Béla Book 6b: from 'Jurassic" to 'Dream'
Chapter 2

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Necrophilia, Exhibitionism, Body Modification, Violent, Nudism,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - This story begins just after Jurassic B&B-well, it continues from the end of that story, then continues well into 'Time Enough to Dream', several scenes occurring alongside both stories, though each can be read independently. After I posted 'B&B' on FemmeGore, a couple of Femmegore girls posted, 'Hey! What about me?' The scenes in this story answer that, though I never posted this, so their question was never answered. Contains several scenes of female butchery, so-not for the squeemish!

“This is the biggest shindig since the last royal wedding,” Frank laughed, stuffing a crispy pastry into his mouth.

“I thought you didn’t want to come,” Tanya jibed him. “Stuffy courtly stuff and all that.”

“To quote the younger of the two evil step-sisters,” Frank grinned, talking with his mouth still half full, “I’m only here for the food!”

Hearing the distant crack of gunfire, Tanya said, “I’m going over to the shooting range to see if they need any more girls,” ignoring his little joke. “Don’t eat too much.”

“Ha,” Frank replied, intending to stuff himself until he couldn’t walk. “Have fun getting gunned down.”

Tanya grinned, then raised the hem of her silvery slip-on, displaying her swaying, bare butt to him as she sauntered away. She let her hem fall back again after hearing a few wolf whistles aimed in her direction, then waved her fingers in the direction of the catcalls without looking over in the direction of her admirers, letting anyone watching know she enjoyed the attention, but didn’t care who her admirers might be.

Tia and Tara were already at the shooting range, and several men were lined up, armed with hunting rifles. Tanya knew what would be happening soon – after watching a few Phoenix girls getting gunned down and raped, the general orgy would begin. She wondered briefly how Cherrill would comport herself when confronted with gang rape by all the men who’d want her, then realized she didn’t know the girl well enough to take a decent guess. Cherrill was a Phoenix wanna-be, so she obviously had a powerful sex drive. Hopefully, that would see her through the gauntlet to being bedded by her new husband.

“Right tit,” a shooter called, sounding like he was calling a pocket in a game of pool. He raised his rifle and fired at the naked female standing barely twenty feet away.

Tia staggered back, a bright bloom of dark red exploding from her nipple.

“Left tit,” the shooter called and fired again.

Now Tia had two matching blossoms where both her nipples used to be. Rivers of blood ran down her torso from each bullet hole. Her breathing was ragged and she forced her breath to become more shallow as she privately cleansed and regenerated her lungs with Phoenix fire. She didn’t want anyone to know she was regenerating inside, as most men considered that a form of cheating. A Phoenix girl should stay wounded until her shooter could finish her off. If she regenerated in the middle of a hunt, it was possible she might escape being gunned down and raped as she died. But a Phoenix girl learned early how to clear her lungs, simply because it was more comfortable than coughing up blood with every breath she took after being tit-shot.

“Bellybutton,” Tanya heard the call, then watched Tia bend forward from the punch of a bullet piercing her belly.

“Call it,” a judge hollered out, wanting Tia to straighten up so he could see the accuracy of the shot.

Her twin, Tara, moved forward and let Tia rest one arm on her shoulder to help the wounded girl stand upright with that ugly hole in her belly. “Right in the navel,” Tara yelled back to the eager group.

“Cunt!” the shooter growled, and fired again, not waiting for Tia to straighten up further for a clearer shot. He could see his target between the bleeding girl’s legs and he didn’t have any trouble putting a bullet in it.

Tia yelped, then staggered back a few steps. Falling to her knees, she grabbed herself between her legs, whimpering. “Jeez!” Tara exclaimed. “You shot her clit off!”

“Okay, she’s down! Take your prize!” the judge hollered and the shooter moved forward, unfastening his pants to claim his prize. “Next!”

Another shooter stepped forward, centering on Tara this time, as Tia was currently getting fucked by her shooter. Four gunshots later, Tara knelt in the sand, holding her perforated cunt where the last bullet had shattered her pelvic bone. She hadn’t been able to stay on her feet either, so her shooter would get to fuck her, too.

By now, Tia’s rapist was finished with her, so another girl wiped her clean with a wet rag from a bucket of water, quickly washing the blood smears and cum away, then helped the Phoenix to her feet, cleaned off and ready for another round. Another shooter stepped forward, aiming his rifle.

