The Cult
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Mind Control, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Cult conditions their teens and entertains their members.

1.01 The Cult:

1.02 Daniel and Lisa, First Stage Puberty:

1.03 Daniel:

1.04 Mother and Son, First Ejaculation:

1.05 Lisa:

1.06 Mother and Daughter, First Orgasm:

1.07 The Boy and Daniel, The Sybian:

1.08 Daniel and Lisa:

1.01 The Cult:

The 'Society of the Divine Path' is a religious Cult located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. On the surface it is faith based, beneath the surface, it is a sexually oriented society. The Cult believes that God put humans on the earth for reproduction and sexual enjoyment without the moral constraints imposed by laws and accepted religious beliefs. Sexual training is by age group, 14-15 and 16-17 with some students advancing forward and some being kept in place. Strict rules prevent students, under fourteen, from reading sexually oriented material and from accessing sexually oriented websites. All rooms of all the residences are under 24 hour surveillance by HD cameras.

The Cult uses its wealth and influence to purchase a wide range of sexual drugs and state of the art sexual devices. The Cult has also become a location for field trials of these drugs and devices.

For transformations and enhancements, the Cult uses DNA nanotechnology. The nano-particles are programed to target specific areas of the human body including behavior. The delivery of the nano-particles is via injection or by a liquid orange drink.

The Cult controls the maturing and sexual development of all children. Their mental conditioning starts early with additives to their meals which are stopped just prior to their Puberty Ceremony at age 14. The Cult will assign members of the inner circle, including the mothers, to witness the enhancing of a boy and girl as they enter the first stage of puberty. Selected 18 year olds will become the Cult's Surrogate Lovers and used for the enjoyment of the inner circle, clients and special guests.

Puberty 1st Stage: Age 14

1. Loss of bodily hair below the shoulders

2. Breasts: B

3. Clitoris: Length 1/2", Diameter 5/16"

4. Vagina: Sensitivity to 6"

5. Bisexual

Puberty 2nd Stage: Age 16

1. Breasts: C

2. Clitoris: Length 1.00", Diameter 1/2"

3. Vagina: Sensitivity to 7"

Puberty 3rd Stage: Age 18

1. Clitoris: Length 1.25", Diameter 1/2"

2. Vagina: Sensitivity to 8"

The boys will become muscular and their enhancements include bisexualness, erectile expansion, nipple expansion, increased semen and sperm production. Their bisexualness includes a rectal sheath that can form into a male 'womanhood'.

Puberty 1st Stage: Age 14

1. Loss of bodily hair below the shoulders

2. Nipples: Height 3/8", Diameter 5/16"

3. Erection: Length 5", Diameter 1.25"

4. Semen, Sperm: Semen 6ml, Sperm 60 million/ml

5. Rectal Sheath: Sensitivity to 6"

6. Bisexual

Puberty 2nd Stage: Age 16

1. Nipples: Height 1/2", Diameter 3/8"

2. Erection: Length 7", Diameter 1.75"

3. Semen, Sperm: Semen 8ml, Sperm 120 million/ml

4. Rectal Sheath: Sensitivity to 7"

Puberty 3nd Stage: Age 18

1. Erection: Length 8", Diameter 2.00"

2. Semen, Sperm: Semen 12ml, Sperm 160 million/ml

3. Rectal Sheath: Sensitivity to 8"

One of the more sinister sides of the Cult is its use of abducted men and women to be used as sexual aides in the clasrooms and for the sexual entertainment of the Cult's adult members. They receive the same physical enhancing as the Cult's members. After a year, some remain in the cult and the other's are transported to distant cities where they are abandoned with no memory of where they were or what they did.

1.02 Daniel and Lisa, First Stage Puberty:

The observers and parents of Daniel and Lisa were seated in the small theater waiting for the Puberty Initiation Ceremony to begin. All were naked and the mother's would be active participants in their fourteen year olds initiations. As per the established guidelines, the fathers were not allowed to attend the Puberty Ceremony.

The seats faced the stage and multiple HD monitors were angled downward so all can see the graphic close-up images of what is happening. A small Harness, designed to hold the body of a fourteen year old, was hanging down from the ceiling near the front of stage. On the right side of the stage was a padded bench sitting between two curtained doorways to the preparation rooms. Lisa was in one room and Daniel was in the other room. Both were naked and both were nervously sitting in chairs knowing that something was going to happen to them but didn't know what it was. Daniel's rectum still tingled from the enema that his mother had given him when he woke up. The effects of years of arousal suppressant had left their bodies and both were fidgeting in the chairs as the dormant feelings began surfacing in their genitals.

A chime sounded and a hushness fell over the audience.

1.03 Daniel:

The curtain to the preparation rooms were pulled aside and the audience saw Lisa and Daniel being led onto the stage. Lisa was led to the padded bench and and a frightened look filled her face when her wrists fastened into holding straps on the bench. Daniel was led toward the Harness where Dianne, the Puberty Guidance Counselor, was waiting for him. She turned him so he faced his audience and murmurs of approval were heard from the audience as they gazed at the smoothness of the fourteen year olds body. His one inch flaccid penis poked through the thin layer of genital hair and his small testicles hung below the tip of his penis. Lisa stared at Daniel's body, she had never seen a naked boy before, and the strange feelings between her thighs became a little stronger.

Dianne handed Daniel a glass of orange liquid and hand him drink it all down.

Daniel looked at the nakedness of his audience and then saw his mother smiling at him. Feelings of embarrassment now mixed in with his feelings of nervousness.

An assistant came forward and helped Dianne fit the loops of the Harness onto Daniel's thighs and shoulders. When ready, he was put into a sitting position with his legs bent at the knees and his thighs spread apart. The witnesses and his mother now had full view of Daniel's exposed genitals. Finally, his wrists were tied to straps on the thigh loops preventing him from touching his body.

Dianne stepped to the side and all waited for the nano-particles in the liquid to take effect.

It started as a wonderful warmth that filled his penis and testicles. For the first time, Daniel felt strange feelings that he had never felt before and he began fidgeting in the Harness trying to stop them and, at the same time, trying to get more of them.

Light tingling sensations began spreading along his arms, chest, back, abdomen, thighs and legs. The sensations intensified and Daniel squirmed within his restraints when, what felt like, thousands of bursting bubbles saturated his body. He looked at the ceiling monitor in front of him and his eyes opened wide when he saw the hair below his head falling away from his body onto the floor of the stage. All of the monitors showed a close-up view of his unobstructed small penis and testicles.

The nano-particles now targeted Daniel's boyish nipples and again strange sensations that he had never felt before flooded his areolas and his nipples. His nipples felt as though lips were caressing and suckling on his small nipples and his breath quickened as his awakening arousal spread across his chest and down into his tingling penis and testicles. As the sensations intensified his small male nipples began to grow.

