Sister's Humiliation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Food, Water Sports, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Public Sex,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Getting drunk can have very bad consequences. (Caution. Very sadistic and mean.)

Growing up in a deeply religious household always seemed really unfair to me. There were so many fun things my sister Katie and I were never allowed to do unless my parents were not at home. Katie wasn't allowed to party or date, and I wasn't allowed to play computer games because they were the work of Satan. But in April of the year I turned 15 I found out there were advantages to it too.

Katie was three years older than me. She was tall, with pale skin, long black hair and really large breasts. The first time I saw her breasts was when I was 12 and she was 15. She was coming out of the shower and accidentally dropped her towel. I had never thought of her sexually before that, but after I saw her tits, I immediately went to my room and jerked off to her yearbook photo. Even my first fantasy about her was brutal. I imagined running into her room, ripping off her towel, groping her tits and finally fucking her on her bed as she cried. I had never had a fantasy like that before. After I came I spent a lot of time thinking about why I had imagined raping my own sister. I decided it didn't bother me. I found a photo of her from last summer in which some of her cleavage was visible and started jerking off to it, pressing my dick against her face. This time I imagined forcing her to suck my cock.

After that day I started jerking off to my sister almost every day. I even started using her underwear to jerk off. I rubbed my cock in her bras after she washed them. I searched her drawers and discovered a small hiding place between drawers where she kept three thongs, two black and one red. Our mother would have been shocked.

Next to her thongs I also found another secret: her diary. I made sure to read it whenever Katie was not at home. She wrote a lot about her feelings.

"I wish Mom and Dad would stop controlling my life. I don't want to be a sinner, just to have some fun like the other girls. I want to wear a nice dress and go dancing and make out ... I would never do more than that, I would never sleep with a boy before marriage. Just a kiss can't be so bad..."

She was still a virgin. Hot. I got my camera and took a photo of that page. A few months later I found something that made me even more horny:

"Sometimes I worry that I play with myself too much. But it's better to do that than to surrender myself to someone else, isn't it? I'm not pure but I try to avoid the really bad sins."

I really wanted to see her tits again. I spied on her through keyholes and open windows but all I got to see was her underwear. Until one year my parents started going to religious meetings in a nearby town once a month. At first they wanted to take us too but we convinced them that we wouldn't have enough time to do our homework.

When my parents were out, Katie went to parties and I played video games. According to her diary, Katie was still a virgin but she started drinking a lot, just like her friends. She often came home drunk on Saturday night. Sometimes she forgot to close the door to her room when she changed for bed. I could see her without even leaving my own room. Her tits were big and bouncy. Her nipples were small and hard. I saw her wearing a thong. I managed to take some blurry photos of her tits and her ass. I just never got to see her pussy. I wondered if she was trimmed or even shaved. My bet was trimmed.

Katie made herself a secret Facebook profile. (Our parents disapproved of Facebook.) The photos she posted weren't as sexy as those of some of her friends that I sometimes jerked off to, but in some of them she looked very beautiful. I saved them into a hidden folder on my computer along with the photos of her tits and her ass.

Once I shared the best photo of her tits that I had with some people in a chat room. They all liked it. One of them sent me a private message saying he would love to rough those tits up. We ended up chatting for two hours. He had a sister he wanted to rape, too. Her name was Christina and she was very thin, with curly black hair and small tits. We exchanged ideas about how to torture our sisters. "My sister was born to suck cock. Your sister was born to be beaten." he said. We chatted every other week after that.

That April, when she was 18, Katie came home more drunk than I'd ever seen her. In fact she was so drunk that she didn't make it to the door. I watched her collapse in our yard with a bottle of vodka in her hand. I watched her for a couple of moments. No reaction. Wow, was she passed out? I decided to go help her. I was hoping to cop a feel as I helped her stand up.

I went downstairs and shook her. Nothing. She was really passed out completely. "Hey Katie," I said, "I'll help you stand up." I lifted her up from behind and let my hands accidentally rub against her breasts. Katie didn't even make a sound. I tried dragging her for a couple of steps and as I did I put my hands on her tits and squeezed. Still no reaction from Katie. Her tits felt firm but soft.

I realized I had an opportunity here. To make sure, I shook Katie hard and said her name. Nothing. Too much vodka.

The streets were empty and the night was warmer than usual. I made a decision. I put the vodka bottle in her bag and put the bag around my shoulder. Then I dragged Katie out of our yard and down the street, holding on tightly to her boobs. I looked around but all the lights were out. Everyone was asleep. Going under the streetlights made me nervous anyway. Katie's high heels clicked on the pavement as I dragged her.

Three houses over was an abandoned house with an overgrown back yard where the cool kids sometimes smoked joints. It was empty now. I couldn't believe what I was doing and I worried about what I would say if Katie suddenly woke up, but I dragged her to the back yard anyway. I had a huge boner from groping her tits.

I laid Katie down on the grass and looked at her. She was wearing a short black skirt and a stylish white shirt. Her bra was black and I was sure she was wearing a black thong.

Very carefully I lifted her skirt. Black thong. I was right. I took a deep breath and pulled it off her legs. Finally I got my answer. Her pussy was trimmed to a landing strip about as wide as my finger. My hands trembled as I reached out and touched her pussy lips. I started pushing one finger into her. She was dry. In my fantasies she was dry too. I got the finger in deeper and smiled. I was fingering my own sister.