“God! Are they gonna do that all afternoon?” Tanya asked a bystander, already so horny from the aroused excitement Tia and Tara were broadcasting that she could barely stand still.

“Yep!” said the stranger, “Lessen some girl or goddess volunteers to help with the work load, ya know what I mean?” Then, noticing the voluptuousness attached to the voice that had spoken, added, “You’d be a prime target for these guys if you were interested. You a Phoenix? You don’ look like no Goddess – well, you do, but most Goddesses ain’t built quite like you.”

Tanya grinned and said, “Yes, actually I’m a Phoenix. A bit new, but...”

“If you get out there,” the man grinned, interrupting her, “I’d be honored to shoot at those mammoth honkers o’ yours.”

“Okay,” Tanya agreed, her eager grin widening as the farmer considered his amazing luck. If he could bring a Phoenix to her knees, according to the rules, he’d get to fuck her. And this incredibly beautiful blonde with this amazing rack just agreed to let him try. ‘The look of adoration in his eyes is worth getting shot for, ‘ she decided. And after watching Tia and Tara get gunned down and raped, she badly needed something hard between her legs.

A moment later, the middle-aged, though still sturdy, farmer had his rifle, and Tanya was standing in a separate space from where Tia and Tara were being targeted and raped. Several men were gathering, goggle-eyed at the new target and they wanted a chance at her.

“No rules,” Tanya called out. “Just bring me down and you can have me.”

“How many shots?” the man wanted to know, as the twins had limited each shooter to four shots, one to each specific area of their bodies.

“How many does your rifle hold?” Tanya asked as she backed away a couple of dozen feet from where the group had gathered.

“Ten,” the farmer called back.

Tanya raised her eyebrows in mock surprise, then grinned. “Good luck, then, mister.”

“Augustus,” he replied. “My name is Augustus.” He could tell this Tanya girl was new – no experienced Phoenix would say, ‘Okay, just blast away ‘til I fall over, then you can fuck me!’ and he wanted to make sure she knew who took her down in what was obviously her very first public shoot.

“Augustus, then,” she smiled at him. “I’m ready, Augustus.” She raised her arms out to her sides and jutted her breasts forward, anxious to have them penetrated, so aroused that her pussy was already starting to leak.

The man raised his rifle and began firing. The first two shots exploded into Tanya’s magnificent right tit, then he sent two shots into her left one. Tanya staggered back, the sensations of destruction raging through her body and straight down to her cunt. The next shot took her in the upper belly, above her navel. The next exploded right in her navel, nearly toppling her as she orgasmed.

Managing to stay upright, but spitting blood out of her mouth from her perforated lungs, Tanya forced herself to straighten up, even managing to bend backward and expose her lower belly to her shooter. She directed her Phoenix fire into her lungs so she could still breathe, but let the rest of her wounds bleed. It wouldn’t do to be caught cheating – using her special powers to prevent a shooter from claiming his prize by healing faster than he could gun her down. ‘Six to go, ‘ she thought. ‘I’ll never make it!’

The next three shots formed a perfect diamond with the hole in her navel; one just on the inside of each hip, and the third exploding through her cunt, entering from the front, just above her clit. Tanya was shaking. Her killer wouldn’t need to fire again; she was ready to fall over, now.

The ninth shot struck her in the left leg, just above her knee. Tanya went down, stumbling and rolling. The tenth shot went right up her ass; a perfect hit, even though she was still rolling.

Augustus approached, tossing down his rifle and unfastening his belt. He leered at Tanya as she lay on the ground with both hands between her legs, one hand stimulating her pussy, one hand pressing against the agony in her asshole.

Looking up, she gasped, “I should have ... speci ... specified ... torso only.”

Augustus grinned down at her as his trousers dropped around his boots and shook his head; “Live and learn, girlie – Only way to bring down a prize like you is to shoot your legs out from under you. I realized that when those belly shots didn’t do the job.”

“Cheater,” Tanya gasped, grinning as he pushed her back down into the sand.

“Victor,” Augustus corrected her with a wicked grin as he shoved his cock into her bleeding pussy.

Using his hands, he explored all the holes he’d created, jabbing his fingers into her wounds in time with his forward motions into her cunt. Tanya gasped with each violation, her body shaking in agonizing, orgasmic glory.