NIPPLES: 3/16"

As his nipples grew, the suckling sensations expanded and Daniel unconsciously began shifting his chest back and forth.


The sensations rippled downward and seeped into his stirring penis. Daniel had never had an erection and he looked at the monitor with both apprehension and excitement watching as his penis became bigger.


Daniel's nipples had reached their targeted size. The nano-particles next location was Daniel's genitals and his mother smiled when she watched her son's small penis soar to full erection. A strange firmness gripped his hardness and it felt like dozens of small lips were suckling their way over the sensitive surface.


ERECTION: 2.50" x .75"... 3.00" x .75"

His breathing quickened and came in quick pants and gasps as his manhood began to lengthen and thicken.

ERECTION: 3.50" x 1.00"... 4.00" x 1.00"

Each growth spurt caused louder moans to escape his mouth as the sensations caused his balls to churn and his enhanced nipples felt like bullets.

ERECTION: 4.50" x 1.25"... 5.00" x 1.25"

His smiling audience watched the graphic close of Daniel's expanding erection. As it reached its targeted size, a compelling need filled Daniel's mind to push it into something ... anything and his hips began thrusting his straining hardness into the air. At the same time a delicious ache filled his new, heavy testicles as they swayed between his thighs. A flushed and panting Lisa gazed at Daniel's erection. The sight of the hard penis caused her to open and close her thighs as new sensations seeped into virgin vagina.

Suddenly Daniel gasped and his buttocks squirmed in the thigh loops when a flood of new sensations filled his rectal sheath and he instinctively began grinding his hips in circles as the nano-particles created a thick nest of sexual nerve endings throughout his rectal sheath to a depth of six inches, including his anal opening. At the same time, the nano-particles enhanced his prostate, seminal vesicle and testicles. He would be bisexual and his semen production would be 6ml and his sperm would be 60 million/ml. His sexual rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was present and his rectal 'womanhood' would form of intimately touched by another male.

Daniel slumped within the Harness's supports gasping and panting and his glistening erection showed no signs of softening. With dazed and aroused eyes he looked at his audience and saw the empty seat where his mother had been sitting.

1.04 Mother and Son, First Ejaculation:

Daniel sensed someone walking onto the stage and then saw his mother walking toward him. In a few seconds a smiling Jessie was standing in front of her aroused son, her eyes were riveted to his new and enhanced erection. Daniel's breath came in soft pants as he looked a female's nakedness, up close and personal for the first time.

Jessie saw Daniel's eyes roaming over her body and snuggled in closer between her son's spread thighs and whispered in his ear,

"I am going to show you that the hardness you are feeling between your thighs can be a source of great pleasure and joy."

Her mouth began planting light suckling kisses on her son's face and slowly worked her way toward his slightly parted lips. Daniel felt his mother's tongue slip into his mouth and a soft, muffled moan was heard when their tongues touched and Daniel experienced his first passionate kiss. At the same time her hands reached in and began to massage her son's areolas. The exploring and kneading fingers crept up onto Daniel's nipples and her finger tips began to caress and manipulate the enhanced, erect buds causing Daniel to unconsciously push his chest into the kneading hands.

Daniel couldn't believe the sensations that were flooding into his mind and he his tongue instinctively returned the kiss. Jessie's hips pushed inward and her abdomen began pressing against her son's erection causing a deep groan to fill their mouths.


Jessie broke the kiss and started a pleasurable kissing trek downward onto her son's shoulders and then moved downward toward his excited right nipple. As the mouth neared its destination, the massaging hand moved away and Daniel felt a a wonderful warm, moist breath of air bathe his nipple. A quick gasp was heard as Jessie's mouth descended onto the engorged nipple with a delicious sucking and suckling action and her warm slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

"Ohhhhhhh ... Motherrrrrr,, "

Jessie's mouth kissed its way over to Daniel's left breast and the caressing fingers moved away as the suckling lips moved in. Jessie found the nipple was already hard as a bullet and she lowered her nursing mouth onto it. Daniel's gasp became louder as the mouth teased and fondled the tingling nipple.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Jessie divided her attention to both areolas and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Daniel moaning and thrusting his chest into his mother's adorning mouth and lips. While the mother continued to suck and suckle on Daniel's excited nipples, her hands massaged their way down his abdomen. Daniel's pants deepened as the exploring hands grazed against his throbbing erection. The hands moved to his inner thighs and began massaging the soft skin. Daniel shifted his hips trying to get his mother to move her hands inward toward his straining penis.

"Ohhhhhh ... Please..."

Jessie's body slipped downward into a kneeling position in front of Daniel. Dianne adjusted the Harness so the junction of Daniel's thighs were aligned with his mother's face. The hands slipped away from Daniel's inner thighs and moved toward his heavy testicles, lifting them with a slow massaging motion. Daniel couldn't believe the sensations that his mother's hands were giving him and his hips jerked upward and the crown of his glistening erection oozed more of its slick preseminal fluids.


Jessie looked up into Daniel's aroused and flushed face and smiled. She then looked at her son's straining and twitching hardness and her right hand slipped away from his bloated balls, wrapping itself around her son's manhood with an exquisite squeezing and massaging action. Daniel's mind was flooded with a whirlwind of sensations, his hips arched outward and he gasped loudly at the ecstatic contact. Jessie's expert hands glided up and down her son's engorged tube of flesh and smiled when she saw the drooling precum oozing from the puckering opening of the thick gland. His intense arousal now caused his hips to thrust his enflamed sex into his mother's right hand.


Jessie withdrew from her son's tormented body, gazing at the sight of her son's manhood as it stood out like a pillar between his spread thighs. Again her right hand reached outward and she laid the tip of her index finger at the base of her son's erection and slowly, almost teasingly, slipped it upward toward the thick crown. The tip swirled around the excited gland and Daniel gasped loudly and his hips pressed the head of his enraged erection into the swirling finger.


Dianne used the remote to make a final adjustment to Daniel's Harness so the slick gland was aligned with his mother's mouth. Jessie's hungry eyes feasted on the twitching hardness that throbbed in front of her and its preseminal fluids that were oozing the gland. Her right hand rejoined the left hand in the massaging of Daniel's churning testicles.

Jessie leaned inward with her mouth wide open. Daniel's breath came in quick gasps and pants, not believing what his mother was about to do to him as her open mouth came nearer and nearer to the straining head of his manhood.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

He held his breath waiting ... waiting ... and then he felt the most incredible sensation that his body had ever felt as his excited crown slipped between his mother's lips and into her warm, suckling mouth. Jessie's mouth started a slow descent onto Daniel's throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head allowing Daniel's engorged member to glide deeper into her mouth and then into her clenching throat.

