Eve and Her Dad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eve catches her father masutrbating and is mesmerized by his massive prick. Will she submit to his will? Codes will be added as needed.

Eve threw the bag of her dirty clothes into the trunk of her little import automobile. She was thirty years old and divorced. She had only been on her own for the past seven months. She had found a small efficiency apartment only a few blocks from her childhood home where her father still lived.

It was a big rambling house that Eve had enjoyed exploring when she was young. Finally as she matured so did her sense for the spacious home that she had been fortunate enough to grow up in with her adoring parents, Jake and Mary. Mary had passed away three years ago but her father still lived there. It was much too big for one person but Jake couldn't leave all his fond memories buried in that house behind.

Eve started her car and pulled out of her complex's parking lot. She was taking her laundry, a weekly task, to her childhood home. Using the family washer and dryer saved Eve all the quarters she would have to use in her complex's basement laundry room. It also gave her the opportunity to spend some time with her handsome fifty-two year old father while enjoying the warmth of her childhood home.

Jake had offered Eve her old room when she separated from her ex husband but she had politely declined. She loved her father with all her heart but she didn't want to be in that house and "Live by my rules!" His rules were stricter than she wanted to deal with again. When she broke a rule when she was a headstrong teenage girl sometimes Jake found no alternative than taking Eve across his lap for a good old fashion bare bottom spanking.

That was very embarrassing when she was a teen and she had no doubts that if she disobeyed her father now, thirty years old or not, she would be over his lap yelling for mercy. No she liked it just fine the way it was. She visited her father as his equal. Adult to adult. She wasn't about to give up her independence to become a thirty year old child under her Daddy's influence.

When she pulled into the driveway she noticed her Dad's twenty year old Cadillac was still in the driveway. He was retired but found many things to do during the long days since his retirement. The front door was locked which was unusual when he was at home. Eve used her own key and called out as she entered the house. "Dad? Daddy, are you home?"

No answer. He was probably out for his afternoon power walk. Jake kept himself fit. She opened the door to the cellar to find that her Dad had forgotten to turn off the lights. She slowly and carefully descended the steep cellar stairs being careful not to stumble over her very full laundry bag. Halfway down the steps she could see another light on at the far end of the cellar where her Father's work bench was.

Jake was standing in front of his work area staring down at something on the bench surface, unaware that his daughter was close by. He hadn't heard her coming down the stairs because he was intent on something else. Eve's eyes flew wide open as she realized that her Father's sweat pants were around his ankles and his right hand was stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen. It had to be eight or nine inches long, thick as Eve's wrists with a large bulbous mushroom head dripping with clear precum.

Eve was paralyzed halfway down the stairway. She wasn't sure what to do. If she was careful she could turn around and climb back up the stairs as quietly as possible so Jake would never know that his daughter had seen him masturbating, but Eve didn't move. She continued to stare at Jake's hand stroking up and down his thick shaft, which was now slippery from his hand dragging his juices along its heavily veined surface.

Eve's mouth was watering as she watched her Dad jerk his big prick up and down. Father or not, Eve could not help but wonder what it would feel like to put her Father's monster in her wet mouth. She had done her share of cocksucking while growing up and had always enjoyed it. Each one had it's own unique flavor. She wondered what her Father's cock would taste like. Her panties were becoming moist as she fantasized about having her own Father's cock in her mouth so she could bring him pleasure like she had done for so many others. The thought of sucking her Dad's big fat cock had her pussy soaking her panties.

Across the expanse of the cellar Eve could hear grunts coming from her father. Jake looked down as his cock erupted. He wanted to make sure all of his spend would wind up in the waste basket in front of him and not spot the area rug in front of his bench. Eve watched as her Father's sperm shot in long creamy white ropes of thick juice from his cock's big eye into the waste receptacle. When Jake's cock stopped spurting he raised his hand to his mouth and sucked the remains of his thick cock juice off of his hand.

Eve's mature pussy throbbed as a mild orgasm ripped through her. Jeez! He's licking his sperm off of his hand. That is so fucking hot! She thought as she turned slowly to go back up the stairs before her Father noticed her, and that she had watched him in his private act of self love. He would not be happy if he was aware that his daughter watched him.

She escaped detection creeping ever so quietly back up the stairs being careful not to bump her bag of clothes and making a noise that her Father would hear. She pulled the door to the cellar closed gently, then threw it open hard enough to bump the wall and make a definite Bang! sound.

In a loud clear voice she yelled down to her Father. "Daddy! Are you down the cellar Daddy?"

He yelled back. "Yes I am Evie."

She walked down the stairs again, this time slow enough for her Father to make himself decent. His sweat pants were back where they belonged by the time Eve made it to the cellar and began loading the washing machine with her soiled clothes.

Jake came up behind her as she bent over the big white machine admiring his daughter's still firm and shapely bottom. She stood and started the machine while Jake bent his head to give Eve a kiss on her cheek. "I was just going out for my walk. I'll be back in about thirty minutes and we can have coffee together."

