Mother's Double
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A mother wants her daughter trained to be a submissive slut; but the death of her husband interrupted his work and the daughter became rebellious. Now turning to someone she has enjoyed reading about leads to new experiences.

Nancy William's, was a widow for 4 years; her daughter Elizabeth, better known as Liz was single; but the main thing the two women shared was a reckless nature. In all her 48 years Nancy had never accepted orders with grace and usually rebelled when given them. Likewise Liz also rebelled against authority and in particular against being ordered around; this became a problem more so when Liz reached 18 years of age. For now she even rebelled against her own mother.

So it was that Nancy contacted me via email because she had learnt of my success in training other wayward women and usually brought them under control and making them more submissive. Of course Nancy never informed me of her wayward nature instead she informed me of her daughter's mean stubborn streak. In her first email she explained that she had a troublesome daughter who needed something of a very firm hand to change her ways.

After several emails between Nancy and myself; it was decided to meet up and discuss the situation further. We met at a café in the middle of the afternoon and I instantly recognised Nancy from the picture she had sent me, although I would have spotted her anyway from her physical description. She was five foot four with dyed blonde hair and what appeared to be an oversized bust for her slim figure. We chatted about some of the things Liz had done and more importantly about how she had been when her father had been alive. I soon saw facets of Nancy which told me a lot more than her words were telling me. Jack her husband had been the alpha figure in their marriage and now Nancy lacked a direction in her life.

Sensing the need in her to be dominated again; I took a calculated chance and simply said to her, "You will now go to the toilets and remove your bra and panties and bring them back in your hand under full view! Once back here you will offer them to me and wait to be told to sit down!" Nancy's eyes widened and she was about to say something when the look on my face told her that to do so would not be in her best interest.

Slowly she stood up and scurried off towards the toilets; the exit to the café was now closer to her then the toilets were and I saw for a split second her contemplating heading towards the exit door; she glanced back in my direction and my steely face reaffirmed it was her choice; obey or flee. Without another thought she turned towards the toilets and sped off to the ladies. Five long drawn out minutes later; she reappeared from the toilets and walking slowly she approached my table. Clearly visible in her hand was her panties but no bra. Handing me the panties she stood waiting to be told to sit down; "where is your bra, slut?" I demanded.

With a shaky voice she whispered; I am not wearing one!

Waiting for what seemed an eternity: I waited ten minutes before I slid my hand over to her and slowly up the inside of her left thigh; Nancy trembled and almost pulled away but manage to resist doing so. Soon my fingers touched her hairy cunt lips and I was not surprised to find her cunt already wet and open eager for my fingers to explore. I withdrew my hand and told her to sit down. Slowly picking up her panties I brought them to my nose and breathed in. "Aagh the sweet scent of a horny cunt!" I gasped. In the corner of my eye I saw the waitress watching; I smiled in her direction and then calling her over I held out the panties and simply said Smell!

The waitress shook her head and backed away; So Nancy and I rose; paid the bill and left. As we walked along the street I slipped my arm inside her arm and nudged the side of her right breast; it felt soft and confirmed that she was indeed not wearing a bra. We walked along the street and into a public park where we found an empty bench. Sitting down close to each other she told me of Liz's latest rebellious activities and answered truthfully as far as I could tell each of the questions I put to her.

I asked; what makes you think that Liz could be brought to heel like so badly taught dog? She answered, when her father was alive he had only to look at her in a certain way and she instantly obeyed his every word! I then surprised her by asking; and did you react the same way to those stern looks and influences? Nancy looked at the ground in silence and I noticed a very slight nod of the head. "Back at the café; when I told you to go to the ladies and remove your panties; how did it make you feel?" I continued. Even before that; I realised as I travelled to meet you that my own feelings would resurface again, feelings I thought I would never feel again after Joe passed away, and as I entered he street where the café is my legs began to tremble; just as they did when Joe used to tell me a hour before hand he was going to make me do something exciting. I swear I could hear my cunt bubbling away as we talked and my heart nearly stopped when you told me to go remove my panties and I just knew I had to show them as I returned to our table. I could not believe it when you showed them to the waitress and must confess; I was a little disappointed when she declined to smell them too.

It took all my self control to walk slowly back to the table with the wet panties hanging from my hand; realising that everyone could see them and the risk that someone there could actually know me made it even more electric. I swear that if you had ordered me to go back to the toilet and then walk back to the table wearing the panties on my head; I would have done it and not only that but I swear I would have had an orgasm before I reached the table. All the time she was telling me this; her eyes never left the same spot on the ground and she deliberately avoided my attempts to make eye contact.

It was my turn to speak now as she sat silently waiting for my comments; Nancy, You have a hairy cunt and I don't like that; tonight you will shave your cunt three times to make sure it is as soft as a baby's bum and I should tell you right now I have accepted your challenge to train your bitch of a daughter and furthermore you will assist me in any way that I see fit! Do you understand? I stressed almost in a whisper. Without hesitation Nancy nodded her head but still would not look me in the eye. Nancy, look at me! I demanded.

Now she slowly raised her face and in turning to face me; I saw the tears welling up in her eyes. What are you crying for? I enquired. She now smiled and explained that for a split second she was scared I would reject her as being unworthy of my time. We quickly agreed to meet again tomorrow night at the address I gave her and this time she was to bring Liz along with her. I then reminded her to shave her cunt and not to wear a bra or panties.

She quietly asked; how can I get Liz to abide by those rules?

You do not tell her the rules, leave that to me. I want her to turn up in her normal dress sense and I will deal with it when we meet again! I reassured her.

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