He gurgled with joy as Jessie's warm throat muscles began kissing and squeezing his excited hardness. With a torturous twisting motion, Jessie lifted her head and Daniel's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the hyper stimulated gland reached her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the excited head and played with the oozing opening. Daniel bucked and squealed in the Harness as she sucked up his slick precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw. He wanted to grasp her head with his hands but the wrist ties held them firmly.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Jessie smiled inwardly at her son's torment and then skewered her squeezing throat back onto Daniel's enraged organ. With limited movement of his hips, all Daniel could do was sit in the Harness as the ecstatic sucking and milking actions encased his straining erection as it descended into his mother's incredible mouth and throat.

Jessie knew that Daniel's was on the edge of ejaculating and pulled upward until the head of his hard penis was between her cheeks. Her cheeks began an ecstatic suctioning action that caused Daniel to throw his head back and squealed with joy. Daniel was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as the thick load of semen entered the base of his straining member and shot up his highly agitated erection. The liquid joy swirled around the tingling head and then spewed outward into his mother's thirsty mouth and throat.

Daniel wailed as his first orgasm was unleashed.


Jessie feasted on the volumes of the delicious nectar and quickly pulled her her head upward so only the sensitive gland remained in her mouth. She wanted to taste and swirl Daniel's thick essence in her mouth. As her hands continued to massage his churning balls, Jessie's mouth coaxed another forceful stream to jettison into her deep suckling mouth.


Her cheeks ballooned with the force and volume of Daniel's semen and what she couldn't swallow gushed out past her lips and onto her son's jerking hardness. He slumped onto the Harness's supports and his hips continued to jerk as delicious aftershocks rippled across his body. Jessie lifted her head and her son's drooling erection slipped away from her open mouth. As it softened, it slipped down over his right thigh and laid over his drained testicles.

In few seconds, he came down from his first orgasmic high. Both mother and son looked at each other, one with love in her eyes and the other with feelings of new found, sexual fulfillment.

Lisa was being overwhelmed by new sensations that were flooding her loins and her budding breasts. Her hands strained against the restraints as a compelling need filled mind to touch herself, especially the small pinkness that was peeking out of her clitoral hood.

Daniel heard his mother say,

"Now you know the joys that your penis can give you. In a little while you will learn that another part of your body can be another source of pleasure and joy."

A boy came toward Daniel pushing a cart with warm water, sponges and towels. Daniel wasn't sure he wanted a boy touching him and cringed as the boy's knowing hands washed and cleaned his slick penis and testicles. He looked at his mother who was now seated and all he saw was her smiling face. The boy picked a soft, plush towel and Daniel winced as those wonderful sensations began seeping back into his penis and testicles. Daniel sighed with relief when the boy put the towel back on the cart and an attendant wheeled it away.

Dianne put Daniel into a standing position and her assistant removed the Harness's loops from his body. At the same time another assistant was undoing the restraints from Lisa wrists. Daniel was led to the padded bench and Lisa was led to the Harness.

1.05 Lisa:

Dianne smiled into Lisa's flushed face and turned her so she faced her audience and again murmurs of approval were heard from the audience as they gazed at the smoothness of the fourteen year olds body and the her small breasts. They also saw the glistening, slick hair that was hiding the folds of her labia and knew she was ready for her entry into Puberty. The pink tip of her small clitoris was barely visible through the thin layer of genital hair and her small nipples poked outward from the small mounds on her chest.

Dianne handed Lisa a glass of orange liquid and hand her drink it all down.

Lisa looked at the nakedness of his audience and then saw her mother smiling back at her. As with Daniel, feelings of embarrassment mixed in with her feelings of nervousness. An assistant came forward and helped Dianne fit the loops of the Harness onto Lisa's thighs and shoulders. When ready, she was put into a sitting position with his legs bent at the knees and her thighs spread apart. The witnesses and her mother, Joanne, now had full view of Lisa's exposed genitals. Finally, her wrists were tied to straps on the thigh loops preventing her from touching her body.

Dianne and the assistant stepped to the side and all waited for the mix of liquid nano-particles to take effect.

It started as a wonderful warmth that spread into her young vagina and seeped up into her tingling clitoris. Again, those wonderful sensations that she felt while on the padded bench returned and she squirmed within the supports of the Harness trying to get more of them.

Light tingling sensations began spreading along his arms, chest, back, abdomen, thighs and legs. The sensations intensified and Lisa sighed, as what felt like, thousands of bursting bubbles saturated her body. She looked at the ceiling monitor in front of her and her eyes opened wide when she saw the hair below her head falling away from her body onto the floor of the stage. All of the monitors showed a close-up view of her unobstructed labia and the pinkness that was protruding from her clitoral hood.

The nano-particles now targeted Lisa's breast areas.

A flood of warmth followed by light tingling sensations saturated her head, arms, thighs and legs. The sensations intensified and Lisa trembled when, what felt like thousands of bursting bubbles saturating her body. She looked at the monitor and saw her pubic hair falling from between her thighs onto the floor. This was quickly followed by the hair on her arms, under arms, then her legs. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen her labia or clitoral hood without her view being obstructed by hair.

She flinched when she felt, what seemed like, soft feathery touches flooding both of her breasts and nipples. As the feelings intensified, Lisa shifted her chest in effort to shake the unwanted sensations. The feathery touches slowly turned into massaging like sensations and her stiffening nipples began to feel like they were be suckled by invisible lips and mouths. A growing firmness gripped each breast and her erect nipples twitched and tingled. She looked at the monitor and her eyes opened wide when she saw her breasts begin to expand.



Lisa sighed as a new fullness and firmness gripped breasts and nipples.


NIPPLES: 7/16"

As her breasts and nipples grew, the massaging and suckling sensations filled her mind with feelings she had never felt before and she began pushing and shifting her chest into the air.

The nano-particles now had Lisa's breasts and nipples at their target size. Lisa looked at the monitor with a sense of wonderment when she saw her enhanced breasts. The conditioning nano-particles were taking effect and acceptance was filling her mind. A mix of thankfulness and pleasure escaped his mouth.

The next target was Lisa's clitoris. A low moan was heard as her clitoral hood was flooded with sensations as though it was being massaged and kneaded. The audience smiled when a graphic close-up showed the pink tip of her clitoris edging outward. The low moan turned into a loud gasp when Lisa felt as though a warm slippery tongue was teasing and caressing her clitoris and she squealed as her rigid organ of joy began to lengthened and thicken.


EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1/4" x 3/16"... 3/8" x 1/4"

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Lisa's clitoris edged further out of her clitoral hood.


