Mikko Is Not a Party Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Voyeurism, Hairy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mikko is happy to be out of school but she fears she has missed the boat with meeting boys and making new friends. She has decided to be more receptive to boys that want to explore her female parts.

In the grey netherworld that rested in the industrial valley under the shadow of Mount Fuji, a quiet little girl called Mikko excelled in school and obeyed her parents with diligent discipline. She was a pretty child resembling one of the Snow Maiden fairy princesses that were rumored to be the seed-bearers of the original samurai warriors of so many years long past.

Now she was finishing up her studies and her father instructed her to be ready to assume her family responsibilities during the summer months before she started a new life in the University in Tokyo. She was excited and made certain she had plenty of clean underwear and socks and that her inks and paper were packed securely inside her traveling bag. Mikko was a drawer of the ancient words in pictures. She drew each one with a delicate touch. Her teacher, old Mister Taksumi was most impressed by her ability to focus and concentrate on the sweeping curves that cannot be taught but must be within the soul. He was old enough and wise enough to know instinctively that this lovely child of the morning mist was not like the other hedonistic and scatterbrained females waiting to be bred like domesticated animals at their family's wishes or to serve already married masters with perverted tastes.

This was the last day of the school year and it was the last year of Mikko's basic education. She was a full 18 winters now and had blossomed into a young woman of considerable charm. It was her eyes that sort of caught people's attention first. They were deep like the mountain pools resting serenely in hidden corners of the descending melted snow. Yet those who gazed with serious intent into their depths saw only that which they wanted to see as if she had the power to read the inner thoughts of their core. Most of the other students tried not to look directly at young Mikko because it tended to stir them into unfamiliar feelings not consistent with their normal everyday thoughts.

Her hair was usually swept back and held together close to the back of her head with the long flowing tresses rising up in an arc like the tail of a proud filly ready to gallop to the finish line. When she turned her head the flow of her hair caused most of the male students in close visual contact to experience erections that nagged their shafts until the tell-tale beads of liquid pre-cum stained their tight-fitting uniforms.

Of course, Mikko always wore the traditional school uniform like an obedient girl who tried her best to follow orders from her elders.

Her frilly white blouse was always spotless and never reflected a single wrinkle. She ironed them herself in the hours before jumping into her soft pallet in the corner of her tiny bedroom with the large window looking out to the huge mountain that guarded the valley. Mikko was a bit different because she never ever wore any clothing in her bed at night. She liked the feel of complete freedom of any restriction on her delicate skin and the way the night air licked at her innocent slit and naked backside in the light of the harvest moon.

Of course, her uniform skirt was of the variety that ended right at the point just below the view of her white panties bulging with her plump female slit and a bush that had never seen the edge of a blade. Her pubic hair was tended nicely because she combed it with a small brush much smaller than the one she used each night on her long black hair. She derived a great deal of pleasure from combing her pubic hair because when she caught a snag and had to pull it out, her lips were pulled apart slightly and she would have to sop up the juices that overflowed onto her bed. It never failed to make her breathe rapidly and she usually slept well after a particularly strenuous session of combing between her legs.

Mikko knew that the uniform skirt would reveal her schoolgirl plain white panties whenever she bent over forward even at the slightest angle. All the girls knew that and they used the ploy ceaselessly just to agitate the boys for their personal delight. She preferred not to do this unseemly act because she had something inside her that told her it was not the right thing to do.

When she was standing on the stairs or even up on the teacher's platform, she watched the boys get big knots inside their trousers looking up at her panties. She tried to get a size bigger than she needed so that they would not be so erotic but all that did was to make the view of her panty-covered private parts more enticing as her curves shifted restlessly under the loose fabric. Also, it was harder to keep all of her pubic hair inside her panties when they were loose like that and sometimes stray strands would peek out from the edges like runaway vagabonds.

She wore the regulation patent leather flat bottomed shoes with the little strap across her almost knee-high white socks. Mikko used bleach to keep her panties and her socks as white as could be because she didn't want anyone to ever accuse her of being a "dirty" girl. She meant dirty in the sense of wearing soiled clothing or brushing one's teeth and stuff like that. She really did not have a firm grasp of what "dirty" meant when it came to the things that males and females did together when they were in private with no prying eyes to interfere with their explorations.

