There Goes the Neighborhood
Chapter 1: Introductions

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introductions - A successful San Diego tax attorney life changes when a new neighbor moves in. Brad and his wife get swept up in the lure of drugs and sex. When he learns that the neighbor is a local mobster, his marriage, career and life are threatened. Can he save his marriage as he puts his life on the line to save it? This story has swapping, infidelity, watching your wife with other men, drugs and some violence, so if any of that bothers you don't read any further.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   Size  

Why did I become a tax attorney? Right now I can't think of too many reasons except I make good money, have a nice house, a beautiful wife and work too many hours. I don't know why I work so much except my commute is awful and once I'm at work at O dark thirty, I stay until the rush hour thins in the evening.

My wife, Marissa, works too many hours as well. She since she is a gifted Web designer she is able to work from home.

We live in a little town northeast of San Diego. We've got a few acres surrounded by orange groves, and a pool with a hot tub overlooking the valley. It's a gated community and somewhat exclusive.

I go off to work each day; work at least nine, sometimes twelve hours and then come home. With the commute I'm out before she gets up and not home until seven or later. Marissa always seems to have dinner waiting when I walk in the door. Then I go to sleep in order to get up at four thirty the next morning in order to beat the rush hour traffic.

We're both in our early thirties. As I just told you, my wife is very pretty, although she doesn't think so. She's petite with short dyed blond hair, blue eyes and has a pixyish quality that immediately endears her to males, young and old while making other women jealous. Her breasts are small enough that she can get by without wearing a bra; a quality that I personally love. You should see her dimples when she smiles; it takes my breath away.

She had a rough childhood. Her father was a talented, but mercurial heart surgeon until he died of alcoholism when she was nine. Her mother abandoned her soon after. To this day she doesn't know what happened to her mother. An aunt took her in after that and because of her father's insurance, Marissa has never wanted for anything.

Unfortunately, our marriage isn't perfect. I work too much and she still carries a lot of baggage. She's positively anal about keeping a clean house and meeting deadlines for her clients; which is probably one of the reasons I work so much.

Me? I'm tall, HWP with looks that some women find attractive. I enjoy it when a nice looking woman gives me a second look, but I'm much more used to having men and women stare at my wife when we go somewhere. Having a pretty wife isn't all that easy. You have to stay cool when other men are hitting on her. You have to trust her because if you don't the marriage won't work.

Marissa is always polite when other men flirt with her. Most of them just want to be near her; to gaze into her beautiful blue eyes and to be rewarded with her dimpled smile. Some obviously want to get her into bed but because of her naiveté she lets their advances go unnoticed.

I guess that fortunately for me, what they don't know is that she's a dynamo in bed. At times our love making has lasted for hours. She can have orgasm after orgasm while I have to slow things down so that I don't cum to soon.

If only I could get Marissa to bang me more instead of her keyboard. She's always under pressure to get a web site up, or fixed, or something. I think that she's too willing to sacrifice her personal life for her clients; but whenever I bring that up she tells me that I'm the one that's always at work. Then she storms off and vacuums the living room so I can't argue back. But after she's worked off her anger with the vacuum cleaner we make up and end up having great sex.

Friday, when I got home there was a man walking down our stairs with my wife. He was a sort of dark, muscular, Mediterranean type. He looked to be in his early forties and was a little over six feet. Marissa was laughing at something he said. She saw me at the bottom of the stairs. "Brad, this is Tony, our new neighbor."

Tony was a tough looking guy, the type that women seem to be attracted to for some reason. I was sure that I didn't like him already. Little did I know that Tony was going to make my life a whole lot less boring.

"Tony just moved into the Swanson's house next door," she continued. "I was showing him our house."

"Pleased to meet you Brad," he said as he grasped my hand in a manly shake. I tried to match the pressure that he was exerting on my fingers; at least enough to let him know that I was a man's man too. "You have a lovely house," he added, giving my fingers one last squeeze.

"Thank you Tony. Actually Marissa is the decorator."

"Really? Maybe you could help me with my house?" Tony gestured with his hands.

"Sure Tony, I'd love to," smiled my wife showing the dimples in her cheeks.

"You'd better ask your wife first," I smiled.

"I'm divorced." He paused and the added, "Say, I'm having a little house warming party at my place tonight. Why don't you two come?"

My wife didn't wait for my response; she quickly said, "That sounds like fun. What time and what can we bring?"

"Any time after eight and don't bring anything. I rented a bunch of furniture so forgive me for how it looks."

"We understand," said Marissa.

"I can really use your help with decorating," he added, looking at my wife with a big smile, a little too friendly I thought.

"It would be fun," she answered. How could she pass up a chance to spend money? At least it wouldn't be my money.

"It was nice meeting you Brad," he said. "You have a lovely house and a lovely wife."

"Thanks Tony," I replied warily while my wife grinned and turned a little pink.

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