Her hands were frantically opening and closing with a desperate need to touch and massage her ecstatic organ but the restraining straps held her hands firmly. Jolts of joy to were exploding across her loins.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Her bullet-like nipples stood out like beacons on her firm, aching breasts and her rigid clitoris jerked excitedly in the air. Suddenly the sensations stopped and Lisa cried out in denial as she was pulled back from her orgasmic edge. She slumped gasping onto the Harness's supports and her hips continued to jerk as her mind screamed for something to happen ... anything to satisfy the needs that were saturating the junction of her thighs.

The nano-particles now focused their attention to Lisa's mind. She would be bisexual and her sexual rejuvination would be rapid, immediate, if stimulation was still present.

1.06 Mother and Daughter, First Orgasm:

Lisa opened her aroused eyes and saw her mother standing in front of her and felt the ties that held her wrists to the thigh loops being removed. As if in slow motion, she saw her mother's hands reaching out toward her and then felt them touching her bent knees. As Joanne's hands massaged their way down her daughter's thighs she whispered,

"Lisa honey, I know you need relief and I will show you how much joy your clitoris and vagina can give you".

All that Lisa could do was smile at her mother with thankfulness.

As the hands and neared Lisa's sex, Joanne saw the young, glistening inner lips begin to twitch and the excited clitoris straining out of its protective hood. Joanne traced the outer lips with the tips of her fingers and smiled as a moan escaped her daughter's lips. Joanne leaned inward and their lips touched. Her tongue glided across her daughter's lips and slowly slipped into her mouth. Her mother had never kissed her like this before and a sigh was heard as their tongues touched and played with each other. As they kissed, Joanne's left hand formed over Lisa's labia and her right hand moved upward, lifting and massaging her daughter's left breasts. A gasp filtered into their mouths and Lisa tried to spread her thighs further apart to give that wonderful hand easier access to her sex. Joanne's slick thumb moved onto Lisa's straining pink organ with an ecstatic swirling action and the gasp turned into a long moan as Lisa returned the passionate kiss to her mother.


Joanne broke the kiss and her hands pulled away from her daughter's body. Lisa moaned with disappointment and looked at her mother with pleading eyes. Joanne moved further inward between her daughter's spread thighs until their breasts and nipples pressed together. Lisa moaned as the nipples caressed and teased each other.


Joanne began planting light suckling kisses on Lisa's neck and shoulders, at the same time her hands reached out and gently lifted both of Lisa's breasts. While the suckling kisses continued, Joanne's hands began to deliciously massage and knead her daughter's enhanced breasts. Lisa's mind reeled as waves of pleasure flowed from her mother's hands into her breasts. Her breath quickened and a long sigh escaped her lips. Joanne's exploring and kneading fingers slipped up onto Lisa's nipples and her fingers began to caress and manipulate the excited nipples.

Joanne lifted her suckling lips from Lisa's shoulders and began a pleasurable trek downward toward Lisa's right breast. The massaging and kneading hands held her daughter's breast as if it were a trophy for the advancing mouth. Lisa felt the moist lips inch their way upward over her breast and then she felt a moist breath bathe her nipple. Joanne's mouth descended onto the engorged nipple with a delicious sucking and suckling action and her warm slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

Lisa gasped at the ecstatic contact, her hands grasped her mother's head and her chest heaved upward pushing her breast and excited nipple into Joanne's devouring mouth.


Joanne's loving mouth suckled its way over to the left breast. The caressing fingers moved away as the suckling lips moved in. Joanne found the nipple was already hard as a bullet and she lowered her nursing mouth on to it. Lisa gasped louder and her hands held her mother's head as the mouth teased and fondled the tingling nipple.

"Oh Mommm ... Yes ... Yes..."

Joanne divided her attention to both breasts and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Lisa moaning and thrusting both breasts into her mother's adorning mouth and lips. Lisa breath quickened when Joanne began massaging her hands downward over her daughter's abdomen. She felt two hands mold themselves around her swollen labia and her hips jerked outward at the ecstatic contact.

Joanne's body slowly slipped downward and the loving mouth now began a delicious downward trek to join her kneading hands. Dianne put a padded stool on the floor for Joanne to sit on and then adjusted the Harness so Lisa's swollen sex was aligned with her mother's head.

As the suckling mouth neared its target, Joanne slipped her fingers between her daughter's moist folds and began an ecstatic exploring of Lisa's warm, pink furrow. Joanne's suckling mouth nestled onto Lisa's clitoral hood and the enhanced, rigid clitoris jerked into the air begging for attention. One of Joanne's slick fingers began to slowly and deliciously, trace the oozing entrance to Lisa's womanhood.

Suddenly, Lisa's eyes and mouth opened wide. Her mother's warm, wet tongue and lips had slipped onto her clitoris, sucking the engorged organ of joy as if it was an erection. Lisa's threw head back and wailed in ecstasy as her vaginal opening and clitoris exploded in unison.


Joanne spread her daughter's swollen folds apart and nestled her index finger into the clasping inner lips with ecstatic darts and probes causing Lisa to buck and squeal as jolts of joy flooded into her mind. With deliberate slowness, the finger nudged inward a bit and then backed out. Lisa moaned as Joanne repeated her probing, each time, moving a little further into her daughter's enflamed virginal opening. Soon, the finger was twisting and turning as it explored its way deeper into Lisa's womanhood.

"Ohhhhh ... Yes ... Yes..."

Joanne's finger finally reached watch she was looking, Lisa's hymen.

While her lips and tongue intensified their actions on Lisa's excited clitoris, she pushed the tip of her index finger into and through the small hole in the center of Lisa's hymen and with a series of knowing strokes, Joanne slowly widened the opening. Lisa's mind was so focused on the sensations that were exploding from her organ of joy that she wasn't aware that she was losing her maidenhood.

The mother now inserted a second finger and both started to twist and turn their way in and out of Lisa's seething vaginal passage. Joanne inserted a third finger and Lisa's vaginal opening eagerly stretched to accommodate the three fingers.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Lisa hips matched the deep thrusts of Joanne's lunging fingers as her orgasmic wave flooded her body. The searching tips found the bean shaped area of Lisa's 'G' spot and began a shallow stroking action, onto and off of the excited, sensitive tissues. Lisa's body exploded with joy as her mother's lips, tongue and fingers catapulted her into her first orgasm.


Joanne didn't let up on her relentless assault on her daughter's raging sex. The fingers lunged inward again and again, only to return to Lisa's spasming sweet spot. She felt the growing contraction of her daughter's vaginal muscles and quickly inserted a fourth finger into Lisa raging vaginal passage catapulting her daughter toward her second orgasm.