I started lifting her shirt, then changed my mind. I stripped her completely, even taking off her shoes and her socks. Finally I could grab her breasts like I had imagined years ago. They were beautiful. I felt her hard little nipples against my palm and bent down to suck on them. I'm sucking on Katie's nipples, I thought and almost came in my pants.

I poured some vodka over my index finger. Then I started fingering her. I had never fingered a girl before. Even with a wet finger she felt really tight. I hoped her pussy would hurt when she woke up. With my free hand I groped her breasts. At first I only groped them softly but then I started getting rougher. Maybe she would feel that in the morning too.

After a few minutes I bent down and kissed my sister on the lips. She tasted of vodka. I opened her mouth and stuck the finger I'd been fingering her with inside it. Then I opened her lips further and spat inside her mouth.

As I kept fingering her and sucking on her nipples, I thought about fucking her. I really wanted to but I was afraid of getting her pregnant. But how could I pass up this opportunity? I took out my cock. First I rubbed it against her face and mouth, to make sure she woke up with my taste on her lips. Then I spread her legs on the grass, looked around to make sure no-one was watching, and penetrated her.

I had to push hard to get in and I didn't last long, but I took her virginity. Just before I came I pulled out. I had wanted to come in her mouth but I didn't manage. Instead I came on my palm and then opened her mouth and let it flow in. I closed her nose to make sure she swallowed. She did and coughed a little, which scared me so much I almost ran away. I looked around again to make sure no one was watching.

I thought about stopping now but her big breasts looked so beautiful in the light from the street lamps that I wanted to hurt her more. I ran back to the house and got some supplies. It was a big risk but I decided it was worth it. I wanted her to wake up and feel that her life had changed completely.

She was still passed out when I came back. Her pussy lips looked kind of red. She was drooling from her mouth and her nipples were hard. It was warm for April but not really that warm. Seeing my beautiful sister lying naked in the grass like that was one of the best moments of my life.

I had brought a razor and shaving cream. I spread the cream on her landing strip and carefully shaved it away so her pussy was completely bald. I washed her off with some vodka.

I had also brought a permanent marker. I used it to write on her. On her tits I wrote the word SLUT in big letters. Just over her pussy lips I wrote the word WHORE. On her butt cheeks I wrote the words BAD GIRL. As I did that my dick got hard again. I thought about fucking her in the ass but I was too scared that it would wake her. So I turned her around and fucked her pussy again. I lasted a bit longer and this time I came directly into her mouth.

There was a lot more I wanted to do but at some point she would wake up. Not yet but I didn't want to risk being there when she did.

Unable to resist, I gave each of her tits a hard slap. She whimpered in her sleep. Time to wrap this up. I stood over her, looked at my sister's beautiful body, and pissed all over her. Most of the piss went on her face and tits. Then I emptied the vodka bottle on her and stuffed it into her pussy as deep as I could. I wiped my cock with her thong, then stuffed it into her mouth, the part that had touched her pussy against her tongue. I had an idea and searched through her bag until I found her keys. They had a dolphin-shaped keyring attachment. I stuffed it into her asshole. She whimpered again. I stood up and used the camera I had brought to take lots of photos of her violation. Then I took all the rest of her clothing including her shoes and went back home, leaving her lying there, naked, cold, covered in vodka and piss, her holes stuffed.

I hid her clothing in a secret space under my bed that our mother didn't know about. I turned the light off in my room and copied the photos I'd taken to the folder on my computer. I still couldn't believe it had all happened.

Around dawn, I filmed her sneaking back to the house. She had put the thong back on and was clutching her bag against her breasts. When she came in she immediately went to the bathroom and took a shower. I had made sure there were no clean towels, hoping that in her shock she would forget to check. My night was still lucky. I listened to her sobbing in the shower for half an hour, my cock ready to rape her again. Then I pretended to be coming out of my room just as she was coming out of the bathroom, naked and dripping and holding the thong in her hand. I yawned. "What's up, sis?" I said, pretending I was too tired to notice immediately. She almost jumped. "Oh," I said, looking her up and down as if I was a little shocked myself. The words on her body were still visible. I pretended to be confused. "Sorry. You OK?"

"I'm fine, go to bed, and don't tell mom and dad I came home so late, OK?" she said as she quickly covered herself with her hands. I went back to my room and looked out through the keyhole. She passed her hand once over her bald pubic area with the word WHORE on it as if she couldn't believe what had happened to her. I think she had planned on trying to get the rest of the writing off on Sunday evening, but she must have felt so humiliated about being seen (and worried I'd tell) that she went back into the bathroom and tried to scrub the words off again, quietly sobbing. I watched through the keyhole, smiling.

When her skin became too sore to keep scrubbing, she went to her room and went on crying. It took her more than an hour to fall asleep. I listened to her sobs and jerked off.

When our parents came back the next day, she said nothing, like I knew she would, because of our parents' religion. Girls who were raped, especially when they were drunk, were sinners and sluts and should be shunned. She would never say a word. But when she walked out of the bathroom the next morning before church wearing her bathrobe I could see that she hadn't managed to scrub the word SLUT off her breasts and her eyes were red from crying.

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