Your Guardian Angel
Prologue: When I See Your Smile

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Sex Story: Prologue: When I See Your Smile - A teenage boy. A lamp. A genie.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Harem   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

The girl and I stared at each other. As beautiful as she might be, sharks would envy the sharpness of her teeth. I studied her, like I had a thousand times since I met her at the beginning of summer. I marveled at the vivid green eyes. Her skin tone was the beautiful brown of a winemaker's favorite oak barrel. The girl's black hair flowed in waves to the small of her back. She narrowed her eyes, knowing the time had come.

"What are your wishes, Master?" she whispered. Venom dripped from each syllable.

The hate in her voice and being a late bloomer had saved my life, or at least my sanity. When we met, the girl's lush body did not tempt me as she intended. I biologically matured over the summer of our acquaintance; by the time my body learned to want her, my mind wanted only to run as far as away from her as I could.

There were rules to making wishes: I could not undo what had been done, I could not create, I could not ... I could not ... I could not ... I could not avoid my fate.

I could not avoid my fate!

The girl was smarter.

The girl had years of experience.

The girl hated me.

The girl fully intended to harm me with my words.

"I wish to be lucky," I said. The girl smiled so widely I could see all her teeth. "I wish to be healthy."

The girl closed her eyes, savoring the victory that the openness of my words gave her. I leaned forward and waited for the girl to look at me once more.

"I wish for the Genie Allysandre to be born human again, to live as long as I do, and for her life to be so full and happy that when I die and she is returned to her prison, the memories of this new life comfort her far, FAR, more than the pain caused by the memories of her first life and her previous Masters."

Her green eyes widened.

"MASTER!" she screamed as her body began to glow with a bright light.

"Maybe we were friends," I whispered to Allysandre. For the first time, she spoke the title without contempt. The light from Allysandre blinded me. I felt hot tears flowing down my face. I wanted to avoid the fate Allysandre would cast on me for the crime of finding her lamp; more than that though, I wanted to give a different life to one child who lost their mother as I had.

I blinked as the afterimage of Allysandre faded. I looked around my bedroom -- everything was as neat and ordered as my mother made it on the day she died. Allysandre fought to keep her secrets, but she could not hide the reflection of my pain when I spoke to her about my mother's death and what came afterward. I was not naive enough to think I suffered anything near what Allysandre did, but we had some things in common.

I shook my head. "The gift is given, Michael Jones. Whatever she did, she did! I'm too fucking young for this shit anyway."

I found Allysandre's lamp after turning fourteen years old. A summer of terror followed, culminating in sending Allysandre away with my third wish.

A light from outside the window caught my attention. I rolled my chair over and looked out -- someone was moving in next door. I jerked back when the petite, blonde woman's study of the area made it around to my window. A few seconds later, I looked outside again. She was bending over, reaching for something on the passenger seat of her car.

Nice, tight, small ass!

I sighed and dropped my head, guessing Allysandre's bad intentions had not been turned by my gift. My house was one of the few in the neighborhood without a pool. As if getting to see my neighbor, Mrs. Marie, in her bikini every day of the summer wasn't frustrating enough, I now had another blonde with a completely different but still sexy body moving in on the other side. My dick hardened at the thought of seeing my new neighbor's tight ass in a bikini. At least, Allysandre accustomed me to ice-cold showers.

"See, I'm already lucky!" I said with a snort.

I stood up and went to my closet. My father was finally bringing his girlfriend to meet me. Since my mother's death, he spent most weeks away on business. A small part of me hoped the 'new' woman in his life meant he would spend more time with me, but a larger part knew better. My first two wishes gave Allysandre plenty of room to do me harm; she knew that in many ways my father abandoning me hurt more than my mom's death.

I froze and turned to look at Allysandre's lamp. I threw my head and laughed.

"Bitch, if you make me into some male version of Cinderella without the happy fucking ending, I will find a way to get even," I told the lamp. "Fuck you, if there's a prince in the story too!"

I laughed again before opening my closet.

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