In a moment, her breast wounds were nearly closed, and Augustus couldn’t get his fingers in where he’d ruined her nipples anymore. Her freshly regenerated nipples prevented him. “Yer more than just a Phoenix, girlie. A Phoenix can’t heal like that...” Gouging his thumbs into the wounds near her hips, he sent new waves of agony through Tanya’s body, causing her to writhe violently as she came again.

Her back arced to expose her wounded belly to her predator, her eyes closed in complete acceptance of the sensations raging through her, Tanya squirmed her butt in the sand, craving more of the sensations as Augustus’ cock slid in and out of her pussy and ass hole. The thin membrane separating them had been shot away with that last bullet, leaving exposed, sensitive nerves to be savaged by his cock as he shoved in and out of the gory mess between her legs.

“Your cunt’s not tight enough, whatever you are,” Augustus growled, looking down at the bloodied torso he was savaging. He could easily see the problem: the hole in Tanya’s pelvis was affecting her ability to use her cunt muscles.

He grinned as he suddenly got an idea. Pulling Tanya up by the knees so that her bloody ass was off the ground, he changed the direction of his thrusting. Tanya shrieked as Augustus’ cock suddenly rammed through her half-healed pelvis, freshly tearing the thin membranes that had begun to close over the wound.

She looked down at her body, amazed to see the head of his cock shoving up through the wound from inside her pussy.

“Ah! That’s more like it, cunt!” Augustus grunted. “A lot tighter and a lot more muscle movement. You gonna die on me soon?”

“Not ... planning on it...” Tanya grunted, trembling as she channeled these volatile sensations into that special triangle formed by her nips and her clit, to stimulate her into yet another mind-bending orgasm. Less than a minute later, Augustus sent several spurts of cum right through her wound and high in the air over Tanya’s torso. Some splatted onto her face; the rest onto her breastbone and belly.

With a panting growl of satisfaction, Augustus smeared his cum against her filthy, bloody flesh, mixing his cum with the blood and dirt that she’d accumulated when she rolled over.

“God, you’re a hot slag,” he told her, causing her to wince again as he pulled out of the double holes in her cunt.

“Glad you ... like...” Tanya gasped, sensual ragings still causing her body to shudder.

“Kind of wish you died, though, so I could fuck your dead cunt before you flamed. Too bad you heal like one o’ them Goddesses. We could’a had more fun.”

“Gods, Augie,” a man said, dropping down to his knees next to the fallen blonde. “You make a friggin’ mess, don’t ya? I’ll hav’ta clean ‘er up a bit before I can fuck her.”

“Have to ... shoot me down ... first,” Tanya tried to argue, her exhausted body still firing orgasms through her wounded cunt.

“Sorry, lady,” the second man leered down at her naked, bloody torso. “No gun; just this.”

Tanya looked up, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw the shiny blade in his hands – an instant before he buried it in her belly.

“Aaaahhh!” Tanya yelped, then gasped and shuddered with a new series of orgasms.

“What happened to ‘cleanin ‘er up’ first?” Augie asked.

“I ain’t gonna fuck ‘er where you did. Ya hav’ta learn ‘bout what these girls like,” the new man explained to Augustus. “I’ve heard the blonde, here, she likes knives. Can’t resist ‘em! Watch!”

Savagely, he pulled the knife out and jabbed it down again, right next to the freshly bleeding hole he’d just created. While Tanya writhed, helpless on the ground, the second man shook his trousers down past his boots and off. Augustus was on his feet, now, cleaning himself off with the rag from the bucket, but watching the activity avidly.

“She even likes it when you create a new cunt in her body,” the man added, savagely pulling the knife out of her second new wound and jabbing it into her side, just below her ribs.

“This is called, Liver fuckin’,” he exclaimed, snarling as he pulled the knife out, only to replace the sharp, blood-soaked blade with his cock. Ramming his cock in hard under her ribs, he began fucking the blood-soaked blonde with almost rabbit speed, causing Tanya to voice a constant moan, almost like an old gasoline motor that didn’t want to start in cold weather. “Like that, do ya, cunt?” the new man exclaimed, glaring down at her.

Tanya turned her head and gazed at the angry man who filled her body with such wonderful agony. She watched, eager for more as he raised the blade in his hand once again. Her Phoenix fire, still hidden in the center of her chest, was now keeping her arteries and veins from gushing blood out from the myriad wounds she was receiving. She knew she’d bleed to death in a few minutes anyway, but she wanted to get as many orgasms from this butchery as she could.

“How ‘bout this?” he exclaimed, and brought the blade down to pierce her blood-muddy, half-healed belly.

