Building Utopia
Chapter 1

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Roger Timmons was a different kind of man from most. He grew up in the country on a working farm but he wanted more from life than he could get farming. He went into the Army and served four years as a Combat Engineer. He served a tour in Afghanistan and then a year later one in Iraq. He learned how to fight and honed his abilities to read and lead men. He was well versed in construction and destruction of many structures by the time he was discharged as a Sergeant.

After he was discharged from the Army Roger used the GI Bill to get a degree as a Mechanical Engineer. He also took many classes on geology and Mining Engineering because he was interested in those areas too. Those qualifications on top of his courses in welding and the knowledge of engines and farming he obtained while he was young made him a very sought after man when he began looking for work.

Roger took a job with Ford Motor Company when he graduated college. At first he was in the team that designed and repaired many of the machines the company used to assemble their vehicles. Currently he was stationed in a wholly owned subsidiary company that manufactured parts for FoMoCo. In the almost three years since he began working for the company he picked up a lot of knowledge about Automotive Engineering from the people he worked with. He enjoyed his work greatly but his life was not as pleasant as he dreamed it would be when he was younger. He possessed many material things young people of today desire but there was something missing. He owned a nice home, had money to burn and a beautiful fiancée but there seemed to be something missing in his life. He was unhappy with his life and knew it. He just did not know how to fix it. He could not put his finger on all the reasons he was dissatisfied. He did know one reason he was unhappy but he hadn't decided what to do about the problem yet.

On this day Roger was NOT enjoying what he was doing. He and his fiancée were visiting his mother on Mother's Day and Roger was paying the price. 'Shit, shit, shit. I'm tired of this damn crap, ' Roger Timmons thought. 'Bring my fiancée to my mother's home for Mother's Day lunch. That's good. Then I have to sit on my ass AGAIN and listen to them talk about quilting and the damn romance novels they have read since the LAST time I brought Regina over to see Mom. Now next time I try to have a conversation with Mom or Regina I'll hear about how a suitor SHOULD treat his woman and where I am falling down on the job. They ought to shoot all the romance writers to put crap like this to an end.'

Finally Roger gave up on gently convincing Regina, his fiancée, to leave. He said in exasperation, "Damn it Regina we have to go! I have to work tomorrow and it's already seven in the evening. You know it's a two hour drive home and I still have to pack my bags for my 0430 flight in the morning. I'll be lucky if I get three hours sleep now as it is. You know it's at least an hour and a half drive to the airport and I have to check in an hour early. Besides Blue and Misty will be frantic to get out of the pen and do their business."

"Oh, just a few more minutes please Honey. It's been over a month since I saw your mother and we have so much to talk about still. Why don't you load everything into my car and we'll go pretty soon. And those damn dogs can just do their business in the pen if they need to and you can clean it up when you get back. I've told you and told you we need to get rid of them so we don't have to rush back home and take care of them all the time. Besides you have a long flight. You can sleep on the plane tomorrow morning."

"Oh relax Son. You'll make it fine. Just give us a few more minutes here," his mother said. "I almost never get to have a good visit with Regina."

Finally at a little after eight p.m. the couple began the long drive back home. Roger was seething with anger at the delay and Regina was upset because Roger was being a Butthead about her and his mother talking so long. Hardly a word was spoken during the long drive back to Roger's home. Ever since Regina moved in with him Roger felt as if his life was spiraling out of control. He was almost sorry he asked her to marry him days like this. Then one of the good days rolled around and he knew she was his perfect soul mate and he was happy with his choice. When she was in the mood she could make him feel like a king with her pampering. Of course, come to think about it she mostly only pampered him when she wanted something but she demanded he pamper her all the time. It was the same with sex; she could fuck his eyeballs out when she wanted to. She was the best fuck he ever had in his life. Unfortunately the really great times were either when she was really horny or she wanted something. Roger was beginning to think all he was to Regina was a good life rather than her soul mate and lover. He was once again upset over her attitude about his two registered Australian Shepherds too. Those two dogs had been his friends and companions for a year longer than Regina. He would do anything for them and he knew they would give their lives for him. Before he met Regina they kept him company when he was lonely and helped him grieve when his father passed away. They were family for gosh sake. They were little furry people and they knew it just as Roger did.

