Frosh Week at Hayes High School
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ninth graders undergo humiliating high school initiation for a week.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism  

It was my first week at Rutherford B. Hayes High School and already I was getting the shivers. As a 14 year old boy, a grade nine freshman, I felt intimidated by the upper grade kids some of whom were 18 years old. They were tall, strong and more physically and sexually, mature than I. Even though all the kids in grade nine in our district had reached the age of 14, some were further along in puberty and others. I was an early developer, but even I felt weak and vulnerable hearing about Frosh Week when 'ninny-niners' were put through Hell Week by 12th grade boys and girls.

Frosh Week would begin next Monday but already I had heard rumours from sophomore guys. All week the upper grade kids had been warning, teasing and gloating about what we would suffer. Maybe they were just trying to spook us, but maybe they were relishing the thought of our torment and humiliation just like they had to suffer last year.

It was Friday and at the end of the school day there would be an assembly of all freshmen with seniors from the student council and the principal on stage to read us our rights and responsibilities. I'd find out then.

Three o'clock could not come too soon for me. The anxiety and uncertainty were torture enough. Girls as well as boys from the upper grades had been picking on us freshmen all week with taunts and sneering, snickering remarks about how we were fresh meat, not fresh men, and how they were all going to enjoy our shame, humiliation the likes of which we could not imagine.

Some juniors left notes along the hallway where the freshmen lockers were. Notes saying things like, " This school is called Haze High for a reason " and " Get ready to be EM-BARE-ASSED " and " Your lockers are where your clothes go ... bye-bye " and " Being a freshmen sucks ... literally!"

A lot of niners shrugged it off as just bluffing and sophomoric bravado. But many of us were as scared as I was. I even pissed my pants in fear. If that wasn't humiliating enough, one of the senior girls was there when that happened and noticed the growing wet spot coming through at the crotch of my jeans. She smiled and then grinned and winked, but said nothing.

At lunch time, I heard other seniors teasing some of the grade nine girls. One guy went up to a table where these six young girls were having soup and ordered them to stand, which they all did. Then he shouted out, ' STRIP NAKED RIGHT NOW! ' The girls' mouths opened wide in disbelief and they were clearly shaking, but an upper class senior girl walked up and, in a sweet, quiet voice, assured them it was okay, they didn't have to strip. The younger girls were relieved and started to laugh until the senior girl turned around and said to her classmate, " Harry, you know you can't give freshmen orders until Monday. " Then the senior pair walked away laughing leaving us all wondering if it was a joke or not.

Three o'clock came and 45 freshmen found seats in the gym as we faced the stage where four senior student executives and the principal sat. A podium was centre stage. Student Chairs were filled by two boys and two girls who, later I learned, were President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary of the Student Council. Much to my embarrassment, one of the girls on stage was the very senior who had seen me pee my pants. One of the guys up there was Harry who had earlier (jokingly?) ordered six freshmen girls to strip in the cafeteria. As the hall quietened, the principal, Les Dewitt, approached the mic and greeted us:

"Boys and girls of grade nine, welcome to Hayes High" ( smirks on the faces of the seniors on the stage, a nervous giggle from us in the audience ) Ignoring the reaction, Dewitt continued:

"Frosh Week starts Monday next and I want you to be prepared and assured of the rules and the limits of this fine high school tradition. Each of you will be subject to an initiation regimen which will include humourous and humiliating antics carried out by senior students but seen by the entire student body. These rites of passage will include paddling, getting pantsed, and other playful activities. All freshmen will participate but not all at once nor doing the same things. That would take all the fun out of it. But each and every one of you will adhere to common rules of submission, discipline and dress code each and every day next week but some of you will be singled out and be made to do more humiliating things on specific days. Don't worry, you all get your turn in the spotlight of shame ... your day will come."

"For instance, a dozen of you, both freshboys and freshgirls, will receive notes in your lockers Monday morning, telling you of your specific dress code for the day ... actually, it will be more of an un-dress code ... just to give you a hint, those selected Monday will be leaving all clothing except underwear in their lockers for the day ... girls may wear only bras, panties and socks; boys just underpants and socks. Only those clothes ( or less ) may be worn to class, gym, field sports etc. ALL DAY. But that's not to say each of these freshkids will not be subject to, shall we say ... wardrobe adjustments that day, because some of them will."