Tanya grunted, then shook as yet another orgasm swept through her. As much as she was enjoying his savagery, she couldn’t help but notice that he seemed to seriously dislike her. “D ... I know ... you?” she gasped, her body still shuddering uncontrollably.

“I don’t know, witch,” the man exclaimed, snarling, then stabbed his knife into her belly a fourth, then a fifth, time. “Do you?

“Do! You! Know! Me! Witch?” he exclaimed, stabbing a fresh wound into her belly with every word. Then he stabbed his knife deeply into her left breast and twisted the handle, causing Tanya to cry out anew at the unexpected rage of sensations flooding her body. It was obvious he was trying for her heart, but her boobs were simply too large for the knife to penetrate past her ribs. ‘Fuckin’ cunt! Should’a gone through her breastbone!’ and he twisted the blade again to loosen its grip on her tit flesh, intending to do exactly that.

Tanya couldn’t stop cumming; couldn’t stop writhing in the sand. Even in the midst of all this mind-numbing, savaging sensuality, a face suddenly appeared in her mind. The man snarling down at her as he twisted the blade in her breast looked much older now; more grizzled, but she clearly recognized him.

“Ah, you do remember,” the stranger said, his face softening into an evil pleasantness that started her heart pounding again. “You killed all my friends – my comrades.”

“You...” Tanya gasped, “declared war on us. Tried to ... annil ... annihilate us...”

“We were protecting our own,” he declared. “From you, witch!”

“It was your ... truck,” Tanya gasped as she arced up into the agonizingly beautiful pain in her breast. “Your ... bomb ... You ... did it ... to yoursel ... Aahhh!” She cried out as the blade was suddenly pulled out of her left breast and plunged into her right. “Yes! Stab me! Kill me!”

“I intend to, witch,” he murmured, looking almost pleased with himself. “I bet you’re wondering how I got here...”

Tanya didn’t reply, instead tried to quiet herself down enough so that her murderer realized she was waiting; listening. She shook again, but managed to hold her breath and keep from crying out as her orgasm swept from her freshly mangled breasts, down to her cunt and back up again.

“I don’t really understand it, myself,” he began, completely willing to talk to the wicked witch now that he had her helpless beneath his knife. “I was near the cave entrance when the bombs began to fall. That weird force field sealing the entrance disappeared and I was sucked inside when a bomb went off right over the mountain. Then I was swept up and dropped in the middle of a crowd of frightened, smelly people. I somehow got transported to your spaceship. It was easy to hide in the middle of that filthy, frightened mob.

“Once I realized I’d never see Earth, again, I began to make my plans,” he continued. “I couldn’t get to you on the spaceship – you were always surrounded by too many others. Once we got here, I went down with a group and pretended to take up farming – not like I didn’t already know how to do that. Then I was going to visit you in the past, in your special prehistoric lodge, but the waiting list to get there is years long. I was lucky to see you today – lucky to watch your willing sacrifice to Augustus – lucky to catch you so helpless.

“I wonder,” he added. “Would you die if I filleted you from your cunt to your ribs? Is there a limit to how much blood you can lose and still live?”

Tanya realized this evil man intended to find out. She wished she could broadcast telepathically, like the goddesses, and maybe call for help. It wasn’t likely that she could expect much help from the half dozen men standing around, stroking their cocks while waiting for their turn – almost like they were mesmerized by what this evil man was telling them about her likes and dislikes as he jabbed his hunting knife in and out of her, creating all those wonderful holes for them to fuck. Since she didn’t appear to be dying from her horrendous wounds, they obviously thought she was a goddess – there for them to brutalize and/or rape as they saw fit, at least until he split her open...

Tanya wasn’t helpless, though. If she truly felt threatened, she could always teleport to safety. She also had some ability to move things, so that’s what she decided to do, starting with that wicked knife.

“Hey!” the man cried out as the knife disappeared from his raised fist.

“Sor ... sorry,” Tanya choked, barely able to speak, as her lungs were beginning to fill with blood again. Though she was constantly regenerating her lungs with Phoenix fire, there were too many wounds to handle without flaring her whole body.

Not having the knife in his hand didn’t stop him, however. He slammed his fist down into her belly, splashing blood everywhere.