Suddenly Lisa's body arched upward and outward, her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth opened and no sound was heard. Her toes curled and her hands fisted. With a loud hiss of ecstatic joy, the orgasmic freeze was broken and her wail was heard throughout the theater.


The intensity of Lisa's second orgasm saturated her sexual sensory system and she lost consciousness for a few seconds.

A moan was heard from the side of the stage and all saw Daniel's erection spurting with his 'hands free' ejaculation.

When Lisa recovered, her body was still spasming with aftershocks and she moaned in ecstasy.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Joanne smiled and slowly withdrew her fingers with a soft slurping sound and her mouth withdrew from Lisa's clitoris. The cart was pushed toward Joanne and she hummed a tune as she cleaned the orgasmic juices from her daughter's sex. Lisa cooed as the soft sponge and plush towel adorned her swollen labia and and still straining clitoris.

More moans were heard from Daniel as the boy cleaned the pools of semen from softening erection, testicles and thighs.

Dianne put Lisa into a standing position and Joanne helped remove the Harness's loops from Lisa's body. At the same time the boy was undoing the ties from Daniel's wrists. As Daniel was led back to the Harness and Lisa toward the padded bench, they looked at each other's enhanced nakedness's with mounting needs. The two fourteen year olds would consummate their Puberty's sexual union after Daniel's 'womanhood' was tested.

1.07 The Boy and Daniel, The Sybian:

For the second time, Daniel stood nervously as Dianne and her assistant fitted him into the Harness. He looked at his smiling audience, including his mother, and wondered what was going to happen to him this time. His apprehensions returned when he saw the boy walk in front of him and then saw the boy move closer between his spread thighs.

The boy reached out and Daniel flinched when he felt a hand lift his balls and the other hand slip under penis cradling it with light squeezes. A shocked Daniel gasped and he swiveled his hips in a effort to stop the boy's touches. As the persistent hands worked on Daniel's genitals, the boy snuggled closer to his body and his lips closed over Daniel's right nipple with a delicious suckling action. The tongue swirled around the rising nipple and Daniel's bisexualness rose to the surface, his mind now welcomed the unwanted sensations that the boy was giving his stirring penis and stiffening nipples. At the same time, a strange feeling of need was slowly building within his rectal sheath.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh ... What's happening..."

A dazed Daniel looked up at his monitor and saw the boy's left hand wrapped around his half erect penis and the right hand massaging his balls. The boy's mouth had moved off of his right nipple and was kissing its way over to his left nipple. Daniel looked down at the boy's rising penis and strange feelings that he had never felt before began seeping into loins.

The boy's fingers closed around the thickening gland with an exquisite swirling action and Daniel gasped as his penis grew to full erection. His stiff nipples twitched excitedly within the adorning lips as the boy's hand glided up and down his straining hardness. He unconsciously began pushing his erection into the squeezing hand and his excited nipples into the boy's suckling mouth. He saw his flushed face in the monitor and looked at his mother with questioning eyes, who just nodded her head and smiled at him.

The boy snuggled in close to Daniel and brought his lips in close to Daniel's lips. Daniel felt their lips touch and he tightened them as the boy began to slide his tongue back and forth over them. The boy intensified the actions of his hands on Daniels engorged penis and bloating testicles and a moan was heard when the boy's tongue slipped into his mouth. Daniel couldn't believe what was happening to him or why his body was reacting to the boy's touches. His heart began beating faster when he felt the boy's tongue touched his tongue and begin to play with it. In a few seconds a dazed and bewildered Daniel was returning the kiss and soon a muffled moan was heard as the tongues danced and played with each other.


The boy broke the kiss and Daniel's breath came in quick pants. He felt the boy release his erection and then felt the slick palm gliding up and down the sensitive underside of his manhood. Daniel gasped and thrust himself against the hand that was giving him so much joy.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

The boy smiled into Daniel's face and whispered,

"That has to feel good."

A panting Daniel could only nod his head as his erection jerked wildly in front of his abdomen.

He saw an attendant hand the boy a plastic bottle of personal lubricant. Daniel saw the boy pour some of the liquid contents onto his hands and then kneel down in front of him. The Harness was raised upward, giving the boy unobstructed access to Daniel's rectal area. Again the boy looked up into Daniel's face and smiled. Both hands reached out and he felt the slick right hand close around his engorged erection and he moaned in thankfulness as the hand, once again, squeezed its way up and down his straining manhood with audible slurping sounds. The boy's left hand slipped inward between the spread cheeks of his buttocks and felt the slick fingers massage their way toward his anal entrance. Daniel knew where they were headed and for a fleeting moment, his mind cringed with the thought of someone touching him 'there'.

"Nooooo ... Not there..."

The hand followed Daniel's contortions and the tips of the boy's fingers soon nestled onto Daniel's anus. The boy's finger tips began caressing Daniel's anal lips and he froze as unexpected sensations rushed to mind and then a long soft moan was heard when his 'womanhood' formed.

Daniel breathed in deeply when he felt the boy nudge a single finger inward, twisting and turning. As his anus was stretched open, something unexpected happened, delicious tingling sensations flooded into his rectum and a louder moan was heard as a second finger joined in on the exploring Daniel's rectal sheath.


The boy looked up into Daniel's face and saw his closed eyes. He knew Daniel was savoring the new feelings that his 'womanhood' was giving him. He moved the tips of his fingers with delicious swirls along the upper part of Daniel's rectal sheath and suddenly a long gasp escaped Daniel's open mouth. His erection began jerking and his anus began clenching around the twisting fingers.

"AHH ... AHH ... AHH..."

The boy had found the sensitive tissues of his prostate and Daniel's mind was being flooded with sensations he had never felt before. The boy suddenly withdrew his fingers and stood up. He smiled when he saw Daniel's flushed face and heard his low, quick pants.

"That was just a small taste of what's to come. I am going to show you how good your prostate can make you feel."

Daniel lay back on the supporting Harness and moaned softly as his glistening erection stood hard and tall between his spread thighs. Dianne pressed a button on the remote and a floor tile at the front of the stage was lowered. In its place, a strange saddle shaped seat rose up and moved toward Daniel, stopping far enough in front of him so he could see it. In the center of the saddle's seat were two circular outlines. One was two inches in diameter and the other was three inches in diameter.

The saddle started to do things by itself. The two inch outline opened and formed into a multi-lipped rectal massager and the three inch outline formed into a satiny testicle massaging pouch. The rectal massager was soft, pliable and made up of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning 'lips' and 'mouths'.

A glistening, six inch by one inch, deep ribbed phallus, rose up between the 'lips' of the rectal massager. As the testicle pouch demonstrated its massaging actions, the phallus made three upward strokes and then jettisoned its ejaculant. Daniel looked at a Dianne and shook his head, pleading with her not to do this to him. Despite his mounting fears, he couldn't understand the need that was building within 'womanhood'.