The next morning after almost three whole hours of sleep Roger crawled slowly from his bed to start his day. He didn't even try to be quiet while he was showering and dressing. He was still angry at Regina and really didn't care if she woke or not. Of course she DID wake and before she rolled over in his bed to return to sleep she let him know she was angry with him for waking her. Too bad, so sad he thought as he walked noisily out of the bedroom, down the hall and into the garage. He even slammed the kitchen door on the way out to emphasize his anger. He was immediately embarrassed by his childish reaction to Regina's anger. He knew much of his anger was a holdover from the day before and this perversely made him even angrier at himself.

Roger threw his overnight bag into the back of his Super Crew F350 4X4 and fired her up. He sat for a moment listening to the Powerstroke Diesel chuckle then got out of the cab and opened the back door so Blue and Misty could jump into the back on top of his gun safe. That was their normal riding location and they were anxious to be there. They both loved to ride with Roger no matter how long the trip or where it ended.

Roger was taking Blue and Misty with him this morning because Regina refused to care for them when he took a trip. He boarded them in a kennel near the airport when he went somewhere they could not accompany him. He waited until the dogs settled into their places and backed from the garage. He supposed he really should get something more sensible but he liked the old truck. It had been the last vehicle his father purchased before he died several years ago. It only had a little over 37,000 miles on it now. He had never even taken the welding rigs and pipe racks off the truck when his mother gave it to him. He knew he could improve his fuel economy if he would just unload the old truck. He bet there was a ton of pipe and steel on the racks and probably another ton of welding supplies and the welders. Roger used the steel and other equipment just often enough he did not want to unload everything however. He built a taller garage bay on his house when he was given the truck because of the height of the racks. He worried somewhat about thieves when he parked his truck outside but so far nothing had been stolen while it sat outside. That was probably because everything except the heavy steel was locked in compartments in the utility body or bolted down tightly.

Of course all his hunting and fishing equipment was in the back of the cab and that added to the weight too. The few times a year he got to go hunting or fishing though made him glad most of the equipment was permanently on board. He even removed the rear seats and built a steel gun and ammo storage safe he welded to the floor boards to safeguard his weapons. He didn't know how many thousand rounds of ammunition he had for his 270 Winchester, the 22 rifle or his pistol. There was a bunch though. He even owned the equipment to reload expended brass. He kept his reloading tools and supplies with him in case he wanted a hotter or lower power round. He also kept a 12 gage shotgun and several boxes of shells for it in the truck. There was also a lever action model 94 Winchester in 30-30 caliber and a nice bull barrel Ruger 44 carbine to match the 44 pistol he always carried. Roger even kept his little .22 Magnum pistol and several boxes of rounds for it stuffed in a corner. Regina refused to even get into the truck. She said it was filthy and she was embarrassed to be seen in it.

Roger stopped after he backed from the garage to make sure the garage door closed properly. After it was completely closed he backed into the street and headed toward the airport. At the Flying J Truck Stop beside the freeway entrance ramp he stopped and topped off his tanks. He even filled the diesel tank for the welder since the price was so low. He hadn't filled it the last time he used the rig helping a friend build a pipe corral. Instead of just paying at the pump and driving on Roger stumbled into the building and bought the largest coffee they sold.

Almost an hour later Roger was pulling into the access road for the airport when the world as he knew it ended with a flash. Roger heard a loud screaming whistle that kept getting louder and louder. He looked up to see one of the new USAF bombers taking off from the airport. There was a bright flash of light and explosion just after he registered the noise but Roger never heard that. He also never knew he had been hit almost directly by a super secret USAF aircraft carrying a totally new kind of weapon system they called a "flux bomb". No one really knew what happened to things the bomb hit; they just went away in a large flash of light. Unfortunately so did a lot of the other things around them. This time Roger and his two dogs were fated to find out what happened to those things.

The aircraft carrying this bomb was taking off for a test flight to hopefully drop the bomb on the range in Nevada. This bomb had been built in a secret factory in the town. Unfortunately for Roger and several other people a mistake was made on takeoff. The hung over bombardier was woolgathering about his night in the arms of a woman he picked up in a local bar and accidentally hit the bomb arming switch while running his system checks. There was a surge of power that knocked out all the electronics in the aircraft causing it to nose dive. Then the bomb activated and BOOM. Away went the aircraft taking off and several buildings and vehicles directly under it. This was the seventh crash of an aircraft when they activated the system and it turned out to be the last one. The Air Force decided the weapon could not be perfected and killed the project. Of course that decision came too late for Roger. The brainiacs finally decided the system just could not be used because of its interference with the aircraft when it was activated. No matter what was tried the moment power was applied to the bomb it killed the aircraft and then the bomb went off. There was still some hope of using the flux bomb in missiles however.

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