“Hey, now,” Augustus yelled out, “that’s enough o’ that! Can’t have ya beatin’ the girl to a pulp, now,” and grabbed the ex-soldier by the scruff of his neck, pulling him up and off Tanya. His cock pulled out with a spray of black blood as it smacked against his belly. “Ye got no cause to be a’treatin’ ‘er like that!”

Holding the man up so that his feet dangled underneath him, Augustus settled him on his feet, still holding him with his fingers clenched around the back of his neck until he was balancing and standing upright.

Then Tia and Tara were there, both bloodied from their own gun play with the other group of men. Tia dropped to her knees and projected a stream of pale, blue fire to envelope the blood covered blonde coughing and gasping on the ground. Tara stepped in front of the man who had tried to kill Tanya and stared into his eyes.

“He’s a Confederate,” Tanya explained to the twins when she could talk again. “It was his people who bombed Solar City.”

Tara added as she foraged through the ex-confederate’s thoughts, “Huh. He came up with Tabatha’s group. She just scooped him up with twenty or thirty townspeople and teleported him up to the ship.”

“That’s the day we lost Lisa that first time, wasn’t it?” Tia asked, looking up from her healing efforts, offering a possible explanation as to why nobody noticed him in his uniform.

She felt Tara’s acknowledgment in her mind, then Tara added, “It was you guys and your nukes. You feel angry about Tanya and her girls stealing food from you, but they never killed anybody. And you nuked us!”

A second later, the ex-soldier was bathed in a suit of pure Phoenix fire. By the time he was able to shriek, every hair on his body was vaporized. Augustus jumped back and made no attempt to catch the flaming man as he fell backward, straight as a board, every muscle in his body frozen in fiery agony.

“You can’t kill him!” Tia yelled from her crouched position next to Tanya. “There’s too many witnesses!”

“Don’t fret, sis,” Tara smirked. “I’m just denuding him a bit ... checkin’ him for tics and such...”

Tia stood and stepped over beside her sister. The men standing around stared at the lovely, naked twins, ignoring the smoldering man lying in the grass at their feet. The other group, finally discovering where their targets had disappeared to, joined together with Tanya’s group, bringing the immediate male populace to fifteen horny guys, all armed, and with pretty much one thing on their perverted, collective minds.

Sitting up, Tanya caught the attention of the man nearest her and raised her hand toward him. Reaching down, the man willingly helped her up, unable to take his eyes off those magnificent, jiggly, blood-smeared breasts as she regained her feet.

Almost before Tanya could blink, the man had his pistol freed from the holster on his hip and had the barrel pressed against her left nipple. “Don’t you wanna kiss it goodbye first?” she gasped, her eyes wide with anticipation. She was definitely ready for more. The evil man with the knife obviously hadn’t fazed her. Not now that she had backup, anyway.

The man shook his head; “No, you kiss it.”

Tanya looked confused for a moment, then realized what he meant. Lifting her magnificent breast and pressing it upward, she kissed herself on the nipple, then licked it with her tongue.

Lowering her tit back down, she guided the end of the barrel up against the stiffened, wet bumpiness that kissing herself had caused her nipple to become, and took a deep breath, pressing herself harder against the cold, metal opening.

She smiled.

He pulled the trigger.

She screamed, her face and front instantly covered with fresh blood and gory tit flesh. She could hear her pierced lung rattle as she sucked in air for another scream, this time in orgasm rather than pain.

The men surrounding her seemed to take that first gunshot as permission to open fire on her, and Tanya found herself with a dozen fresh gunshot wounds, accompanied by the deafening sounds of close-up gunfire. She held her arms out away from her body as they continued to shoot her, gasping and cumming as she watched her tits jump and splatter with fresh bullet holes. Her breasts quickly lost their luscious shape and began resembling mangled, bloody meat.

“Damn,” Tia complained, “I just fixed that. Some people are really hard to help, you know?”

One bullet grazed her cheek, and Tanya lost her balance. She sat down hard on the ground, with at least twenty bullets in her, by now. As she fell backwards, the men found new, undamaged but tit spackled flesh for their shells, and began shooting holes into her stomach and lower belly.

Tanya lay on the ground, shaking with the impact of all the bullets, unable to stop cumming. She knew that, in a few more seconds, her cunt was going to become a target, and almost before she completed the thought, a bullet found its way into her pussy, just missing her clit.

She yowled and bucked her hips into the air, inviting a dozen more bullets into her pussy. When she collapsed down against the ground after that series of orgasms, she was dead.

“Fuck her now, quick,” somebody yelled, “before she flames back to life!”