The phallus slipped back into the saddle and both massagers returned to their circular outlines. The Sybian now moved under Daniel's sitting body until it 'clicked' and locked into special slots in the floor. The surface of the saddle became transparent and an internal lighting system showed the head of the six inch phallus resting just below the center of the two inch circular outline.

Daniel felt the Harness adjusting his position so the flared cheeks of his buttocks and anal opening were directly above the saddle's two inch outline. A worried Daniel looked at the monitor and saw himself positioned over the Sybian. His frightened eyes open wide when he saw the two inch circle open up and its suctioning 'mouths' and 'lips' begin to move with rhythmic motions.

Daniel froze when he felt himself being lowered and his breath came in quick nervous pants as he neared his Sybian Lover.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

He saw the cheeks of his buttocks approaching the saddle and then felt them being pushed apart. As he nestled further onto the saddle's surface a final plea from his mouth was heard.

"No ... No ... Please ... Ahhhhhhhhhhh..."

Daniel's anal area made contact with the slick, suckling massager. His fears and nervousness instantly evaporated as ecstatic sensations flooded into his rectal sheath. The satiny testicle massager opened and Daniel gasped as his balls were manipulated into its caressing pouch. His erection jerked wildly in the air and his breathing became heavier as the delicious feelings spread across his loins. He saw the intent stares from his audience as they gazed at his rock hard member and then at the rectal massager as it began sucking on his excited anal entrance.

"Ohhhhhh ... Goddddddd..."

The exquisite sensations from the testicle massager caused his balls to bloat and a delicious ache spread upward into the crown of his engorged erection. Daniel felt the suckling 'mouths' and 'lips' explore his swelling entrance and more 'lips' joined in on the teasing and caressing of the excited entrance to his 'womanhood'. With dazed and aroused eyes Daniel looked at his mother and eyes conveyed a state of bliss and joy. The audience saw his highly aroused sex and the oozing precum that drooled from his excited gland.

A long moan of joy was heard as the Sybian prepared his body for penetration.

Daniel closed his eyes and moved his swelling rectal opening back and forth on the massager. His mind savored the wonderful waves of pleasure that were radiating upward across his body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as his juices mixed with the massager's slick 'lips'. His excited anal entrance puckered as his rectal sheath spasmed with mounting arousal.

Daniel felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against his anus. He didn't give it much thought, thinking it was the massaging 'lips'. The pressure built and Daniel gasped when he felt his anal entrance being gently stretched open. He knew the phallic was at the portal to his 'womanhood'. His mother watched mesmerized as the six inch phallus rose upward toward Daniel's anal opening. He felt a warm liquid oozing from the tip of the phallus and a delicious warmth spread around his eager entrance. He felt the opening widen and the warmth spread inward. His anal lips stretched ecstatically over the advancing head and Daniel moaned as waves of joy flooded his sex.

"Ohhhhhh ... Yesssssss..."

Daniel pushed down and ground his flaring entrance against the flexing head and his body now hungered for more of his Sybian lover. The Sybian was in no hurry and while the loving pouch caressed and massaged his heavy balls, the phallus nudged inward slowly and deliciously. Daniel's erection jumped and jerked as the Sybian twisted its way upward into his body.

The tip of the phallus began circling the walls of the sheath and quickly found Daniel's prostate. Daniel arched up gasping as the head began stroking back and forth over the sensitive tissues. His erection jerked wildly as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland of his straining hardness.


The phallus's slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins. Preseminal fluid seeped out the opening slit on the excited head and drooled down over his straining member. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Daniel began moaning and gasping. His body quaked with minor orgasms and he flexed his engorged erection in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

"Oh God ... Oh God ... What's happening..."

The Sybian moved off of his throbbing prostate and slipped further upward, as did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. Daniel squealed with joy as his rectal muscles rippled in sync with the Sybian's ribs and his rock hard erection felt as though it was going to explode.


His Lover now sunk deeper into his enflamed sex. It twisted and turned as it explored the welcoming sheath. Soon its six inches of warm flexing thickness made Daniel's mind reel with the ecstatic fullness. The phallus partially withdrew then lunged back in, beginning an ecstatic rhythm, full out, full out, slow then fast. The relentless thrusts twisted and turned as it slipped upward and downward into Daniel's seething 'womanhood'. His engorged member glistened in the light as his drooling fluids flowed down the thick shaft and onto his churning balls.

"Oh God ... Oh God ... Oh God..."

Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the surface of the phallus and started massaging and caressing the enflamed rectal walls. Daniel screeched as jolts of ecstasy shot across his sex, catapulting his mind and body into a sexual frenzy.


Daniel slumped down onto his Sybian lover and let the waves of joy explode across his body. Through dazed eyes, Daniel saw the boy stand up and walk toward him and kneel down in front of his spread thighs.

He looked into Daniel's eyes and smiled,

"I will help you get the relief you want so badly."

The boy leaned inward and Daniel looked at the monitor. He saw the boy's wide open mouth come nearer and nearer to his hyper-sensitive gland felt the boy's hands massaging the skin of his inner thighs. All that the highly aroused fourteen year old could was nod his head.

Daniel felt the boy's warm, wet breath, bathe the head of his erection ... and then ... the most excruciating, ecstatic sensation gripped his throbbing erection. The boy had lowered his mouth over Daniel's thick gland. The tongue and lips began an incredible swirling, sucking and suckling motion. All the while, the Sybian continued its loving strokes into his clenching rectal sheath and the testicle massager adorned his churning balls.

Daniel wail's echoed loudly around the theater.

"Yes ... Yes ... Oh God don't stop..."

The phallic now began deep, full length thrusts. Daniel's mind and body became submerged within a cauldron of sexual joy. Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full inch and half inside Daniel's raging rectal passage. The Sybian unleashed forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into his spasming sheath causing his 'womanhood' to balloon ecstatically with it's warm, thick essence.

Daniel screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded his body and his rectal orgasm was unleashed. His sheath went into deep orgasmic convulsions, his balls clenched within the massaging pouch and his liquid joy shot up his jerking erection. His balls churned and his liquid joy surged up his jerking erection. The boy clamped his suctioning mouth onto Daniel's pulsing gland waiting for the jets of Daniel's thick semen. It spewed into his mouth and the boy's cheeks ballooned as Daniel's semen gushed into it. What the boy couldn't swallow, drooled out past his lips and flowed down Daniel's still erupting member. Daniel's rectal muscles began clenching in sync with his exploding prostate and a loud squeal of joy was heard as his rectal orgasm was unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded his mind and danced across his eyes. His mouth opened and no sound was heard, his eyes opened and saw nothing.

