much attention to what he was saying. That is until later as I sat at home; He had mention a mate's wife and how she had come on to him which he had found hard to resist; that and the fact as he put it he was a horny fucker; the wife had tried to engineer a situation between her husband; him and his girlfriend in a foursome but health scares had botched the scheme. I suddenly realised he meant my Karen, Suzy, Paul and I.

Was it by way of revenge that Anita had shown herself naked hoping I would have took it further or was the idea that Paul having received a signal would have come home earlier and actually caught us in action. My mind worked overtime now as I racked my brain about what else he had said as small talk.

Another Friend had asked him to show his nephew how to enjoy all types of sex; so clearly Paul was Bi-sexual, he always had to have the last say so he thought himself to be top dog although he had let slip he had been ordered to do something sexual for this guy who's nephew needed a tutor, so clearly he was not as dominant as he thought. I began to see Paul in a new light and it proved the point that you never really know someone; you only know what they want you to know.

I could not help but wonder though; knowing Paul liked threesomes with two women if anything had happened between Karen and them and was that why Suzy had no panties on that day. As it happened by now Karen and I had called it a day on our 19 years of marriage and she had gone her separate way; so any anger about that day had long since been lost. But that puzzle stayed with me for a good few months but without proof I would have been just guessing.

About three Months later Paul told me that Anita was pregnant and they were hoping for a boy. I almost let slip a question that shot to the forefront of my mind and I nearly asked him if it was his child. Over the next six months Paul began to gripe about getting less and less sex at home and often blushed when I suggested that he was making up for it elsewhere and not always with other women.

Then late one evening he phoned me to let me know that he had a son; and mother and baby were doing fine; by the way could I come over soon to look at the computer again as it was playing up. I said I would as soon as their home life returned to some sort of norm.

Six weeks after the birth of their son, Colin, I went to Paul's home and once more began trawling through his computer problems. When I arrived this time Paul was already home and he proudly showed off Colin; Anita made some drinks and then announced she was going to go feed the baby. Once more during lulls in computer activity Paul made small talk and again he let slip about a guy that had been phoning the house and he had gone to meet him alone and then after that he had tried to get invited to their home to meet Anita but he sounded creepy in what he kept saying he wanted to do to her and Paul asked if I knew of a way of being able to filter out calls without calling the telephone company to block numbers.

I explained I had come across a shop not far away that advertised itself as the spy shop and if anyone could tell him a way of doing what he wanted then they would be the ones. Other things he seemed to let slip said to me that the guy in question had been Paul's lover and now he wanted to stretch it to threesomes with Anita as well but Anita had shied away from the idea. I explained to Paul that the computer was a bigger problem than I could fix in one night and it would be best if I could take it away and return it completed; he agreed but asked me to wait till Anita came back in case she needed the computer in the next day or so.

Suddenly Paul grabbed my arm and putting his finger up to his mouth he led me into the hallway. Opposite the door I had seen Anita naked and playing with herself; was their bedroom and he walked softly towards this door and finding it open he showed me Anita, sat on the bed with both her now swollen tits hanging out as Colin fed from one of the extended nipples. Anita seemed to be shuffling from side to side as if uncomfortable until suddenly she looked up straight at the doorway and smiled.

She made no attempt to cover her free tit and did not even interrupt her rubbing of her thighs together. Clearly the act of breast feeding Colin was turning her on and now having an audience increased her levels of arousal. Again nothing happened apart from Paul and I getting hard on's watching; I suppose he was worried in case she was still in the over fertile zone and could become pregnant again so soon.

I eventually made my excuse and after another coffee left with the computer. At home I began to work on it seriously; I transferred all files to an external hard drive so that in the event of having to format their main drive I had saved all the files and I was amazed, over 1,500 AVI files. For those of you not aware AVI files are movie files and some had simple numerical titles whilst others clearly told of the clip contents. More than half of them were of animal/bestiality clips.

Now I considered myself to be a world wise man and very open minded; so I was not unduly concerned at this but my curiosity was aroused; knowing Paul could some of those clips be of him or Anita in action with animals. These notions were unfounded as checked a few sample files I found them mainly to be Brazilian in origin. Although the numerical titles were more revealing as they were of Paul's sex life and frequently that was with and without Anita.