( Blushes and nervous giggling in the audience again )

In fact, I can guarantee that some senior will find such a freshman has offended in some way and must pay the price of a bare-ass OTK spanking. In which case, it is quite possible the offender's underpants or panties may get misplaced ... Perhaps never to be seen again." (Very nervous laughter now ) " But rest assured, fresh boys and girls, while that offender will indeed spend the rest of the day bare-bottomed ( or even buck naked ) he or she will go home with something to wear ... a towel, perhaps.

"Or maybe just a face cloth," piped in one of the senior girls on the panel.

"While on the grounds of Hayes High," the principal continued, " You will be subject to Hazing rules. But not total nudity outside school property, decency laws must prevail. Be assured your humiliation has its limits and we are going to test them. Which brings me to the last bit of information for you all to think about this weekend as you prepare for the week ahead." Principal Dewitt paused for effect.

"You are not freshmen ... you are ninny-niners, not mature like a student is the upper grades. That's why you are called fresh boys and fresh girls. During Frosh Week you will behave appropriately. Miss Wanda Desrobia, our student council president, will now address the meeting and fill you in on all the rules."

With that, Principal Dewitt turned and left the stage and walked to the back of the gym where he remained while Wanda took over the mic and continued the assembly session. At the time I thought it an interesting strategic move on Dewitt's part; he maintained authority over us at one end of the hall while legitimizing the senior student body's control over us at the front of the hall. We were between a rock and a hard place. Wanda, who had seen me wet myself, smiled at the assembled niners and, to me, it seemed she was smirking right at me.

"Freshkids, you must live up to that name this coming week and, on command from your elders, prove it. Therefore, take note of these rules and prepare yourselves for Frosh Week, aka Hell week.

1) Kids your age must not display a maturity beyond their status. So, by Monday morning you will have removed all signs of puberty. That is, no body hair. Shave or wax off all hair from legs, arms, armpits and especially pubic hair. Keep yourselves looking young all week.

2) Further to looking and acting pre-pubescent, boys are not to display erections; girls are not to promote vaginal excretions ... on their own. Not only no masturbating for the week, also no spontaneous sexual arousal. Displays of sexual pleasure on your parts will only be tolerated when brought on by the actions of seniors who will have full access to your private parts. But unauthorized genital excitement will mean immediate punishment.

3) At any time a senior may demand to see if you are complying with the above rules. Any of you may, without warning, be stripped naked in the hall or classroom to prove your submission.

4) Little kids need to learn discipline from their elders. So at any time a senior may administer punishment through public spanking or flogging. All such discipline will be done on bared bottoms.

5) As Principal Dewitt noted, each day 12 freshkids ( six boys and six girls ) will be given special orders that go beyond the aforementioned rules. These special frosh will adhere to different dress codes as their day and instructions allow. Each day 12 fresh kids will be picked on in a most humiliating way. Each and every one of you will suffer this at least one day next week.

6) There are 45 of you niners but five days times twelve special frosh, you do the math; that's 60 special humiliations. How can that be? Simple, a few of you will be made to suffer extra special humiliation and dress codes EVERY DAY next week.

7) You will each endure sexual humiliation BUT no actual sexual penetration. No vaginal and no anal sex. Physical touching and arousal will be permitted ... including oral stimulation.

"So, niners, that concludes the Assembly Information Session," said Principal Dewitt from the back of the hall. " Go home now and prepare for the week. I would like to add one thing: not only will you need to keep your bodies free of hair, you will also have to make sure you are clean all over. Humiliation is one thing and disgusting grooming is another. So be sure to clean out and scrub every nook and cranny when you have your morning showers. Girls especially are urged to have clean nooks. Speaking of which, those girls who will be having their periods any time next week are, of course, allowed to wear sanitary napkins and change them at need. But this will not excuse them from being stripped on command. Have a good weekend. And check your lockers first thing Monday to find out if it's your turn for Special Frosh orders."

And with that, a stunned grade nine audience rose and filed out. Most of us were blushing, many girls giggling, eyes raised to the ceiling in horror or disbelief. For my part, while my cheeks were red from blushing, under my jeans my cock was rock hard and my underpants were wet again, but this time not from urine.

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