The boy leaned back on his lower legs and smiled as he watched Daniel's body bucking and jerking within the throes of his dual orgasms.


The phallus continued its twisting upward thrusts and the boy's cheeks and continued to suck on the engorged gland. Daniel's body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which pushed him into a sexual frenzy. His convulsing body thrashed and squirmed within the Harness and his head twisted from side to side. Daniel's 'womanhood' and manhood exploded in unison and again he wailed as his second set of dual orgasms were unleashed


This time Daniel's exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Sybian slowly whirred to a stop. In few seconds Daniel recovered and his body continued to ripple with the aftershocks of his dual orgasms. Daniel groaned as the Sybian's phallic slowly withdrew out of his clasping 'womanhood' and a loud slurping sound was heard as the thick head slipped past his swollen anal opening. Torrents of ejaculant and orgasmic juices gushed from the gaping entrance as his rectal sheath returned to its normal size. At the same time, The suckling 'mouths' and 'lips' loosened their grip on his slick, twitching rectal entrance and the testicle pouch opened, releasing his balls.


Daniel slumped onto the soft supports of the Harness and smiled at the boy that stood in front of him. He watched as his Sybian Lover returned to the tile at the front of stage and disappeared from his view. Soft pants were heard as the soft sponge and plush towel cleaned his genitals, testicles and slick penis.

Dianne put Daniel into a standing position and the boy removed the Harness from his body. She nodded at her assistant to bring Lisa forward. The two fourteen year olds stood facing the audience. The audience, including Jessie and Joanne smiled their approvals at the results of the Puberty Ceremony.

Dianne turned Daniel and Lisa so they faced each other and all could see their eyes roaming over the other's nakedness. The Harness was returned to the ceiling and a bed was raised up onto the stage.

1.08 Daniel and Lisa:

Lisa drew close to Daniel, closed her eyes and parted her lips. Daniel knew what she wanted and he wanted it also.

Their lips met, their tongues met and for the second time they kissed deeply and passionately. Lisa felt Daniel's penis stir and press upwards between their bodies. She moved her hips outward just a little and Daniel's engorged erection spring up between their abdomens. Lisa teasingly rubbed her body against it and Daniel moaned into her mouth. They broke the kiss panting and looked at each other with aroused and flushed faces.

Lisa smiled when she saw Daniel's incredible erection bobbing in the air between his thighs. She reached down and curled her fingers around the thick member and Daniel moaned softly and his erection throbbed between the squeezing fingers.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... Lisaaaaaa..."

Lisa took Daniel's hand and led him so they stood beside the bed and Daniel reached down and molded the palm of his hand onto Lisa's swollen, slick labia.

Lisa gasped, spread her legs and hunched down to give her brother easier access to her sexual treasures. Daniel's fingers slipped between her wet, flared folds and his thumb ecstatically pressed and manipulated the enhanced, pink organ that was straining out of its clitoral hood.

Lisa collapsed against Daniel as her body exploded with joy.


In one single moment Lisa went from young seductress to helpless submissive.

Daniel eyes feasted on Lisa's breasts and hairless labia. Lisa smiled when she saw the preseminal fluids oozing from the Daniel's thick gland. She drew Daniel closer to her and pushed her rigid clitoris against his straining manhood. The contact was incredible for both of them and they embraced tightly as their organs exploded with joy. Lisa broke away and at down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it with her feet resting on the floor and slowly parted her thighs. As her thighs parted so did the soft folds of her labia. Daniel moaned as his sister's sexual treasures flared open to his feasting eyes. His massive organ jumped when he saw Lisa's mini erection-like clitoris standing out like a rigid beacon.

Daniel shuffled forward between Lisa's thighs and leaned over her aroused body. He lowered his head and their parted lips met. Their mouths opened and their tongues swirled together as they kissed passionately. Daniel shifted his hips inward and rested his pulsing erection between the swollen lips of her labia. Lisa moaned deeply into Daniel's mouth as she pushed her sex upward, forcing Daniel's pulsing hardness to grind against her rigid organ of joy. Her hips began a delicious sawing motion. Her flared folds became slick as her vaginal juices mixed with his oozing precum.

Daniel broke the kiss and started to plant light suckling kisses along Lisa's cheeks, neck and down to her shoulders. His loving lips trekked further down toward Lisa's right breast. Lisa held her breath as they came nearer and nearer. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her excited right nipple and then the suckling mouth descended onto it. Daniel's lips and tongue began to caress and manipulate the erect bud and Lisa gasped as she arched her breast into Daniel's devouring mouth.

"Sooooooo Niceeeeee..."

Daniel's caressing lips slipped off of her right breast and suckled its way to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast. Lisa's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body became more frantic as Daniel's lips and hands paid loving homage to her breasts and erect, bullet-like nipples.

"Yessss ... Daniel ... Yessss..."

Daniel massaged his hands downward and placed them on her inner thighs and slowly, almost teasingly moved inward and formed themselves around the swollen folds. A low guttural moan escaped Lisa's lips when the hands started to massage and knead the flared outer lips. His fingers soon became slick with her vaginal juices and he started a delicious exploratory journey up and down the slick, pink crease.

His mouth left her breast and started to explore its way down her across her abdomen. His suckling mouth neared the top of her labia and Lisa quickly grabbed his head and moaned in expectation. She bucked and thrashed in response to the dual hands, mouth, assault. Her labia and vagina clenched and spasmed. Suddenly Daniel's fingers pushed and twirled onto her enhanced clitoris and Lisa screamed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... Goddddddd..."

Through the dense fog of arousal, she watched with panting gasps as his head came nearer and nearer to her flared treasures.

Slowly ... slowly ... slowly, and then,

Lisa gasped loudly as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds and his tongue slipped ecstatically into the pink recesses of her slick furrow. Daniel felt the quivering inner lips caress the tip of his tongue and he began a delicious tracing around the oozing opening. With agonizingly slowness, it slipped upward toward Lisa's engorged and waiting organ of joy. Her hands reached down and grasped his head in a futile attempt to speed that wonderful mouth on its way to her clitoris.

Lisa's hips arched up and she wailed as the hot, wet swirling tongue curled around her hard, aching organ of joy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... Goddddddddd..."

Her hips ground wildly and soft mewling animal sounds began spewing from open her mouth. Daniel's lapping tongue slipped back down Lisa's slick crease and once again played with the clasping opening to her vagina. This time, the slippery appendage nudged inward, bringing a low guttural groan from Lisa, whose soft warm thighs were opening and closing against the sides of his moving head. Daniel could feel his sisters vaginal opening trying to draw his stroking tongue deeper and deeper into it.