She watched her Father walk up the stairs knowing that he wasn't wearing underwear. His bottom was also firm and shapely from all the walking and yard work he did on a daily basis. She felt another tingle between her legs as she watched her Father disappear up the stairs.

She heard the front door open and close as she started the washing machine. She went to the workbench curious to see what her Father had been looking at while he stroked himself. She saw a small square tin box on the top shelf and took it down. She opened it to reveal a slew of photos. The top dozen or so were neatly stacked on top of the others. Those had to be what Jake had been looking at.

She pulled the stack of photos from the metal box being careful to keep them in the same order. Each photo was of Eve. They had been taken at the beach in front of the cottage that they had rented for two weeks every August until the summer her Mother had died. The pictures were of high quality taken by Jake's expensive 35 millimeter camera. He must have used a telephoto lens because Eve did not remember posing for these photos.

Each and every photo in the box were of Eve, at the beach with various two piece bathing suits. She pulled more photos from the box. Those too were of Eve in bathing suits. Her age in the pictures were from eleven years old to the most recent when she was only weeks away from her marriage. Her Father was masturbating while looking at photos of Eve. Jake was a good photographer. Eve looked sexy in most of the photos. Some from the rear where her suit was pulled tight into the crack of her ass and others featured her breasts in profile or head on. He must have started his collection when she turned eleven and her breasts bloomed almost overnight into firm grapefruit sized tits that were only barely concealed by the tops of her suits.

Daddy was a perv! Eve thought. But that didn't stop her pussy from drooling much like her Father's cock had done while looking at his pictures of his daughter before finally shooting his big load of cum. She touched herself lightly between her legs causing another mild orgasm before she carefully replaced the photos and put the box back exactly where she had found it.

Eve went up the stairs to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Her Father would be back soon. Not knowing why Eve went to the downstairs bathroom and applied some makeup and brushed her hair. She was trying to look her best for her rugged Father. She also tucked her blouse into her pants to accentuate her large breasts. Why am I doing this? But Eve knew why. She was excited that her Father had secretly taken probably a hundred photographs of her half naked at the beach. It made her horny to know that her father got excited looking at those pictures. She just needed an excuse for him to accidentally see her bare tits with their erect hard nipples.

When Jake returned she was sitting at the kitchen table nursing her coffee. He Poured himself a mug of black coffee, took a swallow of the bitter liquid and walked to the able. He put his coffee down as he stood in front of Eve with his bulge at her eye level only two feet from her.

Eve swallowed hard as she eyed her Father's bulging sweat pant in front of her. She wet her lips and continued to stare and felt her saliva building up in her mouth. "I saw you watching me Evie." Jake blurted out. "I saw you watching me masturbate." With that Jake lowered his sweats far enough to let his half hard cock free so it could sway back and forth in front of Eve. "Like what you see Evie?" He gently grabbed her chin and pulled her face up so she was looking into her Father's deep brown eyes.

She nodded slightly and looked back down at her Father's big cock. It was firming up, thickening and lengthening in front of her. She wet her lips with a quick movement of her tongue and started opening her mouth to accept her Father's cock. She wanted nothing more than to pleasure her big handsome Father with her mouth.

Jake abruptly pulled up us sweat pants, covering his massive tool, telling his seated daughter with her half opened mouth. "Not so fast Evie. If you want your Daddy's cock you have to accept my terms."

Her mouth closed, her eyes rapidly blinked several times as she looked up at Jake's face with obvious confusion and embarrassment. Had her Father just refused a blow job from her? No man had ever refused her mouth before.

"If you want my cock young lady then you have to agree to give up your apartment and move back in here with me and live by all of my rules." She knew what he meant. He would treat her like a teenager and she would have to obey him. He would tell her who she could see, what she would wear and punish her when she disobeyed his rules.

Jake had spanked her many times when she was a rebellious teen, mostly on her bare bottom. In the beginning he would pull her over his lap and pull her panties down for a hand spanking. Then suddenly one day she found herself panty-less across the back of n easy chair while he stood behind her using his hand and sometimes his belt to chastise his daughter.

What she didn't know is the reason the spanking position had changed was because Jake was starting to become erect during the punishments. He didn't want Evie to realize that she was giving her own Father erections. As a benefit for Jake the change in spanking positions gave him an unobstructed view of Eve's two holes. Although Eve did not technically become aroused during her punishments Jake could see that there was a puffening of her labia and a slight bit of moisture making her pussy shine back at him.

As much as Jake felt like yanking down his trousers and giving his pretty daughter a good fucking he restrained himself. His wife knew the origins of his stiff prick as he found her quickly after Eve's spanking was done and gave his wife a thorough plowing cumming at least two times inside of her.

Eve didn't know this but she was sure that if she moved in with her Father there would be much sex. She would get all she wanted of his massive cock.

"I'm going upstairs to take a nap Evie. Finish your wash and go home. Think about what I just told you." Jake left suddenly taking the stairs two at a time.

Eve sat there dumbfounded. Now what? She thought to herself. Just how bad do I want Daddy's big fucking cock?

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