Her mother tried to explain things to her but all she did was confuse Mikko with talk of birds and bees and how she was meant to be a beautiful vase to be filled with lovely flowers. She almost burst out laughing at how ridiculous it all sounded.

It was the girls at school who set her straight about how things were supposed to work. They disclosed the secrets of pleasuring males with the use of their hands and fingers, their pretty little mouths and in the ultimate pleasure of all, the use of their female slits to let them bury their silly little rods inside. One of the really pretty girls even whispered in her ear that if she wanted to avoid getting pregnant too soon, it would be wise to use her pretty backside to drain the male's juices and not let them flood her vagina with their baby-making seeds. She listened to all this with a disapproving frown on her face but inside her pure white schoolgirl panties her hairy bush was trembling and her juices were seeping unabated to wet her undies until they were soaked so much it almost looked like she had peed her pants.

Sometimes, Mikko fell into strange moods and she would speak in an almost forgotten dialect that was not heard for hundreds of years. Only the very old people could understand her then and they looked at her with great respect. Her younger friends all thought she had "flipped her lid" and made fun of her distinctly worded form of speech. She never slurred a single syllable and her flowing tones gave nuances to the patterns that opened doors long closed to common folk. Her parents just shook their heads and pretended that she was just having one of her "spells". They had long hidden from her the fact that she was adopted from the monastery way up high on the side of the mountain. The monks had parted with her reluctantly but they all agreed it was no place for a small baby. They never told the adoptive parent the origin of the pretty little child but she was wrapped in fine linen like that found only in the best shops in Tokyo.

Mikko found it necessary to take the public bus to and from school. It was lots of fun until just recently when assorted young boys took advantage of her short school skirts to play with their fingers in her soft white panties. If they were discreet and no one else could witness her humiliation, she generally pretended to ignore them because she was an obedient girl and would be distressed to cause a male to lose face in such a situation. One boy was a real bother because he was rough and even tried to get under her panties with his greedy little fingers and push inside her backside hole and even up into her female slit. She didn't recognize him and thought him to be from another school near her own. The whole time he was being so rude to her down below, his silly face hung dangerously close to her nose and mouth. He had an awful pimple on his forehead like young people all over the world and his hair was a bit red-tinged not at all like a proper Japanese. She tried her best to shield her goodies from his touch with her large school bag but he always seemed to find a different route to his target no matter what she did. She realized that his touch was not entirely unwanted; she enjoyed the way he played with her slit and made her nice and wet inside. Since he was so persistent, she started to find corners of the bus that would at least keep them out of view of the other passengers. She desperately wished they would not be able to see her degradation at the silly boy's hands.

Then, one morning, the boy was not on the bus.

For some strange reason, Mikko felt cheated.

Where had he gone to?

She realized that over time, she had come to look forward to his attentions and enjoyed playing the victim to his aggressive behavior. She wondered if he were sick or had suffered an accident and she worried about his well-being. The next day, she saw him get on the bus, but her heart sank down into her patent leather shoes because he was with a beautiful young girl who was obviously older than the students on the bus. She was one of the shop girls who worked on the main street in the center of town. He had his arm around her waist and she bounced her dreadful hip on his strong muscular thigh. Now, Mikko was green with envy.

This boy was hers.

She wanted to go over and pull the unknown female's hair until she forced her to cry. It was a strange and unfamiliar feeling for her. It was the very first time that she was jealous in her entire life.

After that experience, Mikko decided to be a bit more receptive to encouraging males to come closer to her secret treasures. The only problem was that school was now over, the boys were all hooked up with giggling females willing to trade their goodies for a dedicated partner and she was left out in the cold with only older people as her friends.

Her parents told her that she was to go to the monastery up on the mountain for the summer to assist the monks in guiding the tourists who brought much needed funds to help keep the ancient site in operating condition and to pay for the ceremonies that sparked their interest. She had been on the mountain several times but had never really visited the monastery because she was much more interested in the scenic beauty of the mountain itself. She had never been all the way to the top even though she had lived in its shadow all of her life.

She hoped she had a private bedroom because she wouldn't want any of the monks to see her dancing without any clothes in the light of the moon.

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