Lisa pulled her feet up from the floor and put them on the edge of the bed. She spread her thighs wide apart giving Daniel unrestricted access to her open and highly enflamed sex.

Daniel's suckling mouth reacquired the hard, throbbing organ of joy and at the same time, his fingers slipped past her virginal inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Lisa's hips bucked and ground against Daniel's devouring mouth and thrusting fingers. His probing fingers soon found the soft, spongy tissues of her elusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic caressing of her excited sweet spot. Both her hands gripped his head tightly and she threw head back and screeched loudly.

"Ahhhhhhhh ... Daniel ... Daniel..."

Daniel raised up and rested his engorged hardness lengthways along Lisa's swollen, labia and pushed his throbbing manhood between the swollen, flared folds. Lisa immediately started a desperate sawing motion with her hips. She gurgled as the shaft slipped ecstatically across her engorged clitoris. Daniel leaned over Lisa and saw her glazed orgasmic eyes pleading with him to penetrate her.

"Now ... Now ... Daniel ... Nowwwwww..."

Lisa reached her hands down and grasped Daniel's engorged manhood. She could feel the deep throbs against her soft palms and the slick fluid that oozed from the excited gland. She guided the thick head so it slid up and down her slick furrow, until it finally nestled into her clasping inner lips. She felt the engorged gland nudging inward and hissed when she felt the lips of her eager vagina being pushed wide apart. Daniel gasped at the incredible sensations that gripped his excited gland as Lisa's treasured opening slipped over his erection.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh ... Lisaaaaaaaa..."

Lisa's mind and body was in a sexual frenzy. She needed and craved Daniel's massive erection to penetrate her fully and completely. She reached out with her hands and grasped his hips, and with one determined thrust, Lisa lunged up onto her brother's magnificent manhood. It bored into the depths of her sexual being and both wailed in unison as their virginities were lost.

Both froze within the ecstatic moment. Daniel couldn't believe the sensations that his erection was giving him as it lay deep within the warm, moist confines of his sister's clenching vaginal sheath. Lisa was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure with a feeling of ecstatic fullness that she could never of imagined. Her enhanced vaginal sheath was rippling with spasms of joy.

She looked up at Daniel and whispered,

"Oh God Daniel..."

Daniel slowly pulled back. Lisa mewed as her vagina flexed around the slick withdrawal. Daniel stopped with the head of his manhood just within her vaginal opening. Lisa's inner lips kissed it lovingly and then Daniel sank slowly back in and Lisa moaned and gurgled in ecstasy. Daniel repeated his slow stroking lunges in and out of Lisa's milking passage and he flexed gently, expanding his hardness causing Lisa to roll her eyes as ecstatic sensations exploded across her loins and flooded into her mind.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Daniel's erection had never felt such exquisite pressure or joy. His body went into automatic and he began deep thrusting into Lisa's clenching wet vagina. Lisa matched his thrusts and the room echoed with moans and wails of mutual ecstasy. Lisa's orgasm began as a series of ecstatic spasms deep within her womanhood. It spread outward into the swollen folds of her labia, onto her enraged clitoris and then swept upward into the tips of her bullet-like nipples.


She rotated her hips from side to side around the engorged, thrusting hardness and her hips bucked and thrashed as Daniel relentlessly stroked into her sexual being. He moaned with an intense need to ejaculate but the conditioning of his body was keeping his orgasm in check. The motions of Lisa's body became faster by the second and the tempo of her counter thrusts up against him more urgent. The juices of her milking vagina were spewing outward past Daniel's thick erection and the wet sucking sounds of his plunging shaft could be heard around the theater. Suddenly Lisa's hips arched upward and froze. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and began a frantic milking action around Daniel's straining erection. The hold on Daniel's orgasm was released. Lisa squealed loudly as her body began orgasming for the first time in her life.


Daniel began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from Lisa's orgasms, withdrawing the swollen head until just the thick gland was inside the hot, slick opening and then thrusting forward until his heavy, bloated balls were pressing tightly against the wide split of her buttocks. Lisa groaned helplessly, her body twitched and shook as the Daniel thrust into her spasming vaginal sheath again and again and again.

"Ohhh ... Goddd ... Daniel ... Ahhhhhhh..."

Lisa's legs snaked around his lower back and she thrust her hips up hard to impale herself impossibly deep on his lunging shaft. Her body began to match his pounding strokes with her own rhythmic counter thrusts. Daniel could feel his raging erection jump and throb. The sensitive gland twitched with a sense of urgency as Lisa's vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed around his enflamed member. He gasped and panted as he felt the ecstatic pressure of his orgasm building and his sense of urgency became a sense of desperation. Daniel's whole body went on hold as his hot thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and surged its way up his quivering shaft. He wailed as the liquid joy swirled around the thick, straining gland then spewed outward into Lisa's convulsing womnhood.


Suddenly Lisa felt the most ecstatic sensation that she had ever felt in her life. An exquisite pressure of liquid joy flooded into her cervix. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy as Daniel's thick flooded into her body.

"ohhhhh ... Sweet Jesus ... Daniel..."

Lisa's mind and body exploded with ecstasy. Her legs shot out into a wide 'V' and kicked franticly in the air. Daniel's jerking and throbbing erection continued to jettison its ejaculant and she could feel the delicious essence spewing into her enflamed sex. Her spasming vaginal sheath clasped tightly around it spilling her own thick juices into the already flooded passage.

Lisa's mind reeled with the ecstatic sensations and never wanted it to end.

She abandoned all body control and reached frantically between their bodies with both hands and began to massage her young Lover's huge swaying balls. Her cycling legs shot outward and froze, white flashes of orgasmic light saturated her mind and eyes. Her wide open eyes saw nothing but orgasmic explosions and her mouth opened but no sound was heard.

Suddenly, the silence was broken and everyone heard her her orgasmic wail.


Lisa's sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. Her body continued to orgasm as Daniel continued to flex his spewing manhood.

Lisa slowly recovered to multiple aftershocks. She felt Daniel's erection still buried within her and wrapped her arms around him. They kissed and Lisa moaned into his mouth with fulfillment and satisfaction.


Daniel hunched up his hips and slowly his hardness slipped out of Lisa's vagina with a loud slurping sound. Streams of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed outward from the gapping opening onto the bed and Lisa moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body,


Daniel bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect nipples. His warm hand formed onto the folds of her swollen, slick labia. She groaned and pushed upward against it.

Dianne had the two young lovers get up from the bed and stand facing the Ceremonial witnesses. Their bodies glistened with their orgasmic juices. Jessie and Joanne smiled at their young 'graduates' and the assistant led Daniel and Lisa to the theater's shower.

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