No harm there though as couples often filmed themselves in sexual acts and if those acts were to involve others in place of one of the pair then that was their business although I was annoyed when one of the last ones I opened showed Suzy; Karen and Paul having a whale of a time in some wooded area. I was not angry that it was Karen but the fact that she had always shied away from going to Epping Forest with me for some outdoor fun.

Next I transferred the photos and picture directories to the safe drive and curiosity now compelled me to check a few of these out. I was eventually drawn to a curiously named file – Open this one – now.jpeg. I double clicked the image file and the whole screen suddenly burst into full colour picture of Anita naked on her back legs slightly open and text bubbles placed on her stomach. The first one showed and arrow pointing to her tits and said give these a generous squeeze and suck anytime you want. The second bubble pointed to between her legs and simply said front and back door always open to you; your tongue or cock it does not matter just take what you want.

I closed the picture and thought what a lucky guy Paul was. She seemed to be denying him nothing. Three days it took to sort the computer out as I was made aware that some of the programs could not be reinstalled if lost; so I had to work through the hard drive rather than simply format it and start again.

Eventually I took the computer back and explained to both Paul and Anita what I had done to correct the problems; both seemed concerned that I had not lost the movie clips or the picture files and I explained that I had saved them before I had begun to work on the hard drive. Paul rather gingerly asked if I had looked at any of them and I smiled and I said I know what you got up to with Karen behind my back but as she is not part of my life anymore what the heck.

Paul shook my hand and said I was a good man. Anita then asked if I had looked at the pictures on the computer and I admitted I had but only to confirm them as being intact. She blushed and to put her at ease I said don't worry the fact that you deny Paul nothing he wants is safe with me.

She blushed harder and excused herself to go make some drinks. Paul then asked me to reinstall the link for his camcorder and to show him the best way to transfer files. I asked if he wanted to transfer movie clips or live action; he was astounded that he could actually use the camera as a webcam and wanted very much to see how that could be done.

We set up the camera with its AVI leads directly attached to the computer and I said that is it now if you select the view live screen and turn on the camera it will show whatever the camera is pointed at. He called out to Anita and as she stood in the doorway; for the first time I really looked at what she was wearing. The three quarter length skirt had now become transparent with the light from downstairs behind it and I could clearly see her legs framing her knickerless cunt.

Paul turned to me and said isn't she lovely? I responded by telling him to stop embarrassing his girlfriend. Pushing the point he said loud enough for Anita to hear that she was even better now her tits were milk laden and flowing. I surprised him by saying if you like that then I would have thought that with your connections at the hospital you could have found a drug that kept them that way.

We returned to setting the camera to the computer and one file Paul wanted to transfer was already in the camera and we transferred the file without the need to watch it. Suddenly he asked to check that it had transferred correctly; I went to playback mode and pressed start for the film clip. It turned out to be Anita; naked on the bed and Colin laid beside her with his mouth fastened to her right nipple; then as the film ran Paul also appeared in the shot naked and whilst Anita then sucked his cock he held a battery operated breast pump against her left nipple. It seemed that she was to be milked for as long as it took for her to suck Paul off.

No sooner had he shot his load all over her face then the pump was removed from her breast and now held over her clearly open and excited cunt lips. The level of liquid in the capture pot began to increase as obviously cunt juice was being sucked into the pot to add to the breast milk.

After a few more minutes Paul removed the pump and then with obvious delight to be in full view of the camera he opened the canister and drank half the mixture of the breast milk/cunt juice. Then he delighted in scraping up on his fingers some of the cooling spunk from Anita's face and managed to add this to the remaining fluids, before tipping the whole amount into Anita's mouth while he scooped up more of his own spunk and sucked his fingers clean.

Paul never even blushed, knowing he had just shown me some very intimate secrets of him and his partner. Just then Anita walked in and offered us another drink; Paul told her that I had transferred yesterday's film and he was about to ask me the important question. Anita blushed and quickly disappeared to make more coffee's; as Paul sort of forced a throat clearing cough and said; "Ray you have seen just about all our secrets what with the animal films and our own home movies, but what I would love to know is would you be prepared to film Anita and I for a complete evening?"

I asked him; Are you sure you want me to be hanging around whilst you fuck the living daylights out of Anita; would she not find it too embarrassing having to face me again later?

He smiled and said when she comes back let me ask her?

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