Three men dropped down on their knees, one on each side of her and one between her legs, their cocks shoving into whatever hole they could make fit. There were plenty of choices; they’d shot her at least fifty times.

“Wow,” Tia exclaimed. “That was fantastic!” She had one hand between her legs, frigging herself excitedly.

“Here,” Tara called out. “Let me help with that.”

Tia looked over and saw that her twin had picked up one of the guns the three men fucking Tanya’s bloody corpse had dropped. Tia dropped down to the ground and lifted her hips even while Tara was shoving the rifle barrel up between her legs, burying the front end of the barrel several inches up inside her.

“Oh yeah!” Tia gasped as she clamped down on the cold metal cock. “Do it!”

Tara pulled the trigger and Tia yelped, bucking so hard she ripped the stock right out of her twin sister’s grasp. The muffled gunshot attracted the attention of several other men, however, and they, still armed and reloaded, quickly surrounded the young Phoenix. In a moment, Tia was lying on the ground, butchered and shot up like Tanya. Two men were fucking her in some of the holes they’d shot into her while she gasped and trembled in orgasm, dying like Tanya had moments earlier.

“That only leaves you, girlie,” one of the remaining four men said, interrupting Tara’s fingering of her clit while she stared at Tia’s death scene.

Tara laughed in excitement and pressed herself up against the barrels of two rifles pointed toward her and held them against her breasts. She felt another rifle pressing against her stomach, just below her ribs and looked around to see what the fourth man was doing.

She grinned as she saw him kneeling on the ground, setting the stock of his rifle against the dirt so that it pointed almost straight up, right at her pussy. She squatted down so that the end of the rifle was pressed up right between her legs.

“Okay,” she panted, trembling with excitement and on the edge of an orgasm. “Shoot me!”

The four rifles went off, almost at once. Tara shuddered with the destruction of her nipples, the incredible sensation going straight to her cunt. Added to that, an instant later, was the belly shot, then the cunt shot, and Tara was sinking to her knees, both hands digging at her wounded cunt as she came.

The fourth man frantically pulled his rifle out from where Tara had sunk down and embedded it in the bullet hole he’d created, then all four emptied their rifles into Tara’s twitching body, spackling her skin with fresh blood as bullet after bullet splashed into her body. As they ran out of ammo, each one took care to use the last few bullets on her cunt and ass hole, shredding her flesh until she was a mass of blood and gore between her legs.

Tara coughed up a gout of blood as she came one final time, then completely relaxed onto the ground, her body no longer able to sustain any more destruction. Or orgasms. She was dead.

It took less than a minute for all four men to fuck her lifeless body, lustfully ejaculating into her with powerful jets of sperm.

All the men were done with killing the Phoenix girls, and they set about cleaning themselves of the sticky, smelly blood and guts they’d gotten on their hands, arms, bellies, legs and cocks, splashing water all over themselves and laughing at the great time they’d had, completely ignoring the three dead, bloody messes on the ground.

Their little show had affected more distant onlookers, though, and some of them were still in the throes of excitement. Several girls were naked on the ground, being raped by several more men as they discovered that running around naked in public had its consequences – or perhaps they were reaping the rewards of their daring nudity. Since they weren’t Phoenix girls, at least none of them were being murdered, though several of them sounded like they were. The afternoon orgy had started.

The ex-confederate lay on the ground, unconscious, mind-wiped and ignored by everyone around him. Though Tara wasn’t a district goddess, she had pronounced judgment and the Praetor had carried out her sentence. He wouldn’t be any more trouble to anyone.

There were girls all over the fairgrounds who were ready and eager to be fucked by anyone with a hard-on, but Augustus waited around, watching over Tanya’s mutilated corpse until she flared back to life. He wasn’t going to find anybody more amazing that this Phoenix/Goddess/Whatever, so there was no point in wandering around the fairgrounds for another girl to ease his arousal.

Tanya arced up, displaying those amazing breasts and that flat belly as she orgasmed back to life, her cleansing fire regenerating and renewing her wounded flesh. She opened her eyes, then grinned as she remembered him. “How sweet! You waited for me.”

Augustus grinned back, still naked and damp from his bucket bath. “You want shot or fucked?” he asked and stroked his hardening cock.

Tanya held up her hands to welcome him and spread her legs, letting him make the choice. He dropped down between her legs and grinned. “Let’s see what you taste like...”

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